Alignment to the 6D Template of Love

This article contains a channeled message from Henda on how to bring to you the energy of the 6D, as the sphere of love. Her latest artwork is included, as well as a recent astral projection experience.


Entering The Template of Love

You are entering a new multidimensional Template of Divine Love and it is burning all your previous ways of thinking, your ways of behaving, your ways of being.

The first step for many of you is leaving the Ego Sphere, as it no more would handle the energy of The New Earth. The Ego Sphere is connected to the physical and material world you have been creating and building for your wellness so long ago, for decades and billions of years.

This sphere is containing your physical and material obsessions, we know how it is hard to see it. But you know the only way to leave it, is to let go of it and enter the Sphere of The Heart.

The Heart’s Sphere brings you back to your Divine Spiritual Nature. You are ONE with the Universe, ONE with All Which Is, One with others, sharing the love in the abundance of the Sacred Love.

Light is shining brighter than ever now as the 6D is the Sphere of the Heart.

As you are hearing the messages and voices through a common Divine Field of Love, you are urged to connect more and more to it, to take time to listen and leave the old matrix, because it is no more part of the New Earth, it is falling a part, dismantled, disappearing in a huge quake / vortex.

Your ancient world is tumbling down. Leave it for the Sphere of Love.

Alignment to the 6D Template of Love

Your Challenge

To help yourselves with this new alignement, you have a big challenge ahead, waiting for you to unlock the magic within your hearts and your entire being. You have to get rid of Elementals as like : greed, jealousy, egoism, fear, anxiety, judgmental behaviors, and all darkness stored in you !

The Elementals are what connect you to the physical and all the emotions are part of it. It needs release to make you feel more ease.

Your challenge is to balance your emotions with a pure energy field so that you find the way to be in harmony with the New Earth Alignement.


A Vision of my Walk-in Soul

This is a very long process which requires your focus and a deep healing.

Soul : What do you see ?
Henda : A long corridor with doors on both sides. There is much light. They are all closed but I feel I don’t need to open them all. I feel drawn to walk along the corridor to reach a place over there. I feel it is a long walk taking so much time. I am still walking… I feel fine, curious ! Something is pushing me ahead to carry on walking. I feel now it is the way to walk to / in my soul for meeting it and aligning with it.

Soul : We are helping you so much during this ambitious walk-in… We are greeting you, encouraging you. Take the time you need to enjoy this walk. There is so much to see, to learn and so much to know about from the doors on both sides of your way.
Your way leads you to your soul. It is your connection to your soul. You are a precious heart ! You don’t need to open all the doors. They are given to you to help you. In each door, there is a world you incarnated in, in many shapes. As you open one of them, you travel on a multidimensional level.

An Astral Projection To The 6D Earth

I heard chatting voices and sounds like a classical music sound during the splitting off of my physical body. I thought of being in a place filled with lights, all was shining with golden peachy colors, and a white pure light around.

I felt my astral body leaving the physical in a very smooth and gracious way this time. There were no wind blowing sounds and pain in my crown. I flew in my room and saw myself laying on the bed, eyes closed, my physical body was covered with my sheets, a white pure bubble was on me and it was extending to all my room, white translucide crystalline light surrounded by a peachy golden light.

I was floating slowly, and i saw smiling eyes around me, bubbles moving, a bird spirit with little yellow wings and I knew it was my canary who passed away last October. She just came and settled on an astral tree branch. And she stayed there watching me.

I then went to another place but it was messy and I left. I flew again, I felt freedom and lightness. The Earth on astral is a beautiful place surrounded with a white-golden translucide energy which flows in a harmonious way. I felt safe. All that we see on physical level does not exist : the furnitures in our houses, the buildings, the cars, the roads etc…

I knew I was on the 6D Earth where only energy prevails.
The message I heard is : “Your intent guides your soul where ever you want to go !”.

This was a transportation to The Earth’s Chakra Re-activation and Dragons’ Bloom, my latest wave tree. It was on my bed under one of the pillows near me. I was guided to draw that Tree as part of the waves coming on Earth now.

The energy that flows in this tree is from the 6D Earth, holding the purest and strongest essence of life. You may feel vertigo while watching the colors playing with your hearts and sending healing through them. As it is the Heart Sphere of Divine Love. The real world we are meant to be, as the next plane to reach out during the shift in Consciousness.

The blue and green dragons are exchanging the flow of this energy from the new crystal core of Gaia.

The geometrical shapes are part of the sacred Earth and our sacred hearts. The energy of the heart is deeply connected to Sacred Geometry.

This knowledge is also brought by Chiron the wounded healer as he is the bringer of the new light codes coming from the highest planes 7 to 15 D.

At least that is what I feel and hear now. As much as we nurture ourselves with these energies as much we will ascend and find the true love we are. Love is the bridge to All that is. Wisdom is part of the flowing energy too. Wisdom is part of our sacred space, our inner center of energy the Heart Space.

Much Love and Light to you

May you walk the Path of Divine Love One, hand in hand.

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