A few years ago a talented writing teacher taught me that people appreciate personal experiences. I had an issue with that because I was never interested in such literature; with the exception of some metaphysical topics which are close to my heart, such as conscious out of body travel and past/in-between life regressions.

For example, a biography or auto-biography of anyone—no matter what they had done in life or how well known they were— was of no interest to me. So I found it hard to write from that perspective because I didn’t enjoy reading from it.

At least with a past life regression there are moments shown which relate to the persons health and life as pieces of a puzzle form; it’s just more interesting for me to take a look back at times portrayed differently — the powers that be tend to re-write the truth to fit their needs, so much of what we know of history is not entirely correct.

It can therefore be a learning experience to go through life outside of this one.

I started reading Kevin Cruickshank’s autobiographic, Walking in Light, about a year ago. I couldn’t get through it. Even though Kevin is a very gifted psychic medium from New Zealand, there was just too much every day stuff surrounding his psychic moments that made it slow for me. This didn’t mean the quality of his book was bad, as the problem was definitely me.

Perhaps I have seen too many human lives, whether that may mean I have lived them or that I am connected to a larger part of me that has. Sometimes I get that innate sense that I have “been there and done that.” This is somewhat similar to how I tend to not say too much in terms of spiritual wisdom, as I have seen, or sensed, it already said so many times before — I feel like I am repeating myself; myself being everything, just like we all are.

A lot of the time opinions are given in blogs and articles online and that usually takes place beyond the media, as good reporters don’t express opinion, just facts —unless it’s an opinion piece. I do think that opinion matters more when the person giving it is not providing an opinion solely based upon facts though, but upon intuition, especially if they are clearly connected to their higher self.

A stream of consciousness is one way to label that link established to the universal mind of ours which somehow manages to let words flow, sometimes on topics that may just end up being prophetic.

I’m still young but I guess what makes me interesting is that I have had a wide range of experiences that are not just metaphysical, but also more practical in nature, those that have made me who I am today. When I say life based, I mean those which I have had to struggle and suffer through, as they tend to be our best learning moments on a spiritual level.

But one metaphysical experience, one of my earlier ones, happened around 2010, seven years ago. This was two to three years after I had begun to “wake up.” This was different to other mystical moments I have had as it happened with my eyes open and was part of what I visually saw, not something which you might see through your third eye, in a meditative state or even out of body while being somewhere completely different.

At the time I was renting a three bedroom pole home right next to the bush in North Gosford, near Sydney in Australia. While I lived alone I had my two cats with me, Beezle and Xabbu.


XabbuI was in the bath one night not long after commuting home from work—an hour and forty five minute train ride and 25 minute walk (I never liked living close to Sydney city)—and was practicing viewing my aura.

I had only tried this a few times before, where I would hold my right hand up above me, with a white wall behind, and then blur my eyes and look to the side slightly.

I was doing this for at least a good five minutes and I wasn’t expecting much, or anything, which was part of my problem I think back then, and all of a sudden I saw beyond the usual grayish outline that I had always observed around my body, in this case my hands and a color suddenly appeared.

My heart raced as that happened as it was completely new to me, and so real, as with most things we tend to fear what we have not been through. I first saw green surrounding my hand, and it was very strong and real. Then in addition to that, blue started to appear, both completely following the form of my fingers and palm.

I was so happy to have achieved that goal as I knew anyone could teach themselves to see their aura of the body, but did I really believe that back then? It just took a lot of dedication and work, but for me it actually came rather quickly. In comparison, it took me six weeks of daily exercises to have my first conscious out of body experience.

The problem with having many abilities is that you need to harness them with regular practice. Through experience from actively using ability, you begin to slowly master it and come to understand its intricacies, such as with the aura you need to learn what the colors relate to and why they change frequently. You may also eventually begin to see the thought forms within the auric layers, relating to those regular patterns of thought that a person returns to often.

I never followed up and continued on using this new found ability as I had other interests at the time, especially conscious out of body exploration.

One way to think about all these metaphysical skills, such as tapping into the akashic to do a reading, remote viewing, connecting with guides to hear information, and channeling as examples, they all take practice.

Some people come into this life with an innate ability activated and already there for them to use; they are pretty much forced into using it, and that is usually part of their planned path and soul contract in life. But those who don’t have that ability naturally form can actually learn and master it, if they really wish to do so. With most of these abilities we can do a lot of inner work to make it easier to strengthen and activate them, so it may take a while to finally get there and use said abilities.

The inner work is all about unblocking our many energy centers, including our seven primary chakras, so we can connect not just into the other side, but beyond any energy that was in our way.

Think of Olympic medalists — it takes a great deal of training to build upon their selected sport. That training can be a daily occurrence and that is what it takes to train a psychic based ability, including something like astral projection to reach those out of body experiences. Whatever it is, for some people it will be quicker and for others faster.

Don’t give up on what you consider important, whether it’s something you want to get better at, or you want to manifest and bring into your life.

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Laron is an energetic healer, past life therapist, consciousness guide, poet,writer and editor from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Editor of the metaphysical site transients.info, Laron is also a bit of a bookworm. Trained by Dolores Cannon in QHHT (Past Life Regression) and Energetic Healing by well-known Australian intuitive and healer Stephen Bishop, Laron is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.

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