Family Dairy Changing To Plant Based Milk


Until a few years ago, there always was a carton of milk in the fridge. It was common place for cereal, beverage, or ingredient in a recipe. When you went to the store, you usually picked up a carton of milk, right. We gradually stopped using it. Now days, we just have half&half for cold brew coffee and cheese. Sometimes I get almond milk. I don’t see a total change to non-dairy any time in the near future because we love cheese, but I do realize that it is more a matter of my learning to revamp my cooking style.

Family Dairy Changing To Plant Based Milk

Elmhurst, a major east coast (US) dairy that had been in business for 90 years stopped producing traditional milk because they were losing money.

CEO Henry Schwartz said the company has been operating at a high cost in recent years and revealed that “Pasteurized fluid milk has sort of gone out of style.”, “we are unable to continue to go on without ongoing losses.” “There isn’t much room for our kind of business. I tried to keep this open because it was my father’s plant and he asked me to do so.”

The shutdown reflects ongoing trends in the dairy milk business: increased consumer awareness of the treatment of cows in the milk industry as well as consumer concern about saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones is causing year-on-year declining sales.

They changed their operations to match current trends in their customer base and now produce a variety of nut based milks. They’ve taken care to omit some of the questionable additives found in other plant-based milks.

Schwartz says their new range has “up to 4 times more nuts per serving than the other leading brands” and will be available in four varieties, Almond, Hazelnut, Cashew and Walnut. Each contains only raw cold-milled nuts and simple ingredients. And “No emulsifiers, thickeners, whiteners or frankenfood proteins” are used.

The other benefit has to do with the treatment of the cows. Maintaining herds that essentially function as milk machines is hard on them, as well as the environment.



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