Daily Astrology Forecast Saturday 1st February, 2014 – Neptune’s Magic


via Neptune’s Magic, Saturday 1 February 2014 – Mercury moves into Pisces for a week before it retrogrades, allowing us to dream our dreams and use our creative right brain for a while. If you feel a little spaced out or otherworldly then this is why as we adjust to the Pisces energies, not easy for some people.

This is great for people who work in areas of spiritual healing – mediumship and/or need a lot of intuition in their work, but its also good for others to slow down the analysing and practical thinking and just trust in their own process for a while, also trust in the process of life itself as a natural schoolroom with many different tools on hand without having to search too hard for them.

Its really good for creative writing and for art and anything else “Piscean”. For those who like to escape into whatever their escape is, or meditate or visualise, this is the energy that will make you want to do more of it. Its a natural feeling for Pisces as they live with it always and also for those with Neptune near their sun or horizon or any other angle in their chart.
On the other hand Mercury in Pisces, for Pisces is likely to bring a new interest or line of study or at least think about this , also a person – a mentor perhaps to inspire you, or a Gemini or Virgo type person could come a bit closer for a period of time.

And Virgos or Geminis of course can benefit most from Mercury in Pisces, along with Pisceans.

Mercury in Pisces is also really good for those about to take on medical studies for the year or anything where those less fortunate are a factor – or teaching as children come under Piscean rays too.
Its good for education in general as it brings a lot of inspiration.

Another exciting event today occurs, with Venus going direct again ( as its been backwards since the time of the summer solstice) and which Librans and Taureans will really feel strongly, AND Capricorns. If income has been a bit blocked then money should flow again after today. Love should flow too if you have had to put someone or something on hold in areas of emotions.
For a lot of people its back to reality and we come back into the present- Mercury in Pisces will actually help with this.

Venus and Pluto have been close in Capricorn for some time, and Venus backwards has given an impression of something intense going on “behind the scenes” or in secret that has been hard to resolve or get past, something that for some could even have been a little dark in energy. For those suffering from that, things are about to come into the light much more so take heart.

We can now open our hearts and reveal our dreams and express our love in new ways.

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