Uncertainty & Lack Of Discernment: Deprogramming To Locate The Truth


Uncertainty and  Lack Of Discernment - Deprogramming Locate The Truth

We are going to finish this series of articles on the mental deprogramming of the different aspects that are necessary to release some ballast, in the process of changing the timeline, focusing on some points that are of high importance to understand what is there what to do, what happens, why it happens and what awaits us ahead.

What you do not see, many times you do not believe

As we have said, humanity faces a dilemma that is not physically palpable, it is not seen, it is not touched, it does not appear on the news, and it is not present in any work agenda as an exercise to be carried out every day (check which timeline we arein) for none of us.

It is an intangible disjunctive, and therefore you either have confidence and the ability to work inward, looking for the answers you want to find to understand everything that has been explained, or nothing “outside” will be able to help us prove that this, which we have been explaining for some weeks, is true or is happening.

Therefore the road that has to be traveled is the hardest of all, it is the road to stop looking towards where we have almost always looked, to the outside, and to make a supreme effort to find a way to bring in the light of the consciousness.

Let no one escape

The second important point is to understand that there are powerful forces that do everything possible so that not a single human being escapes their control, which will happen when we are 100% and permanently in the highest part of time line 42, where they can not reach us using technology or manipulate us with the mechanisms that are now put in place to reduce the vibration and frequency of those who are making the change.

This means that we must constantly monitor the frequency status of each subtle body, from the etheric to the causal, and check if they are, one by one, located, tuned and vibrating within line 42, as it is normal for any of those bodies subtle if they are, but not others.

The attack, or the attempt to pull people out of line occurs from the etheric plane, which  is the most dense of all, without counting the physical plane, is the one that produces greater ease of “grip” towards people with the different monitoring, control and connection systems that there are on the part of the races in control.

If I give you think of the image of a cowboy throwing a rope to “hunt” cattle you can get an idea of what a Draco, Anunnaki or Mantis are doing to “hunt” with an “etheric loop” (there are several technological devices that look like this) a human and drag him out of line.

The third point is that the forces that assist us so that line 42 is protected, assist the planet and assist in the protection of the structure that forms this temporary lane, so that it can not be damaged or destroyed, but do not participate in the individual work of change.

It is like saying that they keep the boat from sinking, protected with reinforced walkways, but they are not preventing passengers from falling into the water if they are not well restrained or if they have ballasts, chains and other charges that prevent them from climbing sufficiently.

Therefore the help that there is is total towards the protection of what brings us to another state of reality, but we must earn the passage.

Deprogramming the fear that everything is false

That said, we are going with the last important protocol that will help us to be able to make sure that we cross that bridge in time, and at the right frequency, to be able to get on that boat and fight so that they do not pull us out, once we have four subtle bodies inside.

We have left this deprogramming to the end because it is one of the most complicated. What does this mean? We have all been victims of so much misinformation, so much manipulation, so much deception, that they have inserted themselves, we have been inoculated, dozens of programs that provoke reactions of disbelief in situations, events, information and all kinds of data that clash with our logic. They have used science fiction movies, and simply instilled in us that false beliefs. Going up against this type of programming is difficult because for every accurate piece of information that is sent, and received by humanity, the control system sets in motion dozens of mechanisms to get just the opposite version with all kinds of means to your provision.

Uncertainty and lack of discernment

The first thing we are going to eliminate like this, is the uncertainty and the lack of capacity to discern what is true and what is not.

This can not be done overnight, since much of the other deprogramming we have done has layer upon layer of programs and filters, blocks and stops in our psyche that will take weeks to eliminate, as always, at the rhythm that marks our higher self. But that there is no other choice but to remove such programming if you want to have, or have a small glimpse of what is really true and what is not.

Who defines what is true and how do we have the certainty that it is?

It is defined by an archetype in the causal plane, the archetype of truth, which is an energetic frequency of a very determined vibration, and which can not be manipulated.

When someone asks to know something aligned with the truth, energetically speaking, it is invoking a frequency that is shown and that is able to make you understand if what you want to know, see, know, understand, etc., is aligned with that archetype or not.

This archetype has as reference to Source, that is what is not distorted, so always responds when used, with the response that from the Source is not manipulated, distorted or against any of the forces, energies, knowledge or “data” that the Source itself possesses.

This makes when the faculties of the eighth chakra, the higher intellectual center, they are active and without any distortion, the human being automatically compares everything that he receives in his mental body through this archetype, and therefore we are automatically able to know if something is true or not, based on whether it is true for the Source or if it has been manipulated or distorted with respect to the pure energy of it.

It sounds a bit abstract, but I hope you understand the concept.

In this way, by eliminating the programs of uncertainty, lack of discernment and cleaning the higher intellectual center a bit, we will begin to intuitively know when something is right or not. But we will know intuitively, we will have the feeling that something is false or something is a lie, but then we will have to see if we pay attention to that intuition or sensation, because most people ignore what they feel and what something inside them indicates, with which no matter how clean the mechanism is, if the conscious mind then decides not to use it.

The request is as follows:

I request that everything that causes distortion and manipulation of my abilities to discern the truth of manipulation be removed from my higher intellectual center. I request that the program that generates uncertainty, lack of discernment, inability to recognize the truth and what is used to manipulate the perception, information and knowledge that I receive, be eliminated. I request that the higher functions of the higher intellectual center be activated as my development and current evolutionary state allow it to be able to know and know when I am being manipulated or the truth is not being received correctly or completely.

We already have the tools

With all the work done so far, we would be able to move enough to line 42, counting that we are all in an energetic state that still has a lot of ballast and burdens, but we will have the opportunity, once established in that line, to do a deeper cleaning before embarking on the journey of it, since this line 42 has different sublevels; right now, we simply have to try to approach the lower level to start the trip. Then when we are already 100% on board and without ties or parts of us outside the boat, we can perform the rest of the deprogramming and cleaning necessary, so that from the wineries, let us make the evolutionary path that comes on deck, but for that to occur still much remains.

In the next articles we will continue giving guidelines of other necessary aspects for this change, but for now we must finish all the deprogramming, hoping that our conscious mind does not take it as something “without consequences”, because when we really realize that it was going — seriously changing the line — it will literally be impossible to do so.


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