Remote Viewing and Dreams | Courtney Brown, Farsight

Courtney Brown talks about the importance of dreams and how our higher self provides us with crucial information for helping us in life.


What is the difference between remote viewing and dreams? Courtney brown records his dreams every single night and then types them up on his computer upon waking, along with an interpretation of what he thinks they relate to.

He has been doing this for years.

Remote viewing demonstrates that we are greater than our physical bodies. We are able to extend ourselves through our perceptional abilities to hear, smell, taste, touch and see things that are distant from us in time and space, under totally blind conditions.

That means we exist in those places that are separate from where we are at the time.

Courtney explains in this new video below that if we were not there, remote viewers could not see what they see, from where they look in from.

Our higher self is what Courtney uses as the label to define this extension of ourselves when remote viewers view targets.

For remote viewing to work well, the person focused in needs to be blind to the target — they can’t know what it is beforehand and this requires a second person to be involved so that the target can be chosen and for the process to correctly work.

So the theory here is that remote viewers need to have someone else involved, as they can’t just look in on something by themselves accurately, because of how remote viewing works. The target which is picked for us may not always be what we actually care to know about.

How do we communicate with our higher self in a way which is useful to us?

Courtney Brown explains that that is the key to understanding the real purpose behind our dreams: recording and analysing them.

Dreams - Remote Viewing and Dreams - Courtney Brown - Farsight

Because our higher self is so much larger than us, in terms of human beings, we should assume that it has access to a great deal of information which our physical brains would be overloaded with and understand in any reasonable way.

So for higher self to actually help us out in day to day life, it needs to find another way to assist us so that we can actually find useful information and understand that info. It has to do this when our physical brains are shutdown, such as when we are sleeping.

Brown says that higher self takes a very large amount of information and packs it into a story with characters, places and events; it knows we will remember only part of the total message. So the story has to be short and sweet, filled with metaphor and analogies — dreams are therefore much harder to figure out at first, as a result.

If we write them down as soon as they occur, which can mean when we wake up at any time, we can remember them more easily and then record more information. When the morning arrives we can interpret them and figure out what the primary message is.

It’s almost like an encrypted Morse code message, Courtney explains, that our higher self is trying to tell us.

Courtney finds that he gets a lot of prophecy based dreams; things that are heading his way and experiences he has not yet had. What he thinks here is that these future events will not occur if he actually uses the dream information and changes his situation.

For years, Courtney has navigated his life based on these dreams he has been recording, but also these dreams relate to how he has ran Farsight.

Being smart is one thing, Courtney basically explains, but in terms of understanding how to use remote viewing to change the planet so that it doesn’t self-destruct, that is very difficult. He seems concerned about Earth having a much more positive future and he has always wondered how to help change the world through the help of remote viewing.

He would be a fool to ignore his dreams, Courtney tells us, as he knows the information is coming from his higher self and while he has freewill and choice around what to do in life and with the information he notices, he is very appreciative of the information so uses it as best he can.

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