The Gibbous Moon Phase


Via Neptune’s Magic (May 8, 2017)

The Gibbous moon phase began yesterday which means it’s time for getting organized and integrating what we have, as well as planning for more.

It’s a time to make sure things are right for us.

This is supported by the moon being in Libra these few days which helps us to balance our lives a bit more and plan ahead.

But it’s important not to try to be too much of a perfectionist.

There are no current strong aspects of the planets but there are a few coming near the full moon in Scorpio rapidly approaching in 3 days, which is the subject I need to write about today.

This is one of the most powerful moons of the year as it is the rebirth moon.

When the moon and the sign of Scorpio are involved, or the ruler Pluto aspecting the moon, we get what is known as the Hades moon.’

This has many legends behind it as it takes us into our shadow place where all the unresolved issues lay, the repressed anger, blame and jealousies too.

It’s the abandonment moon where we tend to blame others for not providing our unmet needs, when we don’t even realize we have not owned our own shadow stuff enough to ask for these needs to be met.

So a lot of explosive emotions can come out near this moon, and in fact for some this has been in effect for a while, as this one seems to make its presence felt well before the exact date.

Feeling alone or unsupported is part of this moons energy, but this full moon also carries an extreme amount of passion, and it’s so important to try to channel this in ways that help and support self, as well as doing the same for others, as everyone is feeling this moon.
Its time to bring out what is hidden, and air it.

This moon motivates us to take action and do something about our situation rather than send intense negative thoughts or psychic attacks towards others, although this is common for this moons energy.

Old stuff is going to come out as it’s a rebirth moon.

We can seek some solitude to search our inner selves and own up to our own darkness, and our own repressed stuff. We can do forgiveness work too towards those we have hurt in the past. They don’t have to be with us to do this.

Pride and ego can stop this work and that is a choice, but it is a good time to search deep to own our own part in what we have created for self.

To embrace our own shadow is necessary so we can both live a better life, but also to die a better death, so we don’t have to carry more emotional baggage with us to sort out in future lives or “up there”.

We all have that dark side, or a place where we are afraid to face self.
Everything in our lives comes back to self. And what we draw to ourselves is what we need to grow.

It’s time to get deep or at least to look at what we need from others and perhaps ask gently and without blame or too much intensity.

It’s time to own our own stuff too.

Or maybe it’s time to begin again somewhere else if there is too much pain to handle, and this is a sad thing but sometimes it’s necessary.

This full moon coming is the most magical of the year for those who know how to observe self and use energies in ways that can change our lives.

It’s the best moon for manifesting what we need and want as it brings up our inner power, which is something we have to use wisely once it arises.

There are strong aspects around the moon. First Mercury conjunct Uranus, which will bring the unexpected in areas of news. This news may require sudden action.

(Virgos and Geminis will feel this, Aries too) but it’s there for us all, being moon energy too.

And just after the moon but part of the power of it, is Mars conjunct the Great attractor so we are being drawn rapidly towards something that is the unknown so a little frightening, and may swallow us up but we have little power to resist, and besides it’s probably something we want to happen as its part of our rebirth..

Again Geminis and Aries will feel this one but all of the above aspects will be felt one way or another by us all.

The Sun has positive trine aspects around the full moon period, to Juno and Pluto which means this moon is a positive one for most of us despite the cathartic events around it, especially for Scorpios and Taureans, Cancerians, too, but there will still be a few surprises.

Even after the moon Mercury trines Saturn, and Mars trines Jupiter bringing positive influences. (This means it’s good for Capricorns and Sagittarians, Librans too) even if disruptive to begin with.

It’s one of the most motivating full moons I have seen for a while for all signs.

And last but not least we can’t forget this is the Scorpio full moon so they get the best of it even if it brings up a lot of old issues and therefore a little emotional pain and sadness too.

Anyone with Sun, moon or ascending sign in Scorpio is going to feel this full moon strongly and make quantum leaps in their spiritual evolution, but they are not the only sign, as Taureans will feel this also, perhaps more so through people close to them.

Due to the strong aspects I mentioned it is an extremely powerful full moon for many of us.

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This is brilliant and timely. Thank you so much. Scorpio heh? Little focker!