Animals in the afterlife – Life After Death by Neville Randall


A week or so ago I finished off another book, Life After Death by Neville Randall which was published in 1975. Neville sifted through around 500 recorded conversations that psychics Betty Greene and George Woods held with those who had passed on. He compiled the book based upon all that information. One of the interesting topics that came up was on Animals in relation to their life after death. I am going to write up the whole chapter dedicated to this subject. Here it is below.

In a nation of animal lovers, the death of a favourite dog, cat or pony can cause as much distress as the loss of a human relation. The next world seems a bleak and lonely prospect without them.

The voices tell a different tale. Nothing surprised or delighted the more than being greeted in the next world by their favourite domestic animals or pets. Spouses and parents were sometimes expected. But Rover racing around in circles was a bonus.

George Wilmot, rag-and-bone merchant  a drop out from marriage, parted from two wives who were ‘no bloody good’, spent most of his visit recalling his astonishment at being greeted by his old horse.

‘Old Jenny’ he said, ‘she used to pull my cart in earlier years, in my thirties. I was real upset when poor old Jenny collapsed and died. She was as near to me as any woman could be, in fact more so. I had great affection for old Jenny. She knew everything that I ever said to her, i’m sure she did. She was as cute as they come. A real beaut. She wasn’t much to look at, I suppose, as horses go of course, but she was a real nice old nag.

‘The first thing I remember when I woke up over here was being in a – well, I suppose you’d call it a field. I seemed to be sitting, lying under a tree. I remember waking up. I could see this horse coming towards me, and there was my old Jenny! Cor!

‘She looked younger of course, and she was so thrilled and so happy  you could sense and feel it. I can’t say how. This is something I can’t explain  But it was almost as if she was talking to me. It was extraordinary. I couldn’t hear any voice, and you don’t expect to hear a horse speak, but it was somehow mentally I suppose.

‘I now realise it must have been as if she was speaking to me and welcoming me. She came beside me and was licking my face. Goodness me, I’ll never forget this as long as I life, I was so thrilled and excited, and patting and fussing her. And then it was as if I heard a voice behind me. I turned round, and there was a fine looking chap. I should think he was about six foot two, fair-haired, young. He says, “I’ve come to look after you.”

“Come to look after me?” I says. “What are you talking about?”

‘I was so taken aback what with Jenny and the rest of it.’

“Yes, I’m going to look after you”, he says. “I’ve been put in charge of you.”

“What do you mean in charge of me?” I’m always capable of looking after myself,” he says. “You know you are dead.”

‘Of course for a moment it struck me like a thunder bolt. And it suddenly came to me. Of course Jenny had been dead for years, and I’d had another little nag after her you see. A nice horse, but never like Jenny.’

‘So he says, “You’re dead”, and I thought, “Well I don’t know what to make of this lark,”

‘Then it seemed to me as if he was able to show me something. I don’t know whether he showed it to be but I suppose he did. I could see myself lying in a bed, stuff and stark, you know, and it was as if I was looking at my own body. And yet I wasn’t there. I saw them put this body on a trolley and wheel it away. And I was walking behind this body being wheeled out, and then it all disappeared and I was back where i was with this bloke.’

“My name is Michael,” he said.
“Oh yes.”
“Do you realise you are dead?”
“Well. I don’t know what to think.”

“You’ve just had that realisation, didn’t you, that vision of your body,” he says. “You know you died in that hospital.”

“Well I recollect not I was very ill in hospital, but how can I be dead when I’m here and talking to you, and I’ve got Jenny?”

“Well isn’t Jenny some evidence to you that you’re dead?

“Well, it seems very strange. Then again,” I said, “if i’m in heaven if that’s it, you don’t expect to find horses there. They haven’t got any souls, have they?”

“Ah, that’s what they tell you when you’re on Earth,” he says. “That they haven’t got any sort of other life, only just the old material sort of life as you call it. That horse, because of its nearness to you and the love and affection you showered on it, as given it something which helps it to extend its life span.”

‘I didn’t quite get all this lark “extend its life span” and all the rest of it.’

“But while you have love and affection for that horse,” he said, “that horse will have an existence. Human beings don’t know their responsibilities to animals. Ever since I’ve been here, which is hundreds of years…”

‘Of course I looked at him when he said that .I thought well, this is a bit much you know, looking so young and spruce and nice looking after hundreds of years. I thought well anyway it didn’t do to interrupt this gentlemen. After all I felt a bit lost and I thought I’ll have to mind my ps and qs.’

“Oh,” he says, “time is nothing, you see. I’ve been here for hundreds of years, and part of my responsibility and my job here is to see and care for animals .I often go down into the pits.”

‘I wondered what the hell he meant when he said pits, and I thought he meant hell or something.’

“No,” he said. “Pits where they have animals down the mines. I tend to them and try to help them, but there’s not a great deal you can do. Over here we have great plains where animals congregate and where there is love and affection, and they can be cared for. People have this stupid idea that because they are human beings they’re the only ones that have got any right to a future existence, should there be one. Then you get the religious ones who think there must be. There is, but they haven’t much of a conception of it either.”

‘Of course he was talking a lot of stuff here, you know, and I was getting very intrigued. And all the times he was talking I was half listening and half thinking about myself. What I was going to do,  you know  being dead and all the rest of it. It was as if he was illustrating things and I was trying to take it in. At the same time I couldn’t stop thinking about myself and my own worries.’

“You don’t want to sit here,” he says. “Let’s walk.”

‘So I says, “All right.”

‘I walked beside him and we walked through this field into what appeared to be a road through a little gate. It was just as if you were in the country on Earth you know. And I was walking along, the horse followed me.’

‘I thought well, I don’t know. It seemed so strange this horse following me. Yet I was so fond of it, and there was no doubt. It was the same horse and I’d had before.’

Wilmot was one of many who were startled to find a domestic animal living the same sort of life in the next world as they did in this. When Terry Smith, drowned when the Hood was sunk, entered his first heavenly home, one of the first things that shook him was seeing a black cat sitting in a chintzy chair.

‘All of a sudden,’ he said, ‘this cat did a most funny thing. He jumped off his chair and came up to me, sat on his hind legs looked up at me, sort of cocked his ears up and he didn’t miaow, didn’t make a noise like a cat, but it was just as if the thing spoke! Do you know I nearly dropped, I was so shaken.’

“Oh don’t worry,” she says, “you’ill get used to that. The animals over here have developed to a great extent their ability to make themselves understood. Of course on earth in a way they can do that, but we don’t hear them speak because they haven’t language as we understand it. But over here their thoughts are such that they can vibrate the atmosphere and you can hear the sounds. It’s merely their thoughts being transmitted to you so that you can hear them. This car says, ‘How are you?'”

‘I thought by Christ, this is quite mad. Cats don’t say “How are you?” I didn’t know what to do, what to say.’

“Don’t worry,” she says. “You’ill get used to that  Animals are much more sensitive that people realise, and they have their own knowledge of things. They can transmit thoughts and pick up thoughts, and you’ll get used to the fact that animals can convey a great deal more from this side than they can on earth.”

‘I got sort of adjusted to the idea and said: “Very well thanks.”And it seemed as if the cat said: “I hope you’ll be happy here.” Then he went back and sat on the chair, curled up and so far as I was concerned, went to sleep.’

A little later Terry’s heavenly guardian took him for his first walk through the village to meet his new neighbours. They didn’t go alone.

‘As we walked out,’ he said, ‘the cat got up and walked out and followed us. It was walking along just as if it was – well, like you’d expect a dog more than a cat. “All right,” she says, “come along,” and kept calling it Nelly. I thought, “Nelly’s a funny name for a cat. I never heard of a cat called Nelly before.”‘

“You think it’s an odd name for a cat, don’t you?”

“I’ve never heard of a cat called Nelly. I suppose there’s no reason why a cat shouldn’t be called Nelly as well as Tiddles.”

“Well, Nelly’s the name of my Mother gave this cat.”

“Your Mother?” I said. “How old’s that cat then?”

“This cat must be now, judging by material age, about sixty years old, “she replied.

George Hopkins, the Sussex farmer was delighted as any of them, ‘to see my old dog racing about and wagging his tail and jumping up and down.’

He had another surprise coming.

‘What are you going now?’ asked Woods later in the sitting.

‘Well,’ he replied, ‘I’m very interested in cattle.”

‘You still have cattle over there?’

‘Oh yes, and we’ve got horses. I was always very fond of animals and horses in particular. I love cattle and we have cattle here. Why not? We have lovely pasture lands  lovely fields and animals just the same as you do. everyone lives near to nature. There’s no killed. I have my garden which si Love very much. I have my cattle. I like to walk, and I like to ride a horse which is a thing I didn’t have much opportunity for strangely enough, though I worked on the land. I never seemed able to do some things, even like riding a horse. Walk in front of a horse, yes. But as to riding, well very seldom.’

‘Do you find,’ asked Better Greene, ‘the cattle, the animals, they’ve got a higher degrees of consciousness  the ones you’re dealing with? They understand you?’

‘Yes. I would say definitely yes to that. Of course they have  And then again I think when one’s on earth, one is inclined to underestimate the intelligence cattle have got.’

‘After all, they have their feelings, and emotions, and they are not an unintelligent lot of animals, you know. Of course I know in your world there is great controversy as to whether one should kill animals for food. I don’t know what to say in regard to that. I should have thought it was unnecessary, because there are so many other forms of food one can eat and live on, and in any case I don’t think it’s a good thing to eat putrefied flesh of animal. I don’t see that it can be of any real good to a human being. And after all, I think an animal has its right to life as much as man. In fact more so in many cases I should think.’

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Wow Laron! You sure do read books fast! I wish I could read as fast as you. I could learn that much faster 😉

I really liked this chapter. I just have a question. About the horse, Jenny. The guy told him that his horse is still alive because he loved her so much. Or at least that's the way I took it. So, that extends their life.

Interesting, in that I thought all animals always went to Heaven and potentially lived forever. However, I'm no expert on animals.

Thank you very much for a very interesting read 🙂

I get a lot of train time sometimes and this book was a short one. But I would consider myself a slow reader compared to the average person. Slow on purpose as I like to take in the information and not rush through it, whatever it is. I have a pretty good idea on how it works for animals and I think we are just not hearing all the information from what was said in that chapter. Plus, it's an interpretation based upon the type of individuals that are coming through. What I mean is, I think that some people that do this work get a certain type of client and they have a pattern around that. This type may have been people who are not so well developed spiritually and more of the 'average' kind. Where if there had been a lot of people with more of a developed spirituality and consciousness, their experience in the afterlife relating to animals would have been much different. This was 1975 as well, so my guess is that it would be a 20 year period before that where all this information came through and was put together and written about. People back… Read more »

Thanks Laron! Makes sense to me 🙂