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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Patrick Geryl predicts another quake

It looks like Patrick Geryl reads George Ure's blog as he has sent in a quake prediction. This is expected to happen over the net three days.

Hi George,   There is a conjunction with Venus and Neptune March 6   Expect possible quake around 7   And Large flare… From sunspot 1686…    " - Patrick Geryl

Patrick Gerly is not only known for his extreme catastrophic 2012 books, but also his very accurate earthquake predictions.


Wherami said...

Will be interesting to see if he is right. He was very accurate on eq's for a while.

Laron said...

I think one of the main predictions he didn't get was some massive one he predicted for December. From the sounds of it, lots of people were convinced of it because of his success rate. I wasn't even aware he was predicting one then based upon his series of calculations.