Expanding The View of Starseed Origins And Evolution Of Cosmos


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A starseed network

Cosmic energies bathing Earth and the entire solar system allows for the integration of our soul experiences to be felt more intensely each day. The way we assimilate such constant photonic emissions vary greatly from individual to individual. Wonders never cease and if we take a look very deeply into our soul journey, we can sense, feel, see, hear, and ultimately remember what we are as powerful beings and Cosmic Earth humans that created over lifetimes a personal universe of individual aspects through experiences.

Many years ago I joined a beautiful network, starseeds.net, that left a seed of love within my heart thanks to her designer and creator Yshatar. By the time I joined this network I was looking to make new friends and the love that was added to this place was one that now I currently recognize as the seed of remembrance of our Cosmic journey beyond the concepts of good and evil.

Yshatar welcomed with an open heart all doctrines, all races, all paradigms, all memories, all beliefs, everything in one single project. Thousands joined and shared their feelings, ideas, desires, disappointments, memories, etc. I was back then completely shut in my ability to understand, remember, feel and connect to the whole potential, gifts and memories of my entire personal universe of aspects. It was difficult for me, to feel that I shared a connection to everything that was stored in this virtual place, but at the same time, every conversation, article, discussion, piece of art, and other materials shared in this Cosmic space brought such a difficult depth of integration that was confusing to grasp and understand.

Many years later, the network still exists, but not many people engage and share compared to the years between the time this network was created in 2008, the splendor of what was offered and the time when many of us left in order to assimilate the lessons shared between us as members, to heal further, to understand any confusion that was perceived and to live life as we chose to live it. There were other networks with similar splendor, but never with the splendor of this one in which absolutely everything was discussed.

Cosmos by Giordano Bruno.
Cosmos by Giordano Bruno.

Yshatar welcomed the presence of people who felt connected and drawn to concepts like being a Lightworker, a Darkworker, a Magician, A Healer, an Astrologer, an Atheist, a Scientist, an Angel, a Vampire, a Blue Ray, a Luciferian, a Christian, a Muslim, a Satanist, a Reptilian, a Feline, a Pagan, a Wiccan, an Arcturian, a Pleiadian, anyone from any country and any profession, and all deities were equally loved and respected. The seed of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance was planted back then.

Expanding the concept of being a starseed through personal experiences

I left all things spiritual for a while to explore my inner world, to start a deep healing journey and to move ahead in my career plans and hobbies. Over time it became clear how, when I was a child and later throughout life, I was mostly a skeptical person in many areas. I believed in Cosmos as a greater force beyond individuality and what I could see but until now I realize that for 31 years of my life I was almost like an atheist. I would not believe in just so many things, beings, or experiences described by others, until my heart began opening up to so much of our Cosmic past.

There is an advantage in being skeptical, because you are never fully convinced about what you are being told, until you see it and feel it with your own eyes and discernment. You can then acknowledge that it is real, that there is always truth in what we seek and feel connected to collectively. We understand that what we are provided with is something that does not necessarily apply to the individual reality that we experience and that as individuals we all have unique needs.

The more I am able to face that which I fear, do not understand, and do not accept, my consciousness expands, and my heart grows, leaving behind blocks and limitations. I can then tell you that a starseed is not necessarily someone who has a home “out there” but perhaps someone who just seeks to have a real friend, to feel connected to his or her family in physical, to seek a deeper understanding of love through a partner, or perhaps a starseed is bound to a specific religion and needs to connect to new ideas.

Fairy art by John Anster Fitzgerald

Perhaps a starseed just wants to develop a career that makes him or her feel connected to an ancient civilization or an extraterrestrial race. Maybe a starseed is someone who could not cope with a Pleiadian philosophy and now embraces Luciferianism. Or maybe a starseed enjoys sci-fi a lot because there is so much truth about our Cosmic past in futuristic paradigms not told in spiritual literature, or maybe elemental beings make the individual feel connected to Wiccan practices. The starseed concept is something that goes way beyond a spiritual belief system or the application of a certain magic in physical. It goes way beyond the concept of goodness or badness.

Some people might think that to be a starseed means to feel disconnected from society, to be shy or to embrace only a perceived spiritual practice that embraces only beings like angels or Pleiadians or higher realms. Perhaps that individual only needs a set of healing counseling tools to feel connected. Some people might think that to be a starseed is to connect to a Reptilian philosophy and way of being, to certain technological advancements or to seek a Coven were a past as being a Vampire would fit much more the nature of such individual or the practice of some sort of magic.

As I tap into the memories of our collective past, as I interact with a wide variety of beings in other realms and the realms of my own soul, I see that the only problem that we face as a global society is the polarized nature of our experiences and belief systems and nothing more.

Integrating the polarity in belief systems and paradigms and their representative beings

The most humbling experience has been to talk to all sorts of beings from my own soul and from the collective soul of Earth and of the Cosmic trajectory that we have explored, and to understand their views, their conflicts, to embrace each one with an open heart, to embrace myself with an open heart, and to apply all this wisdom to our current physical world to understand our structures, our systems, our collective joys and fears, our collective defeats and victories and to understand our limitations.

Embracing the basics of religions and belief systems like Christianity in forms like Evangelists and Catholics, then more Oriental views like Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and then Left Hand doctrines like Luciferianism and Satanism, and finally what we call Pagan views like Wicca, Egyptian and Sumerian, traditions and similar ones have been the basis for something even more amazing.

To connect in meditation with the very same archetypes or deities from which conflicts and paradigms arose a very long time ago to understand the common ground and potential for peace within and outside has been a profound life changing experience. Beings that often times we see as separated or as in conflict with each other hold each one the key to unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Baphomet whose symbolic image comes from an ancient species of goat people.

Such role figures include the angels who bring forth deep spiritual values applied to a physical reality, the demons who teach lessons about material needs and areas in which we are imbalanced, jinns, fairies, witches, warlocks who teach about magic and nature. Beings like Yahweh or Jehová, Asherah, Anu, Antu, Thoth, Anubis, Anput, Sehkmet, Bastet, Ra, Hathor, Kali, Shiva, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, Lucifera Lilith, Michael, Metatron, Mother Mary, Joseph, Tonatzin, Pan, Cernunos, etc.

To feel the love of each being and the lessons they teach is something many already understand, and to conciliate the conflicts that they experienced or experience at a level and to see these conflicts mirrored in the way we interact with others is a rich source of wisdom.

Extraterrestrial legacy and project Earth for polarity integration

To connect to beings like Arcturians, Reptilians, Dragons, Amphibians, Goat people, Octopi people, Pleiadians, Vampires, Lycans, Sirians, Turtle people, Monkey people, Greys of all kinds, Insect people, Bird people, the strangest creatures ever, and so many uncountable species and the hybrids between major species has given to me a clue as to how we all evolved Cosmically speaking, either through the means of natural selection and evolution or through genetic engineering.

The Pleiades by Elihu Vedder
The Pleiades by Elihu Vedder

Would you have ever thought that the Devil and Demon people resided or reside in specific locations of Cosmos and that biologically speaking their DNA is composed of Goat people, of Snake people, and other elements and who can teach lessons about balancing our material needs, far from being a threat, and if they are perceived as a threat, understanding their role and significance can bring deep healing?

Has anyone mentioned that some of the most ancestral creatures that existed before the dragons we know did not have scales but instead developed first a hard skin? That many Elemental beings are natural mutations between small mammals and insects and that reside or resided in other star systems? That Octopi humanoid people developed strong minds and that their evolution come from simpler octopi forms very similar to the ones on Earth? That Vampires evolved from simpler bat forms and that some Dracos have Vampire DNA? That some Angelic species have Bird DNA? That much of our economic and political systems was already experienced on other star systems? That they brought forth through us the sciences? That our DNA holds all those species even the ones we do not want to acknowledge or accept?

Mothman Statue in West Virginia
Mothman Statue in West Virginia

These memories from the Akashic records and through personal contact gave to me the clue as to how Cosmos has evolved as a series of combinations and permutations and that races have combined their unique qualities and traits to create hybrids and that their paradigms are now seen here on Earth as a single Cosmic project.

Not only that, but also through personal communication with these beings in meditation or just through simple telepathy have shared their knowledge on their evolution and polarized nature.

There is such an important influence of such races and beliefs in our Earth that we see in our institutions and structures that hold such elements like technologies, economic systems, laws, religions, even fashion, music, furniture, sciences, healing practices, and how at this time all is being brought to further balance and splendor, in spite of our negative experiences, judgements and views on what we perceive as right or as wrong.

There is then a huge potential for Earth to reach at some point unprecedented levels of inner peace and harmony, but it all depends on how we continue embracing our experiences, how we value them, what we value in society, in our lives, in our relationships, how we expand our consciousness towards more acceptance, less judgement, more love, more compassion and mostly more mutual understanding.

Often times when we face that which we fear, we come to embrace the notion that we simply fear what we cannot understand and that love embraces everything without perceived personal conflict.

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  1. Hi  Karla, I just read your article about Expanding the view of Starseed origins and the evolution of cosmos, I understand where you are coming from, and about how we all should try to love all of God's creation unconditionally, But I would like to see you loving an entity who sexually tortured your infant child and then ripped his body apart while still alive to consume it as food!

    This has been exactly what all Reptilians have been doing to all the children that have been abducted by them all over the world and went missing with out a trace, for as ever as the Reptilians have been here on Earth, living under ground!

    Evidence of this which had been taking place, is coming out now, and the Truth is been told by all the whistleblowers, which were insiders who did it and saw it all, whom could not stand being silence about it anymore, knowing all the Evil doings and Horrific Suffering which they have inflicted on others! Also because they themselves Know about the Law of Karma,

    Which is a law set by Prime Creator, to keep things in Balance.

    That said, How can such a Malevolent act! be rewarded with Unconditional Love!  This is what I would like to know?

    Ms. Gihan

  2. Hello Ms. Gihan,

    I know how you feel about all this horror and sadness, and how the world feels about it. I have within my soul memories of negative reptilian past lives and other things. As mentioned in the article, I also interact with other races and hear their views. I was given a sequence of Cosmic events that lead to what we see now as horror. Through this sequence, the reasons for each race and for each being can be fully understood.

    Another thing that I was shown is that if I feel bothered by what I see on the outside, the information given by others, I can go back and see the original essence of any being who inflicts pain. To see their original light is the clue to their transformation. We might not be able to see this in our current incarnation but everything goes back to perfect balance and if for example if in one lifetime a reptilian abuses then in another one this being takes another form as abused. Not only that but we must learn to see that any being who inflicts pain in one way or another is born from much suffering.

    I know that this article will not be understood by many. But many who let go their pain will be shown the keys to unconditional love. What we see as negative will not last for too long. Only with an open heart true love can be shown and be born in each heart. I am in my own path of forgiving lots of beings and people for extreme abused I experienced as a child and as a young teenager in so many incarnations. Those experiences, or what I see as horror and that I have not a full picture of, will not overcloud my ultimate goal to bring peace to my own heart and to the hearts of all beings. Prime Creator does not judge or hate for in the heart of Prime Creator all is understood, accepted and forgiven. This is in the end the message that the loving beings have tried to teach to humanity.


  3. This is a very interesting topic and I would like to participate too.

    KarlaSM makes a good point abut the suffering the reptilians and I would like to ask if anybody can perceive how damaged such a mind must be in order to act against the very nature of the principles of creation. Maybe those creatures need help the most.

    There is something else that nobody speaks about. In those wars, reptilians were slaughtered too. Maybe there is more blood on their claws than our swords, but in the end differences seem to disappear.

    Karla presents an 5d (and above) point of view. It seems to be the dimension we try to reach, I think it is useful to be able to see that point of view, but the question is how do you apply it to those lower dimensions? I think that if the ancient humans from Lyra were trying to retaliate by showing love, there would be hardly any humans left. Or maybe we would be slaves… more than now.

    But then again, there seem to be even 5d humans from the Pleiades who are facilitating the shift and helping us remember what it means to be human (probably because we are not entirely human by DNA), so there must be that aspect of helping your people in the struggle against others even up there.

    It is possible that the reptilians instituted the law of karma to prevent souls from going away from the madness that is here. I have very little trust in such a forceful mechanism. Some say it was a tool  the Creator devised to help souls have experiences, but it was then corrupted beyond telling.

    Now, right to the question, I think that their actions are not in accordance with the principles of creation, and as such they should not be allowed, even if violence should be used. However, if they want to change and repent, they should be given the opportunity too (if there is time for that).

  4. Thank you very much for your contribution dear Slayer. 🙂

    The concept of karma and the laws were not invented by reptilians but by other beings, including angelics. You can see this in several sources of information. Prime Creator seems to have given ideas that could be played out, and so it was the angelics the ones who created specific paradigms with hierarchies and systems of law enforcement and judgement. Even in texts like the Bible there are such references.

    However, I think that the association of law enforcement in physical and in spiritual realms has been replicated by certain reptilian species who hold in their soul angelic keys. I do remember in that network starseeds.net some people mentioning hybrid reptilian-angelic beings. We must remember though that in our polarized world there is what we see as positive applications of such paradigms versus negative applications.

    For this reason Primer Creator or Cosmos just Is and experiences so much through us all, so the concept of punishment is something pertaining some beings including us as humans. I do think though that there is progress in the area of humans and other beings who commit such atrocities, precisely for that reason here in physical and in other realms there are beings who are in charge to apply laws that concern such matters. There is already a lot of information about this topic and so there are people who indeed are trying to balance this situation by the application of the law but there is obviously a lot to be done. As long as enough people in this world desire for such acts to end, then at some point they can cease to exist.

  5. It is interesting how much intuitive stuff we agree on, sis. Maybe it is the topic to allow myself to say that it is very likely that in previous lives we were fighting on different sides, but that does not prevent me from considering you a sister-in-arms.

    Now, about karma… I understand that some decisions can only be taken by a group consciousness, but what about personal one? I mean, do you think that one can remove their karma by disallowing it to interfere with its free will, forgiving and helping others and not judging them?

  6. Omg totally my bro!! And this is something I wanted to mention somehow but I was not sure how to express it but you give to me the idea. Not only collectively do we make decisions but also at individual level that is how it works. If for example I know that I cannot stop those humans and/or reptilians who kill children brutally, I can choose to stop sending my sadness, my fear, my anger, my hate, my despair, towards them because energetically we do feed in some way that which we do not accept with our energy which we could instead use for other purposes. I can accept and embrace my feelings and find compassionate ways to deal with them. I acknowledge them because really, as human beings who know suffering, it is horrible to even know that such things exist. Then when we detach and stop desiring for such beings to be harmed or punished, then that in itself also liberates them even further. We acknowledge that we have no control over such acts, unless we see that we can do something without adding further negative energy to the mix, but there is already a lot of negativity being spread around the topic to the point of having a lot of people fearing anything that has the label "reptilian". Often times people do not even know how many reptilian species exists and what the culture of each is about. That is something sad. It is the same as saying randomly that for example all South Americans are evil or that Chinese people are evil or that a whole nation is evil…etc.

  7. Yeah, it is bad to be racist 🙂 . Many humans would be unpleasantly surprised to learn that they were at a some point reptilian, but there is nothing wrong in that by default. It is a magnificent race / species with its set of drawbacks and assets with virtues like loyalty and dedication. Also, a soul would most likely act in a similar way no matter what race the body belongs to, more or less.

  8. So true my bro, another thing that I have a hard time understanding is why we see animals as either inferior or better than us as human beings, so when we see that for example lions eat their babies or that birds kills their babies brutally or simply how any animal can kill with such brutality we say that it is normal and ok but in humans or other beings who cannot have a capacity to even feel a little guilt for what they do, or they do it out of a belief or out for other motivation it is seen as horrible. At least I am personally very sensitive to even the violence seen in nature, I just cannot see for example National Geographic shows in which cruel animal behavior is displayed, yet I am no one to judge that such levels of pain exist in nature.

    We could think about the suffering of deer when they are killed by predator animals or the pain of a fish that is eaten by a bear. Even pain at that level is very horrible and we cannot send animals to jail for that. A lot of people love horror movies and do not cringe at all at seeing the cruelty displayed in them either.

  9. Animals are like that because of the negative energies that are rooted into nature as well. According to what is channeled in the Return of Light, in realms without this darkness ("unfallen ones") predation would be rare, conducted with the free will of the eaten and not painful. Similarly, twin flames would not feel pain of separation.

  10. Very true!!! And then this is a reason to celebrate that somehow we all know Earth and other realms are heading towards a better future, a higher path of non-violence. But we need patience in our hearts and souls so that the more we release ourselves from a fallen state, the rest can follow. 😀 <3

  11. At the end of the day, I think it's important to remember that all of us have our "darker" thoughts and aspects.  If one ascribes to the concept of reincarnation, I think it's safe to say also that all of us have probably done what we might consider to be horrible things in past lives or incarnations.  We've probably all also paid for those choices (through karma) over many lifetimes as well.

    BUT, in any case, those experiences, thoughts, and aspects have taught us many things–and they have made us the unique and beautifully complex beings we are today.  If we can learn understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance of these "darker" sides of ourselves and appreciate them for what we've gained because of them, we can finally begin healing and becoming more whole.

    I know it's exceedingly difficult to find peace and forgiveness for so many perceived horrors and traumas, but I'm learning that the only way to get past these is to move directly through them, accept them, and move forward without fear of repeating them…