Precognition and Remote Viewing | Tom Campbell at APP Conference 2017


In June this year at the Applied Precognition Conference in Las Vegas, USA, Tom Campbell did a talk on remote viewing and precognition. Below you can find two videos covering the three hour discussion.

Campbell also talks about his earlier days where he was involved at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA, and how he worked with Bob Monroe and his students, where they did remote viewing, healing, and astral projection. (As I write this, one of transients’s community forum Global Moderators is taking his third course at the Monroe Institute!)

A bit about Tom’s background: He was once a student at the Monroe Institute, founded by the late Robert Monroe. Campbell played a large role in the creation and early running of the Monroe Institute back in the early 70’s — a nonprofit education and research organisation devoted to exploring consciousness.

Tom Campbell focuses on promoting his published trilogy, My Big TOE, with talks and discussions around the globe. TOE stands for ‘Theory of Everything. His trilogy is based on all his out of body experiences, in addition to other psychic methods of information gathering. He has a scientific background as a physicist.

Tom has had a long career as a physicist. Presently, and for the past 20 years, he has been at the heart of developing US missile defense systems and has worked for NASA,most recently on the Ares 1 program. Tom has also had a strong focus on artificial intelligence.


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