Daily Astrology Forecast by Neptune’s Magic | December 5, 2017


The full moon has been and gone but it still is having an effect, due to the strong aspects of the day and the OOB Mercury being retrograde from the day before, which is all tied in to the square of the Sun and Neptune — very much a part of the full moon mishmash, with the Perigee moon bringing some extremes of emotion and experience to many of us, which is still in effect.

And if you have noticed communication speeding up – more people and important situations to deal with than usual, then you are not alone.

Neptune brought an influence of “dreaming” to the full moon, in the sense of the Australian Aboriginal meaning where we become more aware of our relationship with, and the balance between the spiritual, natural and moral elements of the world.

The meaning also includes being able to create our own reality if we focus enough, and with the “stepping out of time” effect of the Mercury ruled full moon, this “creating” of something new is very much still around.

Mixed in with the full moon energy was and still is that of the Centaur asteroid Pholus, which was conjunct to Mercury and Saturn on the day which in a sense made it a day of reckoning for many of us, especially Sagittarians and Geminis, Capricorns and Virgos too.But Leos and Pisces are in that mix as well, and many of the other signs due to other aspects happening.

Pholus can bring a pressure release, if things have been building up inside, Pholus sets off a chain reaction. Its like a genie coming out of a bottle but more in a sense of making something a reality.

But with Neptune involved there has also been that influence of unreality or “is this real?” and also “what is it I am creating?”

So this influence is going to be around for a few days yet as we reassess our lives and realise we have many choices or at least two main ones, with the Gemini influence there, but both would probably work well for us.

Pholus has a quality of opening the door to the infinite so the choices may be between whether to take the practical, more stable road, or the one of the new, exciting and unknown.

But when Pholus has become active, it’s necessary to get out of denial and work more fully with what is staring us in the face. (Saturn with Mercury is also part of that)

One quality of the Pholus experience is, “I would never have done that if I knew what I was getting into,” sometimes with the added idea, “but I’m glad I did.”

Something may be starting small and leading on to something much bigger, so that is what we should probably go for, if we are brave enough and “alive” enough.

Pholus has always been an emphasiser just like the full moon, so rather than what some call a super moon it’s more like a triple super moon, with all that is happening around it.

Today Chiron turns direct, to help us on our new journey, bringing out the healer/teacher within, tuning us in more to our own inner wisdom, born from our own life experience and/or suffering.

This is opening us up to new possibilities, and as always when a planet or other planetary body stations, there are moments of feeling a bit stuck or “out of time” so the direct motion effect can take a while to kick in.

So this may mean a little soul searching is in order especially with Mercury’s Rx motion increasing adding to this.( Especially for Pisces in this case).

It’s looking like a crunch time for a few of us about now.

And tomorrow The Sun conjuncts the Great attractor or GA as we call it.

Out in the general direction of Centaurus, coming to us through the sign of Sagittarius, is a massive galactic anomaly known as the Great Attractor (G.A). What it actually is nobody knows, but there is no doubt about its dynamism and huge influence.

It is not a black hole, lacking the typical event horizon where a black hole engulfs matter never to be seen again in this universe.

The G.A. has a huge red shift which shows it is retreating from us at enormous velocity.

At the same time it exudes an extreme ultraviolet energy coming from the other end of the light spectrum, giving it an appearance of approaching rather than retreating.

In astrological terms this is for many of us a feeling of being pulled into something that we can’t resist.

There is a danger with this of being drawn to someone or something that is like an obsession, a fixation. It could be a new belief system, spiritual truth, or philosophy.

It is up to us to exercise our freewill in deciding what to believe and follow up on.

So this is mixed in with the strange full moon energy that is influencing so many of us in various ways.

For some it will mean we finally feel we have found our niche, and know exactly where we are heading.

For some it will feel like finally “heading home” but in the best possible sense without doubt or without hesitation so we can focus on what is really important now.

Jupiter in Scorpio now is helping us with all of the above, as will Saturn’s move into his own sign of Capricorn in two weeks time.

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"Not sure I would have done this if I knew what I was getting into" – well that sums it up well. I'm in the middle of big upheavals and new directions for those around me.


These readings are really accurate for me. Thanks for posting this and please keep it up.

Hailstones Melt

I appreciate your knowledge of cosmic emanations, especially the GA, part of our push/pull universe, and perhaps we are the first generation of the public to ever know of its influence.