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Tom Delonge, front man for the band Blink 182, began researching the UFO phenomena a few years ago. His fame and money opened several doors for him, which eventually led to the formation of this academy, which is a public benefit corporation, in which we can invest ($200 minimum). The purpose is bring the info about UFOs into the mainstream with the intent to help people ask questions, think of possibilities, and create new technology and film.

To The Stars Academy is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means our public benefit purpose is a core founding principle of our corporate charter alongside the traditional goal of maximizing profit for shareholders. Our public purpose: Education – Community – Sustainability – Transparency.

PBCs have enjoyed a surge in popularity as the public becomes more interested in corporate responsibility, transparency, and more recently, the concept of impact investing.* It’s clear that an expanding portion of the general population is looking to make an impact on the world around them, not only through volunteering, or speaking out on social media, but through financial decision making.**

We believe raising resources through Regulation A+ crowdfunding will allow us to expedite expansion of TTS Academy’s PBC initiatives, like promoting citizen science, enhancing traditional education with science, engineering and art-related programming, supporting veterans and their families, and promoting underrepresented people in film. (

A friend sent me a link to this announcement about the To the Stars Academy and asked what I thought. Well, at least I get to use one of my favorite words — flummoxed. Some aspects are on the money, such as bringing together science and entertainment/creativity. Others make me cringe, such as the app that allows everyone to report on sightings — just give them your info and you will get an alert when something is happening near you.

The members of the board will surprise you. Some are retired from accredited government and private agencies/companies. Watch the body language — these guys are not retired – they are in another branch of their jobs.

So, the one thing all the experts are saying is that UFOs are real, and they want to figure out how to build those kinds of ships so we can explore and so we can protect ourselves. They even have a drawing of a prototype.

Given the previous positions held by these men, I cannot believe that they simply are allowed to walk away with all their knowledge. Their former positions read like a dream team of knowledge and experience, which you read on their website noted above.

As much as I want to believe in this type of venture, my spidey senses are going haywire. Could it be heavy handed management — OR — is it a way to broaden input and actions away from crumbling agencies and companies. Here is what they say about why they are taking this approach.

As with any revolutionary concept – be it a business or a technology – there is a large population that believes it cannot be done. Realizing that the impossible is only something that hasn’t been seen before is the first step. The TTS Academy team believes that, despite the rapid advance of technology in our world today, there are undiscovered breakthroughs in physics which can fundamentally advance our world. TTS Academy has been specifically structured to find clues to those technologies and transition them to products that improve our world. (


Bottom line — cautious interest and I won’t be signing up for that app just yet.

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I really think we're seeing an attempt at "partial Disclosure" here–where the Posers That Were will try to severely control the release of information and continue utilizing it for their own benefit.

The thing is, I'm certain they'll fail (and that's an exceedingly good thing)!

I've no doubt their "partial Disclosure bus" will skid wildly out of control and its momentum will carry it plummeting downhill at a speed that's going to leave most of the population breathless!



I watched a good interview with James Gilliland and Jordan Sather recently where they discuss Tom Delonge and question whether there is a connection to TPTW (at around 29.30 mins into the video) –

I recommend watching the whole thing actually, it was pretty interesting.

Hailstones Melt

In the video above, Tom Delonge said it at 24:15 – The elite of the elite…

Hailstones Melt
Well, the To The Stars Academy prospectus (video above) was a polished performance. It made a good point about our minds being capable of limiting our experience by creating boundaries in our thinking. There were one or two of those white hairs (I'm not going to call them white hats) who specialised in telepathy, the underlying physics (such as quantum – what we now know is consciousness itself); but nobody mentioned how a single individual can lie still, relax, and expand their consciousness past this very jewel of Earth into our neighbourhood (the galaxy), and then beyond that again, beyond all galaxies. All done by the focused and relaxed use of higher consciousness detached from egoic thought forms, to comprehend the expansiveness and inclusivity of being. And the whole effort appeared to be just the next step in a carefully crafted plan by those who understand about projecting their will, and marketing their point of view, so that they can start bringing to public light the technological toys they have been playing with for decades now. So that the effort of remaining hidden can be released, and the real focus, the phenomenal toys, can be accepted as just ordinary. But… Read more »