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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Global Coastal Event in 2013

Update January 29, 2013 - Please see my new Global Coastal Event summary as of January 2013 here.

Original Post - On the 17th of April, 2011, I wrote a blog titled the Pacific Prediction. Back then I had never heard of the remote viewing projects, and I also had never looked at any material that Cliff High had released from his WebBot project which related in any way to this material in question. With this article here, I am linking up my pacific prediction blog with the predicted global coastal event from Cliff High’s webbot and Courtney Brown’s remote viewing studies. I will summarise each of these and some to a final conclusion. In my opinion this information is very important to take note of and provides a good point of reference from a very practical and physical viewpoint, to what 2012 is going to be all about in the end

All three of above sources of information predict an event that seems to start off in the pacific ocean and as a result this event affects the surrounding countries in a major way and involves water and tsunami’s coming inland.

Back when I wrote my pacific prediction blog, I had no information that could help me with working out a date of when the event would occur so I just made a prediction based on the information I had at the time. Cliff High also could not work out when the event would occur. But once he correlated his information with the remote viewing experiments which are based around a similar global event, he was able to work out the time frame.

Surprisingly to me, the time frame matches up with what I have been saying for years now, especially since I finished all the research I did on anything 2012 related - that the major 2012 earth change event, if it happens, would happen in early 2013, not in 2012. What the remote viewing experiments have shown is that by June the 1st, 2013, the event has happened. What Cliff High expects is the timing to be around April/May, and this is what I agree with because of the astrology aspects that the eclipses in that period are in.

I am now going to be through a summary of each of these sources of information. Below are a summary of a few audio blogs of Cliff High’s webbot related information.

* * *
Cliff's Wujo - September the 3rd, 2012

Cliff's theory as of this date, is that the event seen by remote viewing, and through his webbot information, may be related to an event at the south pole which causes the ice to suddenly move or melt.

He talks about a shift in the Antarctica ice, a giant mass leaves Antarctica causing tsunamis devastating coasts up into alaska. He thinks there would not be a long term water rise though because of the ocean being so big.

Cliff says it may take up to six weeks for all the ice to move into the ocean but the first part could start the tsunami. It could be weeks that the waves take to grow higher and higher... over a number of weeks.

He mentions again about the webbot information showing giant wind storms, earthquakes, terrific rains, volcanic debris in the sky globally.
Cliff says that it may not be possible to ever discover what caused the event that brings the disaster because of how communications get taken out. Meaning there would be no news on the event to explain what happened.

* * *
Cliff’s Wujo - August 9th, 2012

In all the experiments they have done, Cliff and also the remote viewing experiments, there has always been no government in what they have viewed.

He discusses the expanding of the pacific plate. His theory is unseen energies coming from the sun causing the plates to expand and crack. The crack alone could be related to the global coastal event.

It doesn’t have to mean if something hits the earth from space, such as debris from the asteroid belt in space. So there are a number of things that could cause this and Cliff mentions this in his blogs.

The information from the Farsight Instititutet shows the waves going in land but then coming back out into the ocean, such as in California and Hawaii. Cliff expects bad earthquakes from the information and also very violent storms.

* * *
Cliff’s Wujo - July 23rd 2012 2012 remote viewing experiments

Courtney Brown, has come up with an experiment that Validates remote viewing. In the process of this, he came across information showing that some kind of earth changes happen before June the 1st, 2013 because of the results that came up.

Cliff participated in an experiment that validates many of the components that produced through their remote viewing projects. He also conducted his own control experiment and worked with the Hawaiian remote viewers group and another group in Europe that validates the validation experiment he participated in. So because of this and his own information coming in from 2003 to 2006, he has a strong opinion that an event is going to happen and he is preparing him self for this event, or series of events coming early in 2013.

The remote viewers show this to be a three wave situation, not a single shot causing a major event but a series of events over a short time period.

At this stage, he is not sure what the exact cause is of the global coastal event. But he has his own theories as you will hear if you listen to his various audio video blogs after this one.

Cliff works with datasets with the webbot. What this means is that the webbot software creates a set of data from a scan over a period of time and he then correlates that one data set and summarises the predictions in it through various means such as his audio blogs and reports.

In this audio blog, he talks about a dataset back in early 2004 that includes information on the global coastal event, but back then from this same data in this one dataset, he accurately predicted the 2004 boxing day tsunami in Sumatra, 9 months in advance, the Scott Peterson trial being emptied out of a courthouse because of an earthquake (I have never heard of this). Also the ship that run around off the coast of Italy recently this year was predicted. Therefore he believes that this dataset was a very accurate dataset which gives credence towards this information being more accurate to Cliff.

Cliff then mentions that the remote viewing experiments and the method he uses to get this information is like bricks and oranges, as in the methods being used are so very different from each other. He explains that the information coming out of the recent experiements, are accurately to parts of the dataset he had back in 2004.

Cliff goes on to augment together notes he made over the years from the webbot and also the farsight information.

Webbot information related to the event predicted by June 2013
-Global electricity grid goes down. Some areas may retain electricity
-Food supply issues
-Structural issues with buildings  from bad weather and earthquakes
-Large loss of life
-No sign of government
-No hospitals operating
-No petrol/gas
-No deliver systems
-Crimes, rioting, looting
-Major weather issues and dust storms, very high winds
-Inland areas are not much better than coastal areas because of flooding inland, new seas being formed, erosion
-No economy
-No information showing of people coming out of underground bunkers such as government/military/police coming out after the event
-Tidal flooding
-Local habitation on coasts and ports are ‘unusable’

Cliff’s webbot information for the locations that are studied in the projects match up, but Cliff has other cities covered by the webbot information.

* * *
12th Feb 2011 - 2012: A Remote-Viewing Experiment (Full Version)
Farsight Institute

Courtney Brown presents it and starts off explaining that they only use remote viewers who are very experienced and have been remote viewing for a decade or more. Some have worked in military.

The Farsight Institute remote viewers lead by Courtney Brown have worked in collaboration with the Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild, lead by Glenn Wheaton and with another group of remote viewers lead by Lyn Buchanan worked on this project.  Through this project they have been able to successfully describe the future through using a temporal outbounder.

Courtney explains that all the remote viewers are military grade which there are about 20 of on the planet, and they are the best there is.

Through their research, they have worked out there are multiple realities, meaning multiple time lines which matches up with my own research on spiritual theories.

Through eight geographical locations, they have remote viewed two different time lines in the future along with two different dates. There are a lot of statistics presented here, but it shows that they are very accurate with the results on a 2008 date, which they got right of course.

The second date is June the 1st, 2013. Through what the remote viewers saw, they accurately remote viewed the physical locations that they were being tested on, but everyone involved in the project did not expect what they would see to be after some kind of earth change event. As not only did they see the locations accurately, the locations were devastated by an event.

We are looking at an accuracy of around  50%, meaning there is a 50% chance that what they saw is going to happen in 2013. But it’s not as simple as this. (see the video to learn more information)

On average at all those locations around the globe, they saw the following,

-What looked to be from an impact of large meteors which lead to tsunami’s and also volcanism events.
-Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas.
-Excessive solar radiation.
-Storms and other severe weather.
-Massive self-organised relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
-No functioning Governments (no rescues going on)
-Breakdown of the food supply systems
-No vehicular transport
-Extensive loss of buildings on the coasts

In one example, which was based on the site of the Opera House in Sydney Australia, there is something that produces a large wave of water which comes inland, and people leaving the city/coastal area.

Another example was in Mombasa, Kenya, very similar to Sydney, a massive tsunami is coming into the Mombasa area, pushing inland for some reason.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa was another location. A wave is seen coming to the base of the mountain. Kilimanjaro is a long way inland and is 20 thousand feet high.

* * *
The Pacific prediction
April 17th, 2011

I wrote about a number of things in this blog, and the reason I wrote it was because of a feeling of intuition that made me bring bits and pieces of information together that related to the same event in my mind.

There were two main topics I covered, one was relating to the the way the plates are moving in the Pacific. Here is a quote from the article,

My friend in New Zealand has noticed how after the recent large earthquake that happened in Christchurch, that from his perspective, from looking at the laylines and their connections to Christchurch, Hawaii, Fiji, etc, shows that whatever pushed the plates was in the central pacific and around Hawai. He has noticed a pattern forming to work out that information.
Which in turn, supports the theory of an event happening in the central pacific area, possibly Fiji, that could be an upcoming earth change.”

The second part was about a psychic prediction from a close friend of mine at the time. Here are some quotes from that,

She said that an event will occur around the Fiji area. I asked what event it would be, but the information coming through was explaining that the specific details of the event was not important and what was important was what happened afterwards. So my guess is that a volcano could erupt , possibly from a large earth quake in that area, or a combination of many things.

She then went on to say that this event would effect all the countries around the pacific. I asked about my home town in New Zealand, Nelson and I was told it would be ‘flooded’. I can’t recall now if the effect was tsunami’s that caused all the chaos from the event , or something else. However, I strongly got the impression it was. There was no useful timing information of what month or year, I was just told ‘soon’. Which really could mean anything in the greater scheme of things where time doesn’t exist in higher dimensions and we are simply a blink of an eye in the history of the earth.”

I was told that the Japanese tsunami that killed around thity thousand people, was just a warning for us. Which also means to me... most likely more tsunami’s are on the way?...

She said that the event that happens is going to bring people together. Countries and their people will forget all the old wounds and issues and politics and simply be providing aid and help to all the countries and people affected. Just look at how Australia and America offered help to Japan. This is what would happen on a broader scale if such a large event happened. It brings people together and it raises the energy, vibration and consciousness of the planet. While the event could cause a lot of people to cross over, it will be in a way a cleansing of the earth and the universal consciousness.

I remember something else my friend once told me. She said that if the earth changes were going to be so bad, and so many people would die, then that would be causing far too much fear and that would be the opposite of the purpose of all of this, the Golden Age, the consciousness shift to the earth and it’s beings. The events coming and the more frequent and larger one’s we have already seen since about 2004, are not going to be causing the end of the world, which I am confident about. They are simply events, one after the other, causing a cleansing in a way. As we can see, they are getting larger, more prominent. More and more people are taking notice of them. More people are becoming aware.

So the point really of this is that fear is one of the feelings or emotions that is so negative in our world. Governments use it to control us. It’s something we don’t need any more of and I really believe that the coming changes is removing that fear and things are not going to be so bad that we will all have so much fear that it will effect our minds in such a negative way.”

* * *

There you go. This has probably taken me about four to five hours to peace together from my research of listening to and watching videos (which  I rarely do as I prefer reading) and writing it all up.

There are a series of eclipses early 2013 which I think relate as a trigger to these events that may come. I won’t go into that now, but if I remember right, they are in the signs which relate to and therefore back up all of this information. But the future is not set in stone of course. And there are other influences at play here, such as Alien/ET involvement, the way we are polluting the planet, nuclear detonations and a number of other things.

We have the solar maximum still due and my guess is that this could be directly related to this event. I read an article yesterday here,, which was all about the strange noises being heard all around the earth and it mentioned the following in relation to the sun and the coming solar cycle,

"Given the surge in solar activity as manifested itself in the higher number and energy of solar flares since mid-2011, we can assume that there is a high probability of impact of the substantial increase in solar activity on the generation of the unusual humming coming from the sky.
It should be pointed out that solar activity began to rise sharply since early 2011, with its amplitude significantly higher than all forecasts given by a number of influential scientific institutions in 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile, the observed increase in solar activity is fully consistent with the forecast of the International Committee GEOCHANGE published in the Committee's Report in June 2010. If this growth rate of solar activity continues, its amplitude by the end of 2012 will be higher than the amplitude of 23rd solar cycle, and in 2013-2014 the solar activity will reach its peak the amplitude of which was predicted by us to be 1.5 - 1.7 times higher than the amplitude of the 23rd cycle."

I am all blogged out here so I am going to post this up now. I will mention that I have had a dream of water slowly moving over hills, like a tide coming inland. It was in a similar location to where I am writing this, which is two and a half thousand feet up. My impression was that it was not so much a tsunami but a movement of water, such as if the planet tilted all of a sudden. But there are so many theories of what may cause this possible event in 2013, and it really doesn’t matter in the end what the cause is… what matters is that there is some very good evidence, or information, whatever you want to call it, out there that shows there is a very good possibility that something major is going to happen which changes the way of life as we know it now.

On top of everything else, such as the possible collapse of the economy and another world war, we really do seem to be coming to a pinnacle or a tipping point don’t we!

Update January 29, 2013 - Please see my new Global Coastal Event summary as of January 2013 here.

Update January 27, 2013 - Please see the link on the right hand menu (Webbot - Clif High) for additional Clif High Webbot articles from interviews, immediacy data intelligent reports to Wujos and Webbot official report summaries.