Crazywise — A Feature Documentary & an Experience as a Mental Health Worker


Below I discuss the documentary Crazywise, as well as share a personal experience while working in the mental health field.

This is a beautiful documentary putting into question the current Western medical model in regards to treating people with a mental illness, and how other cultures have recognized & embraced such individuals.

Hearing voices and receiving messages? Well, time to learn from an elder & unleash that shamanistic gift!

Imagine, will you, a model that incorporates spiritual healing!

Crazy…or wise? The traditional wisdom of indigenous cultures often contradicts modern views about a mental health crisis. Is it a ‘calling’ to grow or just a ‘broken brain’? The documentary CRAZYWISE explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience.

The extended trailer is below. Their official website can be found at,

Here are some places offering integrative mental healthcare: (Brazil) (Classes in holistic approach) (Costa Rica)

My vision for the world is that this would become the gold standard of care.

As a mental health worker, here’s a story below that I want to share.

After graduating with a Degree in Psychology, I worked as a behavioral health case manager with the severely mentally ill (SMI). This was a time before smart phones, so I had a GPS.

That day I took a client—who suffered from psychosis—to court. She was really ill, as in she had command hallucinations telling her to stab people. She actually did this to her own mother because the voices told her too. But that day was a day of celebration, as she was presenting a certificate of completion from a recovery program to the judge.

After the court appointment, we went back to my car & my GPS stopped working. It was the end of the day, and I couldn’t call the clinic as it was closed; I needed to bring my client back to her halfway house.

My client didn’t know the directions to get back either. She told me she received a message to follow the new Chevrolet Camaros.

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided why not? These cars were popular at the time, so I had no trouble finding them. I recall following one that u-turned in front of us.

It worked, and she was back to her halfway home.

During the ride she told me how she had two voices; one that told her to do evil things and one that told her to do good things—which often confused her.

That experience was one that stuck with me and left me in awe.


Article edited by Laron. 

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Ah, lots has been written on how different cultures treat something as a disease that another culture embraces as a gift!
So glad to see it come to prime time as there is so much compassion and insight to be gained from such awareness…:-D
I'm looking forward to watching it when I have a few minutes.


That is a beautiful trailer<3


All, with some additional text, I just promoted this thread to an article on the front page: However, Anaeika added a personal experience that you may all enjoy, which I will include below so you don't have to click in and find the exact text. (the article is a modified version of the original thread/post above — comments showing here will be shown on the article since it's been promoted/linked). "As a mental health worker, here’s a story below that I want to share. After graduating with a Degree in Psychology, I worked as a behavioral health case manager… Read more »


I am really glad this got promoted with this lovely story. It is an near and dear issue as I envision a world in which we are compassionate to each other, especially those we see as 'broken'.

…because, well, sometimes, if we are willing to go along for the ride and simply listen, such experiences can surprise us with what we learn about ourselves and our world.


Yes, we think we are a civilised society when we dope up young people who hear spirit voices with poisonous chemicals.

At the tender age of 17, my mother, decided to put me on Valium. The real issue was the abuse and the pain of my life at home and the fact that I was beginning to rebel. The doctor was complicit in that he did as he was told and provided the prescriptions.

Great article Anaeika……you have such a compassionate heart and mind, now I know why! Bless you for your wonderful work and understanding.


It is strange, but out of pure intuition I would never ever in my life have consulted (and never will) a psychologist, despite 'issues' I always had, especially as a child. I was my own healer, sometimes time was my healer. Or both. Being an introvert and 'alien' to this society from the start I was a permanent bully victim at school which made my childhood hell. Again, never consulted a doc for this. It's a miracle I survived and came out stronger. Then I discovered metaphysics at around 2008/9 and I had a better understanding of my 'self' and… Read more »


SineraIn modern psychology I miss the metaphysical aspect like we would find it in Carl Jung's psychoanalysis work or in the 'Transpersonal Psychology' which has promising approaches.

Yes, Jung had some interesting ideas:D