Largest water spout in Australia caught on video – Batemans Bay NSW


On the 18th of November, the largest water spout ever recorded on film appeared off the coast of Long Beach at Bateman’s Bay, New South Wales, Australia. It’s said that the water spout lasted around 20 minutes.

A video of part of the water spout event can be found here.

People on the coast at the time of the event are quoted as saying that the temperature all of a sudden changed and it got very cold and the clouds went dark. Then the water spout formed.

A waterspout is a large rotating cloud that can only move across a body of water. Water spouts are known to reach speeds of up 160 km/h(99mp/h). Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Mick Logan said that water spouts are more common in Winter and this was a rare event. (it’s not Winter in Australia)

This is just more expected unusual weather, but it’s close to home so I had to mention it.

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