She’s our Home – The Shift in Consciousness


“When nature gives us time to stop the chaos and just let things be, we need to be one with her in her cycle and rhythm that is our cleansing period.” – Jessica Caracciolo

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” – Anatole France

…the coming through of new energies and beings that humans are not accustomed to seeing. This will cause a great deal of chaos, that only those who are understanding what is transpiring, will keep calm and be a reassurance to those in confusion…One thing is to feel you can understand what is happening. Another is to be in the midst of chaos and keep yourself calm when it’s happening.” – Through a client of Dolores Cannon’s

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.” – C. S. Lewis

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. – Lao Tzu

With this entry I am going to explore the many spiritual aspects / theories / reasons behind what is going on right now with the changes on the earth. I am not sure why, but over the past couple of days I have had this theme / vision / idea pop into my head about producing a business card for my website with the slogan / phrase / motto of “What the fuck is going on?”. (business implies I am making money so is not the correct word, but that is what they are called!)

Now, I don’t use this kind of language and you would never catch me saying that in public. I accept and respect that some people use a vocabulary which constitutes such words, but to me those words represent a certain lower vibration which just doesn’t sit / resonate with me. (It’s also probably because of some childhood experience which caused some psychological issues, but I like to think it’s more related to the vibrational aspect) 

Words have power to them, just like thought forms. For example, look at the many experiments done with plants where people have shouted certain words in a plants direction and the effect of this has been measured of either positive, or negative based upon the reaction of the plant and the words being used. I believe there really is something to this. (Also in my eyes, it’s connected to the way energy healing work, as it’s all vibration and energy based)

What pops into my head now after writing this, is that perhaps for me to reach another level of the population, I need to be able to function on multiple levels, and there is a level of the population that wouldn’t find “What the f*ck is going on?” offensive.

If you have been following my blog long term, you will see the mention of many topics within this entry which I have already posted about so there may be no need for you to read this one as you would already be aware.

So what the f*ck is going on? Sorry… couldn’t help my self. This is not the way I would have wanted to start such a post, but… I was directed to do so if I stuck to my intuition, which I am trying to do more frequently this year and I am not sure if that’s out of choice or not… it’s just happening. Is free will really involved here? A really good question, but lets get to it.

She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for.

This video came to my attention and seemed appropriate to start off with. Its five minutes long and I think you should watch it before continuing. The second half (after 2:24)  is not really what I wanted to get into, so feel free to skip that part unless you feel like being reminded of whats going on in the World, however I think most of us are pretty aware of the situation.

My viewpoint is that while there is valid truth and evidence behind the impact of human activities on Earth causing various damage and changes to the environment,  it’s not the actual primary reason why the changes are taking place. I am not here to debate that though and it’s OK whatever your belief is.

[This is a non-commercial attempt from and…, to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless ‘consumers’ are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network ( ]

Watching the Shift

It is said that in this point in our history and in time we are being watched. Many different kinds of ET’s are watching this event that is about to happen to the earth. Some are in ships around the earth. Some are watching, some are here to help. This is a major event in the universe and from what I understand, has never happened before having a whole planet move into a higher dimension as well as those beings on the planet that have a high enough vibration to make that shift.

It is said that many souls have fought to be here in this time in earths history. Even if just for a few hours, it’s an honor to live during this time, beings have said. This of course relates to those who incarnate here during this time period.

There is a coming shift where some of us will stay with this dimensional earth and some will go a new earth but which is part of a higher dimension. Those that meet a certain vibration or frequency, which you can think of as being related to our spiritual growth as a human being, will have the choice whether to go or not.

One description of the shift from earth to the new earth is outlined here below in Dolores Cannon’s matieral,

It seems to be physical, but just not of the earth plane. It feels like the Earth is vibrating somewhere else. As if there’s an overlay of the dimension over the earth this would be in the overlay. It might have been at one time third dimensional and it increased in vibration. And it’s now almost like a parallel in that universe or something related to the Earth, but not the third dimensional Earth.” –p480, The Three Waves of Volunteers.

ET’s are actually assisting with preventing certain and lessening the impact of earth changes from working with the energy of the earth. There are humans on the Earth which are also consciously doing this through the manipulation of energy. But it’s been confirmed that the main event is not going to be stopped because it needs to happen.

The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them.” P466, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.

There is a good chance that UFO craft are going to present themselves to the general population around the world during the time of the shift. All these things will be signs for us to know that it is really going to happen.

Crop Circles and stabilising Earths Mantle 

In Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe Book One, she goes into a lot of detail on crop circles.

Something that stood out to me is that some of them are being used to help stabilise the earths mantle because of the fragile situation that the earth is currently going through over the years.

It is said that the crop circles have been around a long time, but because of the situation with the earth changing so much, the crop circles have become more visible. “The shifting on your planet has been another manner that has caused them to come to the surface.”

It is said that the crop circles are used as a focal point for vibrations and energy entrance.

The crop circles have multiple functions so note this is just one of a number of different functions. Dolores asks the question, “And this is part of the project that is helpful in stabilising the Earths’ movements. In the Plates?” and the answer is “Yes, it is.”

It’s important for me to mention that Dolores brings up various bit and peaces of information throughout her books which discuss how some of us are involved with ‘projects’ to help stabilise the energy of the earth because of the situation it is currently in. These projects are happening on different levels so you can’t just think of this in a physical sense, this is multi dimensional.

Moving to a higher level in mass

While Dolores Cannon was asking about specific civilisations in our past who had suddenly disappeared, the information came up which I will quote with the following,

(through the client) “I will say one thing about the mass disasters. If it’s a civilisation, or if it’s a group of people, those souls, those beings chose that at that time, as a way of going to another level. Or to another place where they could grow in a different way. It is a choice”.

This relates to Atlantis and also the Mayan’s. Both are mentioned in this specific book, the Convoluted Universe Book one. So the reason I bring this up is because of it’s possible relation to what is going on now in 2012. I think this is what would happen if us humans in this time now end up in such a situation. While Dolores goes into great detail on the new earth and how we may get there, I think this is all connected to that in a sense.

Taken to Safety

Back on the 13th of May, 2012, I wrote a fictional story, based upon a chapter out of one of Dolores Cannon’s books. It is said that during this transition, this shift in consciousness, this period in time, Aliens may come and assist us with the transitional process. This assistance can come in many forms and one of the forms is what I wrote about within this story here. ‘Taken to Safety – A 2012 scenario

This story is about UFO’s coming and landing, taking people away just before a disaster.

A summary of the 2012 changes

Back on 24th of July, 2012, I wrote a post called a summary of the 2012 changes. You can find it here, but I am going to post most of it below. Information came through one of Dolores Cannon’s clients and in my opinion explained the situation that is going on in a very efficient, accurate and helpful manner.

I am not going to go into how the process works, where Dolores hypnotises a client who then reaches their higher self and other higher level beings. Through a trance the information is spoken. This entry now is not about explaining how things work, simply about presenting information that I believe to be accurate from my experience up until this point in 2013.

Anne is the name used for Dolores’s client, which the information is coming through.

Anne – “There are certain triggers that occur when she meets certain people and associates with others, that work like an unlocking, or opening up. And only when those triggers are set off, do some things become clear to her. It’s like she lives a secret life. And she knows this, not because she has secrets, because there are many things that she doesn’t share. She had to do things by herself for many, many years. But she has understandings that most people don’, and she’s unable to relate. She knows that’s part of the challenge of this lifetime – to come like this and be alone in some ways, and internally have to keep to herself. It’s like being able to seeahead of time and not being able to say that. It’s very frustrating. Like an understanding of cause and effect from a very young age, and trying to relate to people on their level when she knows better. She knows it’s a constant struggle to pretend she doesn’t see when she does see. There are relationships, lessons to be learned in the process. But it’s also to help, to bring awareness.”

Dolores then asks about relationships, as that was one of the questions of the client. The higher self says that there are more important matters to discuss and then says that once the important matters come to the forefront, these other matters take care of themselves.

Dolores then asks what are the important matters.

Anne – “The matters have to deal with the changes that are occurring at this time. And her role in the process, which requires courage, since it is a role of support and being there when the time is needed for her presence and other’s presence. People who are here for that reason.

There are then a few more questions and answers and Dolores asks this question.

Dolores – “I’ve been told a great deal of information, that everything is speeding up, and the vibrations and frequencies of our whole dimension are changing. Is this correct?”

Anne – “Turbulence, much turbulence coming very soon. And there is the need to be very grounded. Much turmoil. There will be need for your stability and all of those who are here, because people will be lost and confused and in much pain. Do you understand?”

Dolores – “By turbulence, do you mean more of the violent Earth changes that have been happening?”

Anne – “Situations caused by humans, and situations caused by the Earth changes. And the coming through of new energies and beings that humans are not accustomed to seeing. This will cause a great deal of chaos, that only those who are understanding what is transpiring, will keep calm and be a reassurance to those in confusion. Remember and just be prepared for that, because it’s very easy to theorise until the situation is in the physical. Then the physical body needs to be prepared to handle the shifts of energy, and the shock that comes with the process of change. One thing is to feel you can understand what is happening. Another is to be in the midst of chaos and keep yourself calm when it’s happening.

Dolores – “That’s difficult for humans, isn’t it?”

Anne – “It is difficult. And that is a crucial and practical area to focus on at this time, because it is in the physical that you are helping. There are other levels that are helping, but you are in the physical as she is, and other beings are. So in the physical, they could transmit that calm that will be necessary during times of chaos. “

Dolores – “But will they listen to us?”

A-“It is not up to you to decide. It is up to you to make sure you have the tranquillity and grounded energy for those who want to listen to you. That alone requires  much work in the physical to keep those energies in place, because that’s what you came to do. Anne is very trained, because of her life experiences have required her to maintain a level of calm in the midst of madness.”

A-“That has been a good training ground for her, so that when the time comes, it is not so difficult for her to maintain that calm in the physical. Do you understand? “

D-“Yes I do. I’ve been told that these changes are going to cause a separation into two Earths. The old Earth and the new Earth, as the vibrations and the frequencies increase. It that correct?”

A-“That is correct. There is a different world, if you will, which some souls will remain or choose to live in after the changes. “

D-“You mean to remain with the old Earth”

A-“Yes, with the world that keeps that level vibration they wish to stay in, and that will be where they remain, or move into. But the new energies will only be livable for those who have worked their own energy up to that vibration.”

D-“But the turbulence you spoke of, will that be on the old Earth?”

A-“It is now as we go through these changes. This is the time of transformation in the next few years, and the outcome has been prophesied by many. I don’t have much to add to that, other than those who are here now need to remember the important role they are playing in the physical before the changes happen, or before the final changes happen. In the midst of the process, there’s a need for those who are here to give assistance. To line up, if you will, as if it where in the military. It’s time for them to show up and be aware that they are being called to be very present and ready. And maintain their ground, because there might be situations in which a soul might be in a crucial point where they could go either/or, vibrational wise. And you may be able to make a difference at that time.”

D-“What do you mean either/or?”

A-“Their spiritual growth may be in a grey area where they may qualify to step up to a higher vibration, if only they have the courage to jump. Or else, they may choose not to, and that is their choice. But your role, if you keep your energy, may be crucial for someone in that situation, because you may be the hand that extends for them to jump.”

D-“Make the jump into the higher vibration. (Yes) But the higher vibration , the new Earth, will not experience this turbulence? (No) It seems as though right now, we are in this part that is experiencing the turbulence.”

A-“It is just the beginning. It has begun, but the chaos has not begun. The chaos, the madness of people running around in confusion, because all their illusions have been shattered. That will be the time of the test of strength that needs to come forth for those of you who are here to help in the process. There will be a time when people are running in the streets confused and in fear, not unlike the hurricane in Louisiana. “

D-“That’s what I was thinking of, the tsunami and the hurricanes.”

A-“But that multiplied worldwide in most cities is a very different scenario.”

D-“Are there going to be similar disasters in many cities?”

A-“Some caused by natural, some caused by those in power who are making every effort to keep things the way they are. They are aware of the changes. They refuse to accept. It’s like a child who doesn’t want to hear the truth. And they refuse to admit they are no longer in charge. So they continue to cling to these ways and may cause more confusion. They feel they may able to slow down the process and maintain a low vibration by keeping fear on the surface. “

D-“They’re trying to install fear in the people.”

A-“Fear has always been in people, because that’s how most, if not all, the societies of this world have functioned for many years. Fear is the way they have maintained power, and almost everyone in this world is in fear. There are different levels of fear, but these changes and the technology that has allowed everyone to communicate freely, have caused a great deal of concern for those in power, because now the fear is vanishing. Many things that are occurring, even the catastrophes, act as a catalyst to bring fear out so it is dealt with. And so it is a cleansing in a way. But those in power don’t want this process to occur, and they prefer to keep a level of fear under the water, if you will. And like a desperate child, they try every tactic they can think of at this time to not let that fear dissipate, because that is what is happening. The fear is dissipating despite what the surface seems to show.”

D-“People are beginning to think for themselves.”

A-“They are. They are confronting their own demons, if you will, because life is taking them places where they have to see things that other times they haven’t had to deal with. Therefore, their fears, although they are very present, are at least coming to the surface, whereas before, they were not. Therefore, it is a cleansing that, as it continues, will only liberate more and more, which is a process that those in power are very aware of. They want to slow it down, thinking there might be a way to prevent it. So they will push and push to every extreme they can until things get very difficult. And many people will not be prepared for that edge they are pushing for. “

D-“Is the way one of the things?”

A-“The way, absolutely the wars, also their diseases that they scare people with.”

D-“These diseases are not really there, are they?”

A-“They can be if people choose to allow those energies to enter into their body. But for the most part, they are only in the energetic fields. And like anything else that is talked about, or thought about, it can become reality in the physical. “

D-“Yes, if enough people accept it as their reality.”

A-“But the diseases are extremely blown out of proportion, and they are not epidemics as they are portrayed to be. The media and the movies are showing you their desperation as they insist in presenting to the masses information that is completely negative and fear based. Subject matter such as murder, death and betrayal, attacks and such that keep the consciousness focused on these matters, as opposed to portraying in the media images of hope and inspiration. But nevertheless, there are enough of those positive messages being broadcast at this time, that like domino effect, they are no longer stoppable.”

D-“Another fear the government is trying to promote is terrorism.”

A-“Yes. It is just another tool, like the diseases, to find excuses to give people a reason to be afraid and not unify, but not trust that the Government will solve their problems. They are imaginary problems, and in the subconscious, many people are becoming aware of this. They are no longer believing, although many are in the masses. But on their subconscious level, they are beginning to awaken, and the power knows this. That is the reason they are resorting to ridiculous stories that only those who wish to believe, believe in them, because anybody with a logical and reasonable mind could not believe them. “

D-Yes, anybody who thinks for themselves.”

A-“So they are presenting the masses the opportunity to choose, because they are pushing for an edge. And in that way, they are serving a purpose by pushing the edge, so that everybody makes a choice, because this is a time of choice. This is no longer a time of middle round and neutrality. “

D-“You said earlier that we would be here whenever the chaos breaks out. Would this be caused by many of these disasters?”

A-“Disasters and the breakdown of the structures of Government. And the breakdown of the safety net that most people feel they are part of. Such as their Social Security, and their paychecks, and their jobs, and their relgious beliefs. Especially if and when ships and/or other things like that begin to become part of the consciousness that many are not prepared for. Therefore, they may run around in shock and confusion, unsure as to what’s real and what’s not. The structure of Government is breaking, and will break even more to a point of chaos. Like a domino effect, like a crumbling. “

D-“If the ships arrive, what would be their purpose for coming?”

A-“They are always here. It is only a time for them to become visible as the permissions open up, because it is a time of, not only free will as there is now, but also a time for others to claim their place in the new world. Not just the humans, but others who also belong here, but are in a different vibration. So partly, it is not that they choose to become visible, it is partly that the energies make them visible.”

D-“I am aware they’ve been here. I’ve been working with them. I know they’re positive. I’ve had no problems with them.”

A-“But by them becoming visible and part of the consciousness of the people, and the governments crumbling, and chaos, and natural disasters, you can see how the majority of people would be completely shocked. And their religions and their idea of a structured life would be brought down. So now, they would have nothing to cling to. This causes a great deal of fear for those who have not stepped out of their own house. That fear could lead to madness or schizophrenia or other types of reactions. And it is at that time, and that kind of reaction, that will leave people most vulnerable, where you can be of most service.”

D-“Then others like myself and Anne are some of the ones who are here to help?”

A-“The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them. It doesn’t mean you will provide the truth to them, it just means you are not failing down like they are.”

D-“ Because, I was thinking, what can we do when everyone is in chaos”?

A-“When you are not losing your mind and you are calm, it doesn’t matter who you do. People will see that in you and seek that in you, because they don’t know what to make out of what they’re seeing. And you may not know what to make out of what you’re seeing, but you have been prepared. Therefore, you will know and have some sense of trust that things will be okay. You are not crazy.”

D-“Where the others won’t have any preparation at all.”

A-“Exactly. “

D-“You know what I’ve had many, many people come to me for the last two years who are either healers or they’re being told by you, the subconscious part, that they are to be healers. We keep wondering why the world would need so many healers?”

A-“Do you know the population of the planet?”

D-“Yes, it’s quite large.”

A-“That might one reason why. Also, it is a time that’s very precious for many souls, because of the learning lessons available, as it is an unusual time that this planet has not experienced. Therefore, it is an opportunity to experience a very one of a kind soul journey. And it’s an opportunity to step up in the soul level, experience-wise, because of the challenges it presents. Therefore, many advanced souls are interested in the opportunity for themselves.”

D-“I was thinking if structures do break down, the medical profession would definitely be one of them. Maybe that would be one reason to have healers that can use energy and natural healing.”

A-“There is a time coming when the energy will be high enough that disease will not be as you know it today. And though the help of those healers is definitely needed, there will be a time when those diseases are not going to be anymore. Therefore, the healing is only temporary. The healers will heal when there is a need. If there are no hospitals because everybody has left the city, for example, or maybe it’s drowned, then there are healers available to help. But that is not the only reason they are here. They are here for their own learning purpose, as their own soul is interested in experiencing this shift. “

D-“That’s why we all chose to be here at this time?”

A-“A big reason.”

D-“I’ve also been told that our DNA is being altered so we can adjust to these changes. Is that true?”

A-“There are many groups that are participating in the acceleration of energies, and they have their own technology. From our perspective, we would say that through the infusion of higher vibrations on the planet, it reflects back on the people. So it is not their DNA that’s being adjusted, at least from our perspective. It is the higher vibrations that are naturally affecting their DNA, which is dormant in some areas. And therefore, it is being activated.”

D-“I’ve heard this is the reason for many physical symptoms people are experiencing at this time.”

A-“Areas of blockage in the body, whether they are karmic issues, or their own diseases caused by their lack of self discipline with their eating habits, or other things, independently of the cause of the disease. But they’re basically areas of blockages that are being brought to the surface with these new energies, whereas before, they might have been laying dormant. It is being brought to the surface much like the karmic issues that are being brought to the surface.These energies are forcing these areas to deal with the dark negativity so that energy can flow freely, that those blockages need to be cleared up. In order for that to happen, the issues that are causing these diseases need to be attended to, which requires a level of participation from the people who are suffering. And that is their choice whether they attend to these things or not.”

D-“What I have heard is that many of these physical symptoms people are experiencing are being caused by the change in the vibration as the human body adjusts to it. (That is correct)

D-“If the chaos belongs to the old world, will this be happening at the same time the two worlds are separated? I don’t know if I’m wording it right. The new Earth is supposed to be going into a new vibration and a new dimension. And it was described as separating, becoming two worlds. Does that make any sense?”

A-“There are many theories. Depending on the perspective, it is a matter of energetic vibration. And one vibration is visible, and some vibrations are not visible to each other. Therefore, if one vibration – the lower, or slower vibration – remains, it’s not that it becomes a separate world, it is simply no longer visible. It’s the new world that is basically a split-off because of the higher vibration.”

D-“But in the new world, things are different that the old world. Isn’t that true? (Yes) They won’t be experiencing the chaos?”

A-“No, the chaos is mostly a breaking down of the belief systems. The chaos is caused by the belief systems being challenged and brought down to a place of a complete blank slate, or clean slate. And that is the chaos for many. Those who go on to the new world are comfortable with new belief systems, and therefore, will no longer struggle the way those struggle now. It’s not that it’s a transformation where all of a sudden people become something they are not. It is just the changes. It’s either people can move on from there, from them or not. “

D-“That’s what I’ve been trying to understand. I’ve been told the new world would be beautiful, we wouldn’t have these problems. And they said don’t look back. You don’t want to see what’s happening to the old world.”

A-“It is basically a deterrent to look back. It’s not that you cannot look back, it’s just that you cannot change other peoples choices. And therefore, if you’re looking back and it is causing you grief, it is only slowing you down.”

D-“But you said we’re supposed to be involved with these people.”

A-“We are here during the time of changes. We are here to keep our energy grounded. It is not so much to be with those with a higher vibration, because they can fend for themselves. And it is not for those who are in deep negativity that we must be next to either. It is for those who are in the midst of confusion, but are perhaps ready to make a jump, that we are most helpful to.”

D-“Does that mean we have to stay with the old World as workers?”

A-“You will only stay until it’s time for you to go. And during the time that you stay, you can do your service. When it’s time for you to go, you will know, and then you will no longer be available to those. It is not a matter of, ‘How long should I say?’ That is a question that is answered eventually. It’s a matter of knowing what to do while you are here.”

D-“I have thought we would be separate from those experiencing the chaos. We would be in a different beautiful world.”

A-“For a while, through the process of transformation, not necessarily separate. It’s not like one day to the other there is a new world that you area part of, and the old world goes away. There is a process. Eventually, things will change. But in the small process, whether it lasts one month or five years, it is a process that you are still part of, as you are now. You are of it now. So long as you are here, it is your job to keep the grounded energy for those who are in confusion. Once the actual shift happens, even if you wanted to be here, you wouldn’t. “

D-“Those who have raised their vibrations will go on. (That’s correct) And so we’re trying to help those who are still trying to decide to make up their minds? (Yes) That’s why I was trying to get clarification. I’ve heard it from many people, but sometimes it’s a little confusing. “

A – “It is confusing from the vantage point of a human.”

D – “Then you do see more turbulence happening.”

A-“Yes, absolutely. This is the beginning, as those in power are not near done with their strategies. They will cause many more events. And there will be other events, natural causes. So the chaos is much larger than we invision in isolated cases. But of course, all of those things could change, as there is no set future.”

D-“I’ve been told that age is not important anymore.”

A-“Age is an illusion. It will be more apparent as we move along in the process of evolution.”

D-“I’ve also heard that whenever the transition happens, we would be allowed to take our physical bodies with us if we want to. Is that correct?”

A-“That is true, but it will only be for a short time. There will be another transition very shortly thereafter.”

D-“What will happen at that time?”

A-“Mankind will become pure energy.”

D-“The ones that make the ascension? (That is correct) I’ve also heard not everyone will make the transition.”

A-“Everyone will be given the opportunity. Whether they can hold that vibration or not is up to them individually. There will be no judgement made on them. They will simply by able to hold the energy, or not. But none will be destroyed as the comments have been heard. They will be placed in an appropriate space for the vibration they are emitting.”

The above comment about vibration is how I think life after death works. When your between lives, you head off to a location that matches your vibration.

D-“And that’s what they mean when they say they will be left behind.

A-“In God’s plan all will return to God.”

D-“Just at different intervals.”

The Three Waves of Volunteers

I am not going to go into detail on the three waves, but this is talked about in more than one source out there. These waves are based upon three categories of people who come and incarnate during the 2012 time period. Dolores Cannon has a book dedicated to these and I have written about them in many entries on this blog. One article based on Dolores’s work is here, ‘Energy & the Three Waves of Volunteers‘. I will extract descriptions from this entry and put them below.

‘The Earth Changes Survival Handbook’ by Page Bryant is another resource for a similar description. Note that Albion is a entity that has been channeled through.

Page Bryant’s description – Albion – “As we have said in the past that as these Earth changes evolve, different people will have different responses. These are two major factors that will play a role in determining that response. One Is the geographical location in which one lives. The other is the type of “energy” the person is composed of in terms of their natural ‘Soul’ frequency. We will explain. Some people are electrical in their nature. There are more with this frequency on the North American continent that anywhere else in the World, at this time (1982), but they are found everywhere on the globe. Such individuals are capable of, by nature, transmitting a lot of electrical power, the power of will, progress, and movement (evolution). Electrical people will go into this period of change with just this sort of energy and impetus within their consciousness. They are the ones who will tend to take matters into their own hands. They are the pioneers of every Age. They will tend to organise groups and communities for survival.”

I think Clif High would fit nicely into the above description as he has mentioned his issues coming up around electricity and various devices.

Dolores Cannon’s description – The first timers are known to have difficulty adjusting to the Earth and they usually don’t like being here. Violence is a big thing for them and they have trouble experiencing or seeing it, because where they came from, they were used to peace, beauty and love. They have a natural longing to return “home”, but have no idea where home actually is. Their age range is usually around the late forties, to late fifties.

Page Bryant’s description -“On the other hand, individuals who are magnetic in their nature, will approach and go through the earth change period by seeking to ‘draw’ every unto themselves and to further ‘ground’ theirs and others vibrations into a greater sense of balance. They are also found world wide. Such people are in a closer attunement with the planet and can, therefore, be more aware of the planet’s condition at various times. The one you call Sun Bear is one of these. They are also able to heal and balance the planet and their fellow human beings. They will be better ‘Planetary Caretakers’ and they total the greatest in number.”

Dolores Cannon’s description – What Dolores classifies as the second wave, these people are in their late twenties to late thirties now. In comparison to the first timers, they have not had as many issues as them and move through life much more easily. They are usually helping others in some kind of way during their life. These people usually create no Kalma and are known to go unnoticed. They can be described as ‘Antennas’, ‘channels’ or ‘observers’. They are known to direct energy that is needed by the Earth at this time. These second wave folks usually don’t have children, as children create Karma and they don’t want to be tied down to the Earth cycle. They are often unmarried and have little responsibilities which gives them free time to explore their true interests and passions, which would be usually around helping others.  (a lot of this is unconscious and is just the way they live their life without understanding any of this of course). It is said that the Earth experience does not affect them as traumatically as the first timers, or first Wave.

I believe I would fit under the second category from both Dolores and Page.

Page Bryant’s description – “Finally, let us consider that there are those individuals who are electromagnetic in their nature .They compromise the smallest number of people on the planet, but they are very valuable to the Hierarchy, due to their greater degree of perspective in terms of the energies that exist and the interplay between those energies at work. They help to provide a balance and they are composed of both electrical and magnetic energies. When in balance with these forces, they display the best qualities of each. When out of balance, they will usually display one or the other qualities more prominently.”

You can find the rest of the entry here for Page Bryant’s book, ‘Time, fear and the three energy incarnations during the Earth Changes‘.

Dolores Cannon’s description – The third wave are the new children, many who are in their teens now or early 20’s. They have come in with all the knowledge needed on an unconscious level. Their DNA has already been altered. As with the other folks, this has been altered in various ways during their lives. This wave usually have no problems being here, apart from their adult parents who may cause some issues because of them not being understood for who they are.

A Conscious Earth

To understand further about what is going on from a spiritual perspective, you need to understand the theory around the Earth being a conscious entity. I am going to bring in a full article I wrote about this topic below.

“My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” ― Rumi

I recently wrote about the three main types of incarnations, as channelled by Page Bryant, in her 1983 book ‘The Earth Changes Survival Handbook’. The other part of the book that I connected with, was about the earth having a consciousness and auric bodies, such as the mental, astral, spiritual bodies, as well as chakra’s, similar to us humans. The reason I am going to write about this is because it connects directly up with what is going on now with the many changes and the theories around that.

The Golden Age – the current transformation happening on a spiritual and earth change level, during  this astrological galactic cycle and alignment, connects up with the earth gaining a third auric body, that being the mental body which is discussed in the book.

I also want to mention now, that while reading this you start to become more aware of the harm that we are doing to the planet and the affect that harm has. Many ancient tribes and cultures out there treat the earth as a spirit, or a mother, a type of entity. All of this makes a lot of sense when you start learning more about the earth being alive and comparing this information below to that of what old traditions and beliefs that these tribes  and groups from our past had, and some still have.

As mentioned in the other article about this book that I wrote, the information is coming through Albion, an entity talking through Page.

Albion – “The earth is alive. It has a soul. It has an emotional body, an etheric body, an aura, and the potential for all other subtler bodies that are within your own human consciousness. The Earth’s ‘Being’ is Divine in its nature. Its ‘Being’ is immortal. Each planet in the Solar System evolves at its own pace. Each is alive. Each has a consciousness.”

“Each has its own Karmic conditions to deal with. For example, Jupiter will someday become a sun. Its existence is to train for this purpose. Planetary karma is specified or chosen before and being at the very onset of their physical life. Each of these planets has been designed by the Solar Mother-Father energy to serve a special purpose within the Solar Group. The Earth’s purpose is to support life in the myriad forms that exist here now.”

“At the time of his birth when the Earth was still very chaotic, it went through a period of having all the particles that composed the atoms that composed its physical body to come together. Then the Spirit became implanted. Through various stages of growth, it hardened into its present state. This took millions of years. During this physical process, another invisible process was taking place. Layer upon layer of bodies and consciousness was formed. This captured the Spirit inside the fibers of the Earth’s being and formed its Soul.”

“Because the Earth is still growing as planets go, it has not yet evolved to the point that it is aware of it’s own Divinity. Neither is it totally conscious of its reason for existence, spiritually speaking. But this will soon change. The planet Earth is approaching a period of great change. It is a time of Initiation. There have already been two such major periods in the past. These Initiations are recorded in geological and cultural history. The next Initiation will be soon. You should pay attention to the prophecies that you have heard, for many of them are true. The coming Initiation is for the purpose of awakening the Earth’s Ego, thus to give it its first taste of having a mind. It will develop its mental body. The etheric body is a natural counterpart of the physical. So, the planet after the third initiatory experience will have four of the seven possible bodies.”

“This marks the beginning of the Earth becoming more self-aware. As time goes on the Earth will move more into this state of awareness. That time shall arrive.”

“During the planet’s infant stages, when the Spirit lay asleep, the Kundalini was still coiled. The land masses did not exist. The Earth was totally covered by a shallow ocean. Then the continents gradually appeared as a result of volcanic activity caused by the heating core. Through time there have been many continents. As the planet approached the time when the land masses were to become as you know them now and the present races of humans came into being, the White Brotherhood began to set up ashrams all over the globe. Prior to this the seven major vortices, or chakras, of the planet had already been established during the formation of its etheric body. The spirit, the immortal part, has its roots in the center of the Gobi Desert. It is sometimes called Shamballa or “White Island”. These chakras and vortices are located all over the planet and are stimulated into action through the processes of planetary formation and change, one by one. You call it geological history. We call it planetary evolution. These chakras sustain the Earth and perpetuate its life. These centers are the links that permit energy from the Sun to penetrate the planet and provide life giving energy. The Earth continues to evolve. The Cosmic umbilical cords have long been removed. The Great Devas have done their tasks. “
“When man appeared, the Earth was well into it’s late adolescence, and the rise and fall of many civilisations have taken place since that time.”

“Think for a moment here concerning the Earth. Do not think of it merely as a physical sphere in the Solar System. Think of the Earth and all of the celestial bodies , both planetary and solar, galactic and universal, as personalities or egoic structure. There are many implications in this. It causes us to approach the Earth as not only having a physical vehicle but also an astral, the body of desire and emotion, as well as a mental body, which gives it the potential of having a mind of its own. It also has a spirit. It is divine.”

“If we approach these bodies in relationships to the Earth, we find that each of these bodies is involved in its own trek of evolution .Each body is growing at its own pace. Thus, to view the Earth only in its physical sense is only to see the equivalent of a box. It would indeed seem dead or inorganic. Only when it is viewed as a vehicle that contains the various bodies can we being to comprehend a new and broader perspective. It is a unit of Being, as well as a unit of consciousness.”

“Consider that the body of the Earth upon which you reside is varied in its topography. Some areas are flat and barren, while others are mountainous. There are areas filled with water and other terrains gashed with ancient canyons of great depth. It is indeed a feast for the eyes. This solid ground is very beautiful. As far as the perception of the masses goes towards viewing Earth, they consider it little more than a solid ball of rock and for its scenery. They do not consider that it is alive, a vibrant organism. Some civilisations of the past have understood a greater sense of the Earth’s presence. They knw that the planet has an astral, mental, and spiritual being within it’s self. These civilisations, as with all civilisations, have risen and fallen and are not but a memory. The Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, and the Aztecs are some of these. Some have left an understanding of the Earth in writings, some of which have been discovered and some of them have not.”

“If we approach each of the bodies or dimensions within the Earth itself, we find that each unfolds one at the time and each is on its own trek of evolution. We find that each body is evolving and growing at tis own pace. Thus, to view the Earth only in its physical vehicle you will see and know only ‘the box’, the vehicle that contains the various aspects of the total egoic structure. We must now take on a new fuller view of the planet. It is a uni of Being, as well as a unit of consciousness.”

“The astral form pulsates within the vibration of the planet. This form motivated and sustained from the lowest in the mineral world up to man, by determination and desire. Remember that the astral body is temporary. It incarnates only as long as the physical body exists. Its atoms contain the memory and will evolve and become a star, for a star is the highest stage of celestial existence that the components of a planet can evolve to in the physical dimension.”

“When the second initiation took place, the time of the final thrust, man was in existence all over the planet’s body. This occurred some eleven thousand years ago- The way you count time .The two major land masses, Atlantis and Lemuria were submerged during this time, Lemuria first. Now the Earth is ready for preparing for its Third Initiation which will mark a new phase of its existence. The Earth also has a causal body, a mental capability within itself. At this time, it lies asleep within the consciousness of the Earth’s being. The Second Initiation gave birth to Earth’s Soul, the third will give birth to its mind. Although it now lays dormant, it is there, quietly, rhythmatically pulsating, waiting to spring into life.” (remember, this was written in 1983)

“As you know, the Earth is already quite aware of its physical self. This awareness came as a result of its creation and subsequent processes of survival and adjustment. It is aware of its desires. It wishes to be more balanced and passive, just like you do. Now it approaches a time when, through Initiation, it will take still another step towards Self-Realisation. It will being to know its own mind. It approaches a stage of growth that will enable it to merge its Ego or personality, with its body and emotions, Mind and Soul joined together. For humans, the Third Initiation is a point when one’s ‘force’ is recognised and brought into balance. So it will be with the Earth. It will have not only a great understanding of its own force, but also of its own faults. It develops the ‘mechanism of understanding’. What are the Earth’s faults? One is called the San Andreas. That is a fault and there are many, which include its storms or climatic conditions that affect the lives it must support.”

“The pressure, pressure that is rubbing upon itself, will be brought into balance during this period of preparation for initiatory change. There will be volcanic eruptions and increased seismic activity. This is not a ‘doomsday’ prediction. It is a natural sequence of events. This is an important thing for man to realise. You must understand that it is a glorious occasion. These physical changes that the planet must go through in order to prepare itself for its Third Initiation are necessary. The Earth will no longer be hooked to only a blind orbital path, performing its Karmic duties. No, it will awaken in its own mind and say, ‘I am alive. I have my own purposes to serve, too.’ It will become more aware of its ‘mission’ and destiny. You can be sure my friends, that when the Earth’s mind awakens, it will take a look (symbolically) around and see what is alive upon itself, judge what is right and wrong with itself, just as you, in your own mind, judge what is right and wrong with yourself. Something else will change. We will pose it to you in the form of a question. ‘Will all of the destruction and imbalance that has been perpetrated upon the planet that has robbed it of its natural resources in such a rapid way, continue to be tolerated?’”

“Those who survive this coming period of natural and ecological changes will be the New Age Workers. Their visions will be broadened and they will have an understanding of the Earth as their Home and Mother. The New Age people are reminiscent to I, Albion, of those in civilisation past who have understood this and had it as an integral part of their lives. These civilisations, like the Hopi, knew how to live on the Earth in balance.”

“The planet Venus is the ‘sister’ to the Earth. It has already undergone five initiation cycles that a place can go through before the Sun swells to reclaim it. Venus is a ‘sacred’ Planet. The Earth will have two more cycles after its third one is finished, so it is still profane. Venus has already reached and has gotten in touch with the monadic spark of Divinity within itself. Its physical body is of no use. It is a ‘boiling hell’. But when one is in touch with its Spirit, its form matters not. Venus has a special esoteric relationship with your Earth. As an older sister would guide a younger sister to the ‘Portal’ or Threshold of Initiation, so it will be with Venus guiding the Earth.”

“After the Initiation, the Earth will be able to hear sounds for the first time ever. Can you imagine this? For the first time the Earth will open its eyes and ears! It will hear the universal sounds, not just be drawn to their frequency, as when its mind was dormant. It will become more cognizant of its place in the Solar System, and eventually the galaxy and the entire Universe. As the ‘eyes’ are opened, it will reach out and ‘see’ its gaseous brothers and sisters : Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. The Earth will learn during this period of its evolution, of its responsibility for bringing to the ‘new age’ individuals who survived its change and who have the ability to live upon the planet in a peaceful manner. The planetary hierarchy will be watching all of these transactions very closely.”

You can think of the planetary hierarchy as higher beings that watch over the Earth, as in a council type situation. The White Brotherhood is also another name for them, which was quoted earlier. I personally find that the name ‘the white brotherhood’ sounds a bit silly.

The next part of the book deals with migrations. It is lengthy and is not directly related to this current topic. However, a quick summary is that Albion says that there will be a change in the migrations of Animals and birds, which we have already seen occur. He then goes onto say how humans are going to have to migrate from their homes to other countries and locations because of climate change, but also seismic activity. Some events will happen suddenly, some will happen gradually. My quick guess on this, would be major earth quakes destroying populated locations and possibly causing tsunami’s, and volcanic eruptions making life unliveable in certain locations. So people may have to migrate a long way away from their home and other countries would probably be involved to assist.

Albion then mentions economic troubles.

“Before the planet goes for tis full Third Degree it must be purified. This is what we have been saying that the ‘Earth changes’ are all about. These changed will help to break down and destroy the toxicity and putrifaction that has been created by the life forms, primarily man. It will also help to clear up the toxicity that has built up for the Earth being only a physical and astral body wandering in its orbit in space. As the energies of ‘purification’ are directed in a series through to the Spleen chakra, the magnetic field and atmosphere will absorb it. Once the energy is absorbed by the Spleen, it will purify it, distill it and re-emit it back into the atmosphere. The clear energy is then drawn gradually into the Crown Center in the Gobi desert, Shamballa. This will activate a freer and intensified flow of the Shamballa force all over the globe. It will be subtle in its nature and will take some time to manifest. But when it does, it will mark a time that there will no longer be a barrier between science and metaphysics. It will join together the forces of Truth and Logic.”

The Keepers of the Garden

I am going to do another re-post below from an entry of mine. All this information is very relevant to what’s going on.

Last weekend I finished off the book, ‘The Keepers of the Garden’ by Dolores Cannon. It surprised me with the amount of information that stood out to me as I have probably made more notes to write about in comparison to most of her other books that I have read. I will be writing up a separate entry to cover the rest of the notes I took. For this entry, I am going to write about a section based around the topic of the new earth.

Pretty much all of this books information is through the one client, ‘Phil’. This client of hers has been mentioned throughout a lot of her books. In this book Phil finds out that one of his existences was to be in charge of looking after a system of planets and not as a human but as an energy consciousness with a wide awareness and an ability to be in more than one place at once. The information explains that he made a wrong call and he is now coming to the end of hundreds of incarnations of lives to learn an important lesson from a rule he broke while in that higher level position. In a general sense, I have always found his information to be very in depth and very high level compared to the information coming through Dolores’s other clients. I was not surprised to find this new information out about him as I knew there was something special or unusually unique going on.

For those that have not read any of Dolores’s books or seen any of my other entries on her material – The material throughout all of her books comes directly through Dolores’s clients. From using a form of hypnosis, Dolores takes each client into past lives and sometimes in-between lives, then after that, moves them into a trance state from which their Higher Self / Over Soul can then speak through them. The Higher Self then heals any issues right there in that moment, or over a short period of time depending on the circumstances. From time to time, other higher level beings communicate through her clients in addition to the contact made with their higher self. I am a student of Dolores and have performed this technique my self and it’s been confirmed to work for me on multiple occasions.

Note that this book was published in 1993. I also now remember that when the information is coming through, there is a council of 12 entities which take turns in supplying the information through Phil in trance. I am not sure if this is always the case for each chapter of the book.

Dolores – “Are large numbers of Earth’s inhabitants undergoing a form of contact or communication with these beings?” (Previously in the chapter, Dolores is asking questions about a specific group of Alien beings)
Phil – “Yes, there are many who have volunteered for this.”

D – “Why are these beings taking people on board these crafts? What is the purpose behind that?”
P – “We would ask that you understand that your residence on this planet was not, as some feel, accidental. Nor was it, as others feel, accurate according to that which is called your Bible. That is to say, that God created man in his own image; such as is understood from a somewhat fundamentalist viewpoint. We would ask that you understand that the human existence on this planet was given by those who are now returning to examine the fruits of their labour, as you might say.”

D – “I was wondering why the visitations are continuing?”
P – “The planet in residence is to be given to those who would choose to begin in another place, and not participate in the final upheaval of this planet Earth. It is therefore necessary to understand the biological state of those vehicles who would choose to migrate, so there is not given to that other planet the contamination which is indigenous to this planet. Those who would choose to go would be filtered and screened carefully, so there are no genetic or biologic defects introduced to that population. It is desired that only those who are most suitable be transported, so that the race which would evolve would be as free from defect as possible. There are many genetic defects in your own human stock which you need only look around to recognize, such as your mental and physical deformities  That would be undesirable. This entity, Phil, was chosen to be involved in this project. He, himself, at one time on another planet, was the experimentor as opposed to the experimentee. He has now elected to place himself in this position, so that he can understand that experience from another angle.

D – “Turn about is fair play, in other words.”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “It has been said that there will be spaceships standing by to take some survivors off our planet if we used our atomic bombs. Is there anything you can tell us about this?”
P – “We would say that if the scenario you have described were to become reality, then there would be those who would be offered the option to relocating to another planet. This will also be offered at the time of the coming earth shift. At this time the new planet is in a somewhat imperfect state of construction. However, it is one which would be able to support life quite readily for those who would choose to go there. There will be those who would choose to remain and take care of what would be left behind, or try to restart or rebuild that which is on this planet. The option would be given and would be entirely voluntary on the part of each individual. Just as your planet was seeded, nurtured and watched over for eons, another has received its life charter and is ready for habitation. Your body styles are compatible and are being prepared as the new race. History is merely repeating it self in its ongoing process. As your planet is entering its death throes and making ready for drastic traumatic changes, another planet, new, fresh and unspoiled, is being readied for those who would make the journey. It is as yours once was – pristine and unsullied. During the coming upheavals many will not survive and others will desire to relocate. Hopefully the same mistakes will not be made on that world.”

D – “If one chose to go to the other planet, would they be transported with the body that they have, or would they be changed?”
P – “That is accurate. It would be a physical, three dimensional transportation en masse.”

D – “Would spaceships be used to for transportation?”
P – “That is accurate.”

Laron – I just want to be clear here that this is making it sound like this is the only option to end up on the New Earth. Note that there are other ways of going there.

D – “This planet you speak of, is it in our solar system?”
P – “Not in the solar system, but in the galaxy.”

D – “Is it similar to Earth?”
P – “In some respects, yes. In many respects, no. There would be a period of acclimation necessary for your human bodies, which have become acclimated to the energy of this planet, to realign to that new energy. There would be a feeling of disorientation and a period of melancholy. However, the sustaining energies on that planet would eventually heal those imbalances left by the energies on this planet. That planet would be much more conducive to your human lifeforms that this planet.”

D – “Is that planet inhabited now?”


P – “Not by those of your race at this time. However, there are those who are of a more custodial or constructive nature still working to prepare it for those of you who would choose to inhabit it. It is not inhabited but populated, yes. It has not been populated en masse, but it could be at any time.”

D – “You said there were some differences. How is that planet different?”
P – “There are those energies present on that planet which are absent on this planet. It has to do with the energy rivers which course through the universe. That planet is in a different river of energy.”

D – “Does the planet have a name?”
P – “The name given to that planet has no equivalent to translate at this time. However, in spiritual realities a vibration is given. You, yourselves, those of you who shall choose to inhabit this planet, will be given the responsibility of choosing a name based on the experiences previous to the migration as well as the experiences of those on the planet at that time. We should not be presumptuous as to give this name ahead of time as those who are the true inheritors of the planet themselves have not so decided.”

D – “Are there physical topography differences between that planet and our planet?”
P – “Yes. The areas most conducive to inhabitation at this time would be similar to your Midwest plains. The planet itself is somewhat unsettled. The planet has not completed its growth and is somewhat immature as a planet. However, it would be most conducive to supporting life as you know it in your life-forms. And, yes, animals could be transported also. It would support animal life.”

D – “If we choose to go to that planet, will we remember our lives from Earth?”
P – “Certainly. There will be no loss of consciousness. However, only those who would be most productive on that planet would be allowed to migrate. Those who would introduce a criminal element would not be allowed. Only those of the highest nature would be allowed to transmigrate.”

D – “Then there would be certain restrictions.”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “Would those who remain and don’t choose to go to this other planet be, more or less, picking up the pieces, and restructuring it according to what it was? Or would there be the desire to create something different?”
P – “There will be those who choose to remain on this planet, to clean up the mess, so to say, and begin anew. These will be assisted in many ways by the extraterrestrials. Also the beings of light would remain to assist those who stayed behind, in order to build a more perfect union of mind, body and spirit in the environment they find. Many lessons of a strengthening nature could be learned from remaining here. Those who choose to leave will then begin a new civilisation on another planet. Cousins to those who are to remain behind.”

D – “Will there also be qualifications for those who remain?”
P – “The individual themselves would make that decision as to remain or not. The qualifications are simply being physically able to survive. There would be no forced transmigration. The choice would simply be with the individual. The times at that period will be of a testing nature. Not for those who would be, perhaps, squeamish.”

D – “Is this planet going to be available even if nothing happens to the Earth?”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “On this planet what kind of environment would people live in?”
P – “There would be given those technologies which would allow for the construction of cities and societies as you know them here. However, there would be also given those additional technologies and concepts which would allow for a more perfect societal structuring free of the prejudices and restrictions found in your societies at present.”

Dolores – There was a reluctance within me to give up totally on this home, this world of ours, even if such a perfected planet were in existence.

D – “Is it possible for us to eventually construct a ship that will take people back and forth between these two planets?” (Great question-Laron)
P – “There is no need for your technology to attempt this for you have not reached the point which would allow it. The ability to do this is already in place. However, it is not your technology that will allow this.”

D – “Would these people that choose to go there be allowed to go back and forth? To return to Earth and travel between these two planets?”

P – “There will be those who will be shuttles. Taking what has been learned from the new planet and integrating it back into this old planet, and sharing of the knowledge.”

D – “Will there be telepathic communication with this new world?”
P – “There will be communication. However, the telepathic nature of the communication would rest entirely with the individuals involved. Those who would choose to allow themselves that ability would be given lessons on how to improve it, and in which manners to use it. Eventually the entire population will be at a telepathic level because this will be universal.”

D – “Can you tell us a little bit about those who would assist earthlings in this transportation?”
P – “They are, as has been said earlier, the Helpers. Those of a high spiritual nature, who are even now assisting in the energy redirection of  your planet, to hopefully prevent self-destruction. They are those who are taking those samples and abductions, as you call them. They themselves have experienced, in their past, the destruction of their planet in a similar fashion, and the subsequent migration to another planet. They are well suited to the task of assistance, because they can draw personally from that knowledge of the events which happened on their planet. They themselves have volunteered for those assignment, as they can well relate to the necessities involved in transplanting a society in masse from one planet to another. There are many different types of helpers involved here. Not all are from one planet, but they all share in some form or another the desire to assist those of you on this planet. To help in raising your consciousness and allowing you to become more aware of, not only yourselves, but of those around you. And to be aware of and to be able to relate to and share in the love of that which you call the universe – that Christ spirit or God energy of which the universe is made and is so routinely denied on this planet.”

D – “Does the Pleiades have any special significance in this relocation process that we’ve been discussing?”
P – “Only in that those who are assisting are of the Pleidian nature. Many come from this area, or are inhabitants of the systems of the Pleiades. However, not that the new home planet itself is in that system. ”

D – “That was going to be my next question .It has been said that in the sleep state some of us are being taken aboard spaceships and trading information concerning the events to come. Is this true?”
Laron – I think the above question is so very relevant to this period of time right now in 2012.
P – “That is accurate. For always in any civilisation undertaking as dramatic a change as this, there will be coaching and practice runs. So that during the actual transportation there will not be a feeling of total disorientation, but of accomplishment, of having practised or done this many times before. This is simply to prepare those who would choose to relocate – to allow them the most comfort possible in this transference. So that the concept would not be new, but would be very familiar  This is not done in the physical sense, but is entirely true in a spiritual sense. A practice run so to say. We would ask that you visualise at this time a concept of a refuge. An area to remove those individuals to, who would be most traumatically affected by this change which is now in progress on your planet.”

D – “Has this change been occurring for a long time?”
P – “Not in your chronological years. However, it has been worked on and prepared for many eons from the spiritual plane.”

D – “It seems like our seasons are changing. Does that have anything to do with it?”
P – That is a manifestation of this change, not a cause of it. A simple reflection of the reality that this change is in fact occurring. Just as many other changes are now occurring on many different levels, and are apparent to those who would turn their attention to this change.”

D – “Am I right in assuming that the seasons have changed?”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “Is this being caused by the shift of the Earth?”
P – “That is accurate. There is a shift in the tectonic plate position which is now occurring on your planet from that which was somewhat more stable to that which is more fluid. It has been observed that there is an increase in movement in your tectonic plates. This is owing to the fact that the electromagnetic field around your planet is in flux. It is therefore causing the iron content of the crust to attempt to realign itself with this new electromagnetic positioning. The plates are following the new flux alignments.”

D – “Then it has something to do with the iron content?”
P – “The crust itself is somewhat reactive to the magnetic properties of the electromagnetic field surrounding your planet. It is as if the plates are somewhat magnetic in reactance to these electromagnetic fields and are trying to realign themselves to these fields. It is similar to iron filings following a magnet placed under a paper. As we perceive it, at this point the tectonic plate theory has been understood to be dynamic in change based on the rotation of  the Earth. This is not completely accurate in that the crust is attempting to align itself to these magnetic fields. This flux in magnetic field is the cause of the shifting plates, and not the polar alignment.”

D – “Over the years there’ve been many cases of mutilation of livestock that have been attributed to the activity of UFOS or possibly extraterrestrials. If this is true, why do this being done? Since there are so many cases of it, it would seem like a farming operation rather than a research operation”
P – “We would say that in many instances, this was simply the work of individuals who, through misuse of their own energies, had developed a need to generate some excitement and were nothing more than simple demonstrations. However this is not to say that all mutilations were of this nature. There is a segment of these instances in which extraterrestrials are involved. In these cases the mutilations are experimental in obtaining a better understanding of the biological immunological physiological make-up of these animals. There is at this time a testing of compatibly of certain animals to be allowed to migrate or transport, to populate the seeding planet now being prepared. There were organs needed for genetic and biologic experimentation.  However these would be in the minority.”

Dolores – (Note that the word biologic has a slightly different meaning from biological. It means a biological product)

D – “Then they’re not only preparing humans, they’re preparing the food sources they will need. Is that what you mean?”
P – “Not so to say, preparing. But rather to gain a better understanding of those species which would be the most appropriate. In other words, to somewhat mutate those sources now available on your planet to a higher level so they would be more compatible with that other planet.”

D – “Surely on the new planet they would not be eating meat, would they?”
P – “There are those who would be most sustained by meat.”

D – “We’re not going to totally change our habits. (Laugh) I’m interested in knowing if the extraterrestrials are doing anything genetically with us. Are there any genetic acceleration techniques being used?”
P – “We feel here you speak of in humanoid terms. That is, as applying to your physical human bodies. We would say that there is the attempt to create a more perfect human body, in terms of immunological response to disease and resistance to disease initially. Such that there will be those, or that stock perhaps, of human bodies eventually that would be most resistance to most forms of disease on your planet now. The intent of this genetic engineering is to, in essence, create a more perfect physical body, such that the spirit, once raised in awareness, can more perfectly translate into these more perfect bodies. A more perfect spirit requires a more perfect body.”

D – “Then in this way they are actually helping more than they are harming, aren’t they?”
P – “Indeed. There is no intent on harm in any of this. In order to perfect your human species, that is, your physical human bodies, it is necessary to study and take samples. The effort being expended here is of making a perfect human vehicle.  Such that the debilitating disease of old age and mental retardation, and all forms of disease would be eliminated. It is necessary to study the human anatomy in this intimate environment, in order to more fully understand the mechanisms at work which cause these debilitating manifestations. The effort is to create a perfect human vehicle. Such that those who would habit this other planet then would begin to procreate these genetically superior bodies or vehicles.”

Laron – I just need to step in here. Something just came to me as I wrote this out, that I need to discuss. I remember when reading this originally and I had this disapproval of the way that perfection is trying to be found on this new earth. I felt that it didn’t seem right and I wondered why they would want us to be so ‘perfect’. But what just came to me now is that what it all comes down to is the purpose of any existence on that new earth for those souls with the required vibration. It’s all about lessons and karma. Perhaps we no longer need to learn any specific lessons or pay off any specific karma. It’s said that we can release all our karma this time around, in this life now as it will not be taken with us to the ‘new earth’. What this means is that the conditions there do not need to be like they are here. There is no reason for illness or chaos. There is no reason to have an unbalance in the conditions of life there, as we are not going there for the same purpose that earth has served for most of us here.

Of course, an additional explanation is given here but I think there can be multiple answers and ways to look at a singular question.

D – “What could be the object of having a superior body? I thought our main objective was to raise our spirit.”
P – “That is accurate. But would you wish to inhabit a lessor or inferior vehicle, as opposed to a more superior?”

D – “Does it really matter if the spirit is only temporarily here anyway?”
P – “Certainly. For the ability to do the work that your spirit has prescribed is directly influenced by the ability of your vehicle to do that work.”

Earth Changes and the New Earth

This information comes through another client of Dolores’s, this one is called Anna. Again, below has been transcribed directly from the book. (This book was released in late 2011)

Dolores : “Can I ask you a question? (Yes) We are having all these terrible storms and tornadoes happening here one right after another. A weather phenomenon of nature.?”

We had experienced the most tornadoes ever recorded in one month, and the deadliest  In may 2011, Joplin, Mo. had been devastated. “Is there a reason why this is increasing at this time? (June 2011)
Anna : “Yes. The Earth is repairing itself. You are seeing small signs now. The Earth will go into full repair mode. The physical Earth will repair itself after its energy leaves.”

D : “What do you mean, ‘After the energy leaves?'”
A : “It is as if you are a  body, and you do not want to be in your body when you die. You have a choice to leave your body before it happens. The Earth energy does not want to be there when it changes, after it goes through all of its healing. There is going to be tremendous changes, uprooting, and pain for the Earth. The Earth’s energy will leave to another plane before it starts having injury. It does not want to. It’s had enough.”

D : “Does this go along with what you’ve told me about the New Earth?”
A : “This is the new Earth.”

D : “So it is leaving? I always tell people it’s evolving. It’s going into its next incarnation. (Yes) Will it repair itself then?”
A – “Yes. There will be tornadoes. There will be earthquakes  It will completely be rearranged by the time it’s done and the Earth has had enough. The Earth does not want to stay in that. It will still exist. It just doesn’t want to stay, as you wouldn’t stay with a body that is suffering as it is dying.”

D : “But if it’s going to remain, won’t there have to be an energy there to keep the old Earth alive, if I am using the right words?”
A : “The energy leaving is not planning on going back to that old Earth. It will be a place that can be inhabited, but it will not be as of that Earth. That Earth will be a more dormant area. It will not be alive any more.”

D – “That part of the Earth is dying? (yes) What about those left behind in that part?”
A – “They will be suffering what the Earth has decided it does not want to suffer. They will be left. They will not be punished. They will not be judged. They will continue onwards when they pass.”

D – “Because I’ve been told they can’t change fast enough to go with the New Earth?”
A – “No, they cannot.”

D – “All of this is so complicated.:”
A – “It is. It is a process that the Earth has been wanting for so very long. It is tired of being picked on. So those of you that are going to be inhabiting the New Earth, you need to be gentle and you need to take care and you will because there will be no other way. That is what you will carry with you.”

D – “So that’s why we’ve been having all these storms and damage.”
A – “That is just the beginning. It’s going to get much worse and when it goes, the Earth’s energy will leave. And at that time, those who are ready to leave will leave with it. Those who are aware, are going to be able to move with the energy of the Earth. They will be able to go. They will not have to stay behind as long as they don’t start creating doubt and fear. That is what will keep them behind. You are feeling the changes of the energy of the Earth. The energy of the Earth is speeding up and trying to leave. It doesn’t want to suffer any more. We are part of that Earth. We are tempered for this Earth and we are also continuing to speed up to go with it.”

D – “When this happens, when the energy of the Earth does move to the New plane, will we notice a different when we go with it?”
A – “Yes. We will notice a difference. It will be a more spiritual energy. It will be more light energy. You will feel more weightlessness, no more negativity. There will be no more earthquakes, no more tornadoes. It will be very evident there has been a change.”

D – “But many people won’t even be aware it’s happening, I guess?”
A – “No. Those who are behind will not .They will be suffering with the Earth’s body.”

D – “You’ve told be before that, “Nobody really knows what’s going to happen because it’s never happened before.”
A – “No, it hasn’t. The Earth has had so many life forms on it and it has been a planet that was able to support so many life forms that it has taken so much abuse. It is a living thing just like we are, a living being, and it is tired. It is ready to pass over. It will still exist, as it always has, but it will not exist as a physical. Everyone is excited. Everyone feels for this Earth. Everyone who has watched has seen the pain that this Earth has gone through. Everyone wants the Earth to succeed, but also the people, of course. Everyone would want the best scenario to be that way, but those who are feeling changes are in tune to the Earth. They are feeling Earth changing. They will be able to go when the Earth goes.”

D – “I’m told it is going to be a beautiful place.”
A – “Yes. There will be no more pain on the Earth… no more pain for us.

D – “I guess we will continue our work though.”
A – “Yes., we will but it will be from a different point of view completely. The negativity will not exist. There are many who are wondering, many wanting to know ‘when’. It is speeding up. We are seeing these things, these storms, seeing the effects from these and the oceans on the Earth, on the ground. These signs that the Earth is going to continually get worse.”

D – “It won’t affect us anyway?”
A – “No, it won’t.”

D – “Then there’s no reason for fear.”
A – “No, not at all. Fear is what will hold you back from transferring with the Earth.”

José Argüelles ( Valum Votan’s ) Final Message

I am going to finish the blog off with the final message from José Argüelles as he passed away last year. To find out more about him and Stephanie who is presenting this information from an interview in  Byron Bay, Australia then head over to the original post of mine and skip this part. (I have transcribed/summarised it)

 [Stephanie South and José Argüelles, AKA Red Queen and Valum Votan]

Part 1
Message from José left with Stephanie South when he died.

“Everything is perfect.”
“Everything is synchronised.”

“When will I see you again”, Stephanie’s asked. “I will see you again in 2013, but not in a way you would expect.”

He was extactic during his death. “I’m ready for the next adventure, I can’t wait.” he said.

He saw visions from the other side during the time he passed such as various ascended masters. He saw him self in a time space cube. A geometrical structure of the centre of a time space cube. The center is where different realities or time spaces are created. He felt he was at the central control panel.

‘It’s way more beautiful over here than on the earth plane” José said during his final moments.

Stephanie took many notes over the 3 days it took him to pass. After he passed Stephanie worked very hard with completing the second part of his biography. They had been involved with writing a seven part series of the cosmic history chronicles. They were on the last volume out of the seven.

She felt over the time she was around him that his mind was merging into her mind. After that she had him come in dreams and channelling information through her. She feels he’s looking over humanity during this time around December 21 2012.

Part 2
Lois Farrington Starts off about José bringing awareness of the shift in time to people through his material. Lois asks what the primary message is that José wanted people to have during this time.

Stephanie answers, “At the end of history, everything will be unified. All the religions, all the traditions, etc. All we be brought into one. Everything is completely interconnected by a vast web of synchronicity. What José did was discover the law of time, such like the law of gravity. The law of time shows everything is synchronised.”

The basic message from José is the ultimate oneness. The 21st of December is a doorway into a new time or a new hologram. A whole new knowledge base is coming into existence during this time.

When he was studying the ancient knowledge, the new knowledge become to come in. There are two different circuits, the AC circuit which is aboriginal continuity and the CA circuit which is cosmic awareness.

When those two circuits meet in the center, that’s what creates an inter-dimensional memory hotline that links the past, the present and the future altogether. Stephanie believes the ancients, the Aboriginals, the indigenous carry the knowledge of the stars and interconnectedness of all things. José brought this out into a new form for our generation to be able to relate to. This is so that we can recognise the multidimensional radial nature of reality, rather than the linear time system.

At the end of the cycle, the AC was reconnected with the new incoming Cosmic Awareness, and when those two meet the radial galactic consciousness is available to everybody.

Part 3
Lois starts of bringing up the question around the unity of consciousness. She talks about the major wars against the different misiars (I can not spell this word!-Laron) of the one god. She asks how do we create his unification when there are such strong belief systems out there.

How did José see the unification occurring because of this? Lois asks.

Stephanie says we can’t think about this as a human. How José saw it, when the cycle of history climaxes on the 21st of December 2012, everything would have been exhausted and everything would be brought into a state of unit or harmony.

How that plays out in our 3rd dimension, no one really knows. All these levels and streams are coming together as one. Ultimately everything has to go back to the source / god. So looking at that big picture, there is a big magnet of life or magnet of love that is pulling everything towards it, back to the highest unification of love and harmony.

When this magnet is pulling the unconscious forces we see and are playing out more intensely on the planet. So we are at the climax at all the karmic streams all the histories, all the unconsciousness playing out on the planet right now and Stephanie feels we are getting to the darkest point right before the dawn hits. She feels everything could be spontaneously changed in one moment.

Part 4
Lois starts off talking about a rift in the belief system of the Mayan Calander. She says recently Stephanie received an invitation from the Mayan Elders, an offering of unification.

Stephanie says is to declare our oneness and out unity. She says everybody that surrenders to the love and the highest dream, we are all receiving the same information, it’s time to unify and put aside our differences and that there is one creator unifying this whole thing, and that there is one divine plan.

She says that the Mayan elders know that, that we are all connected.

Lois talks about the letter of unification that was sent to Stephanie from the Mayan elders. She asks about the ceremony that is being created by the Mayan elders.

Lois mentions that there will be a part of that ceremony dedicated to José aka Pacal Votan, for his work and
information he has brought through. Lois says that José and her call the long count Mayan calendar a sychronomoniter. It’s a unification matrix she says.

Part 5
Lois starts off talking about how Stephanie has provided a wonderful understanding of the unification of all the different belief systems and uniting with the galactic awareness of the profound state of love. Lois then talks about an even more significant invitation that was given to Stephanie than the invitation from the Mayan elders. Lois asks about this other invitation.

Stephanie says the invitation recognises and honors her as the successor of José. She says it’s really about the feminine cycle and about her role playing out during this time. She says that the feminine energy is merging as this cycle of hiostory is coming to an end and the feminien energy is emerging.

The audio recording now stops at this stage and there is some discussion that can’t be heard. It is mentioned that Stephanie is a private person and has trouble talking about her self. I think she may simply be very honored about this invitation from the Mayan’s and that she is being very humble perhaps.

The next audio continues and Lois talks about archetypes and how José and Stephanie had an experience years ago about a mind meld. José recognised that he was downloading information from an entity called Valum Votan.

Lois talks about Stephanie also having something like this happen, something with the Red Queen. Stephanie talks about tombs that were side by side in Polentay (not sure of the spelling-Laron).  The Red Queen sits beside Valum Votan’s tomb. Both tombs contained a jade mask, which is the sign of immortality.

The tomb of the red queen has no inscriptions, yet other tombs there have many. In 2000 she went to Polentay with a group and at night there they all saw the sky filled with UFO’s including a mother ship. This was a day before her ‘activation’ at the tomb of the red queen. She felt that during that time information was downloaded inside of her. Her whole body was vibrating and wasn’t able to sleep that night because of this.

She had a visionary experience near the tomb after she spontaneously laid down on the steps. She didn’t understand much about this until a few years later when she came to be with José when she began an

The archetype of the red queen is the feminine energy that comes at this time. Stephanie says that in this new cycle, many of us are feeling inside our being an erasure of the old cycle. So she’s saying it’s like a fresh start as we are having our slates cleaned, such as when the tomb had no inscriptions on it.

She feels with December 21 2012, if we are open and receptive in this moment in time, this is when everything shifts over into a new feminine cycle. Not so that females are dominant, but an equalisation occurs and we move into a space of love.

Lois says the the Mayan elders in the ceremony are going to officially honour her as this red queen archetype or consciousness on planet earth.

Stephanie says that Mayan elders have seen this shift coming for a long time into the feminine energy. She says everything that José writes about in the Mayan Factor book, at the end of the cycle we reach a climax in history and we have gone as far as we can with the male energy so in this next age, it’s more of a feminine cycle.

The door is opening on this feminine cycle and the females will be free to start releasing ancient wisdom. She says the world will be transformed as a result of this. This energy is calling in a balance of both masculine and feminine energy, not a domination of one or the other.

Part 6
In part six, Lois goes over some personal details of Stephanie’s such as when she first found out about having the destiny of the Red Queen and also living with José.

Something interesting in this part was the information about the books they were working on. The Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission is the term Stephanie used. It’s an ET knowledge base  a whole new way of being for after 2013. They were working on many different codes, programs and sacred geometry. The material is like road maps for operating in the reality we are moving into.

Part 7
Stephanie says she wrote six books together and she worked on the seventh book by her self after her passing. She said that when their two energies combined, a whole flood of information was combined. They would sit together every day for over 200 days for a few hours to get this information.

She saw José as a galactic receiver and transmitter. He would see opticals, such as multicoloured patterns and colors and shapes and it may take a week or two to interpret all that because of the amount of information.

The final teaching that José left Stephanie with is something called the Holo Mind Perceiver  It’s information on how the sixth sense functions or works. It’s like a new nano chip or software program for uploading or downloading. José was mapping out, right before he passed, this new information which is like activating our pineal gland.

Part 8
Lois asks the question if the average person can be helped if they have not been studying the Mayan Factor for the last ten years.

Stephanie says one of the key messages José received in 1989, from Pacal Votan was that Pacal said he would return in everyone in a form they could understand. Pacal represents a master synchroniser  So in a nut shell, all José’s work with the 13 moon 28 day calendar was to bring a unification of consciousness.

By turning into the 13 moon 28 day cycle, your frequency can change she says. She says that many people are becoming to experience the increase in unity and synchronicity in our life.

Lois talks about the return of the Christ and the Christ light. She says it’s all one light and it may be appearing in different formats such as through the Mayan material.

Stephanie says it’s all leading us to the same ultimate stream. She says the Mayan factor links everything together, that it’s a matrix.

She says the 5,125 year cycle that is being concluded now is like an information beam of knowledge coming through other star systems. It’s like an experiment during this time period.

She feels December 21st is going to be an opportunity for a huge influx in alignment light synthesis according to a new level of consciousness.

Part 9
Lois talks about an interview she did with José back in 2004. José said when this time comes, we will lose our identity and take on a new identity. She asks what this means to Stephanie.

Stephanie says that that all the conditionings with our old self is shifting and crumbling. We will realise we are galactic beings on this planet. We will realise our true star nature and that we are here on this planet visiting.

We will learn to identify with our new higher dimensional nature.

We are dissolving our old persona and we just need to be our authentic self without trying any more, without creating an image for our self. We should be really real with each other and learn how to love and care for each other again.

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A beautiful pulling together of information… that which you are so good at! 🙂


Thanks AV. I did rush it a tiny wee bit but I think I managed to include everything I wanted to. I must have spent about 12 to 15 hours this weekend writing/scheduling blogs.


Great stuff!! You really wrapped it all up there in a perfect collation. My favorite quote:"No, the chaos is mostly a breaking down of the belief systems. The chaos is caused by the belief systems being challenged and brought down to a place of a complete blank slate, or clean slate. And that is the chaos for many. Those who go on to the new world are comfortable with new belief systems, and therefore, will no longer struggle the way those struggle now." I am in the first wave too. I have always affected electrics all my life and have… Read more »


Thanks WAI. There would certainly be a lot of blank slates in many areas of life if the changes come.

It is quite enjoyable reading about all the characteristics of the waves and finding you or someone you know fit into them. It's a bit like reading an astrology forecast in a way.


Authentic. Love you all, one unity.