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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Comet ISON - Information on the trajectory from Solar System Scope

Michal from Solar System Scope has contacted me about Comet ISON. Michal and his team have created a real time model of the incoming and outgoing trajectory of Comet ISON. I have embedded the graphic model below.

This interactive model shows Comet ISON coming in to the Solar System, going around the sun on the 28th of November 2013, and passing Earth with its closest approach being December the 26th, 2013. Comet ISON then heads back out of the solar system and in mid January 2013 Comet ISON will no longer be visible to the human eye.

You may be interested in checking out the rest of the solar system through the interactive models on the Solar System Scope website here,


Joe said...

On 1-1-2014 we are going to have an incredible alignment that will consist of Jupiter, Comet ISON, Earth, New Moon and the Sun. Then Mercury on the other side of the Sun.

This should create an immense electrical connection that will charge our ionosphere and we will most likely see severe worldwide storms including hurricanes in Winter.

Joe said...

One more observation:

This alignment is bound by a perfect rectangle configuration that has Mars/Saturn on the left leg and Uranus/Neptune as the right leg.

We know TPTB love to use numerology and astrology to stage their massive, humanity-moving events so be alert!!!

Joe said...

I forgot to include Venus at inferior conjunction.

Linda said...

Thanks for that info Joe!!! That's an interesting date :O
I can't wait to change my set up to watch videos and such because this looks like a great site to explore too!!

Wherami said...

Scientists are already warning about us going thru the tail of debris of this comet as well so we have lots of debris to watch out for in early 2014. Thanks for the info on the alignment Joe, that would certainly seem to fit into what is forecasted.

Gemunis said...


Laron said...

No worries!