New Alien Contact


new alien contact

Guest post via Helios Journal

But let me first provide a little background…

With all the time lines and portals switching around, there’s apparently a lot of opportunity for new communication to be established with the “folks out there”.

My outlook is this: Be open. They’re probably just like other people – other humans we know. Some are bad, some good, some just kind of there with little to no discernment or judgment needed. No doubt, as some of them are not related to humans at all, they will exhibit non-human behavior.

I think it’s safe to say that (at least for now) because most of us are not used to communicating with them, we’ll probably go about this new communication with some caution so as not to deliver such a big shock to our systems. And you know what? If they’re smart, they’ll probably go about this in a similar fashion. Fair enough. K?

Anyway, just for a flash of an instant, I recently saw an ET guy (as a kind of a vision). Just saw the upper part of his body. Not muscular, medium stature I guess. What I saw most clearly was he was a really bright almost neon yellow. He had darkish almond eyes. The “hair” which seamlessly came out from the skin of his face was actually thick and rope-like, and arced over his head and disappeared somewhere toward the back of his head. Overall a cool and aqualine look.

The energy feeling from this guy was: male, not a warm and fuzzy character, but definitely not malevolent, and he was from pretty damn far away, like really far. Definitely intelligent, but very mellow and quiet, but not quiet in the way that some people are quiet because they’re hiding something. That’s it. I suspend all judgment and just relay this info to you.

Aside from that, I guess the lesson I want to share here are the points I define below:

1) They’ll start showing up. It’s inevitable.

2) Don’t freak out. From what I know, these folks are usually really sensitive. So if you freak out, they’ll avoid you. And this will make the contact process all-around more difficult or lengthier for other folks who are more prepared or more willing to make contact.

3) I guess they’re just like people. Like I said above: Some are bad, some good, some just kind of there.

4) No I’m not saying they’re all friendly and that we should welcome them with unassumingly open arms. I ask you: How do you conduct yourself when you meet people you’ve never met before? Keep in mind how you act in that situation. Me? I like to think it’s a balanced sense of caution mixed with curiosity. I know where my protection is, ready at-hand. But I have an open heart, more than willing to make new friends. That’s my choice. Maybe you think differently about all this.

Anyway, what a time we live in now! We are witnessing a wonderful new history in the making! Enjoy the show, whatever it brings!


© Helios Journal (Posted with permission)

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Indeed. I am not afraid of them although I also do not seek their proximity or closer contact – as long as I live this life and cannot tell what my 'connection' to them really is I prefer a distance still. Caution principle. Open-minded skepticism and reservedness. I don't 'fear' them. Did not then during the experience and do not now. They are what they are and do what they do. Even if they really are (kind of) guardians of the human / Earth zoo then that is what they are and do. I have to accept that. Dolores Cannon's… Read more »

Kevin C
Kevin C

There are lots of anecdotal evidence that our world was already like MIB, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars: lots of alien contact, diverse, good and bad and neutral. The problem is TPTB/MSM /governments/Vatican/etc. have conspired to keep this under wraps. Consider the following: (1) Below the Vatican, there is a secret library that has documents from thousands of years ago. Some are alien based. And “disputably”, some documents literally indicate that the “gods” of our current religions are actually aliens who camouflaged as humans or acted as gods to “lord over people” (Stargate). Also, the Vatican does act as the… Read more »


Kevin C(3) nuclear bomb "disarming" by alien aircraft during the Cold War: if you ever find real-life accounts from servicemen whose job is to man the nuclear silos in Russia and US back in the 60-70s, you will realize they had lots of accidental (and intentional) firings of the nuclear ICBMs. This includes the Cuban Missile Crisis. They all had anecdotal accounts of outside guards seeing a flying saucer overhead, and all of a sudden an invisible EMP engulfs the area, shutting down everything right when the ICBM in the silo was about to fire. The account is repeated everywhere… Read more »