Adjustment, Shielding and Separation of Timelines # 33 and # 42

September was a major month of change. David Topi explains the status of the shifting timelines, providing a great update to the new earth situation.


Note that this article was originally released on the 20th of September, so is about three weeks old.

Adjustment, Shielding and Separation of Timelines # 33 and # 42

Last week (mid September, 2017) there were adjustments in the two major macro-temporal lines that coexist on our planet, adjustments that will begin to be noticed more intensely in the coming weeks.

To understand these explanations today, I refer you to the previous two articles several weeks ago, where we lay the foundations for understanding the concepts of the co-existence of these two temporal lines, the realities and “matrix” that lead us, and the changes that are taking place in the mental and etheric structures of the planet.

A Necessary Intervention

The reason why we have intervened in these temporal lines and caused their separation at a rate more forced than the natural rhythm they were carrying until now, has to do with the mismatch that we have already mentioned in previous articles that had the eighth planetary (the processes and energies that make “substrate” for the evolution of conscious life on the planet) vs. the eighth of the human race, which is the set of evolutionary processes by which we, globally, are transiting.

In the article on the evolutionary gap that we carry with respect to the planet we said:

If the planet were now at a point of its growth and advance associated with any note, for example an RE #, we are still in the FA of the previous octave, so that the work that has to be done is brutal to be able to put ourselves to the rhythm that marks what gives us the possibility of using this system as an evolutionary basis.

Imagine two plates, one placing on the other, where the top plate contains the experiences, energies, opportunities and octaves of the set of human beings that facilitate the creation of the common reality in which we coexist, and, below, the energy plate containing the same but for the whole of everything that exists on the planet. These two plates have marks on them, and those “marks” have to be synchronized with each other, the # 1 mark on the top plate would have to be synchronized with the # 1 mark on the bottom plate, which is the same as say that the note of the “human” octave would have to go as close as possible to the note of the “planetary” octave. As these two octaves have been misaligned so much, and the “mark X” of the upper octave is many outdated marks of the lower octave, there has been no choice, some of the groups that support and assist the planet in this process, in order to facilitate the events necessary for the planet, take place, regardless of what happens or what humanity does, which is then somewhat more isolated “in its top plate “of the whole, to be able to carry out its own processes but, somehow, without interfering and delaying both the evolutionary steps of the rest of life on Earth.

Separation of Timelines

Now, have all the temporal lines of the “human octave” been re-adjusted?

No, to make it easier for those people who are more or less routed, and more or less in tune with one of the different sub-realities of the timeline # 42, to continue advancing and catching the rhythm of the planetary octave, which has fact is to separate the two lines: # 33, leaving it to the rhythm and speed that the people connected to it already mark (remember that this timeline is the most dense, and negative, and that keeps us, somehow, in the current state under which we live, with a system of control under supervision and management of different races and “elites”), so that only line # 42, “manually”, has been readjusted to the new position within the planetary octave, so that it “picks up the rhythm again”, and synchronizes with the position I touched. It is as if a part of the humanity was on top of a musical keyboard, above the FA note, when it would be up to them to be in the RE of the next octave, and then we would catch all the people who are in tune with the reality of FA, but be prepared to advance, and move them manually forward to the reality of the note RE of an upper octave, making them advance a lot of steps quickly and in a single jump.

This adjustment of the line 42 that was made last week in the mental planes, in its configuration or above, will already have repercussions at the etheric and physical level from the next days, possibly coinciding with the energy push that brings with it the autumnal equinox. This means that those who are connected and “vibrate”, are in tune with the temporal line 42, are going to be confronted with a “higher” vibrational environment, whereas those that are mainly connected and “vibrate” with a more reality negative (line 33) will be more “stuck” in this reality, as there will be no “push” and overlap of both lines pulling each other up or down.

Like Magnetic Roads

To understand this, imagine the two time lines as two separate magnetized roads, and each car that circulates through them as a person. When a person drives in the lane to the right of the road that is line 33, do not notice the pull of the magnet that supposes line 42, which is like the road next door, so, what you perceive and see in its lane, are just all the accidents, traffic jams, and problems on your road, which is the most negative and dense of the two. When a person on line-33 changes lanes within line # 33, and approaches the lanes closest to line 42, he begins to notice the attraction of this line, and may, at different points connecting them, go over the road and then start to move along the timeline road 42.

The difference is that, on this road, much better circulation, there are many less traffic jams, there is not so much congestion or problems along the tracks, etc. Conversely, a person who is on line 42 but also near the lanes of line 33 may be tempted to move back to 33 if he is attracted by the energies of the same, fears, media, manipulated events, etc., and it is what has been happening up until now, where drivers, people, who were between two waters, saw themselves jumping from one to another time line as dictated by their state of energy, its octaves and personal processes, its vibration, resonance, etc., etc.

A shield to line 42

Now, this becomes much more difficult. With this separation of both lanes, one of them, the temporal line 42, is shielded, so that the “siren songs” of the 33, and their attraction power no longer represent a problem for those circulating along the road of this line temporal, higher frequency, which has as its destination the reality we call the “15.6Hz matrix”, or as many other people call “the new Earth,” and similar names. By shielding this temporal line, separating it from the 33 and placing blocks between them, it facilitates a part of humanity, which has already been part of this work of tuning and evolutionary growth, that can continue with it without the processes and events of the most complex reality that currently co-exists on the planet influence them so much.

On the other hand, people who are still on line 33 but who are halfway with 42, will have to make a greater effort to be able to change to it, and will have to work on themselves, those who are aware of it, to align with it.

Again, these processes are produced energetically speaking, so it will not suddenly disappear from the planet a part of the population, there goes the thing. The separation of temporal lines separates the events, experiences, events and situations by which people pass in our paths of growth. Those who are connected to a faster line, vibrationally speaking, come a little closer, somehow, to live in something similar to the concept of pronoia. Those who are connected to a more negative line, come closer to living in a concept closer to making everything more difficult, complex and complicated for them. Once the energies of change come to the etheric and physical planes, what people may notice will be a bit of discomfort, confusion, and maladjustment of some processes they are experiencing, until their energy systems are retuned according to the definitive timeline in which they will find.

Thus, it seems that, finally, there has been no choice but to carry out this intervention because of the impossibility that the whole of our species could do it by itself, leaving in mass of that “Of the current train in which we are, and passing by ourselves to other wagons more adequate to keep us synchronized with the evolutionary path of the planet. Now, on the verge of disengaging part of the anchors that connect the last car, so that it does not brake so much to the others, it will move automatically, according to dictate those same people at the level of its being or I Superior, to those who are minimally prepared energetically to make that jump, and it will be tried that the bridges and crossing points of the line inferior to the superior one remain open and available as long as possible, but with the assurance that the line 42 is already armored and secured, as well as the matrix 15.6Hz, so that those who take it, have an easier way to the new evolutionary level and reality to which we address.


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