Out of Body Experiences: The Atlantis Cycle, New Timelines and Space-Lines



I had out of body experiences in Atlantis during the last months. I have been shown my past lives in the old city of Atlantis and a current parallel life I have in the new one.

In this article I will refer to my out of body experiences as they have been guiding me to discover so much about myself and about the new shift in consciousness, the New Earth and the new gates which are opening now, which will affect us all deeply and which are creating new timelines and space-lines.

I may not provide detailed personal information, because of the relation to my mission and karma; only that which relates to Atlantis as a place in a parallel world, somewhere around the Pleiades’ star system.

Atlantis is a huge and unlimited city. It is expanding as we expand in consciousness. As it holds the most inventive and transformational energy for us, we have to be fully aware of its current activity on a multidimensional scale. The Tunnel of Atlantis is a bridge of light and it holds the mysteries of this world.

You can see it within the picture I added of my latest Wave Trees.

I-New Timelines & Space-lines

During my latest out of body travels in Atlantis, and elsewhere, I was able to be at the same time in my hometown (Tunisia), in Atlantis, and in France.

Multidimensional space-lines and timelines were showing up, and the new crystalline earth grid was impacting me more and more as I was seeing it from where I have been.

I was seeing old spaces and times collapsing and new ones expanding.

I could be in a parallel world in France and Tunisia at the same time, seeing people from there and both places at the same time — those I already know and never met before. It expanded during the last 1111 portal this year.

If I try to describe what I was seeing I would say that every time I was in a place on the astral plane, other spaces and times were showing up to me and I could move into any of them like jumping from one place to another. This was really amazing and disturbing, all at the same time.

But mostly I was witnessing the changes coming on us, and in, us on a multidimensional level.

Some of the beings I met were errant souls and I helped them cross the bridge of light to the spiritual world.

1-The Bridge of Light and the Way Information Flows

It is an open pathway to the spirit world as the old tunnel has been removed with the new shift. This may sound weird! I know. But it is real and happening now from all places around on earth.

My guides showed me the bridge of Light and told me that there are many bridges that are being created now as we shift on an energetic level. The different realms, worlds, planets etc are connected by these bridges of light. Once we cross them we upload their frequency and vibration and upgrade our DNA.

The Bridges of Light are the new space-lines to multidimensional planes.The Light they shine is glowing with a golden-white frequency and energy which moves around the earth and help us on our journey.

Anyway, this is a new configuration of the space and time that is showing up clearly now, as it began to be more obvious, at least since September 2017.

I am describing what I have been through personally during my astral projections. Conscious astral projections guide us to receive information after coming back in the physical.

Out of body experiences are given to us to evolve as spiritual beings and to learn from them. Often the information is stored in our energetic / astral bodies and it allows us to tap into it, once we feel ready.

Most of the information we receive during our astral projections stay dormant in our DNA and inner energy field. With time, we may experience some changes at a spiritual level and become more acquainted to the energy and information we received.

Consequently there is always a period of adjustment before the information would be more clear in us and then before it would be released for those who feel guided to it.

2-Timeline and Space-Line Expansion

The timelines are expanding with the expansion of our consciousness. The more we are aware of our multidimensionality, the more we create bridges to other worlds and project at an energetic level.

The space-lines are also connected to a huge system. They interact with one another and it is happening in our consciousness too.

The more we expand, the more we open portals to parallel lives we are living in now.

Though it may sound bizarre, it is the true reality of the multiverse to always co-create with the quantum field new timelines and space-lines.

The new space lines and timelines are meant to be our opportunity to change our current reality and to transform us deeply on a cellular level. We are receiving the information which allows us to upgrade our DNA and open more and more strands and strings.

Our physical and energetic bodies are now upgrading with the flow of light and information we are receiving from different space lines and timelines.

As this year was my fourth anniversary of the Reconnection, I have been expanding so much during the shift of consciousness. I felt this upgrade during the different cycles of time including the seasonal change, and moon and planet cycles.

During the process the Ley lines and Axial lines were reshaping and expanding. I felt their new energy and the shift they were bringing in me.

The crystalline grid surrounding the earth, anchored in its core, doing a complex energetic flow, making a complex system of energy exchange which expands into infinity.

3-The Quantum Field’s Information

The information we receive during our out of body experiences is very complex and heavy.

I noticed I have been uploading an energy I felt intensely every time I was sent back in my physical. I had to sit for a while before getting completely out of my bed and then I was, most of the days, adjusting.

The energy is so warm and vibrational and is related to the new earth crystalline grid lines.

And yes, this grid has been sent by spaceships from many planets and benevolent beings, among the Pleiadian’s world called The New Atlantis.

This new grid has been around the earth since 2012. More and more light and information were providing the crystalline energy and upgrading it.

There are actually many levels of crystallization and when we become a channel of that energy, we feel it. I am in that case and have been working with the crystalline energy for more than a year now.

This process helped at an energetic level during the last and current shift in consciousness.

The old grid has been removed because many from the dark have infested it to spread discouragement in the heart of all light workers on earth. We actually have been put in a slow motion and critical situations to leave our life purpose, and no longer trust our true self.

At least we can now see the spectacular change in the human heart when it comes to becoming awake and seeing the truth behind the veils.

The fifth dimension is the fall of all veils, the sixth is the celebration of the heart. We are now going more and more beyond our old limits.

II-New Information About Atlantis

1-The Atlantis Cycle & The Tunnel of Atlantis

During what I call “The Atlantis Cycle”, I have been drawing two wave trees and the a new map of the earth crystalline grid. The first tree is “The Water Land: Atlantis.” The second is “The Red Land: Hindera & Atlantis.”

wave tree 1 - Out of Body Experiences The Atlantis Cycle New Timelines and Space-Lines

wave tree 2 - Out of Body Experiences The Atlantis Cycle New Timelines and Space-Lines

As I am guided, my astral body is always led to where it has to be during every astral projection.

They also carry information about my DNA and how human DNA is now changing in a very subtle way, as I explaine below.

To get to Atlantis I had to cross a tunnel. I saw it as a huge tunnel with many portals and doors inside.

A-The Tunnel of Atlantis: A Gate to Parallel Worlds : The Water Land or Blue Land

I was with my two kids, my daughter and son from this lifetime. The guides showed me a parallel life I am living now with both of them. We were riding a ship that can be a car and a sea ship too. I did not see from where we came to that place called The Blue Land, but I remember arriving there.

A deep blue sea was surrounding the city.

Our ship landed on the sea and became a sea ship. We were happy because grey and black dolphins and phoques were playfully jumping on the sea and white birds flying around. We also noticed a variety of fish I never saw before, and a green emerald octopus with three tentacles came near our ship to say hello.

As I tried to touch it, it made a very strange sound, like a baby cry, but vibrational enough to let me understand that I was not allowed to do this.

The sea and all its creatures have rules and it was part of the city rules in general.

In a place further away, the sea was green emerald and surrounded by a fence. I did not know why, but it looked like an algae aquaculture.

We decided to go to the hôtel where we booked our room for the night. We went to the hotel restaurant and we had a very special meal. We had vegetarian fries in our plates and then salt melted to algae in a sort of soup and which was very tasty.

The waiter told us that it was made of the salt and algae they cultivate from the sea.

While in my room, I was watching the sea and noticed its difference from the earth seas. It was deep blue with green emerald notes in some areas.

A young man asked me what we were doing there, and I told him that we wanted to swim. But he urged us not to do so as it was a place for the cetaceans, the fishes and the algae culture, and that it was forbidden to swim there. The sea was protected by a law.

The seaweeds were the only marine food of the city’s population. The Water Land or Blue Land really exists in a higher dimension.

I noticed that the sea was high and it reminded me of the magical world of Aslan the lion of Narnia. It was filled with tiny waves and it was ruled by a special frequency so that it cannot invade the city and its inhabitants. The water was vibrational and I could feel its energy even when I was back in my physical here. My hands were filled with that energy too when I woke up.

This happened during the last week of October 2017, and on Friday 10 November I received this message from my guides. I share it partly here as it will be in a chapter of a book I am writing about the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace:

“There is a knowledge stored in your DNA and cells, you are now having access to, because we were sending through you, the energy enabling you to fully activate your potentials during this current lifetime.

The knowledge is made of energy. A crystalline energy of light and information. You will have sometimes the feeling of being inside a hard disk where multiple data are uploaded permanently to create your 6th New Template, which is a very good and clear copy of the new crystalline earth grid.

Deep in the core of Gaia, a huge crystal of pure golden light is now ignited like a huge fire, connecting Earth to the multidimensionality of all that is, including the Soul System…”

Further in the message few information about the new Soul System and the way its knowledge is being integrated by the old souls who incarnated on earth. As the old grid has been removed, the new one carries a new template or matrix. It is like a map made of geometrical shapes with nodes between the lines reminding me of the string theory and system. That is the map I am drawing now.


“The knowledge of the new crystalline earth grid is different from the old one that has been completely removed by the new light codes sent to Gaia via huge space stations located in higher dimensions.”

“…we are uploading the information in channels running through the quantum field, nurturing the new grid lines. There are new grid lines and Ley lines showing up to the old souls.

Even through they may themselves feel weird in seeing this during their astral projections, the information is stored and activated in them when their bodies are ready to hold that energy and communicate it to those around them who can help them share the knowledge and transform it in huge practical healing journey, for humanity’s aim is to access with more and more ease its highest potential.”

Here is a the video of a Heart to Heart Conversation I had with my friend and soul sister Sanna Tarnstrom and in which I talk about this topic

The Redland

The wave trees carry information about Atlantis, and a new Ley Line I have been guided to discover in a conscious out of body experience with the Adar Llwch Gwin during a meditation.

We entered the Red Land from a volcano situated deep in a lake surrounded by three mountains. I felt that the Adar was taking me to a new place yet unknown by anyone, and the drawing I have been doing with the new earth crystalline grid came after that OBE.

Diving deep in the volcano’s lake, I arrived to a land that was all red. Everything, every plant and even the sea in front of us was red. It was stunning! The Adar told me that it was The Redland and that it is north the Loch Ness from where we met in the Astral.

The Redland really exists in Scotland though I have never heard about it before. When asking my dear friend Ben Woodhead about it, he gave me a full explanation of where I have been.

Ben took his time to replay to my message and then he answered giving me the meaning of these synchronistic events.

The Adar took me to a new place where I had to connect to a part of my divided soul, as I had a past life there as a psychic whose name was Hindera (which is not so much far from « Henda and the old way I used to write my name when I was a child « Hinda »).

She have been the guardian/keeper of that place. Here are the explanations that Ben gave to me:

“There is a place on Orkney Island north of Scotland called “Dale of Redland”. This valley is in a perfect line with the trajectory of Loch Ness across the sea! If you trace that same line directly it links to Giants Causeway in Ireland.

You have discovered a new Ley line because there are no reports of a line here but the connections seem to run upon an obvious fault line (hence Loch ness’s depth).

Putting my intuitive self to the front for a moment, you are being shown these because new connections are having to be made across the earth and her body as she re-adjusts and ascends.

She is stretching her muscles for the new version of her and you are sensitive to that.

Also…your visions are causing me to do research that no one else alive (that I’m aware of) is currently doing. Between us, we are literally mapping the New Earth’s energy body. Once those power links are established, multidimensional beings will be able to travel to and from our home without restriction. VERY exciting times!!

Just down from the Redland settlement (no longer visible) is a huge stone circle called Crannag. Near here (in the Loch of Wasedale) is an old cairn that sits on an island within the Loch. A pagan chapel used to exist here and I believe it to be guarding an old portal.
Your ancestor’s name was Hindera, she walks within you still. You were meant to return home as a guardian, this is all coming so fast to me now!! There is a town nearby called Hindertown, it was named after you to scare away evil spirits.

She was a real person and described in legend with your appearance, small stature, blonde hair with a youthful energy but an indomitable spirit. She still lives in you. The Adar is showing you the way home. You are meant to travel here !.”

I showed Ben a pic I found on Google search of a field called Hindera in Scotland and it was red.

So he said:

“Hindera Field in Scotland!

Does that image stir anything for you? The name is Erin… a Celtic goddess whom I had the fortune of encountering a few weeks ago (long story!). Interestingly…the pronunciation of Ernie tooin is “Erin Tu An” in Gaelic.

The name actually sounds like this (please roll the “r” as though it were spanish) “erintuan” is not originally of this planet, but came to birth here. I believe this to be life building energy. That makes sens.”

For me this information is part of a new dragon line. Ben finally gave me the confirmation that my atlantean cycle have been taking place and shifting during my out of body experiences:

“We have a deeper insight into our lineage now. It corresponds with our view of ET/Atlantean origins…we are remembering!”

The Adar showed me a new Ley line no one would have known before which is part of the new crystalline earth grid map I began drawing few days before. I have never heard of that place before having that astral projection with my magical bird.

Here is a link from google to the Redland.


After receiving this information I had a conscious astral projection and went to lay on my bed.

I was surrounded by high dimensional beings and a green dragon which I know is AMRWYN because of his green emerald star lights eyes.

They surrounded me by a huge golden orb and I saw something bright descending inside of it — it was a part of my soul which was entering me from the crown chakra and stabilizing in my heart. The experience was deeply emotional and I was feeling its warm and loving energy in me.

I want to thank Ben my friend for his help in putting some of my current life’s puzzle in place. I feel grateful and happy having such amazing friends in my life.

The Atlantis Cycle I have been through is a deep process of a new spiritual journey and growth. I guess as we evolve we are shown part of ourselves that should be understood as keys to more and more knowledge about the current shift in consciousness.

Out of body experiences give us much information about ourselves but also about our friends, our past, current, parallel lives. They give us keys to understand the meaning of our lives, all of them in a very smooth way. They also bring into us knowledge that is already in store for us.

When we upload it we become a channel of its energy because it has to be widely spread, and it should because it is part of our spiritual journey and the shift in consciousness occurring now.

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HendaIt sounds like the center of the grid map from where the energy is released and to where it is sent. I feel the white flow is the energy as it comes in its purest way directed from Source. Then once in the grid it flows and creates other colors like the green, the golden yellow red and purplish fluids of energy. All is crystalline anyway. I choose a blue paper because I felt intuitively drawn to it. The Blue energy is of a very high dimensional vibration and frequency. But the white is the sum of all the colors… Read more »