Essential Oils 1 - Practical Tips With Essential Oils During Flu Season

This is the season for the flu in the United States, which is currently spreading throughout my house; here I share some of my tips that I personally use on my family, of natural methods to boost immunity and alleviate symptoms using essential oils.

My home remedy is a flu bomb called FLOOM.
F: Frankincense
L: Lemon
O: Oregano
O: On-guard/thieve’s oil
M: Melalueca

These oils have therapeutic antimicrobial properties. It’s important to use oils from a reputable company that tests every batch & practices ethical sourcing. There are many synthetics on the market, so this is very important for good results.

I put 10 drops of lemon and 5 drops of the rest in a 10 mL roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil (to dilute). Apply every 2 hours as symptoms persist, then 3 times x a day for the next 1-2 days.

These oils can also safely be diffused.

I felt the onset of flu-like symptoms this morning, but I’m feeling much better as the day continues after using this flu bomb.

Essential Oils 2 - Practical Tips With Essential Oils During Flu Season
A glass roller bottle.

My 3 year old was complaining of ear pain & pressure associated with his symptoms, so this is what I did.

I put 4 drops of lavender, 2 drops of melalueca and 2 drops of roman chamomile with fractionated coconut oil into a roller bottle and rolled it onto his spine, as well as the bottom of his feet.

He was asleep within 5 minutes and woke up about 2 hours later without complaints.

Lavender & roman chamomile are very calming, while the whole combination is antimicrobial. Lavender can also break or lower a temperature.

Lastly, I was feeling quite nauseous, which was quickly remedied by swallowing 1 drop of ginger in a full glass of sparkling water — regular water or juice is fine too. Make sure to hydrate if making the decision to take internally, as it is very concentrated. Make sure the oil has been tested and is safe to do so.

***It is also very important to dilute the oils when applying topically on children and anyone who has sensitive skin, and always if the oil is considered hot.

Please feel free to share some of your alternative home remedies.

These are my personal experiences. I’m not trying to diagnose or treat with this information. It’s my intention to share some home remedies that work for us.


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Hailstones Melt

I've had one bad flu this year, one medium (less than a week) and I can feel the very same virus trying to get in to have another go (and we've just headed into summer!) I've been taking a herbal remedy (Ease a Cold) to stay one step ahead of it, which is working but I love the sound of your home remedy and its particular combination probably makes it highly effective. I have a question – I recently put three jars of rosemary oil essence around my home (enough so that I can breathe in the aroma). Do you… Read more »

Hailstones Melt

When you say diffuser, I have the diffuser sticks, but the jar necks are open, to accommodate them (slim necks). I probably replace the oils between 3 and 6 months, and I always try to have the same one throughout, so that from room to room the aroma is similar.

I stumbled on the rosemary oil by good fortune, not by planning – but the result is the same!


This made our local news with an interview with a doctor. He explained that the vaccine does not work with the current strain, but we should get one anyway. We started laughing – really?