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Something I have not written about, as it totally escaped my attention, is that since about the 11th November Mercury has been out of bounds or OOB as we commonly refer to it.

A planet is considered out-of-bounds when it travels beyond the ecliptic, or beyond 23°27′ to the north or south.

Mercury will be OOB until around the 7th of December, after the full moon, so we can add this to the reasons why some of us are feeling mentally on overload, or just plain exhausted.

Mercury will be OOB during the time s/he retrogrades on the 2nd of December, or 3rd in New Zealand and Australia.

This happened just after Mercury entered Sagittarius so its a crazy combination, as Mercury makes the mind soar without being OOB.

But when OOB, thinking processes are more extreme and things can get a bit weird, as there is the potential for the more distorted mind processes, and the imagination also soars to the point at times of paranoia.

When Mercury goes OOB there is also the potential of extremely distorted / twisted thought processes, and generally strange happenings.

Things can get blown out of all proportion, and misunderstandings are common, as if two people are talking there is a likelihood of not actually hearing each other or speaking about two different things.

There is likely to be obsessive and compulsive thinking or actions, speech problems, hearing issues.

And globally, more news of the highly unusual sort.

And the main point I wanted to get across was that its mentally exhausting, when Mercury is also slowing down and at station just before a full moon which is a week away now.

For many of us our minds have been too busy, wanting to get things happening in this Sagitarian OOB mode, but the body has not been able to catch up with it, so there is a kind of short circuiting going on in our neurological processes.

But this has reached a peak at this stage, and is now starting to lose the most extreme effect technically at least, but the full moon will still exacerbate the situation.

We can use this to our advantage to come up with some brilliant ideas even if some of them are impractical, and to say what needs to be said, if we have not had the courage to do so before.

Mercury is having a very good time in Sagittarius as s/he is able to be a bit wilder that usual, and being about to RX this means Mercury will be in this sign much longer than usual.

And of course the signs most affected at Sagittarius themselves as well as Geminis and Virgos, so if you have wondered why things are just plain weird lately, and nothing is actually working quite as it should, don’t give up as something pretty special could come out of all of this.

This is a very fated time for everyone, with the Galactic centre effect as well, so it is a time to really step outside the box and dream your dreams – and this is for everyone, as the heavenly forces are very different to usual, so if you are brave enough, and believe in self enough, and especially in your powers of visualisation, you could accomplish much. This is for everyone to experiment with if you are willing.

Today is the start of the first quarter moon phase which means we might meet challenges we had not prepared for. We may need to make adjustments and go against popular opinion.

This is a time for action.

Venus in Scorpio is trining Chiron in Pisces, which is a positive and soothing aspect for the water signs, especially Pisces as the moon is in this sign right now.

Saturn in Sagittarius trines Pallas in Aries where she is still working on what she hadn’t taken care of last time she was in the sign.

There’s a lot of back up there for taking care of any important loose ends that were not dealt with in recent months, especially if it involves legal matters or anything relating to education or other Sagittarius / Arian matters.

Venus is gearing up to challenge Uranus tomorrow, creating a few surprises and unexpected matters for Aquarians and Leos, Taureans and Scorpios, Librans too.

And with Mercury about to conjunct Saturn – its time to put our thinking caps on and work out a few things as best we can before the full moon in Gemini gets any closer to throw more spanners in the works.

Capricorns, Sagittarius’, Geminis and Virgos may have a reality check in this period, but its all for a very good reason, as soon there will be a lot of different options coming our way, so its going to be hard to make up minds as to the best direction to take.

I will be waiting until well after the full moon if possible to decide anything at all, at least until Mars enters Scorpio and regains in power, as he is very weak in Libra right now, and Mars in Scorpio will be a very strong and focused energy. (Arian’s take note)


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I enjoy these forecasts so much because they bring complicated info into language I understand.