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Here is a second compilation of the most common questions people have been asking about the timeline changes. This is part two and the first part can be found in this other article.

What happens to children who are not capable or understand the work that needs to be done to shift to the higher timeline?

Questions and answers about changes in the timeline (II)

The whole process of changing the timeline is 100% managed by the higher self of the person who needs, touches or is ready to change.

There are people all over the planet who without having any tool or doing any specific work at this time, are going to be moved online, because they simply “won” the ticket for their work at other times, or for their status evolutionary current.

It is rare that someone who does not know what happens will be changed line, but this does not apply to children, for example, because many have entered precisely in the last waves to help change the evolutionary level and go, directly, what is understood now or not, to line 42 by decision, programming and management of your higher self for this incarnation.

This means that no child will be left alone if the parents leave, or if one parent is at a certain evolutionary level and the other is not.

As we have said in the previous collection of questions, families move together, and simultaneously, by the level of the collective unconscious closest to the family nucleus to which they belong.

Thus, either the whole line family crosses or no one crosses, so if in a family, three of its members are not with the necessary level of consciousness, whether they are children or not (their soul has a level that marks the level evolutionary achieved previously according to expansion of its sphere of consciousness), that family as a whole will remain united in 33 or, conversely, if three of its members are prepared to go to 42, they will drag the fourth, to detonate the person’s higher self once it is stabilized within line 42.

What happens if I can not change the timeline or run out of time to do the necessary frequency elevation work?

Nothing, the growth process of each person on the planet continues as it was going until now, the opportunities to complete the lessons, learnings, overcome and cancel the open processes, the incomplete topics, continue and will continue to come.

The reality of 33 is a very important school, very hard and very complex, but where the human being has opportunities to experience situations and lessons that are not available in almost any other place.

This field of experimentation is the basis for the evolutionary change that then, in a future incarnation, will allow direct input and incarnation in the new reality, which we call the 15.6 Hz matrix, or depending on when it is consolidated, at the point of the temporal line 42 in which is the humanity that is now moving towards that other reality.

How is it that there is so little information about the timeline changes? How is it possible that we only begin to have knowledge of this for so few months?

In all the “initiatory” circles, this topic is known, in the highest degrees and at the highest levels of the different metaphysical schools, but, on the other hand, only a few humans on the planet are there, so this knowledge has only reached us through the connections that those who have come to have a more pure the channel with their Higher Self have received, and from there with the fields and repositories of information of the mental plane, or by those who have could work, in some way or another, with the different hierarchies, groups and races that assist the human race.

The development of the events took a brutal turn a few months ago, when the races in control planned to completely exterminate the human race, causing all the processes of protection and safeguarding of our species to be precipitated by all possible means. The reason why they decided to carry out these plans has to do with the impossibility of continuing to control, as easily as now, the planet, and with the awakening of the potential of many people who begin to see them, to face them, and in many cases, to be able to face them, to a certain degree, helped and assisted by their own guides, guardians and Higher Self.

This has done that, in addition, since the system of life on Earth has become tremendously negative and unbreathable, energetically speaking,

For that reason, a process that was going to be natural, and organic, in the long term, that of people growing and changing lines without major problems over a long time of inner work and growth, has accelerated to make first, you had to intervene from outside to shield the timeline 42 (you have explained in the articles of recent months), then you had to put waymarks and walkways that, in a natural change and without any pressure, it would not be necessary, and thirdly, it was necessary to provide people who were ready, or sufficiently clever, that they were out of reach of the races and the control system to ensure that their evolutionary path was not blocked by desperate attempts by keep all human on the planet subdued and limited.

Thus, all processes have accelerated because, as we said in the first part of this collection of questions, the different systems that depend on Alción no longer want to wait and give more time to the species human has finished awakening, since it has been seen that, in general, most people do not want to do it, or are still very far from being able to understand the reality in which they find themselves. Therefore the decades or centuries that would be necessary for this to be provided, but in two separate environments. It is going to allow humanity, in a natural way, to manage as it wishes the reality of line # 33, under the conditions in which it is now, but it is going to allow those who have to go ahead and comply with the following steps of your evolutionary processes.

But if the physical reality is still the same for both, how does it facilitate, to the rest of the systems that are waiting for our evolutionary change, that the lines be separated? How does the Earth cease to be an “energy problem” for others? as long as line 33 exists, there will still be a situation of control, submission and negative energy emission.

Imagine an animal that changes its molt of skin. When it has completed the process, there remains a complete skeleton of skin exactly like the animal in question, but this one comes out of its old shell, leaves it behind, and continues its path while that Dry skin layer, which was the one that had before the change, remains intact and static at any point where it was left.

In this case, line 33 is the old skin, the outer one, which the “Earth” releases to be able to, frequently speaking, be “reborn” in line 42.

The energies of timeline 33—when that process is complete—will be isolated and enveloped so that they do not affect the rest of the systems, and like the stellar group to which our solar system belongs, it raises an octave in consciousness-vibration-evolutionary level. The Earth of timeline #33 will not bother the rest of the processes of humanity in #42, nor the rest of the groups and races that now are affected by it, due to the overlap, still, of the two lines at a level mental, etheric and physical.

Within a few years, on the mental plane, both realities will have been completely separated, and separation on the etheric plane will begin. But this issue we will touch when the time comes, because right now, for all of us, it is only a separation of personal realities within the same solid and tangible environment that we all share.

In the mental plane both realities will have been completely separated, and the separation will begin in the etheric plane. But this issue we will touch when the time comes, because right now, for all of us, it is only a separation of personal realities within the same solid and tangible environment that we all share.

In the mental plane both realities will have been completely separated, and the separation will begin in the etheric plane. But this issue we will touch when the time comes, because right now, for all of us, it is only a separation of personal realities within the same solid and tangible environment that we all share.


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