The Dance of the Old and New Energies


There has been much prophesy regarding the times we are living in and also a great deal channeled about these times. The planet and its inhabitants on the surface have been gradually increasing in light over the past 70 years. But as we look around us, you wouldn’t be criticized for saying that it looks as if we are just at the beginning of the ascension journey. In many ways we are just at the beginning, but nonetheless building a foundation and planting seeds for the future.

On earth there is a mixture of younger souls and older souls; souls that have lived fewer lifetimes and some that have lived many. Planetary ascension is different to personal ascension. Any soul can choose to ascend at any time in their incarnation, however the times we are living in are special, in that we are being given greater help and assistance to grow spiritually. Also at this time, the karmic boards are starting to be reset, if this is your intention. This means that past life karma (or lessons) are being finished and completed for those who are ready.

Wood Dance - The Dance of the Old and New Energies
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The interesting aspect about life on Earth is that we have free choice. We learn through making choices or mistakes and usually become wiser, making better choices in the future. Not everyone on the planet will consciously choose to ascend, or grow in light and love this time around. Some people that are close to the edge will choose to exit early, and return back to the spirit world. Depending on their karma and what their soul desires, they may choose to incarnate on another 3rd density planet, or choose to grow and learn in the spirit world.

There is a saying; ‘Things are going to get worse, before they get better’. If you turn on the nightly news, this appears to be the case. Part of this is also a control mechanism to keep the masses in fear and servitude. While it may seem that 90% of things happening in the world are bad and only 10% good, this is unbalanced reporting. It’s been designed this way; it’s old energy, but it wont always be this way. Good news stories will start to be reported more in the media, and in a way our increasing consciousness will demand it!

As a human being on this planet, we can’t control others but we can influence others with our positive energy and wisdom. Unfortunately a lot of the leaders in positions of power are still of the old energy, so it will take some time before the indigo children replace them. Ascension will mostly be a generational process in this way, with many babies born now and in the future being advanced souls. Many teenagers and young adults carry a special energy and mission to fulfill, to assist with the changeover from the old energies to the new.

While there is much fear and uncertainty in this world, know that things will gradually get better. There are many advanced beings watching over and supporting us behind the scenes. As the vibrations continue to rise and the masses wake up, the E.Ts will be able to have a more open and direct interaction with humanity. The times we are living in aren’t easy, and you were aware of that before you incarnated, but you still put your hand up to come and play a part. You are brave warrior souls and loved by many beings in the cosmos for your dedication to the light, despite the challenges of being alive in these times.

Know that all souls that come to Earth, even for a short stay, benefit from the experience. Sometimes the impact these souls have on their parents can be profound and life changing, being a precursor to their own growth and awakening. Life is not just a meaningless, random soup of events. There is much planning in the spirit world before a soul chooses to incarnate. Each soul is playing a role on the game-board of life. It ultimately serves the growth and eventual ascension of all souls. When it is all over, there is a big celebration welcoming you back home, honoring your light and contributions. Know and trust that the old energies have just about had their day, and a new day is dawning.

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Nice article. Thanks for sharing

Thanks Tristan. 🙂

Hailstones Melt

Energies interweave. Where I live, our city is built on a coastal plain with a tidal estuary and a freshwater river meeting in a large shallow basin, giving us our famous landmark. It is like breathing in and out, seawater and freshwater mix daily. The old and new paradigms are a bit like that – with the freshwater (new) coming on stronger as more water comes down the current. It is wonderful to be both physically and spiritually at a nexus point.

That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. It is indeed wonderful to be alive in these times. 🙂

That is really interesting!