NASA admits existence of of UFO’s / Orbs near Space craft


It’s interesting to see this in the Main Stream Media. The news report from Fox News which shows three white UFO / Orb like objects in the sky. Wayne goes on to say the following,

Over the years we have chased many many many of these things, maybe not with the visibility that this one has gotten. Rarely if ever been able to pin point exactly where they come from and always finding out that it didn’t pose us any hazard.” -Space Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale 

Note that this was an old news report and not from this month.

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these recognition of ufo's for feb are bot hits as well from the IDIR's. I forget which one but he says that UFO acknowledgement will pick up a lot in Feb. Now its happening. Nice. Soon the genie will be out of the bottle on that whole part of our existence that has been covered up.


Oops, I forgot to include the video!