Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 1)| Out of Body Experiences by Henda

"I am not my physical body, but I am the one who uses it." Henda shares many experiences from out of body exploration such as her awakening, how conscious life surrounds us on earth, the role unconditional love plays, helping souls move on, animals interacting in parallel worlds and much more.


Out of Body Experiences and the Spiritual Path

The out of body experiences are different from one person to another. Our ways or techniques to astral travel and to do conscious OBE’s are also different from one to another. People can learn from different techniques, but it does not work the same for everyone. Many techniques are not as helpful as we can imagine them to be. Everyone though, in an intuitive way, can find their own way to astral travel.

Getting out of the physical body remains a very personal process in which we learn how to face our essence, and ego, as spiritual beings. I think that this is why we don’t always succeed in consciously projecting out of our body as easily as we are supposed to.

The spiritual path is one of the hardest challenges in human life as we come here on earth incarnated in a physical shape while fully conscious. I mean we are very connected to the physical even if we know we have a soul.

The energetic body is there but we live in a world where we have to be grounded all the time. Those who are too grounded will have to work hard to be able to astral travel. Those who struggle with grounding will have the challenge to accept their physical body learning how to be in peace with the physical incarnation, but they will do OBE’s naturally.

“The Earth is a wonderful place to live and everything, and everyone, is here for a reason. Finding the purpose of our lives here is the most important thing to discover when we are on our spiritual path. It is a real process. We understand why things have gone wrong in our life and how to be in peace and harmony. Ease and healing comes with it.”

This is my case. I’ve often had hard times with grounding and I’m still learning; very tough stuff though, for me.

Before my Reconnection I thought that my OBE’s were only dreams. But I still remember many of them vividly. With my Reconnection I started experiencing a conscious state, in-between sleep and being awake, as I was definitely connected to the grids and lay lines.

I also started, few months before my Reconnection, clearing my karma. That opened so many new gates in my existence and I began seeing light beings and the energies around me.

I remember one night, I was lying on my bed; my lamp was on the floor and I was gazing at the space over me. I saw many white filaments floating and a wide white light flowing over me. The first time I saw that, I was very surprised, I heard: “we are here for you, to help and guide you”.

So I just put my hands up over me and tried to connect to these energies, asking them to reach my body. They started moving toward me as by magic. They moved into me and I started experiencing a different level of consciousness. I felt different energies in my physical body; warmth, tingling, ease and protection.

I knew I was not alone.

I also was seeing these little white lights moving in the space called photons over me when I was in the swimming pool, or outside. I did not know they were photons. When I saw them I was with a friend and asked her if she saw — she said no. I told her I was seeing those little star lights turning in the air and her response was, “you are having new powers!”

Receiving my Reconnection helped me to be more conscious of this phenomenon and I started getting messages from a higher being who was guiding me, then there were more than one.

I had Jesus, Salomon, The Virgin Maria, Raphael, Metatron and even some other unknown names of beings from the angel’s realms. I was guided to research via the Internet about spirituality and the divine flames I was seeing during my day to day Karma cleansing sessions.

Archangel — Out of Body Experiences

Many answers came. Others online experienced this connection with beings from higher realms as the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. So I understood that I was not dreaming, and that these involuntarily OBE’s were real, especially those which happened when I was out side of my house. These were really unexplainable. I had to accept them as they were. I knew I had been teleported one day into a dimension where I met my first spiritual guides.

We Are Multidimensional Beings

This is our reality as living creatures. Every creature on Earth is multidimensional and I understand when reading this, some people will not be able to get it.

When you see trees, they are not only trunks and branches; they are multidimensional beings with physical and energetic bodies. Every tree has a special but complex connection to other dimensions; I keep seeing this in my drawings after I had my QHHT with my friend Laron in Texas, back in February 2016.

Animals and plants are also multidimensional beings, as their energy is used to raise the vibration of the Earth, like trees, the cetaceans, the felines, and other species; they are natural projectors and have a conscious connection to their multidimensional state.

The Earth is a wonderful place to live and everything, and everyone, is here for a reason. Finding the purpose of our lives here is the most important thing to discover when we are on our spiritual path. It is a real process. We understand why things have gone wrong in our life and how to be in peace and harmony. Ease and healing comes with it.

Understanding we are multidimensional takes time through our spiritual journey. It’s not just something we are able to say, but also able to feel and to live.

Some of my friends noticed my presence sometimes while they are awake, asleep, during meditation, and when they do healing on themselves or on another person. We are connected, but when we exchange energy via healing sessions our connection becomes stronger and it can be anywhere in the multiverse.

Tree | Out of Body ExperiencesWho knows where this process will lead us. I really find this very interesting as a topic I will investigate further.

Guides are helpers who can give you a sign so that you are much more aware of your multidimensional reality. I have been — most of the time — travelling the dimensions even in an awake state.

I can project myself without being out of my physical body. The consciousness is a very interesting space we can project in easily if we have time and patience to do it.

Out of Body Experiences come once we are ready. There is really no need to urge for it, as it is a matter of spiritual awakening. It takes time for many of us. Many think that getting out of their physical body sounds easy. But detaching from the physical can be much harder than we can imagine, as we are here in physical shapes.

The Unconditional Love Space

Considering our multidimensional reality takes place when we evolve, stepping inside a new place we call ‘unconditional love’. It happens when our guides show us the way: we begin seeing the energies around us. It is a sign that we are in the ‘unconditional love dimension’, and that we have to work on it to get the widest heart chakra ever.

The heart chakra grows from being small, to a very big green / pink bubble that surrounds all the energetic bodies. The green / pink people are those who are much more able to be out of ego and they can navigate the dimensions easily as they are also natural projectors.

Those are also very purplish blue and have a strong connection to Source as the crown chakra is also developed, and wide open. These connections to Source are easier when the chakras are balanced, but the heart, the third eye and the crown chakra are those who really work the most for astral travelling and OBE’s.

In fact, I always feel that intense pressure in my heart, my crown and third eye, when I am out of my body. There is also much tingling all over my body because the body struggles while the OBE is in that process — my hands and legs too — sometimes it is very painful but I let it be, I let go.

For me, these are the energetic centers which are activated during the process of my out or body experiences.

When I am back I also sometimes experience a very intense pressure on my crown and my neck. These are signs that I have been somewhere with beings in another dimensions. When I wake up I always have my hands burning with a new energy, my body is intensely warm and I feel the energy turning around me like a spiral doing the infinite. This is an everyday reality I am living now since 2013.

Unconditional love is very important leading to work on ego. When ego is poisoning our lives, we are stuck in the physical and the materialistic side of life.

I can understand we need money to feel secure and pay our bills, but this is not to be an obsession as it can bring with it fear, despair and many diseases such as pains in the back, knees, and headaches when we are no more aligned to our higher self.

The more we concentrate on our obsessions and fears, the more we are stuck in our physical bodies. So one thing given to us is working on these issues to be in the unconditional love space allowing ego not to be a poison, but a beautiful source of happiness as we go through helping around us because we need to feel happy making others happy too.

Many elementals and entities will leave us then, and much clearing occurs for our soul. Our connection to the multidimensional will be also more powerful. Humans have so much to learn from unconditional love and ego. Manifesting the good is the best way to be healthy, and wealthy, too.

What does all this mean?

It means that we are living in multiple space and time realities. Time is a hologram. The multiverse is a wide room for parallel worlds. It may sound crazy, but it is real! These worlds have portals we are connected to with the grids and the lay lines. Once our meridians are activated we are ready to watch the big show, but they carry on opening us to the frequencies of the other realms as we feel the urge to do it.

Something happens suddenly on our spiritual journey and a wide screen appears in our vision; we see ourselves somewhere else: in a past life or in another life in the physical or not, and in another plane. This happens to me very often in my sleep time but also in my deepest mediations where visions appear and I start watching the movie from the place I am.

I feel that talking about my experiences helps me be much more in the process of healing and evolving. I can also become more familiar with my astral projections too. So if I have good advice to give you; it’s to take notes just after you had an OBE.

Astral Projections in “Familiar Places”

Many times I found myself in my home in Tunisia where I was born. It is very interesting to connect with that place where I choose to reincarnate in this life. My first conscious projection happened during my sleep time, like the other ones.

I was flying fast.

I landed on my feet just in front of a cemetery which is just few meters away from my home. It is located behind a district.  I felt I was very light and knew I was flying. I saw the blue metallic big door of the cemetery which was closed. I remember being there many times a few years ago when I first came to France, which was back in 1991.

Why did I end up there near the cemetery? I asked myself at that moment and saw three beings. They were not present physically, but I could see their presence and feel their energy. It was dark, and a white light was glowing around me. They were there showing in that glowing white light. I knew where to go and I heard them saying to me, “Fly now!”

I was flying very fast and had traveled 1km, at least, and found myself in front of my home’s district; I was saying to myself that my parent’s house was very near now. I know so well that place and was happy to be there. But I saw someone coming on a bicycle. It was an old man. He saw me and I understood that it was a ghost from the cemetery. I said, “how can ghosts be on bicycles?!” I heard, “they stay connected to their physical body as they don’t know they are also energy and that they have a soul. They can create any reality and you can see it when you are only on astral.”

Then my guides urged me to step back. “Back in your body now! You are in danger, he saw you” was the phrase I heard three times at least. I woke up terrified and very frustrated. I had the message then that they will guide me back there to see my home and family.

The second time I was back there I set on my feet just behind the door of my parents’ house. I entered, although the door was closed — like ghosts enter a room from a wall. It was very amazing to have that feeling to be very light and floating like a balloon. I saw my brother talking to my parents who were inside near the door. I started saying hello but they carried on talking together as if they did not hear me. I knew I was in the astral. I think that it did not help me much, feeling that I was not seen or heard by them. I decided to go back in my physical body.

During another experience I found myself on the ground where there was many stones, dirty broken dishes, sand, and broken pieces of wood that we use to build houses. I heard the radio; it was in Tunisia as I recognized the language. It was outside that room, flowing in the air. The ceiling of that room was very high and there was no way to leave the room. I felt heaviness as I fell on the floor, but I was suddenly conscious I was astral travelling in a sort of abandoned house. I looked around and saw a very big closed door, those made of two doors like portals. Over the door there was a very tiny rift from where the light was entering. I was guided to that space to get out of that room, because I was feeling trapped. Once I integrated the idea of going out from that place, I felt my energetic body floating softly and crossing the crack. I was back in my physical body.

I learned that day that no matter where we find ourselves on the astral plane, we are able to reach out to our physical body. When we happen to suddenly find ourselves in such difficult situation we are always guided to find a way back. It’s part of the process given to us for learning — how to navigate in the astral with our energetic bodies.

When we fly in the astral it is a very weird feeling of freedom coming. We lose the heaviness of the physical shape we are in. I remember the first time I was projected suddenly and was flying fast. It was really an amazing sensation of lightness.

Back to my Goddesses

These two trips reminded me of some others in that same place not far from that cemetery, as I have been there in the astral a few years ago during the first times I came to France, back in the 90’s.

I made that trip many times over many days, and was seeing the same people. It was night, and was not very far from my grandmother’s house where I spent most of my childhood. I guess my soul needed the presence of my goddesses. My mother, aunts and my grandmother are three goddesses who took a large place in my heart and life. They still do.

I remember when my grandmother passed on October 1999; I felt her presence near me. While here in France sleeping she used to come every night. I also had to help her during the last year, and my grandpa, to pass from a dimension to another as they came and asked me for help.

So this year I had another OBE and I met my three goddesses: my mother, my aunt and my grandma. I was with my daughter. We were in a city somewhere, surely in a parallel world and there were strange people selling fruits and vegetables. We crossed that place and found ourselves in a traditional house. My aunt wanted to cook the meal for us and she was helping my grandmother who was there, but we could not see her as she was in a room alone; I had the message that she did not want us to see her. Her youngest daughter, who also passed at age 17, many years ago before I was born, was sleeping. Her body was enclosed with sheets from head to toe. I could not see her, move her, or touch her. I was not feeling at home there, I was like a passenger. I finally left to find myself back in my physical body.

I guess I was in a spiritual realm where both my grandmother and her daughter are, but in two different rooms or spaces, not able and willing to connect with each other and with us. As if they have no memories of whom we are. I started a meditation to connect consciously with that world to bring them back together. I freed her and their souls from the sheets. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. I think that I helped them understand that they are souls, not only a physical body. My grandmother was a skeptical woman, she was not very religious. I think that my dead aunt was in the same position, as she died very young, maybe without knowing she was dead.

I guess we are all able to help our family members who have passed. We can feel if they are at peace or not and if they are in the afterlife in a good place to evolve, or possibly stuck somewhere in a world they don’t trust because they ignore why they are there.

Connecting to Animals and Astral Travelling in Parallel Worlds

During last June 2016, I was in a parallel world to my hometown, near my parents’ house, but with my daughter this time. She actually was there for her summer holidays I needed to connect with her.

During the first OBE, the district looked much more sophisticated and more modern than what it is now; this is one of the indicators that I was in a parallel world.

I have been astral travelling with her many times as she is a healer too, and a natural projector.

That day we were talking and she was younger; many animals were around us coming our way and talking to us. Two owls came close. We were eating cheese at the time. They asked for a little piece of the cheese and were doing amazing movements with their wings — we understood what they wanted. We offered them little pieces of cheese and then they flew away, making a very unique and loud sound. We heard, “thank you”.

In that world my daughter and I have a special connection to butterflies and owls; it was the message I had when I was back in my physical body. A few months later I did an attunement to the Owl’s energy and received a female snow owl during that process. I know that she is my totem. Some OBE’s help you connect with the totems you are linked to from the beginning of your soul journeys on Earth, and it is very surprising too.

Far along I found myself once again with my daughter in my hometown where she still was with my family. I saw her with one of my nieces and nephews. They were happy to see me. I was alone in a house and they came to visit me. I was very conscious of it. It was not an astral travel like the other one, it was a parallel world. When I hugged my niece I saw brown circles on her skin which looked like traumas. My guides told me that I healed her when I hugged her.

Then I flew to my parents’ house and I saw my brother, who was talking with his wife and my mother about building another house over the one he already has which is located in my parents’ house. This was an astral travel and it happened while I was in that parallel world. It was information given by my guides about my brother’s plans. I did not see my dad and knew that my other brother was there too.

I flew one more time outside the house and found myself in a very long and large street surrounded by very high walls like the ones we find in the roman cities. But it was in my hometown and it was very oriental looking.

Suddenly I saw two cars coming fast and found myself in-between them. The drivers did not notice my presence. I thought I would be squeezed in between the two, but nothing happened like that, I knew I was again in the astral, in that parallel world.

Two men got out of the cars and started shooting each other with machine guns. One of them died. I saw his soul leaving his physical body. He looked pretty shocked. I went to hide nearby a place which was not so far. There were kids playing. I stayed there waiting for the other man to leave but I did not hear the car leaving. People were watching the man who died as if it was something very usual. One of the children, when approaching the wall where I was hiding, looked at me. I was not physically visible but he saw me as energy. ‘He has psychic abilities’, I said to myself, but I guess my guides were with me too. The kid opened his eyes widely asking himself if that was something near the wall moving, hiding, and he began walking my way slowly with little to no fear. At that moment I flew, taking the long wide street surrounded with walls. I was then traveling over houses. An old man saw me. “What’s this!” he shouted. I smiled.

The man who died in that street was flying in my direction and when he saw me he looked at me with big open eyes. He was still very much attached to his physical body.

I cannot say what the kid and the old man saw while I was there, in terms of how I looked to them. Maybe they were spirits and not humans too.

When I arrived near the sea I was back in my physical body. I was still in-between dimensions and saw two big eyes with bright stars inside, who were showing something to me; the creature were breathing deeply and blowing little golden stars on my face. It was my brown-red dragon. I saw his head and his eyes and he told me that he was with me during the trip in that parallel world, taking care of me. He was my ship and my guide, but I did not know it during the experience.

“I guess we are all able to help our family members who have passed. We can feel if they are at peace or not and if they are in the afterlife in a good place to evolve, or possibly stuck somewhere in a world they don’t trust because they ignore why they are there. “

So I finally understood what the kid, the dead man, and the old man saw; me on the back of my dragon!  He was very big. The final scene of this amazing journey was when I saw him flying — I saw his wings and back — he was flying back to his world which is parallel to mine. I was stuck on my bed and thanked the powerful creature.

I think I was there to heal my niece as my guides told me the brown circles she had on her body are karma patterns from past lives. She is afraid of her mother and I helped her in a way. I also have been “abducted” by my red brown dragon as his spirit is in me. He is one of my totems too.

While seeing that man killed as a spirit, I understood that when passing suddenly people may not be very conscious that they have died, especially those who don’t believe in souls. That’s why he was trying to keep in memory his physical shape during his passage to the spirit realms.

Helping during a curfew in my hometown

Another OBE with my daughter, was last January 2016, which was also very intriguing.

I found myself in the old town of Bizerte (Tunisia). I was running with her and I was telling her to finish our work as it was late at night. We had to reach out my parents’ house to sleep there.

The information I had during that astral travel is that there was a curfew due to popular events and terrorism attacks. I was sent there with my daughter to clean the energies.

The next day I called my mother to ask her if she was good and told her about my OBE, she told me that a curfew was declared by the authorities a few days before; I did not know about it and when I talked about it to my daughter she told me, “you never watch the news! There is a curfew actually in Tunisia because of strikes and popular events. I read that yesterday on the internet”.

I don’t know if it’s my daughter who took me with her, or my guides. But the phone call I made to my mother in Tunisia left me surprised, knowing that I was in synchronicity with events I did not know before having that OBE.

I was happy that I helped with the cleansing there, as few days later the situation was less hectic.

Connecting to birds from hometown

I was in a parallel world, one of my hometown. It was a different place. I met a neighbor and he invited me to visit. We entered a room called, “The bird Room”. He had two canaries. The first was red and orange and the second one was blue.

The birds were talking to me and were standing over my shoulders, the window was open and it was night outside. So I asked if he is not afraid that his birds may escape from the room. He said, “no. They usually go out to fly and come back in their cages which are always open”.

The birds were talking to me saying many things I could not remember once back in my body, but when I asked for remembering it came.

We are the messengers of the universe. You are channeling the voices of the Universe and we are here to help you remember who you are. Birds are your family, listen to them! They hold the divine in them and their language is from another realm. You are from there too. Remember the bird in you; you are not in a prison in this plane, you are in a human shape struggling with it, but, it is an experience of the Divine essence of you. We are living hard this moment, as many are playing with cycles of the Earth. We are beings who cannot bear being disconnected from the divine harmony as we are part of the divine Source, part of who you are. You have to open all the cages of your lives and free your divine light; you are bound to be free and to live in the divine stream of the light coming through you, changing every tiny particle in you, in your bodies and everything in your lives. Let the change unfold and open in you like a divine flower of life; sacred flowers you all are. The voices of the Universe are guiding your steps; have much faith in yourself! Be who you are: a shining energy of light and love. Let it spread and flow, growing in you and around you. Be the love you are. Be pure light of Love and blessing. You are guided and loved, lovely souls, and we are here sending this energy in you to help you and to bless you.”

Being in different stages and ages of our lives in the multiverse is also something I saw through my out of body experiences. I remember a few months ago I was in a parallel world somewhere in my hometown, but much younger than here. If we exist in different planes at different ages and different lives, then it confirms the statement I have said many times, that we are multidimensional souls. In that world I was still a teenage girl. I was with the same friends I had in my present plane; life seemed to be different from the one I lived when I was a teenager here. I could not remember all the details but saw a very sophisticated futuristic world with starships and flying vehicles for humans.

Helping People as a Spirit

I had that same experience another time, but to help a woman I never met in this world.

I was sent to that woman to help her with a baby and a little girl. The woman was their grandmother, and their mother was dying in a hospital. The father of the two children was with her. I had that vision of the mother in the hospital while I was with the two kids.

I had to take care of them and was connected to their mother’s soul that was struggling not to leave because of her little ones. The father did not know about my presence there because his mother (the grandma) did not tell him about me for a reason, or was not able to tell him. It was as if I was there as a spiritual guide who only could be seen by her and the two kids.

I guess the Grandma was in the spirit world too and the little girl was alone with her brother who was a baby. I could not remember the conversation with the little girl and the grandma, but I remember I was playing with the young child and was beside her. The old woman was helping the baby at the time. I was there from spirit. I don’t know who that dying woman was and if she was someone I knew in a previous life. I also understood that souls can come for help when one of their family or friends is in a painful situation.

I also understood after that experience that I can be travelling from this world to another one as a human being in an energetic shape, and as a volunteer / guide from the spiritual realms. Our guides can send us anywhere for help when it is needed.

My guides know that I have a very special connection to kids as I have been a guide in the spirit realms to help kids who passed, heal themselves and their mothers, and to help them detach from their parents, as well as teach them how to help their own families to detach from them and be in peace — I saw that during my QHHT with Laron and I think that this OBE happened on the 1st May, 2016.

On a Sea Coast

A few days later I had another OBE. I spent a large part of my night in the astral, a parallel world. I found myself with people I had never met before. I was driving my car in a city I didn’t recognize. It was a sea costal town. The sky was blue and there was white sand on the beaches.

I know I was driving to go to work as it was a new job located a few miles away from where I live. I found myself lost on my way to work. I was on a sandy beach with sandy high dunes. I could go no further; the sea was in front and below me. Some people were swimming. I could no longer drive as there was no road. I left my car there and flew, finding myself in the astral.

I was then walking and ended up in a house with people I had never met before. They seemed to know me and I stayed. Then I was driving back home. I was in Rouen here in the traffic where there were many cars which have been stopped at the entry of the city, as if we were in a trap. To get out of this and enter the city we had to have a prefectural permission. As I was asking myself how to get out of it I came back in my physical body.

In this OBE I had two OBE’s at the same time. We can travel out of our physical body when we are in a parallel world, this happened to me many times. I know also that even if we are in many places at the same ‘time’, we are able to come back in our physical body. I don’t know how I do this, it only happens to me and I know am conscious of it every time.

We don’t need to struggle to astral travel. We do it naturally every time we sleep. Once we are aware of it we can do many things. In my case I am, most of the time, sent by my spirit guides. I can notice their presence. They show up similar to how my brown-red dragon did during that OBE in my hometown.

It is certainly comforting when my guides are around as on all levels. They help me understand why I have been there, and for what reasons I had to do those missions.  Many times when I am back in my physical body I stay in-between sleep and the awakened state, where I start a conversation with my Higher Self; the information comes very fluently and clearly. I then write it down when I a wake up. In that moment I feel they are still there to help me remember again.


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I am a Mystic Master Healer and hold a doctorate in French Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis. I have been teaching French for several years now. but that ended in 2011, few months before I saw changes coming my way. On 2014 I became a Certified Foundational Reconnective Healer Level II/III. On the 7 of July, 2016, I received The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace leading me to a new spiritual journey.

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Totally awesome Henda. Seems you found your "pourpose" in life. Those trips sound facinating….Why was the man on his bike a danger to you? Especially when he noticed you. I find that odd. Not that I know what I'm talking about, but that piqued my curiosity. The healing aspects sounds more natural to me.

 Ty for the post, Henda. I learned a few things there. Much to think about.


Sounds like you may have to come up with some protection protocols. More study may be needed. Knowledge is power (key). Well done Henda.


Sounds like you may have to come up with some protection protocols. More study may be needed. Knowledge is power (key). Well done Henda.


I enjoyed reading your experiences Henda, really fascinating. It certainly does sound as if you have found your purpose in life. I often wonder about mine, at my age you'd think I would know, I've always felt, and desired to help people on a esoteric level, have been told I would. the years are passing and I don't feel I've done anything. Thankyou so much for sharing. <3