Unspunews for the 11th August 2016

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“You can’t make this stuff up: NATO-linked Atlantic Council is plotting false flags in Russia;  If NWO agents and Satanists think that Putin is going to stand by and let them annihilate Russia, then they’ve got another think coming.”
“Erdogan and Putin meet in St. Petersburg“
“Here’s what happened at the Putin-Erdogan summit;   Russia and Turkey massively upgrade their cooperation – however, agree to differ over Syria.”
“New Photos Cast Doubt on China’s Vow Not to Militarize Disputed Islands“  Surprise!

“On July 19, the Atlantic Council, an American think tank, published a 25-page strategy paper titled “Arming for Deterrence” calling for a massive NATO military build-up against Russia. Poland in particular is to be made into a stronghold for a war with Russia.“
“Vietnam has reportedly secretly moved rocket launchers to five bases in the Spratly Islands in the disputed South China Sea within range of China’s newly-built airstrips.”  Obeying orders?  Or what?
“Internet giant Google has come under fire from around the world this week, after removing the name Palestine from Google Maps and replacing it with Israel. Interestingly, international mainstream corporate media has completely blacked out any coverage of the incident or the global outrage it has sparked.”  Interestingly?  A blackout can tell more than a thousand words…..
“US Air Force wants to plasma bomb the sky using tiny satellites“ …Now the USAF wants to do this more efficiently, with tiny cubesats, for example, carrying large volumes of ionised gas directly into the ionosphere.”  Ever had the feeling that your planet is under attack?
“Rather than preparation for an invasion of Europe, the large Russian military convoys heading west are probably in response to the NATO build-up near Russia’s western border.“
“Under normal circumstances the deployment of British Special Forces in Syria would be considered an act of war. Nothing less.   However, these are not normal times …..“
“Nagasaki Mayor Tells World: Visit To See How Nukes Affect Humans“
“An eye-opening flight over California’s dying forests“  And here, but for the grace of ……
“… there’s another elusive particle that has also been predicted by quantum physics, and it’s been missing for an even longer time. In fact, we still haven’t spotted one, and not through lack of trying.
It’s called the magnetic monopole, and it has a few unique properties that make it rather special.“
Nigeria – “Flood has destroyed over 5, 300 houses in six Local Government Areas of Kano State.”
“Africa’s Kingdom of Lesotho Experiences Heaviest Snow In Two Decades, Killing Several“
“NZ snowstorm leaves central North Island looking like a “war zone”“
“An intense low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere in combination with abundant amounts of tropical moisture have brought heavy rainstorms to portions of the US Gulf Coast, from Florida to southeast Louisiana over the last couple of days.”
“Researching the Wet, Wild World of Atmospheric Rivers“
Some serious thoughts on porn …..
David Wilcock & Corey Goode – Cosmic Disclosure.  It seems unbelievable … but is it?
“The longer we work on freeing ourselves from the erroneous belief that we are separate from all we see, the trickster nature of the ego becomes more subtle.”  Interesting view of enlightenment – are you constantly aware of your minds’ projections? 
Video – “Ben Davidson begins by describing the Carrington Event of 1859, a huge coronal mass ejection.   If such a gigantic solar flare should CME today could easily shut down power grids“
“Sunspot AR2571 has a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that poses a slight threat for M-class solar flares.”
ALSO – “According to the International Meteor Organization, worldwide observers are seeing 20+ Perseid meteors per hour under dark-sky conditions. That number could increase ten-fold on Aug. 11-12 when Earth passes through a dense network of meteoroid streams from comet Swift-Tuttle, producing a Perseid outburst. “
“In addition to its use as a normal weedkiller, its manufacturers advise farmers to spray their wheat with glyphosate to kill and dry the crop, making it easier to harvest.  But glyphosate can follow the grain into our food. Tests by the Defra Committee on Pesticide Residues in Food (PRiF) found that as much as 30% of UK bread contained glyphosate.”
“Newly leaked information reveals that officials in some of the top alcohol companies in America spent money on persuading members of Congress to pay attention to the alleged problem of “marijuana-impaired driving.”
Re-re-reading Wilcock’s ‘The Source Field Investigations’ – it should be compulsory reading in schools!  The mix of factual science combined with non-mainstream scientific research is a true eye-opener.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED …..
Paperback is $15 at Amazon – and worth 10 times that in information content.
“If you want to study the social and political history of modern nations, study hell.”
~~ Thomas Merton
There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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