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By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 11 August 2016

I bring you this post because the Universe keeps nudging at me to discuss this topic.  The more I ignore it, the more it is in my face.  It comes in the most random ways from email, junk mail, clairaudient message or even a tv show.  To be honest, like most people, I have been programmed to believe certain things from the time I was a child.  It is hard to get a naive “true” read on this topic as I have always been trained to believe the earth is round, but I am able to get bits and pieces of information that provoke thought.  Even though I carry a lot of bias, I am able to at least open my mind and consider other possibilities, and from there this post is born.  I am hoping to share information, share some intuitive reactions and ideally have a really great discussion in the comment area.  Take a deep breath… I know this topic can be very challenging (it has taken me a long time to get here).  I could be ABSOLUTELY wrong, but I really need to get this off my mind and in front of people.

Dear Universe, this is for you: 

The first thing I want to address, is the phrase the plays over and over in my mind “The truth is hidden in plain sight.” The very word “planet” has the word “plane” in it.  Much of our language gives off a vibration, and I have to really ponder that we are reinforcing that we could be accepting our “plane” to be truth, by calling it a “planet.”  I also hear the phrase that “when you say something long enough, people will eventually start to believe it.”

 From the time we are children we hear of people being mocked for thinking the earth is flat.  But, I also hear that “people are not stupid”, and they got that idea from somewhere, even if they form that thought pattern from basic observations.  For example, theoretically, the earth drops so many inches per mile (north, south, east and west) due to the curvature.  Therefore, when observing a ship at sea we should see the bottom of the ship disappear into the “curve,” but we do not.  The entire ship appears to become smaller.  At a far enough distance, light houses and ships should also appear to lean, or at the very least the base shouldn’t be visible, and that is not true (at least based on things that have been sent to me).  I was sent the picture to the right, which really further supported this thought process.

Back to the phrase “The truth is hidden in plain sight” I was then shown the logo for the United Nations. This map illustrates the exact map that has been created by people believing in the flat earth. You will note that the north pole is in the very center, however, Antarctica (the south pole) is really the outer ring.  Earth could in reality be a disk shape instead of a sphere.  

Additionally, old maps that are hundreds of years old have been found to show that cartographers have actually been to and charted out different areas of the “circular” shaped Antarctica.  Based on our spherical map, we should only reach the icy land of Antarctica if we go due south, but these people have documented otherwise.  (Map attached)

Then as I think about our globe, I realize our globe was made WAY before we had the means and technology to travel to space.  It was made in the late 1400s, and hasn’t had too (some countries have changed, and minor things) many changes with regards to geography, but yet we stand by that and put one in every classroom.  

I was then posed to think about why we never fly over the south pole.  Many nations of the world have claimed Antarctica is a “no fly” zone.  People are not allowed and military won’t permit you there.  I used to think it was because it was the entrance to the Hollow Earth (I will get to that) and only the PTW were privy to that information, but now we have to wonder if it is because if people flew to Antarctica they would crash into an ice wall.   ???

We are guided by the north star, Polaris.  Then, I question if there is a true south pole, why don’t we have a south star or constellation seen directly above the south pole.  We are surrounded by dozens of star systems, so it feels odd to me that we don’t have a static south star or system.  If you look at the diagram of the flat earth theory, it would at least explain why that occurs.

The Bible (which I have done readings on certain versus / chapters in the past) I have always seen as stories recorded based on truth.  Some is accurate, some is embellished and some with alternate perspectives of what really happened, but the basis is truth.  Oddly, the Bible addresses the Earth being flat, and describes the “dome” covering it as the “firmament.”  This is a similar effect of living in a snow globe.

Then I ask, How does the sun rise and set? and then I visualize the sun working like a flashlight above the clouds and sort of swirl from the east toward the west. The moon works in a similar fashion, and that is why they both appear to be about the same size. I then found the following YouTube that explains exactly what I am visualizing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY0xhUOL3vM Then today someone sent me a picture of star rotation above earth, and even though beautiful, it felt very odd. It does give me the feel of being spun on a plate rather than being rotated.  

Another source then sent me a question regarding Operation Fishbowl.  The PTW became aware of this firmament, and tried to break through.  A record number of nukes were sent into space, and all failed.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkujMTSFr9o.  It appears they knew they were trapped (the Reptilians) and wanted free.  Additionally, around the same time Operation Fishbowl questions were sent a video found me for a movie that was released about a man who broke into the stratosphere, Piccard, and this is based on his story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDvToZlj8ZU (Again, truth in plain sight??)

Admiral Byrd was involved in a very prestigious mission called Operation High Jump.  In looking at a video I was sent on another topic, this interview popped up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzWHqooAJtM in which Byrd explained how when he went to Antarctica he experienced the ice wall.  He described the vast amounts of resources available beyond the way, and what it was really like there.  He speaks intelligently and very frank during an interesting discussion.

I also do believe in the Hollow Earth theory.  I feel I have connected and been able to see what that is like and how it works (another reason this post really challenges me).  As I put the intent out there to ask for clarity, I get that just because Earth is flat, it doesn’t mean it isn’t thick, and there can still be an interior portion.  It is also possible that there is an opposing side connected by energetic portals.

And that is all I have for this post.  I am not a believer of coincidence, but rather synchronicities, and too many things have been put in my path to ignore.  I realized I have had too much influence to give a unbiased reading on the topic.  I at least wanted to share (what feels like compelling) evidence with you.  At this point I cannot say either way, but I can say that when I open my mind to alternative ideas, this topic now leaves me pondering…..

Love and light-

I know these videos are VERY long, but also informative, interesting and make you think.  I wanted to share them with you: 

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