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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Melting of the Dolomites reveals WW1 bodies

As the ice around the world melts from major glaciers to the North pole it self, due to this current cycle, discoveries are being made underneath all that ice. In this case, high up in the Dolomites, a mountain range in the north east of Italy, the remains of the bodies of two soldies from World War 1 have been found. 

The area in which they were located was once a battlefield of the forces of Italy and Austro-Hungaria. The bodies have been identified as soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian army. It's believed they were killed around May 1918.

The altitude they were found at was around ten thousand feet.

Ironically they were discovered by employees of a company which is covering the glacier with vast tarpaulins to try to halt its shrinking as a result of rising temperatures.

One interesting fact is that more than half of the ice-covered area of the Alps has disappeared since 1850, the end of a cold spell known as the Little Ice Age.

All this makes you wonder what else is going to be uncovered as the ice melts in different places around the world. Perhaps remains of Atlantis? Strange crafts? When we let our imagination go, we could come up with some good story and movie plots!

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angelicview said...

Interesting! To me, it sounds rather silly to try and cover mountains and valleys with a tarp to try and stop a natural process. Shaking my Head (SMH) :)

Laron said...

Same here... sounds a bit ridiculous.