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Everyday Bernie gathers together a collection of recent world events and unravels them out to his readers. Here is today’s latest Unspun News.


“The nation that first learns to plot the paths of air masses accurately and learns to control the time and place of precipitation will dominate the globe.” – General George Kenney […]; There is overwhelming evidence indicating the existence of a global weather modification project currently resulting in the chemtrails so often seen in today’s skies.”

“US Prepares for More Military Operations Around the World” … “No top level mission by mission approval will be required anymore.” THINK about that.

MofA – “War Torn” – U.S. Slaughter In Syria, Somalia And Yemen” … “The wars on Somalia and Yemen are the consequences of unscrupulous and incompetent(?) U.S. foreign policy.”

“Lawrence Wilkerson, a former Army colonel and chief of staff for Colin Powell at the United States Department of State, expressed this week strong criticism of the US government adding more and more nations to its enemies list.

“The first batch of British soldiers has arrived in Estonia to serve as part of the NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence on the borders of Russia and part of “wider efforts to defend the alliance” from the perceived threat from Moscow.” See it coming?

“Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War”. Long but worthwhile.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research – “Who is behind Wikileaks?”

“The Whole POINT of the Internet of Things Is So “Big Brother” Can Spy On You”. … “smart appliances” connected to the Internet could someday be used by the CIA to track individuals. If your grocery-list-generating refrigerator knows when you’re home, the CIA could, too, by using geo-location data from your wired appliances, according to SmartPlanet.” OK – the BIG question – WHY?

“While being Left Unchecked Racial Tensions Continue to Mount in the US; It won’t be too much of an exaggeration to state that racism in the United States is a fundamental problem.”
“Key Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion”

“Court Finds TEPCO & Japan Government Guilty In Fukushima Disaster”. Good – but, so what?

DUTCHSINSE – interesting comment re quakes – almost 1 hour, so have only viewed a few minutes. Looks very intriguing though!

“Heavy rain has caused widespread damage in Burundi overnight Thursday, March 16, 2017, claiming lives of at least six people. Local media is reporting a month’s worth of rain in just a couple of hours.”

“Part of northwest China’s Xinjiang engulfed by heaviest snow in 30 years“

“Iditarod race coldest start ever, Bermuda record cold, rare deep snows in Tibet and Japan increases the snow total amounts from 500 to 800cm on the charts to adjust for higher snowfall totals across the country. Greenland continues to have record increases in ice growth and Iceland has record snow a week before.” (6 min video)

“Sea levels falling in Australia” …. “Sea levels are rising because of global warming … and sea levels are falling because of global warming. Hmmmm.” Yeah – Hmmmm

“The social media problems gripping our girls” …. “The new challenges of raising pre-teens”. I wonder – could ‘social media’ be a form of metastasising societal cancer?

“Researchers have probed samples of metal bismuth, and found a completely unexpected property – under certain conditions, the solid metal can retain a type of ‘structural memory’ of its liquid state.”

“The idea that something resembling a subjective, contemplative mind exists in other animals has become mainstream — and not just for apes.” …. “Locked into a debate with no foreseeable conclusion, what seems to be evolving in human culture is a sense of humbleness and a willingness to give other creatures the benefit of the doubt.” ABOUT TIME!


“NASA has released an incredible high-definition image of the intricate layers of a Martian valley, providing further evidence of a once-flooded red planet.”

“The sun has been blank (no sunspots) for 12 consecutive days. If today ends without a sunspot, the number will increase to 13, matching the longest stretch of blank suns since April of 2010.”
ALSO – “A hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, and it is turning toward Earth.”

“The social media problems gripping our girls” …. “The new challenges of raising pre-teens”. I wonder – could ‘social media’ be a form of metastasising societal cancer?

“Exercise: Here’s the ‘to-do’ list when you haven’t done it for a while”

For anyone with any auto-immune disease, this could be the best news you could hear! A cure! (5 min video, but for speed start at min 3.)

“It’s no secret that Tasmania is home to picturesque views, delectable food and known to artists as a hive of creativity. But scratch beneath the surface of the island state, and a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful will emerge.” That’s Tassy!!!!

“If you love traditional board games like Monopoly you might think ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’, but many fans disagree and have voted in droves to replace three of the game’s traditional tokens.”


“Mystery upon mystery. We don’t understand what life is. We don’t understand what death is. We don’t understand what consciousness is. We’re well informed on trivia and minutiae but when it comes to fundamentals, do we really know anything at all?”

~~ Graham Hancock

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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Bernie is a retired seafarer, living in Tasmania, Australia. He became interested in the disinformation in world events after 911, and research regarding those events morphed into Unspun as a small counter to the world of misinformation. He enjoys writing, and reads a lot; he also has interests in alternative healing methods.

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