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“Documents reveal KSA behind Damascus shelling; … U.S. prior knowledge in 2013; nothing has changed In 2017”

“Media silent as Syrian forces finally defeat ISIS, finding cache of American made weapons.”

“Afghanistan’s opium production plunged in 2001 after the Taliban-led government banned it. But it jumped back to pre-ban levels – and higher – after the U.S. led invasion of the country late that year.” READ THIS.
And then this. “How big pharma’s money – and its politicians – feed the US opioid crisis“. Can it be any simpler?

“Things Are Escalating Quickly“. Much quicker than most can grasp….

URI AVNERY – “Ideals may be self-evident. Political statements are not. When I hear about a self-evident political truth, I immediately doubt it. The most self-evident political truth at this moment concerns Iran. Iran is our deadly enemy. Iran wants to destroy us. We must destroy its capabilities first.”

“Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker, accused the social media giant of exploiting human “vulnerability” using psychology, warning “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains, ….” YE GODS… No wonder I avoid it like the plague…. It IS a plague…

“Where do church donations go? The Catholic church has used almost $4 BILLION settling child molestation lawsuits.” And thanks you for your kind contribution to their pedophiliac defence organisation.…..

“A man accused of trespassing on Pine Gap, the joint defence facility outside of Alice Springs, was there to sing and pray for the Arrernte people, the Alice Springs Supreme Court has heard.” I know who I would rather think of as being on Aboriginal sacred land …..

RT is among the saner press organs … now it is registered in the US as a ‘foreign agent’…

“New Study: US state hit with up to 200 times more Fukushima fallout than expected — Over a Trillion becquerels of nuclear waste fell on Hawaii — Scientists: “Plume may have taken an alternative path… Greater than anticipated”

Oz – W.A. – “Perth lightning: Series of thunderstorms create massive display over city”. THAT is an understatement! Even in the tropics lightning like this is pretty rare.

“7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Iraq-Iran Border. Dozens Dead”

“Global CO2 emissions have risen for the first time in three years as scientists warn Australia’s 2030 Paris agreement target is slipping out of reach.”

“‘A lost world below the surface’: Russian explorers film in world’s biggest cave with drone (VIDEO)”. STUNNING!

M6.7 @ 10km, Costa Rica.

Canada – “Ontario – “Mid-winter-like night” shatters 97-year-old record low”

US – “Boston breaks 116-year-old record low; Second consecutive day of record-breaking cold”

“First significant snowfall of the season, hurricane-force winds cause traffic chaos in Slovenia and Croatia“

“Iran-Iraq earthquake: More than 400 dead as rescuers continue frantic search for survivors“

JON RAPPOPORT – “What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse?” He follows a train of logic that is all too logical – “In the same way that Facebook, with its “likes,” has become a reductionist norm mechanizing social relationships, sex can become a reduced process. This is not an accident.”
JON RAPPOPORT – again – “YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction; Play very close attention to this one. It’s boggling.” Yes, it is. Now ask – what kind of critter does they and why? What is its AIM and INTENT?

‘Thrive’. – “It’s a bit of an unconventional documentary, exploring topics that many people still have yet to wake up to. That being said, THRIVE has accumulated approximately 80 million views, and it’s a great example of how many people continue to ‘wake up’ and take note of what’s happening on our planet, in multiple different areas.”

Now THIS is a BRILLIANT alternative indeed!!! “A new cage that reverses the usual viewing experience has opened at Monarto Zoo near Adelaide, enabling visitors to walk right into the habitat of one of Australia’s largest lion prides.” That’s how it SHOULD be.

CLIF HIGH – “Clif’s latest (Nov 2017) – It’s about to get wild!” (With a short extract from the report). I regard Clif as one of the very best forecasters around ….
Report available here to purchase – ($99 USD). https://halfpasthuman.com

“Dark Filaments in the Bright Sun”. A simple and logical explanation of sunspots – “Electromagnetic flux tubes (sunspot filaments) expose the Sun’s cooler interior.” – and why they are dark in the middle.

“Boost immunity and enjoy better sleep with plants in the bedroom that are recommended by NASA”

“With hemp beer, hemp chocolate and hemp oil debuting over the weekend, industry is rushing to bring even more products to consumers as the product is now legal to be sold as food in Australia.”

“… researchers at Harvard have developed a material that can generate and maintain completely new and more complex states of light.”

“How to find water sources in the wild like a pro”

“Ferry McFerryface to be name of new Sydney ferry after public vote”. Now THAT is seriously scary….. or it should be.

“Transcendence is the only real alternative to extinction.”

~~Vaclav Havel.

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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