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Sean David Morton interviewed Clif High on Freedom Slips Radio today and here is my summary. Note that many people who recorded this has break ups in the transmission so there are a few things missing from this particular summary. (a few minutes in one place, seconds in another) This interview is quite good by the way and worth listening to or reading this summary.

I did not summarise Clif High’s interview on the Jeff Rense Show that occurred on the 24th of Janurary 2014 because I basically heard a lot of complaints about how bad it was in regards to the topics within it. (i.e. no new information or anything useful to report, ‘two old guys talking about nothing’)

I will be getting to the point with this one so will just put in new information only. You can find a download for the interview in four parts here. (Untick ‘use our download manager’)

Main topics include,
free will
clif high inventing the web spider in 1993 and MS buying it
solar watch (NZ site) and late March prediction
the end of the webbot (‘great silence’) 
global coastal event
polar vortex collapse
someone betting on the power outage of the super bowl based on Clf”s prediction (won $91k)

Clif starts off doing a summary about how humans are simply signal processing devices for the purpose of picking up psychic information as they are talking about how the webbot works which has been discussed so many times now.

Sean David Morton asks Clif if he thinks everything is predestined or if we are changing things as we go. Clif says he doesn’t by into the idea of predestination or free will as people understand it. Clif gives the example about being in a fight and punching someone. Your fist and fingers would impact the other person, but as for the damage you get to your fist, whether it’s a particular finger or not, or the actual specific damage done to the person, all this may be up to chance and free will (“positional random chance at the quantum level) but the person who gets hit, pain is certainly meant to occur no matter what.

Clif gives another example of how a group of people are on a raft going down a river. Each person reacts in different ways if a crisis comes up(raft impaled under water, everyones at risk of drounding) but the circumstances around how people react are not a predestined thing. The circumstances there will elicit certain levels of character Clif says.

From Clif’s viewpoint there is predestination for the circumstances. Clif thinks that humans have no control of circumstances. But what we can control is our attitude. So we are free to react as we should, could or would, based upon our awareness in a certain set of circumstances but Universe will have that particular circumstance exist and present you with it whether you like that component or not but you need not participate in Universes general scheme of things.

Another example, if you get mugged, you don’t have to be a victim. So you can react in many different ways. But the mugging was destined to occur.

I didn’t know this but Sean David Morton starts talking about how Clif invented the entire field around web spiders back in 1993 and there was contact between Clif and Microsoft and Clif designed programs for them based around the ‘language model’ which lead to a pattern.

They get into a discussion between the princeton egg and the web spider technology that Clif invented.

Sean David Morton now gets into talk about ‘Solar Watch’, a website ran over in New Zealand. Sean David Morton says that the Solar Watch guys are predicting an 8.0 event around the pacific rim, possibly in the southern pacific rim, possibly around Chile at the end of March. He also says they are saying a new alignment is coming and that the Earth will be in a strait line, where a tube has opened up, with the black hole in the center of the Galaxy. (I have never heard of these Solar Watch guys -Laron)

And, the third thing Sean David Morton brings up is about the ‘great silence’ where Clif has mentioned the webbot goes dead.

Clif starts off answering that and saying that the Solar Watch guys are quite correct with their prediction at the end of March but he isn’t aware of the pacific rim location specifically.

The audio now cuts off and starts off somewhere else. (really bad timing) The discussion is now about the predictions but that ends.

So I will just add some personal opinions here. I think what the solar watch guys have picked up is the light event that Clif mentioned in his recent Feb 7 IDIR that I summarised here. Clif talks about an event from the sun occurign two months out from the IDIR, which would roughly make it around the first week of April but because he has seen it so long before, the accuracy of the timing could be a few weeks out either side I would guess.

This is a worry if it’s related to the Global Coastal Event because it may be coming a lot sooner than we suspect. However… from that particular IDIR on the 7th, it gave me the impression that some events will occur, some major ones, before the pacific plate crack that is the main … event around the GCE. All this is speculation and Clif is going to have some very useful information coming up with each weeks IDIR as we et closer to those dates.

Back to the interview – They are talking about a volcano erupting and then Sean David Morton asks Clif if he thinks that the United States is protected by some technology to stop them getting Earthquakes. Clif goes into an answer about the expansion of the Earth theory and how it relates to America not getting a big one for so long.

Clif’s dogs start barking as this goes on. It’s the first time I have heard them through all Clif’s audio work. (kind of interesting..)

Sean David Morton asks about the ‘Great Silence’. The period where the webbot stops. Clif says that the long term language which has been coming up for years now has changed more to immediacy data over the past few years or so(its not clear of a time frame). In other words, the webbot has been gathering data for long term events and its then started bringing in a whole lot more data for more immediate events in the short term future.

Clif explains about why he thinks this is happening, and how it’s about people using the internet more frequently and such things as twitter and social networks clogging it up.

Clif talks about how he predicted 9/11 and how he gave information out and his software started picking up that information and feeding back in on it self, screwing things up. So Clif realised that people are going to start discussing his work and he needed some way of filtering it out. He created something to stop this from happening.

(I hope it’s working for my blog because I’m probably the number one source online for his material-Laron)

Clif finally gets to the webbot showing the physical drop off from the internet from May 2013. Clif says the holes that are turning the webbot data into swiss cheese will rapidly increase as bits and peaces of the internet infrastructure falls away and from May 2013 there is a silence. Clif says that this has been seen all the way back since 2003.

A whole lot of ads come on which luckily are not part of the recording I have, then Sean David Morton starts talking about rubbish and finally Clif comes back to something useful. Sean David Morton mentions a huge wave coming across the planet and Clif is very clear that this is not going to happen.

Clif mentions that there could be a number of tsunami’s, not displacement wave. Clif talks about the difference between tidal waves and displacement waves and tsunamis which he has mentioned before.

Clif talks about the major trunk lines in the United States and how it would be easy for the whole phone system to go down in the US. Undersea cables are mentioned which also would cause communication loss if they are impacted. Sean David Morton then starts insulting the Arabs.

Annoying Sean David Morton keeps speaking over Clif and the interview really slows down.

Clif brings up the polar vortex collapse which I reported on here. Clif explains that its like a cone that people stick on Dogs heads to stop them from licking themselves. The narrowest part of the cone is down at the top of the north pole, the wide part extends out to space and this super coldness comes in. The air is effected with high energy particles and this is why it’s cold at the poles. (this is the best explanation I have heard about what the polar cortex is-Laron)

Sean David Morton again keeps interrupting!

Clif says the cone at the top of the planet is maintained by a magnetic force that is no longer there as our whole magnetosphere is like swiss cheese at the moment and has gone to nothing. The only thing holding it in place is the atmospheric pressure. The soft magnetic cone dipped when the north pole moved towards siberia, and longated towards Russia. This provided the -50 degrees Celsius temperature where lots of people died over there and so on and that may come US’s direction.

Clif explains that the atmospheric pressure keeping the America safe has been blown to hell because of the storms in the north east. So Clif mentions that his IDIR predictions showed a storm forming that would eliminate the last barrier of the polar vortex and it would collapse in the north east where such things would occur like harbors would freeze. Rubber on the tires of cars would freeze and the air would go away. Plastics would crack. Power lines would fall off the poles. These sort of events would contribute to the holes in the webbot data leading to the ‘end of the webbot’. (thats my term-Laron)

Clif mentions the data showing an earthquake that brings down bridges a thousand miles in distance. Clif says that he thinks the pacific plate crack is probably what causes the global earthquake at the same moment it cracks.. this is interesting as it hasn’t been clear when the global earthquake was going to happen.

Clif mentions that someone who followed his power outage prediction of the Super Bowl, put twenty five thousand dollars down on that exact event before the super bowl occurred and .. he won the bet of course. Clif says he’s been talking to the guy today about it. The guy offered Clif some of the money but Clif refused it.

Sean David Morton asks what people can do to prepare for this. Clif says the same old stuff as you would expect. (common sense stuff)

“Take care of your self and educate your self because your on your own. There won’t be Government, there won’t be rescue and if your not prepared to face that, you will be left behind.” Clif finishes up with.

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Elaine Earl

Thanks for writing this summary! Do you think you could point me to the report/posting, etc. where Clif predicts the power outage at the Super Bowl? I would just love to rub some people's nose in it.
Thanks, Elaine


Hi Elaine, nice of you to drop by and comment.

You would find it by typing 'power outage' into the search box in the top right. But the link is,

From there you will get a link to the summary of the IDIR I made. You would need to sign up and pay a monthly fee to access the original audio file that has it.