Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret


The documentary based film, Unacknowledged, and accompanying book authored by Dr. Steven Greer, was backed by supporters of a crowd funding campaign. The focus is on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been so ruthlessly enforced, including why.

Some of the best evidence for extraterrestrial contact which dates back into the decades is presented with top-secret witness testimony, UFO footage and documents, 80% of which has never been revealed anywhere else.

The behind-the-scenes research and high-level meetings convened by Dr. Steven Greer exposes the degree of illegal, covert operations at the core of UFO secrecy. From briefings with top Pentagon Generals, Admirals and also the CIA Director, to the briefing of President Obama via senior advisor John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Unacknowledged takes you behind the veil of secrecy and into the corridors of real power where UFO secrets reside.

The official trailer for Unacknowledged.

The data collected explains that a silent coup d’état occurred dating back to the 1950s and that American Congress, the President and other world leaders have been sidelined by criminal elements within the military-industrial-financial complex.

The film was released just over a week ago and so far has been well received. Available on the Apple Store, out of 103 ratings it’s sitting on an average of 4.7 out of 5. On the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website, 481 people have rated it and it’s currently sitting on a score of 7.6 out of 10.  Unacknowledged is also available on Vimeo here and the DVD can be purchased on Unacknowledged’s website here.

Below is a speech by Dr. Steven Greer at the red carpet premier of Unacknowledged.

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Interesting interview by the "Health Ranger": https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10…lien-attack-to-roll-out-world-government.html


SineraInteresting interview by the "Health Ranger": https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10…lien-attack-to-roll-out-world-government.html

I just purchased the DVD documentary and the book a few weeks ago…there's my inspiration to check out both very soon! 🙂


The movie is on Netflix (trending pretty well) which I do have for 1 month now, might keep it for a while since they have some decent shows on.

I also have the book on my Kindle, so far I did not read farther than the introduction sections.