Love, Intent and Life In A Simulation | Tom Campbell with Evita Ochel


Tom Campbell - How Love Works In A Simulation - Tom Campbell with Evita OchelWhat is love and how does it apply to our lives here on Earth, as human beings? What is the nature of this virtual reality system and how do we use intent most effectively. What are the consequences of life? Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything) is interviewed by Evita Ochel in this three part video series on her show EBTV.

Tom has spent decades traveling out of body and performing experiments in the astral realms and above. His book, My Big TOE, is a culmination of his research but also a hint into how far he developed on a spiritual level.

Tom Campbell was once a student of the late Robert Monroe. He played a big role in the creation and running of the Monroe Institute in Virginia, US, back in the early 70’s. The Monroe Institute is a nonprofit education and research organisation devoted to the exploration of human consciousness.

“Happiness comes from what you give, not from what you get.” — Tom Campbell

In addition to his metaphysical teachings, Tom is a nuclear physicist and spent around 30 years working as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, specifically in the area of missile defense systems. His work has also had a strong focus on artificial intelligence. Campbell worked with NASA within their Ares I program—the follow-on program after the shuttle was decommissioned—assessing and solving problems of risk to make sure the mission and crew would survive and succeed.


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I love this man! Slowly getxxxting through these videos… Thanks for posting Laron