Cliff High’s webbot Wujos for November 2012


Cliff High, the webbot co creator and founder, has released four audio blogs this month, November 2012. I have listened to all of them and summarised the more important parts relating to our 2012 times.

Cliff High Wujo 25th November  2012 – 50 minute audio
Cliff starts off discussing part of an interview he heard on Coast to Coast. George Nory interviewed Drunvalo was talking about a crustal shift which is suppose to ‘go down’ on the 21st of December 2012. Drunvalo says that we are going to have a magnetic pole shift and this will induce a crustal shift. As a result, magnetism will go away and the mantle of the earth would become liquid plus the crust would go walk about a great distance.

Cliff was into this theory a long time ago but in the late 90’s he started questioning the theory. The evidence Drunvalopresents goes back to Charles Hapgood’s research. This information showed that the shift occurs every thirteen thousand years. Cliff explains that all this information is valid and all this evidence is valid but the problem is that ‘they are wrong’ he says.

Cliff’s theory is that the planet is expanding and says the Earth is a ‘being’ that will grow over time. Cliff mentions Neil Adam’s and his earth expansion video’s on youtube.

For Drunvalo’s theory to be valid, a whole series of events need to occur before the magnetic pole shift and these events are not happening.

Cliff goes into a bit of stuff that isn’t really interesting, then he talks about the poles going walkabout on the sun and how the sun had more than one pole back in the year 2000 and then no poles and so on, so he thinks that it wouldn’t be unusual that something like this did happen on Earth.

Cliff discusses how nothing in the universe is stable and when something is found that is stable, it’s usually dead.

He then goes on to discuss how important having stability in our life through many different activities.

He summarised that Drunvalo is wrong with the interpretation of the evidence but not in his approach.

Cliff High Wujo 21st November  2012 – 1:08 minute audio
Cliff brings up the three groups of remote viewing groups that validated his webbot data about the Coastal Costal event which will impact 95% of humanity at a personal level. He explains that 80-90% of what we need to survive day to day, comes from a costal area. (by June the 1st, 2013, water has inundated most coastlines around the world among other earth change events) He explains that this will affect future generations.

Ok, this is really important… Cliff’s webbot dataset information runs through to May of 2013, but then the data starts ‘crapping out’. Cliff explains that the data goes blank after that date. This means the internet is no longer a viable means for us to do work or use. This means that there is not enough volume of data on the internet for the webbot data to find predictions to be able to run any more and predict the future past that date.

Cliff explains that Government is nowhere to be seen after June the 1st, 2013. There is no Government out offering help anywhere. He does say that the Government may be in their bunkers but don’t or can’t come out.

Cliff brings up the book, Sands of Time and talks about Aliens coming to Earth which is discussed in the book. (This type of information also comes up in Cliff’s latest webbot data)

Cliff says that a crack in the pacific place is probably related to the upcoming events which in turn connects up with the expanding Earth theory. He talks about the west coast of America being hit by tsunami’s as a result of this. He says the pacific plate crack may be part of the May 2013 events, but also may occur this year and be a precursor to a major event. (from what he’s saying, this really matches up with Jessica’s psychic prediction I have discussed before)

He then goes on about the World Government Citizenship thing that millions of people have signed up to. I am not going to go into it as I don’t think it would be that important when communications is down and not many people in the world would likely be able to talk to each other next year, going by what may happen. However, it may help individuals and communities manage them selves so it may be worth looking into for those out there preparing.

Actually, after listening to another 20 minutes of Cliff talking about the World Government, it does make sense. But I do look at it as something secondary compared to the greater scheme of things and I rarely talk about secondary stuff on here!

Cliff High Wujo 18th November  2012 – 52 minute audio
From looking at his latest webbot data, Cliff mentions that most of the extreme weather is occurring in the Atlantic.

He mentions again about the pacific plate or rupture, would be a participating component in the Global Coastal event and events after that which is of course because of the planet’s expansion going on now.

He gives the analogy that the Earth is like an insect shedding it’s shell and growing into something else. (this would match up with a blog I posted about the Earth developing it’s mental auric/spiritual layer)

Cliff thinks that the Earth will have additional days added on to the standard year as a result of the earth’s expansion.

He says that Island nation states south of the crack in the pacific north would be largely impacted by tsunamis. He says there may be a simultaneous crack in the south pacific plate as well as a North which would cause problems for Australia and the eastern coast of Africa. The good news he says, is that the Atlantic basin is not initially impacted but will be later from the water flow from the Pacific.

Cliff expects 2021 to be the date that the Earth’s earth changes settle down and the Earth in general becomes stable once again.

Cliff High Wujo 10th November  2012 – 1 hour audio
Cliff starts off saying that the various ancient constructions of the Egyptians  Cambodians, Thai’s, Inca’s, Mayan’s, Ancient Vedic Hindu’s, all used nearly an identical form of cement in all their instructions. Chunks of stone from each of these places have been taken and analysed and it’s been found that the stone is made from a form of cement. The stone has a resistance to high temperatures.

The conclusion is that the Mayan’s are the originator of this cement and this technology of how to create the stone was spread around the planet.

Because of this new information, Cliff goes on to say that the Egyptians may have colonies setup that belonged to a central America civilisation.

He then gets into some discussion over a person – ‘Daniel’ who supplies information to David Wilcock. He moves from that into vedic math and how it relates to temporal engineering.

The rest of audio blog isn’t really related to anything important worth mentioning.

Well that’s it for my summary of his four audio blogs. I think the main two aspects that are important to repeat from all of this is that part of the upcoming events will be caused by a crack(s) in the Pacific. North and South from the sounds of his data. The second aspect would be about his webbot software not being able to pick up much or any more data from April/May 2013. This time period is the date I have been predicting for a few years now as to when the ‘main’ events would occur and these tie into eclipses going on at that time.

I have to say that this information is becoming more and more real to me, as where before I wasn’t that confident that something was actually going to happen, however i do feel strongly now that there is some really good evidence coming through from the remote viewers and the webbot data that something will occur. It’s only a matter of time now.

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