Circumventing Interference | Remote Viewing

This article is based on a recent video by Doctor Courtney Brown talking about the boundary that separates viewers from their target.

Is there a membrane,  or boundary,  that separates our dimension from all the others? Courtney Brown from the Farsight Institute thinks there is.

Remote viewing provides insight into this question as they experience very clear, yet momentary perceptions of the aspects of a target. These images are most often perceived with a flash, or like a scene suddenly appearing. Sometimes these images last only for a second for the remote viewers.

What remote viewers often do is trigger said images and sketch them out.

This indicates that that the boundary—what Courtney refers to as the physical subspace interface—is capable of rapid information transference at certain times when optimal conditions exist.

The conclusion here is that under normal situations, something is in the way and interfering with access to target information; only when that interference is stopped, or circumvented, can the information be transmitted between us, through that boundary.

Viewers also have two other important aspects to consider, the amplitude, in terms of the strength of the information source, and the quantity, as in how much information is being shown. Doctor Brown says it’s still not known if interference for the established connection to the other side, could either affect the amplitude or the quantity of information — or both.

This type of question is why research continues on with remote viewing.

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