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Scientists Discover New State of Matter Called “Time Crystals”
“A new state of matter called a time crystal has been created in the lab using two different methods by two different teams of scientists.
-‘In regular crystals—an ice cube or a diamond, for instance—atoms are arranged in’ a repeating spatial pattern. In time crystals, patterns repeat in time instead of in space.
-‘Two different teams of scientists reported the discovery in the journal Nature on Wednesday. They are the first to directly create and observe time crystals, the long-theorized quantum systems that spin at their own pace independent of their environment, seemingly breaking the rules of normal timekeeping.’
This discovery could pave the way for quantum computers and quantum sensors.”

How jails extort the poor | Salil Dudani, TED Talk
“Why do we jail people for being poor? Today, half a million Americans are in jail only because they can’t afford to post bail, and still more are locked up because they can’t pay their debt to the court, sometimes for things as minor as unpaid parking tickets. Salil Dudani shares stories from individuals who have experienced debtors’ prison in Ferguson, Missouri, challenging us to think differently about how we punish the poor and marginalized.”
The introduction to this talk is eye opening for those living in the USA.

Of Memory and Forgetting: How Facebook is Warping Human Recollection
“Memory is a notoriously imperfect thing, open to suggestion, amendment and distortion over time – however, experts worry that social media is exacerbating this problem by blurring the line between individual and collective recollection. Given human understanding of history shapes human thinking about the future, the results could be catastrophic.”


420mn-year-old ‘armored’ fish fossil found in SW China
“Scientists in China have discovered a rare fossil fragment of an “armored” fish, which may prove that the so-called Fish Age happened much earlier in Earth’s evolutionary history than previously thought. A partial fossil of the Sparalepis tingi, a 20cm-long fish, found in China’s Yunnan province could turn the paleontological world on its head. Named after the Sparabara infantry of the Persian Empire, the fish’s scales resemble the wicker shields the warriors carried into battle.”

UFO researcher of the Year, Tom DeLonge; Major announcement within 60 Days!!!

Top 15 Discoveries & Implications of Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 – So Far
This is one of those important pieces of information to keep an eye on as a lot of secrets are being revealed through Wikileaks. Privacy is the main concern here.

Review of 200 Studies Confirms That Every Pound Gained Increases Risk of Many Cancers
“A review of over 200 studies has revealed a substantial link between body fat and 11 different types of cancer, prompting calls for further research and tougher efforts to tackle the obesity crisis.”

Future Forecasting & Truth From The Past

February 2017 Prediction Results: Farsight Time Cross. Presented by Courtney Brown on YouTube.

Health & Nature

Pesticides are NOT Needed to Feed the World, Says New UN Report

A Weekend Camping Trip Is Enough to Reset Your Internal Clock
“Humans have been fighting our internal clocks ever since we invented sitting around a campfire. We have powerful natural rhythms that keep us on a 24-hour cycle; if you’ve ever been steamrollered by jet lag after an intercontinental flight, you know how powerful those rhythms are. But we muffle them with caffeine, alarm clocks, and electric lights. It’s easy to undo the damage, though. One weekend of camping can do the trick—and it’ll even cure your case of the Mondays.”

Conscious Breathing: A Simple Way to Work Through Emotional Pain and Be Present in Your Life

Astral Projection Mastery - Robert Bruce16 Produce Items to Re-Grow at Home
“Stop throwing away your vegetable scraps! Did you know there are 16 different types of produce items that you can re-grow at home?”

I was in Palmdale and the Chem-trail pollution was off the charts
“They are poisoning us by a wide spread program! When will we bring the government criminals to justice? People are driving around acting insane and people everywhere, their health is making them act in an adverse manner. The U.S. Airforce must stop this even if they disobey orders. The Cabal must and should be stopped! ”

Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lights is Contaminating Homes and Environment

Diet Responsible For 45 Percent of All Deaths From Heart Disease and Diabetes

Pushing Yourself to Try When You’re Afraid of Failing

Grow Mushrooms Using Coffee Grounds & Cardboard


Woman Moves Into Old Mall After Shops Are Converted Into 48 Tiny Homes, Could You Live Like This?
An interesting look into the different spaces that people decide to live in.

“Women in maritime history have something in common with the structure of icebergs. Their presence is marked only by what skims the surface. Explore the depths and the reality is clear: what we see is only part of the story. Responding to the absence of female voices in Tasmanian maritime history, artist Anne Morrison has spent time trawling the collection of the Bass Strait Maritime Centre (BSMC) to produce Beneath the Waterline, a series of paintings which reflect on the lives of women who have been inextricably connected to oceans, rivers and waterways.”

(2015 article) Jeong Kwan, the Philosopher Chef
“The most exquisite food in the world, say many celebrated chefs, is being made not in Copenhagen or New York, but in a remote temple complex south of Seoul by a 59-year-old Buddhist nun.”

3 ways to fix a broken news industry | Lara Setrakian, TED Talk
“Something is very wrong with the news industry. Trust in the media has hit an all-time low; we’re inundated with sensationalist stories, and consistent, high-quality reporting is scarce, says journalist and entrepreneur Lara Setrakian. She shares three ways we can fix the news and make the complex issues of our time easier to understand.”

Metaphysics & The Shift In Consciousness

‘Ghosts’ drive Brazil’s president out of palace residence
“Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, left his official residence, the Alvorada palace, just ten days after moving in with his family due to “bad vibes,” a Brazilian weekly reported.”

“A very large sinkhole has opened up in Auckland’s New Lynn after a week of extremely heavy rainfall dumped by a powerful storm centered over the Tasman Sea. The structure of this storm was similar to a tropical cyclone, NIWA said and shared some of the most impressive rainfall records they saw over the past couple of days.”
Sinkholes are an indicator towards the earth expansion theory which is really connected, in my oppinion, into the new earth situation. The increase in sinkhole activity, in terms of a pattern over a period of time, can help understand where we are in with this whole process.


Science & Technology

“China announced plans on Tuesday to launch a space probe to bring back samples from the moon before the end of the year, in what state media cast as competition to U.S. President Donald Trump’s ambitions to revitalize U.S. space exploration.”

“Numerology is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. Each letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in the name provide an interrelation of vibrations. These numbers show a great deal about character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Experts in numerology use the numbers to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life. Numerology is used to decide when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate.”

“Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is warning of the potential for mass destruction due to human aggression and the advancement of technology, but he claims to be an optimistic nonetheless.”

This House Was 3D Printed in Less Than 24 Hours


unraveled - transients narrow


“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Roundtable Forum Thread(s) Of The Moment

Do crystals “fight” among themselves??
Films about Artists: Inspiration +


CRV – Controlled Remote Viewing: Collected manuals & information to help you learn this intuitive art, by Daz Smith: “This book is a compilation of papers, manuals & comments to help students of (CRV) or Controlled Remote Viewing, learn this amazing intuitive art. We present FOIA documents from the CIA Star Gate archives, from the public domain and from prominent practitioners of remote viewing for the first time together in one book. First, we include a paper from the father of Remote Viewing and the creator of CRV – Ingo Swann. The document is titled ‘Co-ordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) technology 1981-1983, Three year project’. After this we present two differing CRV manuals. The first by Ingo Swann’s top CRV student and the only person trained in all CRV stages by Ingo Swann (Tom McNear). This is titled: ‘Coordinate Remote Viewing Stages I-VI and Beyond’ – 1985. The second, a later manual was created primarily by Paul H. Smith with help from the ‘then’ team of military Controlled Remote Viewers, titled: ‘The DIA CRV Manual’ – 1986.”

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Hailstones Melt

This is an example where closely-held ideas, fixated on what is possible or impossible, get blown away through quantum thinking. Vibrating in four dimensions and making time the energy source. I don't say I "get it" but it is certainly exciting!

Hailstones Melt

Further to my post yesterday, I have heard that if something is vibrating (regardless of the dimension it is vibrating in) then it is illusory. That only in no time/no space (which is complete silence, no brain chatter) does the mind cease and consciousness can record what happens next.