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Monday, May 20, 2013

Ascension 2014 with Tolec

Shannon over at Universal Angelic View has posted an entry about a new audio interview with Tolec. She has given a brief summary of what he discussed, which I suggest you read below as he confirms information a lot of you are already aware of. And also below is a link to that interview.

Note that the time period of January 2014 matches up somewhat with the G2 Cloud theory by Paul LaViolette.

Who is Tolec? I have posted a number of other articles on my blog here about his material. You can find those below.

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Feb 20, 2013 - Time of Transition for Planet Earth

Via Universal Angelic View, 18 May 2013 - Just so you know, I don’t know Tolec and I can’t vouch for what he says. It’s just yet another person’s perspective to take into consideration.

This video is not up on You Tube yet, but this link will take you to Truth Frequency radio so you can click and listen there. I’ll put up the video as soon as it hits You Tube.

Tolec says that we are going to experience an Earth change event that is going to set off a chain of Earth change events. He says that it will be the most dangerous to live near the coasts of all nations. In addition, some landmasses will fall into the ocean and other landmasses will rise. He says that IF there is an alien false flag event, this would be the time it would happen. However, he says that there aren’t very many of those guys left on Earth – so it wouldn’t be a wide-spread thing.

Tolec stated that the Andromeda Council Biospheres will be available in August or September at the earliest to transport people to another 3D planet if they want to continue their 3D experiences. Aside from that, if you are still present on Earth in January of 2014, you will become 4th density beings. But many people will die in the Earth changes and others will choose to be transported off-planet.

Part of the Earth changes will be a shifting of the poles. There will probably be a magnetic pole shift, he says, but also there will be a shifting of the physical poles in that the equator would run at a 90 degree angle from where it runs today. So, he says, if Arizona is near the west coast now, it will be on the south coast when the changes are finished.

Tolec says that the change to a 4th density world will happen in an instant, sometime in the month of January of 2014. But it will take some time for us to adjust to the new world with new skills and new technologies. He says that we are destined for the 5th density, but that change will happen over a much longer period of time. 4th density, however, is a fine-matter chrystalline world and body.

Click Here to Listen.


angelicview said...

I just love listening to Tolec. Perhaps it's his calm, soothing voice and his strong reassurance that it will be fast/easy. There are a few out there, though, that insist that he is a complete liar and disinformationist (that word won't be found in your dictionary - I think I just made it up). ;)

However, I think ANYONE can be a liar. Look at all the channels there are now-a-days and any one of them could be liars, right?

If Tolec is truthful (which he does come off to me as being truthful), then The Powers That Were would try to suppress that. They would come out in droves trying to denounce him.

I don't know - it's just another perspective - but one that I like. :)

Laron said...

Thanks for your opinion on this and the post! =)