Seeing With Fresh Eyes


For a bit now, I’ll catch myself looking at the earth as if I was not from here; suddenly I’ll see the horizon, the sky and clouds, the trees, with fresh eyes, as if I just landed here.

The atmosphere so magical that it can create a sunset. The wind blowing just so because of the fronts pushing all through the world. Mountains, trees — it is just all so fresh.

It’s a wonderful thing to do when I feel overwhelmed.

My son and I are in the process of planting seeds for the season. Last year was my first try ever at it.

I had never really experienced it when I was young, so much so that I felt with a silly skepticism that plants didn’t actually come from seeds. Obviously, I knew they did, I just hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and hands. I had a bit of a black thumb and most of the plants in my keep died from over watering (usually).

Seeing With Fresh Eyes - transients
The seeds my son and I planted so far are pushing up through.

Seeing spring flowers come up now gives me such a breath of light.

It is one of my greatest wonders to behold.

I thought it might be fun if we could mention some other wonders that just take our breath away on this beautiful earth. Put us in your place. What have you beheld?

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Grounding, a sense of wonder, gentle exercise, fresh air, yummy, fresh things to eat, a chance to dig and play in the dirt… what could be better? They're all there in a garden!
There really is nothing like watching a seed sprout, caring for it and then eating the fruits.
Doing it with a child is a wonder in its own category.
… I guess that's why I persistently build gardens everyplace I go, despite having to do it all over again each time we go to the next place:((

If I had to add to your list of things that take my breath away, Angela, I'd say taking a walk or ride or swim or whatever with friends, preferably outdoors in the sunshine, near water creating a musical background and then coming suddenly to a mountaintop, a bend around the shore or a waterfall that creates a whole new landscape to enjoy. Then, if some of the natural denizens of that place join us, the wonders just take another jump in magnitude:-D

Thanks for the reminder!




The skies in their magnificence,
The lively, lovely air;
Oh how divine, how soft, how sweet, how fair!
The stars did entertain my sense,
And all the works of God, so bright and pure,
So rich and great did seem,
As if they ever must endure
In my esteem.


Thomas Traherne (1637–1674)

*) …as presented here

Hailstones Melt

The person who sees with a poetic mind, sees with a sensitive mind. A mind to whom things make sense in a non-rational way.