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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Texas taste testing - Surströmming from Finland

So, this may be a bit random, but I am a bit random after all. I found a link to this video below over on Half Past Human. I was a suspicious observer as I started playing it. I was wondering what it was all about and why they were doing what they were doing.

I assumed that these guys over in Texas, US, on this video channel regularly receive packages from around the world and taste test them for their subscribers. Here they are taste testing some Surströmming from Finland. What is Surströmming? Surströmming is a staple of traditional northern Swedish cuisine. Its fermented Baltic herring.

I don't like the sounds of that.

This may be one of the funniest things you have seen this year(if you have the 'stomach' for it), so check it out. And a warning - Don't watch this while eating or drinking, otherwise an accident of some form is pretty much guaranteed to occur! =)

Video embedded below, but the link to their page on Live Leak is,

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