Here is part two of this two part series covering the past life regression session that Tai conducted with her client Lorna last year. Lorna is one of our global moderators over on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable, and is active with responding to comments if you have any questions or feedback as article comments are integrated into the forum. Part one can be found here.


  • How Lorna’s soul group and guides are actually her, in reference to her orange analogy.
  • From a healing and helping perspective, that we should re-examine the surface of events and situations from a different perspective, understanding that they are not negative or bad, and that sometimes they are not things we need to ‘fix’ or interfere with.
  • We tend to search for higher powers or figures of authority, when we are already capable of being exactly that and how QHHT sessions can bring a person back to their complete self.
  • How if we are attracted to something in life, we can follow up that ability and allow our natural skills to emerge.
  • The reason behind why we are attracted to certain locations on Earth.
  • How our bodies are defragmenting, in the sense of our energy constantly changing and how we have to adjust to this with our day to day lives.
  • Our belief systems are changing based on how we love and relate to others. More secrets are being revealed also for people and their private lives, which in turn mean we need to change our systems to better support our future.
  • The reasons behind mass migration from one country to another.

Soul Groups & Guides

T – So what are you in the mood to go on to now?

L – Well while you were talking I’m sitting around the table (with my others) with our feet up, chilling… I’m looking at a background of my jungle types setting with the big red flowers and wondering if it’s wallpaper. (This is in reference to a ‘special place I find myself in when beginning a trance induction) When I did that session with Dolores (Cannon), do you remember that stone with a symbol that connected me with ‘the others’? (Tai and I were in the same training class where I was used as the class demo)

T – Yes

L –  I never asked at the time who the others are. Overtime different things come to me about them,  and I drew my conclusions, as a few things showed up in different sessions. Now I’m looking at that background with that jungle type setting and I think that I should now ask who the others are.

T – Are you doing that now?

L- Yeah. (Laughter) My group are always funny! They’re looking around at each other, and saying  ‘who are we’. (More laughter) ‘What others?’  They look around and say ‘are there others here?’ (Lot’s more laughter) ‘Oh you mean us?’

T – They are connected to you?

L – Yes.  I was just thinking about my inner group and my experience of them over time. They are really happy go lucky group. In my early days of getting into spiritual stuff like meditation whenever I got confirmation of something I would feel this joy bubble start inside and it would just move through my whole body like when you shake a bottle of champagne and it all sprays, well those kind of bubbles.  Now I might just get goose bumps.  Anyhow, I digress, but that’s the kind of group mine are. They used to turn cartwheels when I got stuff right or when I would visit them as my council of Light, and they would tell me not to take life so seriously because of all that I had to go through.  They’re always very funny.

My others are different aspects of me. They are saying that my others are really me, my soul.  The others are the whole ‘orange’.  For example I am one orange on the tree and you are one orange on the tree, and all the different oranges are just different groups, we are all just group souls. All those little bits, the pitted parts, are just different aspects or energy streams connected to each and every orange. My others are really me as a whole being, although being isn’t the right word because it denotes a physical person. The others are my group essence, or the source of my group essence. When I reach out to my guardian angels or guides, or whoever like my higher self, really what I am doing is just reaching back to the orange.

My symbol is my groups remit, or what our group purpose is, or my groups ‘who am I.

When I say who am I , that orange would be my answer or my ‘who am I’ that I can’t really put into words. They are showing me different things, like symbols and mathematical things which are way beyond me, and some lines and other things.  That’s the orange; it’s a composition of us.

T – A representation?

L – Yes

Viewing Negative as Positive With Health

T – Is it always the same facet of energies of the group that come, or is it different aspects that come at different times depending on what your questions are, or the reasons that you’re calling on your higher self, or guardian angels? 

L – You mean to get help?

T -Yes. Is it always the same group?

L – No, because every part of the orange is unique and purposeful and part of the whole. It might be that group energy comes together in different ways for different reasons. It is like the human body. Some cells will make the arm, some cells will make the leg, some will make the head, and some will make other parts and don’t really deviate. But what they do is even bigger than that, because it is not that some will do certain things, it is that whatever is needed, that collective energy pulls together without someone saying “Ok, we need someone who is wise in this way or healing in this way”.  It is instant because it comes from its source. This is the thing as well that they want us to know. Stop trying to say how things should be. Get rid of the concepts; get rid of your beliefs because what you are thinking is limited.

Let’s say John over there on the other side of town is ill. We are going to get him well, and send him healing energy, and blast him with healing energy, and hope he will get well. That is us calling for what we want to do, which is coming from our ego’s need to feel comfortable with whatever is going on with John, rather than just saying we are going to send him love. we are going to send him appreciation, we are going to send him all the good feelings, so that when he gathers and feels all these good feelings, it will bring out something in him. It will give him that boost he needs to get himself back into a place of feeling even better. Now feeling even better does not necessarily mean you are alive.  Feeling even better might be that you don’t have the trap of a physical body.  But for us it is like “Oh my God, someone can’t die”. We are going to be so uncomfortable with that. We are going to miss them; we are going to have to go to a funeral”. So, it is all about us and a lot of how we approach healing. Life communication with others is about us feeling comfortable with whom we feel we are. They want us to get rid of that because sometimes we stop good processes by blocking it from happening because we think it should be in a certain way. That is why they always say if you accept things as they are you allow them to unfold as they should be. And stop seeing the surface things as being the worst thing ever, because we don’t know what is under the surface.

For example, they are showing me a boil. A boil will develop on your skin and keep growing bigger and bigger and then it bursts and it is painful and awful and you’ve got pus, and it smells. You think quick get rid of that. It is awful and all this dramatic stuff. What they are telling me is that that boil has been pulling out and drawing out all of the different stuff from everywhere in your body and allowing it to release. Rather than seeing it as purification, cleansing, stuff your body is pushing away, we see it as “Oh my God, quick cover it up. Get rid of it. Heal it. Pretend it is not there. Ouch, it hurts so much. My bloody arm hurts.” We keep going into all the worst case scenarios, rather than allowing ourselves to see what the potential is underneath. It is like acne or pimples. “Oh my God, quick kill it, kill it.” Get all these products, when it really is something that is erupting from inside that needs to come out. Trying to suppress it coming out does not heal it, but going to the inside and working from the inside out does. They are telling me that for everything in creation to have its greatest effect; it must come from the inside out. That is why when you do things on the exterior like whitewash over, and the pretty stuff for the image, it does not mean anything if it is not coming from the inside outwards. Creation is an inner thing that is expressed outwards. “In the beginning, there was the word.” It is nothing to do with biblical stuff, but it is intention calling an expression into manifestation. What that does is gather all these little cloud-like thoughtform packets, and fill them with purpose and send them out to unite and connect with other similar things.

They are telling me to learn about magnetism, your own spiritual magnetism, your thought magnetism and your energy magnetism, because we are like magnets that keep drawing to us what we think, feel, and how we believe.

Internal Need For Figures of Authority

T – It is interesting that that’s how the group that comes to answer you each time or the others is drawn by the magnetism or what it senses that you are needing to know each time, isn’t it.

L – Yes, because they are me, and they know what is going on under the surface, whether I remember my dreams or not, it’s  all a part of what my conscious mind isn’t able to grasp in its everyday state, because it’s looking for something else, when in reality it’s the same for everyone. This is why Quantum Healing works, because you go into yourself. Dolores never broke down or defined what her version of the Sub Conscious is because she thought it was the same one coming through different people, which could be said at one level to be true, but there are also different streams that are connected to different people in different ways according to their purpose. When you go into yourself, all the labels we give it are just another way of division, so it separates. If I’m able to go and take the information saying ‘my higher self says this and that’, somehow it sounds as though it has more authority than if I just said “Do you know what I was thinking, or what came to me?” This is why people place so much value into channeled information, where really a lot of it is not coming from anything but a person’s inner mind, or lower ego. A lot of times, people will accept that some grand name presenting itself as a channeled entity said it, whereas, if a person said it from their own self, people won’t accept it. There is this conditioning to keep people looking for authority figures who know more than they do, rather than accepting that at some level, there is an equal playing field level that goes beyond our awareness and we are all part and parcel of this sameness.

T – Our own information is valid, isn’t it?

L – Totally valid, and just because sometimes information came out of ancient times, does not mean it is any wiser that what your granddaughter or a child would say in modern times.

Natural Abilities & A New Perspective On Healing

T- In a way that magnetism is akin to, is what happens with Quantum Healing.  It comes from yourself, you know the information, but the answers it gives are drawn like a magnet to the questions that have been asked in the case history or the conversation that you’ve just been having with the person in the pre talk of the session.

L – Right, because what you are talking about is of primary concern to you, so it will pull from beneath the surface what that surface needs for understanding, or to come back into the whole. That’s it. The whole purpose is not just “ok, I talked to my higher self, or I channeled my higher self” it is to bring whatever that curious questioning part of yourself, to bring it back into the whole. When you have questions and concerns you are separated from the whole. What the sessions do is bring you back into the whole. It is as simple as that. Can we turn the light on now and go home? (Laughter) It’s as simple as that! It’s all about bringing you back into the whole.

This is like the parable of the father with the sheep when 99 came home, but one did not. The shepherd is more concerned about the one than the 99. As a child I never understood that parable. It is because you cannot be whole unless everything is together. If you are separating out there, that is not more important than what is already here. Rather than us keep focusing on all the things we don’t have, start appreciating the things you have because that will naturally allow what is out there to come back into the wholeness.  If you focus on what you don’t have, you keep going into the lacking and fears and the “woe is me” and I ‘I’ ‘I’ ‘I’ need this or that, but if you get into “I’ve so much, there is nothing that I need, I’ve got all of this. I’m grateful for the sunny day and grateful I don’t have a toothache today.  I’m grateful I’m able to smile.” Those kind of things create the environment and the vibration to allow those other parts of yourself to come back in. I’m seeing it like diagrams of a pulling back in like an elastic band that just snaps back in. To keep trying to control the elastic band out there, you are just adding into the “What is going on. I don’t understand, I need healing”.

Do you know healing is a very popular term in this last century? I cannot imagine in other centuries in anything I’ve read that I’ve heard the word healing as much as I hear it now. Even in the early spiritualist’s days, there was hands on healing, but they were into exploring the spiritual non-physical thing. It was not about healing, but now everywhere you look, everyone needs healing. “Come for healing.” “The planet needs healing.” They get off on this healing stuff, and all of that is added to the weight and the thoughtforms of how much you are not healed or adding to the judgment of what you think needs healing.

They are saying “Laugh. Get into the gratitude of what is. See that flower out there. Laugh, enjoy the sun.” That’s what is healing, not the word ‘healing’ and these different ways of going about healing. They are telling me that all that is doing is confirming to you that you are not well that you need this, that so and so needs to be fixed.

This whole search for who am I is first just recognizing or finding or asking to have you own direct experience of knowing that you are that orange – if we use the analogy of the orange – to see the world from that centered place rather than being out there trying to see and understand things that you can’t, because you are so separated from the whole.

It is like I know there is a library of information somewhere, but because I am here so far away from the library, I just can’t access that information. Whereas, if you think there is a library of information within me – it is accessible to all people – I’m going to connect with that, and simply through your intention things start happening. You find information, you find a like-minded group or person, or someone says something that leads you into something else. It is there, but you first have to recognize it is there and that you are deserving of it – deserving is not the right word, but that it is yours, that there is nothing that you need to do to deserve it. There is nothing you can do to earn it. Awareness like that cannot be earned. Connections like that cannot be earned. One person is no more connected to source than you. If you think they are, and you were to do research and look into their life, you would see that it’s not even that their connected to source , but they’ve got lifetimes of working towards the goal that seems very easy for them now. Take someone now who is very sensitive and psychically attuned, and can do accurate readings, or medical intuitives, that’s not an isolated gift that suddenly just fell on them. Even though they might not have had any interest in these things and then think “suddenly, I woke up one morning and these things started happening.” It might look like that on the surface, but they have a long history within their soul of working in those ways, of using those abilities or skills. If you are drawn to something, then allow your own natural connections to emerge. It might be that you do take training with other people, but a lot of that is just remembering through their help, stuff that you already know. That’s why some people are naturally “gifted” in certain ways. It is a part of their birthright. They earned it in different time periods and in many ways it’s a part of who they are.

Attractions to Physical Locations

T – And also it’s for what they want to be doing this time around. It is relevant to them. It is not relevant to anyone else. It is theirs.

L – That’s why if you feel an urge to explore in certain ways, and then just feel free to do that. First admit to yourself that is what you desire and just send that thought back to your inner self that “Open the ways for me. I am ready to make those connections, have that experience, try it out and see if that is what I want to do.” And take it from there.

It is the same thing like that question, I can’t remember who asked. I didn’t write her name down; I think it was Salli. It is the same with places. We don’t feel drawn to certain place or a group unless there is some inner connection with it. When I say inner connection if you think in terms of everything is connected, in some way, shape, or form, or there is some inner drive. It could be that you have lived there before. It could be a part of your soul has a significant connection with that place. It could be that there is a part of you etherically left there from the past situation. By that I mean if for example, and this is not the only way, but if for example there is an emotional entanglement of some sort, and you die in a certain place or in a certain way and you left with unfinished business, then a part of your soul signature is left in that place. At some later date, you can go and connect with it and resolve, rebalance, integrate, learn from it, accept, or no longer reject. Or some interaction that you might not consciously  know, but you will feel drawn to go there, and after going there you might even find synchronicities there, but somehow that was meaningful for you. You might have thought it was just the atmosphere or the food or the people, but something leaves a deep-seated satisfaction having gone there and felt the impulse and followed through. There could be underlying reasons why that is.

Evolution ebook - Robert Bruce

T – I think also that all parts of the planet generate different types of energy, don’t they? If you go back to the magnetism, we are attracted to a certain part and because of what we withdraw from that energy in that spot and I think that if you are born into a spot like London, then you always have a natural affinity with the magnetism that London is putting out all of the time. So if you go live in the world such as Canada, you would still feel that pull to London.

L – Or you might have been born in London and keep feeling that pull to the wilds of Canada. When you go there, you naturally fit in and know how to hunt or do whatever you need to do there and you just come into full life. A part of why you had to live in London was for those formative years of whatever that was going to add to the mix of whoever you are that was needed in some way.

T – And also to know that you don’t want that anymore and you don’t miss it when you don’t have that. You need something different at that stage of your development. It is very interesting, isn’t it the magnetism that way pulls us in these different ways.

L – It is the same with the food from your birth environment and country. You will find it is far more nutritionally supportive. Nutrition is not the right word in the sense of whether it has the right amount of vitamins, this, that, or the other, but energetically, nutritionally energetically, if that is a word, life sustaining, and enhancing.  This is why people will have comfort foods that even if they grow up in their own country if they are feeling a certain way, they might think of childhood comfort food that came from their own country that they eat and feel so much better. They are telling me the other thing of importance is that when you do move into a new land, you should start eating the food that is grown on that land because that will help ground you and connect you more energetically to that place because the plant life and the fauna carries the energy.

T – Are they saying that from the perspective of being able to integrate into that place?

L – Yes, and to be grounded and to be well

T – For it to be physically better for your health and body

L – Yes, they are telling me that if don’t eat the foods that are grown in that environment, sometimes it actually makes  you sick because you energetically are not able to adapt or fit in the ways that are needed to allow you to come into full blossom.


T – That makes sense. What’s their sense that is happening to us all now with what we see with pollution?

L – Well, as you asked the question, the word defragmentation came to mind and a computer. It’s like when you defragment files. What’s happening for us whether we like it or not, or realize it or not, we are in a defragmentation process. Files are being overwritten, deleted; being changed, and energetically we are finding ourselves, a lot of us in some kind of distortion of energy. By that I mean that where we were once very secure in how we feel in that energy, now our energy is no longer so solid, so dense or condensed, and we are fragmented, which is leaving us feeling very brittle around the edges, or very emotional because it is like the stored emotion that we have locked away, “it’s not important”, or “I’m not going to think about that right now” or “I’ll never see that person again” or whatever those kind of feelings are now on the inside because as we defragment, they’re surfacing to be released. If you think of the body as like an encasement of energy, what the defragmentation is doing is  that the energy field on the surface layer of the body is defragmented is the word they use, but I can see it is breaking up, shattering. It is like the old TVs when they finished at night and you got that hazy picture and the sound humming. That is where we are; that is what is happening to us. The defragmentation that is happening is changing our energy fields. They are showing me that it is actually wiping out memories. They said that has to do with the magnetics of the planet. So the magnetism is not just us it’s to do with the electromagmetic and the earth’s own magnetism. They are showing me that this is defragmenting, and suddenly a lot of people are finding that they don’t give a crap anymore about all the stuff. They just want it to end. They don’t need to analyze, they don’t need to go to other people and apologise or do things,. They just want it to end. There is an ending coming of ‘we no longer need to analyze all the different things’ and come up with all the different reasons. We are actually just now saying “let’s end it.”

The universe has been showing all these different fast ways we can end things and change things. For example, tapping (EFT), we can do that. Energetic work; we can do that. They are telling me about sound healing and bio acoustics why that is so important is because through the energy tone change… you know that hazy sound and buzz that goes with the snow on the TV when the programs finish? What we can do is change that vibration frequency back into wholeness. It is almost like it is quite a magical time. We don’t see it that way because people say “the weathers changing”, but that is all the external. The same thing is going on on the inside. They are showing me that there is a lot of instant therapies or things that we can do that will internally change, that will suit what is going on with the external world that we can do for ourselves. You don’t have to keep going to someone else thinking that they can unlock your codes and stuff. There are lots of things you can do for for yourself. They are showing me that there are all these energy modalities that are coming in, and they say notice it’s energy  “I’ve got a whole new talking therapy” or talking thing, or stuff you can do, “follow these steps and do this and meditate this way.” There’s none of that. It is going right into the energy and just changing the tone, changing the song. So there is a defragmentation taking place that is changing our dull notes into bringing more color into life and vibrancy back in. So there is some kind of color spectrum change that is happening as well. yourself, it might be easier if someone else does it and helps you, but there is stuff you can do

T – That sounds wonderful. So how is that, because so many people have spoken to me about their concerns about lack of memory or not being able to remember things. So, if that is what they are doing, is it the memories that we really don’t need anymore? Somehow the energy is working to enable us to just let go of that.

L – Right, but some of us don’t want to let go because we are in the belief system of how things have to be a certain way. What the memory lapse is doing is wiping out in a very organic way the need to think about certain things or process certain things. For example, you might hear someone say “Oh, for years, I’ve really disliked my auntie, my mother,  my teacher, my boss, or whatever and lately I’ve been thinking Oh, to hell with them, I can’t be bothered anymore or I feel sorry for them, I’m moving on.” There is no longer this need to have an external battle of wills. The memory is lessening what we would have ordinarily focused ourselves on. For example, there is a certain faction of society that is pushing mind control, call it advertising,  or call it TV programs or call it whatever you want, but it is trying to manufacture thoughts and ways of being.  You watch a soap opera and you think that is how life is, so I’ll imitate that life. So and so said that in the soap opera so I’d better repeat that, or when we watch a reality show and think “Oh, that’s how people do in that situation,  so I’m going to do the same”. The media is controlling you but the cosmic energy always wins. The cosmic energy is saying ‘F’ that let’s just defragment that memory. It is taking away what we would be building on negatively; it says ‘let’s just take that foundation out’. That foundation of mind control they defragment the memories, but some people are actually trying to hold onto them because it is their comfort zone and their security.

If I’ve been angry with you for 10 years and suddenly I’m no longer angry, then it means that my 10 years have been in vain. What has been supporting me energetically, even in a negative way, and feeding me with so much anger that it made me continue living in a roundabout way, whereas if I did not have that anger, I might have broken down in sadness, and cried, been powerless and called it depression. Without that I wouldn’t have been able to continue living. But if I am angry with someone, their life-force and that anger of mine has gone into propelling a backbone in me and a rage that keeps me functioning. This is why you will have couples who split. They might have split for years, and the husband has moved on and got a new wife, the wife who got left behind is angry and bitter for 20 or 30 years, she stays is in the angry bitterness. “He took the best years of my life.” That motivation, that feeling, that rage of being done so bad against was what would give someone the purpose to continue living. Their purpose is to keep expressing that rage and anger, rather than saying, just let me find a new purpose or something in life that does not make me feel angry, that I can express and enjoy. So, projected anger, frustration, or not wanting to change is something that people sometimes swap for genuine life force. “How can I be happy when you are not here?”, and they stay that way confirming their image of suffering. See what I mean? “How can I when you….”

T – That is very interesting.

L – I’m seeing all these kinds of things – it is like that circuit board.

T – Why are they showing you that?

L – I don’t know. It is just the conversation we are having. Honestly, the lines are connecting almost like that spiders web but it is like electrical or vibrational frequencies. There are different colors but they are like abstract lines with friction, they are not like straight lines, and they are all connecting and intersecting in different ways. It is a bit like how the brain is, they say. Open neural pathways, there is information that keeps moving and going through them. That’s the circuit board. It is the brain and the neural pathways and why it is important to open neural pathways all the time, which you can’t do when you keep going through the same stuff all the time. That is the beginning of post traumatic type of stress where you keep going through the same pathways. They are showing me different ones like that. {Laughter} Do you know those games you see in the arcades and when you do the game and it shoots like ding, ding, ding that is what they are showing me. If you open new pathways you get new ding, ding, ding. as you you open something up, or you move somehow in a different way.

T – The memory lapses and losses are clearing out rubbish, if you like. That will then enable more of these neural pathways to open up?

L – Right, rather than keep trying to go back into ‘what did I forget’, we can start bringing in new things. It is like the board is being cleared to play another game.

T – That’s interesting. So can they expand on what they see the other game as being?

L – This is a reference to our lunch conversation about starting the game and when the game ends at this cycle, you are like “Oh, what game should we play now”? sets another one in motion. We are ending this cycle of disempowerment, of thinking that others have more source energy than we do, of looking for others to rescue us, of taking responsibility, rather than blaming , like blame the government, blame the city, blame the mother, blame the woman. It’s moving away from all of that. Your question is what is restarting now?

The Game of Love

T – Umhmm. What game are we playing now?

L – The game of love they are telling me. Self-love, brotherly love, unconditional love.  Ahhh, they’re telling me that we’re broadening into human love. They are showing me that a part of that is why suddenly, although they say it’s not suddenly,  but that it’s become public  in a way that otherwise would have been in private pockets, that we’re seeing all this different kind of resistance, battles, and acceptance of different forms of human love that collectively is coming out in the open and having to be embraced and we see it as a negative in some ways.  They tell me don’t take everything on face value. They are showing me all this transgenderism, all this open free love, of whether you are with a male or female or in a group. All of that stuff they’re just showing me that it is love and interaction that we are being pushed as humans to accept other humans experiences whether we agree with them, or like them.  But to see and allow love. It is not because the planet is moving into that kind of love or this kind of love, but it is bringing out to the surface all the different ways humans can express themselves creatively in communication in relationships. They are not talking about anything to do with adults who are consenting . They are telling me that kind of force and will over others who are not consenting is a very clear corrupt way of thinking love is, for  some of those people that do those kinds of things, as though they are  expressing love. What they are telling me is that all of this surface underlying stuff that we’ve been negating or judging – if a woman is older, she is this, that, and the other, so we can’t love her unless she is our mother. Or if she is our mother, we dare not imagine her at her age having a boyfriend or two. So there are all these restrictions that we have about communication through love expression with others, relating to others. We are not saying any of this has anything to do with sexuality whatsoever, but just in human interactions that we have too many barriers up about what is acceptable, what is empowering of how things should be, and all these different belief systems. We are shifting into exposing and dismantling the beliefs all around us so that we can shift back into being untainted inside. They are showing me that a lot of us feel somehow flawed and tainted inside. For example, as a woman if you are not 5’10” and have legs to your armpits and a fabulous smile, then you are not beautiful. If you are a male and you are short then you are ‘this’, and not ‘that’, just all these restrictions and stuff.  If the child is chubby, then they are this and that because we don’t see the person, we see their body. If they’ve come from a poor family and they’ve worn last season’s clothing or from three seasons in a row, then they are not wearing the latest styles. They are showing me that all this external stuff is being shed because all that external stuff was placed on us and that through our own awakening, we are shedding that.

Systems are breaking down because they need to. Food is breaking down because it needs to. We’ve been very comfortable eating non-foods. All of that stuff is now coming up. They are saying “Watch out. There is more exposure” of different stuff coming. It is like the boil. Ok, that is why they used the boil earlier. They are laughing. “See, everything is connected.” All of that stuff is like the boil that is being lanced, and It is pulling out all of the toxins to use that term of the poisons. When it is lanced, you are going to have a much cleaner, freer environment physically, emotionally, mentally and planetary. Then we will be forced to move into communication, right now half our neighbors don’t even know who the other half are. What will be happening is that we are going to find cohesion and a dependency in communicating with our neighbors. That is why a lot of people are feeling this withdrawal from the mainstream world. They are pulling in before the expressing outwards. As the devolving is taking place, it is bringing us inward because inward is where we connect with the different gateways of communication, with our whole self, and then will be expressed outwards from that point.

Mass Migrations

T – I’ve often wondered what is the purpose of all the mass migration that is going on all over the planet. Would this be an aspect of that? That we are being forced to interact with people from other countries that we would not have normally done before, but now it is being forced on us, so we have to understand that there is no difference between them and us.

L – Absolutely,

T – As some humans are wanting to be here for a better life, or to escape extreme danger or harm

L – If you were to look at the soul history of these migrations, you’ll see that some of the people are coming back to their brothers, to their past enemies and they are continuing what started in a past time. So there is a rebalancing act that is taking place as an opportunity for resolution that isn’t clearly visible and it is also part of the rejection of self, and a rejection of others and an ‘us and them’  division once again. It is all about bringing the divisions out into the open and there is also an interaction of past karmic stuff going on and there’s also some… for example someone might have been born this time in the middle east now finds themselves in the west. There’s almost like a coming home, but not coming home in a good sense, but coming back into a situation to find some kind of rebalancing, or resolution. It might not look like it on the surface because when they come and they find themselves in this unfamiliar – to the conscious mind but something deep is stirred within that might bring out a lot of anger, a lot of rage,  a lot of stuff, but really these people who are expressing outwards like that, some internal fear at somehow where they’ve lost their lives before in some cases is propelling their anxiety and anger and rage to lash out.  So rather than thinking, I’m glad that you allowed me to come and to have this space and secure my life in a grateful way, something unknown is kicked off and lit within them that is bringing that rage, or feelings, or frustrations, or unpleasant things that are a continuation of a story that they have somewhere within them from a past time.

They keep saying to me that if there is one message we want you to take away today it is everything is connected. There is a connection. It is not just happening out of the blue that these mass things are happening. They are telling me it is deeper than that. It is centuries deeper, it is millennia deeper; it is back into the early parts of the cycle deeper. The people who are in those positions, like all other souls, had soul planning meetings to see that this is the right circumstances that they need, but the conscious mind doesn’t remember why and how that came to be because in their mind they want to live in their own land, or they want to do this or they want to do that. There is some kind of planetary rebalancing. Just like magnetic fields are changing, the people which are the cells on the body of the planet are changing as well. It is all happening in many different levels and in different ways. They are laughing and saying “We want you to remember to stay in joy”. {Laughter} They are laughing because there is a picture of all this stuff going on, but they want us remember to stay in joy. They are saying “Don’t buy into that stuff. A lot of it is media driven; it is mind control driven to create more fear. It is all stuff and they keep saying “Just step back from it all, and stay in your own personal joy of knowing that it is all Ok. Everything is connected and it will all work out for the good in a way that you can’t consciously envision because you don’t have all the information”. Even if you had all the information, they tell me your little pea brain (they are laughing) wouldn’t understand it. So just enjoy yourself, and stop trying to figure it out. I’m sorry that might not be funny but they’re saying your brain is like this pea and you can’t understand what all the other peas are doing on the plate. Maintain your own self.

Nourishing Ourselves First

T – Is it like you and I are doing when we discussed, that we no longer want to get involved in those conversations and trying to search things out, is that us just separating from it?

L – They said that we’ve done all that stuff; we’ve done all that searching and seeking. Here is the infinity figure eight, or even the torus because turn a figure eight upright is like a torus and the energy comes in and meets in the center and goes back and keeps going. It is like the figure 8 where we are is we’ve done all that searching and we’ve come together and gone outwards again and now we are coming back in. It might be because of our age or where we are, but we’ve done all that stuff. They are saying after searching, and the opinions of others is no longer what we need to nourish our souls. We need to go within and nourish from within. Only when you nourish from within can you help others on the outside. Trying to beat others into submission with information or opinions, or what you think, or what you believe, that’s not where we are at this moment.

Where we are is finding that inner centered space where you feel comfortable. Not Ok I’m in this space and should be doing this or I should be doing that, just being at peace with it all because that is how you open up the other parts, because we’ve done the work to set things in place. It does not have anything to do with if you think you are wonderful or perfect. It is like the foundation has been built, so we then have to allow and enjoy the feelings of completion rather than feeling so incomplete as you do, of needing something, or filling a space, needing to know this, or needing to understand.  They say where we are now is evolving from within so we mustn’t try to take the information from the outside to grow within, but to allow. They are showing me the tree. If you look at the tree of life, a life that has given us all the teaching stuff, which might be from the soil, and loads of manure, and then we’ve watered it with our seeking and our yearning. The tree is growing and growing and has been reaching up for more and more. Now it is branching out and is settling in into the wonder of it all, rather than trying to force, seek and learn one more thing.

T – Are there many people like us feeling this way right now?

L – Absolutely. They say a lot of us are born with that hermit archetype but  it wasn’t only that it would help us in seclusion in its right time, but can also stop us from taking on the beliefs of everything else around us. Lots of people are shifting into more quiet within themselves. It does not mean they don’t participating with others, it just means that rather than clubbing we might now be going camping. (Laughter) Rather than all that external knowing we may now sit out into the sunset.  There’s a pull they’re telling me to become closer with nature, to go back into the biology essence of that planetary connection in a very real way, other than mentally thinking it.

T – With my granddaughter I always try to factor in getting out in the open even if we just walk through the woods. We take her to a local place that has animals, and she really responds to that. It is very exciting for her that dynamic, rather than sitting in just trying to play games. She doesn’t need much, just to be allowed to walk and explore. I suppose we are all the same, we need to  just get out there to be without a specific goal in mind, like “I’m going to the beach and swim five miles”, instead just going to go to the beach and be.

L – Just let nature love you, accept you, respond to you, re-adjust your energy fields, clear, cleanse, and purify your feelings and your thoughts, bring you back into balance…mmhhhh, I can feel my energy expanding as you were talking about nature.

T – I can feel that happening. Is there anything that they wanted to say in particularly before we finish?

L – No, now I’m just floating out in nature.

T – Just do that and when you’re ready, you can bring yourself back, take as long as you need. Thank you for all the bits of your higher self that came to talk

L – Trying to put so much into words. It is so hard but I understand it as a concept

T – When you are seeing it, you can’t really describe it

L – Trying to explain it is really difficult.  I so get what they were saying, and that’s why I always have such resistance to certain things. Now it all makes sense. They’re always so funny.

* * *

That is the end of part two of this two part series covering the QHHT session that Tai conducted with Lorna. You can find part one here if you missed it. More past life regression sessions can be found by Tai and other practitioners, including myself, via the menu here on


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Session article transcribed by Linda and Lorna. Editors: Linda, Lorna and Laron.

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Laron is an energetic healer, past life therapist, consciousness guide, poet,writer and editor from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Editor of the metaphysical site, Laron is also a bit of a bookworm. Trained by Dolores Cannon in QHHT (Past Life Regression) and Energetic Healing by well-known Australian intuitive and healer Stephen Bishop, Laron is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.

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Great article and some intriguing concepts that Lorna shared….many resonate with me. Thanks for sharing!

Lorna Wilson

Thanks Bill. There was one section that my conscious mind had a whole different belief about that has now given me pause for thought. lol

Don Hicks

Good article 🙂

Lorna Wilson

I always get a little buzz whenever I find some validation for what shows up in a session. I just found this quote in my facebook feed about healing: “Healing is a word that we don’t even like, that is absolutely inaccurate, and has nothing to do with what is really happening. Healing is nothing more than allowing the natural state of wellness, but the word healing distorts it because it gives the attention to what is wrong. All of you are many more times healthy that you are ill, even those of you who have been diagnosed as terminally ill. You are many times more well than you are ill. There is not such thing as healing. …We would say there is such thing as acknowledging your wellbeing, or acknowledging the lack of it. Acknowledging the wellbeing brings about wellness, acknowledging the lack of it brings about illness. It is as simple as that. Wherever you have your attention is what your body is doing. Your society for the most part has you looking at illness and guarding against it, with doctors offering free checkups just to come and probe a little, just to see if they cannot find… Read more »


Ty Lorna this whole article gave me much hope and validation about how attitude creates your life. Been working on life changing attitudes(intentons). My life is already changing. What once looked dark and dismal is very bright now and I'm happier today then I've ever been. Quite remarkable really. Ty for the post.


Thank you, Lorna.
I think I’ll go eat an orange now and have a laugh.
Then I’ll go outside and enjoy things for a while. Really loved this.

Lorna Wilson

Thanks Bill. There was one section that my conscious mind had a whole different belief about that has now given me pause for thought. lol

What was it?


Lorna Wilson I always get a little buzz whenever I find some validation for what shows up in a session. I just found this quote in my facebook feed about healing: "Healing is a word that we don’t even like, that is absolutely inaccurate, and has nothing to do with what is really happening. Healing is nothing more than allowing the natural state of wellness, but the word healing distorts it because it gives the attention to what is wrong. All of you are many more times healthy that you are ill, even those of you who have been diagnosed as terminally ill. You are many times more well than you are ill. There is not such thing as healing. …We would say there is such thing as acknowledging your wellbeing, or acknowledging the lack of it. Acknowledging the wellbeing brings about wellness, acknowledging the lack of it brings about illness. It is as simple as that. Wherever you have your attention is what your body is doing. Your society for the most part has you looking at illness and guarding against it, with doctors offering free checkups just to come and probe a little, just to see if they… Read more »

Lorna Wilson

What was it?

LOL I got caught up with the whole transgender agenda that is being pushed in the media as something negative. Then when I was typing up the session and filling in some spaces that Linda needed me to do, I listened to myself speaking about it all being 'human love' and had to pause for thought and make some corrections in my thinking. LOL My going through the transcript was months after the session and clearly it had not registered with me at the time.

Lorna Wilson

My life is already changing. What once looked dark and dismal is very bright now and I'm happier today then I've ever been

That's beautiful. We are in a time of such rapid changes and where some people are falling into doom and gloom I feel it is a time of spiritual expansion, releasing and personal freedom.