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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cloud G2 summary and a possible stellar explosion to hit our solar system around April, 2014

Artist impression of the accretion of gas cloud G2 onto Sgr A*. Credit: ESO

The reason I continue on with posts about Cloud G2 is because I believe that stellar explosions may have been a major cause and trigger of past events on Earth throughout its history, as I mentioned in my article 'Galactic Stellar Explosions - The trigger events behind 2012' back in December 2012.

Within this article here, I will go over the details of when Cloud G2 will reach the galactic core, where and what the galactic core is, what is inside the actual Cloud G2 and the repercussions around what may happen if Cloud G2 succumbs to tidal stripping by the black hole at the galactic core.

"What we are about to experience in a few months may be thought of as a cosmic game of Galactic pinball." - Paul LaViolette

Paul LaViolette posted an update on Cloud G2 earlier in January, 2014. He said that he believes there is a star within this cloud and that this star possibly has a companion star. He rates the chance of there being a second star at around 50%. He is however 100% certain that there is a companion object, so if the second object is not a star then he believes its going to be a giant planet such as the size of Jupiter for example, or a brown dwarf companion.

Paul LaViolette reports that the size of the initial star within Cloud G2 is between 1 solar mass and 30 solar masses. How large is that? Our sun is estimated at about 2 solar masses. So its not exactly small by any means.

The gas Cloud G2 is moving towards Sagittarius A* which is located at the center of the Milk Way Galaxy near the border of the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius and within a larger astronomical feature known as Sagittarius A.

Note the difference here of Sagittarius with and without the asterix, otherwise this can get confusing.

It is believed that Sagittarius A consists of three components. The supernova remnant Sagittarius A East, the spiral structure Sagittarius A West, and a very bright compact radio source at the center of the spiral of Sagittarius A*.

Chandra X-ray Observatory image of Sagittarius A*. Credit: NASA

Sagittarius A (centre) and two light echoes from a recent explosion (circled) - Credit: NASA

Sagittarius A* is believed to contain a super massive black hole and Cloud G2 is going to be closest to this black hole around March to April 2014. This date could easily change, as it has changed a number of times over the past year, but I wouldn't expect the change to be more than four weeks either side.

Paul LaViolette mentions that he thinks it is a possibility that tidal stripping may occur when Cloud G2 reaches the closest point to the black hole within Sagittarius A*. Tidal stripping is when a larger galaxy pulls stars and other stellar material from a smaller galaxy. Paul LaViolette has said there is a possibility that a core explosion could be caused by the tidal stripping, which would result in a galactic superwave that could impact upon our solar system.

The repercussions of such a superwave impacting our solar system could be seen as a trigger for a number of various events, which includes the area of earth changes and in my personal opinion, shifts in consciousness, because of the extra energies impacting us at such a time.

Paul LaViolette has said that once we see the Cloud G2 divide and reach the galactic core / black hole, and if a mass splits off from it, we will only have two to three weeks before the mass reaches the core surface and triggers a stellar explosion. So he thinks we should keep close watch should something be about to happen at that moment.

One question may be left in our mind that needs answering. That question being about how long it would it take for the energies of a stellar explosion to reach Earth? Paul LaViolette predicts that the gravity wave would reach Earth within the same day of a core explosion, which would be a cause foe seismic disturbances on Earth, and the cosmic rays would arrive from one to two days later after the event.

I will finish off with this information that Paul LaViolette posted back on November the 7th 2012, on his site, which provides some scientific evidence towards these stellar explosion events matching up with the cycles of the Mayan Calendar/Astrological Ages.

"As noted in an October 2013 Starburst Foundation news posting, recent analysis of tree ring records and ice core Be-10 and acidity profiles has confirmed the occurrence of eight of 13 minor superwave events that were predicted to have impacted Earth in the past 5300 years.  I had originally predicted the dates of these events back in 1983.  Based on the terrestrial record I find that most of these were brief events lasting less than a year, with the exception of the event occurring in 5300 years ago.  Interestingly, this earlier moderate superwave occurred just prior to the emergence of Nile Delta civilization and the commencement of the most recent Mayan calendar cycle."



AlexV said...

I've heard a lot of different versions of the super-wave, from a killing gamma ray outburst burning our solar system, beneficial radiation increasing dna change so humans will evolve, coming of a massive amount of beings (144.000) ready to harvest equal number of "ascended" humans.... fascinating. Interesting to note scientist do not have a clue what glues this g2 cloud, would it be dark matter?. It seems to be the quiet after/2012 is over and now the bus is shaking again.

Randa Jaza said...

This is a brilliant report Laron. Thank you.

The super wave has been spoken of in hushed tones (by scientists) for years, but those who know its significance towards what is perceived by me as the true world, all I can say, is, at last my heart will be free. This world is gasping its final few moments of breathable air. This world is about to be hit by the Bi-Dar wave………..

In 2003 I first heard of LaViolette's work and the super wave "theory" and my first thought that THIS is the killshot.

This stripped off cloud from the core……….any ideas how it will interact with all the radioactive and heavy metal component of what has become of Earth's atmosphere?

Laron said...

I will ask Paul about that and get back to you Randa.

Laron said...

Reply from Paul LaViolette,

"The question implies that our atmosphere has somehow become more radioactive recently. If the inquirer is referring to Fukoshima, the answer is that any interaction of future superwave cosmic rays on any atmospheric pollution resulting from that would be insignificant to what the cosmic rays themselves would do to the Earth’s climate and human techno-social structure. The cosmic rays themselves would generate radioactive elements in the Earth’s atmosphere, such as beryllium-10. So one could compare the hair on the nose of a gnat to the elephant that the gnat is sitting on."

Wherami said...

that superwave does seem to line up with some effects that the bots see for the future. seems that that would really change the course of humanity.

Laron said...

And it would also provide a possible trigger for a global event.. that was missing from the language which has not been fulfilled within the global coastal event.

angelicview said...

Interesting! Thanks for asking him the question :)

gerry cecere said...

This will be another, The sky is falling?

gerry cecere said...

Seriously, this may coincide with the blood moons or the Tetrads, one in April, and Oct 2014 and April and Sept 2015.
I have mentioned this before, but once more is good. Every time one happens, it effects Israel, this all comes as predicted. So the falling star may part of the scheme of things, blah blah just typing

peterpan said...

this is interesting. Seems like this is another strong indicator of some powerful energies happening around that time. Cobra also relates some astrological aspects in march and april as opening up a window of opportunity for the Event. He notes this window starting with an occultation of Regulus with an asteroid sited directly over new york city a day before the equinox. a day after the equinox the moon occults saturn. then there is the first of the blood moon tetrads on the april 15th which is the start of the portal within a portal that closes with the solar eclipse on the 29th. he states that this specific window is a most likely time for the galactic sun and G2 cloud activation reaching the earth. In the middle of this is easter. what a ride we may be in for. thanks for this posting. by the way, saw paul's interview with kerry on project camelot (not that great an interviewer) but he did mention he doesn't believe in black holes

Laron said...

Thanks for the comment and info PP.

Laron said...

All, note that Paul predicts Cloud G2 to arrive at the core this week, about 3 weeks earlier than expected.

angelicview said...

Time to buy extra tp? :)

Shallena said...

So... what should we be watching for then? Increase in earthquakes? Space debris falling? The global coastal event?

Laron said...

EQ's would be the obvious. No space debris. The timing could be off as I don't know how easy it is to pinpoint this down to a week considering how far away it is and the many other factors.

I originally suspected it may relate to the GCE trigger.

I think the Sun would start acting strange, perhaps a few extra solar flares. Perhaps strange plasma events in the sky. (Webbot predicts this in IDIR's last year upcoming soon, this is in my GCE summary)