Unspun News for the 5th June 2016

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“Advance units of the Syrian Arab Army, supported by forces of Hezbollah, Iranian volunteers and Russian Aerospace fighter/bombers are advancing on the ISIS held Tabqa Military Airport, just south of Raqqah.   Sources in Damascus have told VT that this drive, supported by Russian Aerospace sorties, is advancing through the night to seize the ISIS held airport after it was learned that America planned to open a major base there, dominating this vital region, …“
“Brazil Revolts as Temer Forces Austerity, US Dependency After Coup Exposed”  Some truth emerges …. Too little too late?
“Russia and the West Join Together in International Effort to Establish Peace in Libya”  Suddenly, Russia is the international peace broker for the world?

“Russia’s defense ministry released a video of Su-34 bombers destroying an Islamic State oil-refining plant near the Syrian city of Ras al-Ayn on the border with Turkey, as Russia intensifies airstrikes on the terrorists’ oil smuggling routes.“
JOHN PILGER – Highly recommended read…  “The United States is focussed on a racist Republican presidential candidate, while those in power – and those seeking it – prepare for war, writes John Pilger.”
“For years believed to be yet another crazy conspiracy theory, human microchips are now making their way onto the market. The implanted Radio Frequency Identification chip, more commonly known as the RFID chip — thought of by many as the Mark of the Beast — is here, fully functional and ready for use.“
“‘Erdoganistan’: Persecuted journalists tell RT of horrors of Turkish crackdown on Kurds“
“At least 12 people, including five Army soldiers, have died in Texas due to torrential rain in the past week, which has also damaged hundreds of homes and led the state to evacuate three prison facilities, officials said.“
Dramatic pix from Paris – ““There’s something terrifying about it,” said Martine Lyon, 80, a photographer who had lived in Paris for 50 years.” … “There’s a sadness, something troubling about this,” Lyon said. “The sky is so grey and terrible, trains aren’t running due to strikes, the river is so high, it seems like such a cumulation of things.”  Yeah…..
M5.5 @ 10km, Tonga.
M5.4 @ 12km, Molucca Sea.
“‘Zombie volcano’ slowly grows beneath New Zealand;  Molten rock accumulates in a magma chamber outside the North Island’s main volcanoes.“
“Floods apocalypse around the world in June 2016: USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania“   Over-dramatic?   Nah – not really….
INDIA – “ As many as six people were killed after being struck by lightning in four districts in Marathwada.”
Oz – “Wild weather wreaks havoc on Australia’s east coast;  Deaths reported on NSW and Queensland roads and cars swept away by floodwaters as severe weather sweeps eastern seaboard“
“Great Barrier Reef: scientists ‘exaggerated’ coral bleaching” …. “A full survey of the reef ­released yesterday by the author­ity and the Australian Institute of Marine ­Science said 75 per cent of the reef would escape unscathed.   Dr Reichelt said the vast bulk of bleaching damage was confined to the far northern section off Cape York, …“  I am not a bit surprised…..
Denver Airport just won’t go away…..  I wonder why?
 Slooooooowly the facts sneak out…..“More and more people around the world are demanding  “UFO” disclosure, and governments are responding. In fact, dozens of governments have already admitted to having departments in charge of UFO research and have released decades’ worth of declassified files.”
“Solar Cycle Update – spotless … This is the first spotless day of the 24-25 solar minimum. Not a great deal can be read from that.“
“Magnetic Reconnection-No, Electrified Plasma-Yes | Space News“
“Our Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected – New Study Suggests”  Re-run, but different report.
“This is What Happens to Belly Fat and Blood Sugar When You Eat 2 TBSP of Coconut Oil“
“One of modern medicine’s most celebrated ‘miracle drugs’ are steroids, but a recent double-blind, randomized clinical trial found that honey plus coffee outperformed prednisolone in treating symptoms of post-infectious, persistent cough.“
“Today even medical science weighs in on fasting. Dr. Valter Longo, a professor of biological sciences at the University of Southern California reported on research that concluded that people who fasted for five consecutive days once a month, three months in a row showed that markers of cell regeneration increased, while risk factors for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and ageing all dropped”.
Cell phones & cancer….  “….. the higher number of tumors among radiation-exposed rats is powerful evidence to support the associations observed among humans.”
“Fasting Might Not Lead to Eternal Life—but It Could Make You Live Longer;  New research shows that the religious practice of fasting has sound scientific reasoning behind it.“
“One should not think that a religion is true because it is old. On the contrary the more mankind lives, the more the True Law of Life becomes clear to him. To suppose that in our epoch one must continue to believe what our grandfathers and ancestors believed is that an adult can continue to wear the garments of children.”
~~ Tseng Tse
There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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