Axis Shift & Crustal Displacement theories supported


[This article discusses new scientific information giving additional support to Charles Hapgood’s crustal displacement and pole shift theories.]

In 1958, Albert Einstein forwarded and also supported a scientific theory by Professor Charles Hapgood, based around the earth’s crustal displacements and past pole shifts. It is said that there were around two hundred pages of correspondence between Hapgood and Einstein when Hapgood was writing his book, ‘The Earth’s Shifting Crust’. This book was later expanded on and released in 1970 with the title of ‘The Path of the Pole’.

The Path of the Pole was one of the first books I started reading when doing my research many years ago, on all things 2012 related. I went on to read other books by Hapgood as well and I have seen his name and theories pop up many times in multiple 2012 related books since, such as in Graham Hancock’s books, Rand Flem-Ath and Rose Flem-Ath’s books and others.

Charles Hapgood also examined the Piri Reis maps, which are reported to be many thousands of years old. They show Antarctica the South Pole ice free and perfectly map the coast line. Back then, there were no satellites, so the only conclusion to make is that a sea faring nation mapped the lands down there when it was ice free and when the south pole must have existed at a different location. The accuracy matches up with what satellites can see from our orbit, through the ice to the actual land mass.

Hapgood had a very interesting career and life up until his death. He had a master’s degree from Harvard in medieval and modern History. His Ph.D. was based around his work on the French Revolution. He was employed by the CIA at one stage, and served as a liaison officer between the White House and the Office of the Secretary of the War in WWII.

Hapgood’s theory is supported by visionary writer and inventor Carl Peterson, who wrote the book ‘Earth Changes’ back in 2009. The theory explains that the ice build-up at the polar caps could eventually cause the crust to “slide” over the lava ocean until the centrifugal force of the spinning Earth brought those ice caps around to the equator. Geological evidence suggests that something like this has happened repeatedly during the “life” of the planet.

The theory also states that the Earth’s crust “floats” on a turbulent molten lava ocean. It is turbulent because the earth core is spinning faster than the earth crust.

Here is a copy and paste that explains Peterson’s theories even further. It’s taken from an article from , “If the center rotates at a different speed from the crust, there is good reason to believe that this is the cause for the static electricity apparent on the earth’s surface. If that is true, then North Pole on the crust must have an opposite magnetic charge from north in the earth’s core.
The obvious conclusion is that “magnetic north” is not a specific designated point on the globe, but rather an “average” location determined by the confluence of the magnetic north of the massive earth center, and what must be in reality the weaker “magnetic south” of the earth’s crust, which in fact rests at the North Pole.

If the earth’s center has a pronounced “wobble” as it spins, slipping and sliding as it were beneath the crust, it is then the intense magnetic attraction between the two that defines the speed of the earth crust rotation. In other words, the crust spins at exactly the same speed as the wobble, or interior “precession”. This effect can be demonstrated with a gyroscope or simple child’s top. The top can have a high exterior spin rate, and at the same time a slowly wandering wobble.

The magnetic characteristics of the crust are then probably electromagnetic in nature, fully dependent upon the core for activation. If so, it will require a relatively weak catalyst to break this bond, sending the ice at the poles on a journey once again down (or up) to the equator.”

I think this whole scenario can also be connected to the axis shift theory which many prophecies mention. Nostradamus’s, Edgar Cayce’s, the Hopi Indians and so on, have either prophesied this or interpretations of the prophecies have lead to this scenario.

Food for thought? (I dislike that saying!)

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