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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pole Shift Update [Magnetic/Axial/Geodetic Components] & 4MIN News June 4, 2013

Just a note for everyone, this is the last 3/4MIN news I will be covering on a daily basis for now. The main purpose of reporting on these every day here, was to keep a close eye on the period of time set by the Farsight remote viewing climate change project, the webbot and Doctor Simon Atkins. I will most likely continue to watch Suspicious0bservers videos, when I am able to.

As  from what we can all see, the earth changes are increasing and becoming more energetically powerful as we head into the future here on Earth, so I do advise you all keep an eye on what's going on in the world when your able to.

This period we just went through seems like an important 'beginning' to me. It definitely showed an increase in many areas, from volcanic activity, to extreme rain (lakes in the sky) and flooding, to social unrest, the deepest earthquake ever recorded and a whole lot of unusual quake activity to go along with that, as well as landslides, mine collapses, ice melting and in turn causing floods, strange sun activity with the solar maximum looming, water spouts and tornadoes all over the place including the widest tornado on record (Oklahoma) etc, etc...

If you were relying on these updates, simply head on over to Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel and keep it book marked -

Today Suspicious0bservers has done a special video which includes not only the 4MIN news, but an answer to recent questions he has been getting about the magnetic north pole shifting.

Suspicious0bservers explains that there is a definitive increase of speed in the movement of the North Magnetic Pole towards Siberia. Scientists say that the movement of the magnetic pole is 'slow and steady', but Suspicious0bservers doesn't think this is correct.

In late 2009, the magnetic north pole raced across the ocean at up to 40 miles per year, back in 2009. Since that time, it looks like there has been a moderate and short term slowdown with the magnetic north poles movement.

The pole does not go in a strait line, Suspicious0bservers points out and that it circles around. The circles that the magnetic north pole are moving around in, are shown to get smaller in the image Suspicious0bservers presents. Suspicious0bservers thinks the magnetic north pole is due for another 'bump' as it slows down. He expects it to pick back up going by the graph of its movement over the years.

Onto Suspicious0bservers news for June 4,
  • Severe flooding in Auckland, New Zealand
  • European flooding continues along with lightning in Italy
  • Storms in Canada
  •  4.7 quake in Africa (very rare)

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Wren Omatic said...

....and some North Atlantic quaking yesterday, the 3rd.