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UNSPUNEWS – 170910

GORDON DUFF – ”Perhaps we might just want to consider that the War on Terror may well have been based on “alternative facts.” And how! This is an absolute MUST read article by a US combat vet.

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM – “An Isolated Tyrannical Regime – Not Pyongyang, It’s Washington”

“Worth Dying For? When It Comes to the War in the Greater Middle East, Maybe We’re the Bad Guys”. This is real boots-on-the-ground stuff….

“Venezuela Is About to Ditch the Dollar in Major Blow to US: Here’s Why It Matters“

“As Russia Liberates Syria From ISIS, USA Saves ISIS From Russia, and Western Media Ignores It All”

“Barnaby Joyce slaps down burka ban, says it could ‘insult’ Islamic countries“. Soooooo … if I came from a country where nudity was the norm, I could walk around naked in Oz? Or feel insulted about the Oz attitude?

MIKE WHITNEY – “Why Trump Won’t Start a War With North Korea”. Another perspective ….

“A new contradiction has emerged in the West’s groupthink blaming Syria for an April 4 chemical attack, with one group of U.N. investigators raising doubt about the flight of a Syrian warplane…”

PCR – “Laughing on the Way to Armageddon“. “Why is it OK for Israel to influence US elections but not for Russia to do so?” … “The important question is who is it that is trying so hard to convince Americans that Russian influence prevails over us?” GOOD point.

“The recent corruption allegations involving Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, is just the latest in a long line of scandals surrounding the Israeli Prime Minister.”

LEW ROCKWELL – Who started WW2? “Maybe It Wasn’t Germany”


“Battle to stop PNG’s unique and beautiful wildlife from being caught and sold off”. We simply do not deserve this planet …..

“Hurricane Katia mudslide leaves two dead in Mexico after earthquake clean-up begins”

“Hurricane Irma is beginning to batter Florida as millions of residents scramble to leave ahead of the massive storm that killed at least 21 people in the Caribbean.”

“Paradise islands bowled over by Hurricane Irma (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)”

“I came across a lovely photograph of a “fire devil”, also called a “fire whirl”. I liked it because the photo perfectly exemplified what is wrong with the current generation of climate models.” Interesting!

“Hurricane expert Maue on #Irma: ‘entire FL peninsula potentially hurricane force winds’
And it keeps getting worse. Earlier we said the “worst case scenario” was likely to happen, now that includes a delayed turn keeping Irma over the warm waters of the Gulf longer.”“
List of “new records associated with hurricane #Irma”

“Katia hits Mexico as Category 1 hurricane, crawling through and dumping heavy rain”

“Jose reaches Category 4 hurricane strength, following Irma toward Leeward Islands”

“Bacteria Use Brainlike Bursts of Electricity to Communicate”

“Much controversy surrounds people who call themselves Breatharians. These individuals claim it’s possible to exist more or less without food and instead feed on cosmic energy.”


This is the ‘About’ page at the Thunderbolts EU site – a great index of their site articles etc.. Read and be informed – get past the ego-bindings of the status quo defenders!

UK – “Spectacular Aurora views down east coast”. Some great pix here.

“The Great Geomagnetic Storm of Sept. 8, 2017, is over. Our planet’s magnetic field is quiet again and auroras have retreated to their polar habitat.”
ALSO – “Sunspot AR2673 has a “beta-gamma-delta” magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares.”

“Researchers on NASA’s Juno mission have analyzed Jupiter’s auroras, which are the most powerful in the solar system. Their observations based on data collected by the ultraviolet spectrograph and energetic-particle detector instruments aboard the Jupiter-orbiting Juno spacecraft – have revealed a new mystery.”

Oz – Vic. “At 9am this morning, [Friday] 3 police officers and 10 AHPRA investigators appeared at the doors of the Natural Healing Centre in Mitcham. “ “… all because this ethical medico had the nerve to say that at-risk children should not be subjected to harm from forced vaccination!” We’ve fallen THIS far? Seig Heil!
No, we’ve fallen even further – “In the Australian state of Victoria, a state program kicked in at the beginning of 2017 to mandate that children as young as 12 should see a doctor in school at least once a week, to receive drugs and medical treatment without parental consent.” WTF???????


“To believe that humans are the only – and therefore the highest – form of intelligent life in the Universe is not only egocentric and self-aggrandising, but is a gross insult to the Divine Creative Intellect that formed the Universe.”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

UNSPUNEWS – 170911

Media silence: North Korea has repeatedly offered to give up their nukes.

“Middle Eastern Analysts Evaluate the Battle for Deir ez-Zor Outcome“

“Pakistan and the 2017 US Strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia”

“Lord Rothschild Just Dropped a Massive Amount of US Assets, Foreshadowing Collapse”

“An Isolated Tyrannical Regime – Not Pyongyang, It’s Washington”

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM – ‘Losing in Syria, the US will target Russia more than ever”


This is easilyTHE most comprehensive, easy-to-use world weather site I have ever seen. HIGHLY recommended! (They project Irma to be over Birmingham, Al. next Tuesday)

“Hurricane Jose: storm nearly ‘category five’ as it follows Irma’s destructive path”

“Hurricane Irma: Cuba surveys toppled houses and flooded cities left behind by storm”

“North Stradbroke Island off south-east Queensland is home to wetlands dating back to 200,000 years and might have been an important refuge during periods of extreme weather, new research has found.”

“One of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Atlantic makes landfall in the US, with Florida residents warned of “a life-threatening situation” as Hurricane Irma moves up their state. Follow the latest news in our live blog.“

“From quake to hurricane: More fatal casualties in Mexico as shattered country faces Katia“

15 min video – “Why Hurricanes Irma & Harvey are So Powerful it’s Cosmic Rays not CO2”

“Hurricane Irma: Florida governor declares state of emergency as Caribbean brace for impact”

“Swiss glacier collapses after hundreds evacuated”

“September Temperatures Have Plummeted in Past 120 Years”

“The Hurricane Harvey Hustle”. Well – hurricanes do spin – but Big Gov leaves ‘em for dead!

“Severe flooding hits central Italy, at least six dead and two missing”

“Destructive Hurricane “Irma” moving through Florida, toward Georgia”

“Time and time again I’ve heard people complain about their iPhones or Mac laptops getting slower and slower, forcing them to purchase entirely new products. However, many people who have experienced this technological lull also noticed that the deterioration of their Apple products coincided with the launch of Apple’s new products.”

“Thousands gather for Brisbane rally on same-sex marriage vote“. Great distraction …. Really, with consenting adults (only) who cares? I’ll panic when they make it compulsory!

This is a DEFINITE ‘read and ponder’ piece. “By now, it should be painfully obvious to almost all of humanity that our world is governed by childish, ignorant entities who are absolutely clueless in their understanding of human souls.“

“An intriguing piece of footage from Los Angeles shows a police helicopter circling an odd metallic-looking orb that is floating in the sky.” Paying attention, are we?

JON RAPPOPORT – “For the last year, I’ve been watching a phenomenon I can only call a covert op, because that’s what it is. Its purpose is to make people retract their energy and shrink their concerns down to a level of basic survival.” Read this and weep – or ACT!

“This contains a sensible and detailed analysis by an astronomer – his bottom line is “So, what will happen on September 23, 2017? Probably nothing unusual.” On the other hand, JZ is playing it safe – “Finally, I want to share with you to BEWARE of September 23… Do not travel, but stay close to your home and Underground with all your family & pets. It may be nothing, but I don’t want to withhold this from you.”

“Almost 20 years after it left Earth, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is about to end its mission to Saturn by plunging into the atmosphere of the ringed planet.” With re-cap video.
ALSO – “Departing sunspot AR2673 erupted again on Sept.10th (1606 UT), producing a major X8-class solar flare. Protons accelerated toward Earth by the explosion are swarming around our planet now, causing a moderately strong solar radiation storm.”
(Also see Alaskan auroras!)

“Radar Reveals Two Moons Orbiting Asteroid Florence”

“The success of prostate operations by the first ever robotic surgeon in a NSW public hospital is proof the technology should be expanded, says the doctor who first lobbied for it.” “Older surgery takes several days’ hospital recovery time and a couple of months off work. With robotic surgery most patients discharged within a day, back at work in under 2 weeks”

“Personal Emergency Preparedness List”

“Breaking: An Entirely New Type of Quantum Computing Has Been Invented”

Posted strictly FWIW – “Whistleblower Spills Beans: ‘I Spent Three Years Serving on Deep Space Fleet’”. “It could all be a fabrication dreamed up by Captain Kaye due to his lack of evidence. But, his story is very similar to that of Andrew Basiago, Michael Relfe and others, indicating that they’re all describing the same thing.”

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.”

~~David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, Thunderbolts of the Gods

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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