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Everyday Bernie gathers together a collection of recent world events and unravels them out to his readers. Here is today’s latest Unspun News.



“The United Arab Emirates announced Thursday it signed contracts worth a total of more than $5 billion to purchase weaponry during its international arms fair in Abu Dhabi this week.”

And THIS definitely goes with that….
“Amnesty International has condemned the US and UK for their “shameful” weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, saying Washington and London are fuelling the serious human rights violations and war crimes in Yemen committed by Riyadh.”

“Allegations of civilian casualties as a result of United States coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have swelled so much since January that airstrike watchdog Airwars can’t keep track.”

And another one … “More than 200 civilians killed in suspected U.S. airstrike in Iraq”

“US DECEPTION: The West’s ‘Peaceful Revolution’ Narrative in Syria Was a Lie From the Beginning”

“Lest we forget: the recent 9/11 study showing how all three buildings were destroyed by ‘controlled demolition’. MUST READ – Précis, with link to the entire study. In the study pdf, go to pages 22->26. Game, set and match. OK – so when is the trial? Of whom? And why not?
FINIAN CUNNINGHAM – “There was a time when Russophobia served as an effective form of population control – used by the American ruling class in particular to command the general US population into patriotic loyalty. Not any longer. Now, Russophobia is a sign of weakness, of desperate implosion among the US ruling class from their own rotten, internal decay.”
“US ‘Spring Storm’, Ukraine Weapons Depot Explosion, Russia Snap Military Exercises Crimea: Connection?”
“Israel’s raid on Syria (DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS)” .
“Will Washington Risk WW3 to Block an Emerging EU-Russia Superstate”
It is becoming increasingly important for humans to understand the extensive partnership they have with nature, especially when focusing on issues of form and consciousness and all that this combination implies.”
“A cyclone off northern Queensland could intensify to category five by the time it crosses the coast somewhere between Cardwell and Bowen, near Townsville, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned.

M5.6 @ 20km, Papua, Indonesia.

Canada – Ottawa – “Record snowfall for March 24”

US – Cal – “The Eastern Sierra town of Mammoth Lakes got so much snow this winter it had to get removal help from the California National Guard. Faced with more than 40 feet (12 meters) of snow, …..”

“Worst floods and mudslides in almost 30 years continue affecting Peru”

“10 UFOs That Allegedly Left Physical Evidence Behind“

“This is what Venus retrograde could mean for your zodiac sign”

“I will start by exploring what stress is and the negative affects of stress. Then I shall demonstrate why Qigong is such a powerful tool for overcoming the negative affects of stress and for increasing your resistance to stress by referencing where possible scientific study findings.”

“The Bureau of Meteorology has officially declared Cyclone Debbie as a category one cyclone off the coast of Queensland. But why Debbie? Why not Laura? Or Nick?
Here’s how the bureau decides what a cyclone is going to be named.”


“NASA has released a fresh photograph of an intense storm swirling across Jupiter as space probe Juno prepares for its fifth flyby of the Solar System’s largest planet.” Yikes!

“More worrying than global warming – report on ‘extreme space weather’ shows risks to Earth”

“A canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth, and it is spewing a stream of fast-moving solar wind toward our planet. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the giant fissure on March 25th:“

2 min video – “Smith is shown in the clip taking medical marijuana (oil) for the first time. He puts a drop of cannabis oil under his tongue, after which, everything about him changes. His involuntary movements come to an end, he can speak normally, and he is very still.”
(To Big Pharma, a terrifying horror movie)

“The Return of Spectro-Chrome: The Most Suppressed Medical Technology Ever”

Dr. Sircus – “Multitasking Medical Treatments“

“A bizarre physics law is making superfluid helium behave like an actual black hole
“It points to a deeper understanding of reality.”

“’Revolutionary’ technology could help users slash home power bills”


“The first step in a fascist movement is the combination under an energetic leader of a number of men who possess more than the average share of leisure, brutality, and stupidity. The next step is to fascinate fools and muzzle the intelligent, by emotional excitement on the one hand and terrorism on the other.”

~~ Bertrand Russell

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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Bernie is a retired seafarer, living in Tasmania, Australia. He became interested in the disinformation in world events after 911, and research regarding those events morphed into Unspun as a small counter to the world of misinformation. He enjoys writing, and reads a lot; he also has interests in alternative healing methods.

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