Introducing Linda, Mike and Henda — Moderators on the Roundtable Forum

Over the years I have formed many friendships; I see much wisdom and experience based on professions, passions and hobby’s, connected to finding their path in life.  I recently reached out and invited a number of them to come and moderate boards on a Forum I setup, named the Roundtable. Over twenty have answered the call so far. In the coming weeks I will introduce you to a few of them at a time, starting with Linda, Mike and Henda below my intro. Part of their role is to share their knowledge and manage the flow of information on their respective boards, while also helping out visitors through guidance and responses to questions asked, based around a range of different topics and areas.

With over 300 threads and 2,500 posts already on the Roundtable, information can be very easily found through sticky/pinned posts on boards, key tags assigned to threads and the use of an advanced search feature. Not only are there knowledgeable moderators, but many registered members who also have so much to share.
My vision here is to see a space that not only supports souls who are of like-mind, in connection to our shift in consciousness and changing world, but to accumulate key knowledge, similar to perhaps what the Library of Alexandria had achieved.
Digital or physical — it’s all information.
We have boards about art & creativity; star seeds & volunteer souls; energy healing; past life regression; plant medicine; spiritual development; shamanism, druidism & paganism; health & diet including semantics; horticulture and gardening; do-it-yourself including survivalism; crystals and frequency support systems; psychic phenomena, intuition and mediumship; remote viewing; astral projection & dreams; astrology and numerology; Clif High’s webbot; sacred geometry & crop circles; ancient civilisations & society; ETs & UFOs; and near death experiences.
Today I will introduce you to Global Moderator Linda, Moderator Mike, and Moderator Henda. With some of the information below, I have borrowed it from their self introductions on the Announcement/News board on the Roundtable.

My friend Linda is from Texas in the USA. She came of age during the time of muscle cars and rock and roll. She says her abilities are a series of contradictions – analytical, detail-oriented, empathic and creative. She said her feet have been in two worlds all of her life. While Linda has been involved in a number of careers, she was once a special education teacher, as well as working in other teaching roles.

I find that she has a very pure connection to spirit, in terms of her intuition, and has been a guide to me over the time I have known her, but then so many people provide guidance without us even realising it. I visited her earlier in the year and conducted a QHHT (past life regression) session with her. We found out some important information around the cloud cities that have appeared over recent years around the globe, as well as some detail around what else makes up her soul essence. (Session can be found here.
Above are her dogs, Pepper and Chance. Chance has passed, but I met Pepper, who slept outside the door of my room while I stayed with Linda.
Linda is also a natural healer and has been a regular participant of the weekend distant group healings I have been running for the past three years online through my site Not only is she wise, but I feel she holds that energy of kindness, safety, and most importantly, love.
My friend Mike is a gifted energy healer who is based in California, in the USA. He has a certain uniqueness to him that makes him stand out as a healer. One of his psychic senses helps him observe the energy around a person when he is working with them, which provides him with a lot of insight in terms of the emotional reasons behind health issues. Mike has learnt at least twelve healing modalities, but like most of us that become healers, in the long term we tend to get to the stage of intuitively developing our own style while moving away from what we are told to do, which I understand is where Mike is at now.
I have performed a few distant healing sessions with Mike, and this is how we first got to know each other. Mike’s energy is very exuberant. He not only has that ability to facilitate healing, but also positively lighten up a person’s world with his presence. I do hope to catch up with him in person one day — some of us know so many people via the internet, yet have been unable to meet them in person!
Henda, my friend in France, is someone I got to know well earlier in the year while I was staying in Texas. Henda is also a natural healer and is very much into the Reconnective Healing modality, which she performed on a number of folk, who also met me in Texas back then. I performed a QHHT session on Henda at the time, which you can find here. Henda experienced a great deal in this session, including a past life in Turkey and another in the US, as well as a life as a sea eagle. She had an ET abduction memory from childhood come up, some work she had done in spirit with a Dragon, and a look into a role of hers beyond her current Earth life where she helps advanced spirits to detach from the Earth school.
Henda has a natural ability with astral projection and out of body experiences. She has written a number of articles for in the past, talking about these. As well as being an intuitive, she is also a researcher of French linguistics and holds a PhD in Language Sciences. She speaks Tunisian, French Arabic, English and Italian.

I get to know a person pretty well when conducting a past life regression session, and having such people on the Forum is a special thing to me, as when I am in that energy within a session I am connecting to other parts of their consciousness, such as their higher self which is what could be called a powerful force from our human perspective. The energy signatures of such experiences remain with me, and it’s always nice to continue on with connections to such people through an online medium.
Those are just three of the moderators involved, but you can find out more information about others on the Roundtable here,

About the Author 
Editor of, Laron is a writer, healing facilitator, poet and spiritual teacher from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others through sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see as the observer — we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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