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Friday, December 19, 2014


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By writer 'The Happy Wonderer'

Ascension?  That is one of my least used words!  The images and concepts around it sooooo bizarre … which is probably exactly as they are meant to be.

Angels, trumpets, stairways, heaven and hell, UFO ‘rescues’ - noooo - I don’t think so…..

So what’s a better option?  A ‘Shift’ perhaps?  As in a change of frequency?  I can live with that.  It also has implications of changing gears, shifting perceptions, and other similar potentially positive phenomena.

Of course - that also argues a potential ‘downside’, which could be actively down - or just a passive / neutral same old, same old.

And somewhere between those two options there has to be a turning point, a cut-off limit. No, it is not how often you go to church, or how often you bang your forehead on the ground, or otherwise grovel to some imaginary fearsome being who judges you.  Or so you are told!

So what is it that will create that shift, for whom, and when?

I’d like to suggest that the prime ingredient is AWARENESS.

Remote Group Healing - Weekend of the 20th of December, 2014

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It's that time of the year again for those that celebrate Christmas. Stepping back, away from the requirement of purchasing and giving gifts, we can remember where it originated from. It's based of course on the birth of Jesus Christ and has strong ties to the Christian religion.

I tend to think that we can give each other gifts at anytime of the year, and we don't need a specific date to follow to do that! But it can be very fun and enjoyable to get into the Christmas mood, especially for children! It's usually a time of the coming together of close friends and families. 

We will come together this weekend for another distant healing group based session, wherever each of us will be. Perhaps another part of us will partake in a gift giving of a sorts, without us being consciously aware of it. 

Two of our regular participants are having operations today and coincidentally, both are having a similar operation on the same area of the body. I will be putting in some additional intention towards their recovery and success with their operations during this session. Otherwise, as per usual and as a reminder, we are here to care and send healing to each of those participating, and to receive of course. In addition to that, it is up to each of us individually what we want to focus on in the world with regards to any additional intentions. Whatever we choose, we are very likely working together on important activities outside of our intentions down here. 

For those taking part in our remote group healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there with us, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via the Contact & About link through the Menu. You can also find current and past session links via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu.

(For the regular participants, there is no new information below)

Knock Knock... The Coming... The Chances... Finding Each Other... Days of Darkness... The Treat of Alien Wolfmen...

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By guest contributor Valiant

'Reindeer' - By Valiant, 2005
Retouched by Laron. Original here

In the times of change…when things really
Start to happen…
Beware of the Hum…
Some will hear it, some won’t…and all will react
Differently…Consider to some a blessing…while
A warning to others…because it may drive them crazy.

It’s the End of the old ways…as things that were
Before, fall apart…particularly after Christmas.
People will really start to snap when they don’t see
The results and promises happen they’ve been
Waiting for…Especially with money…
Tensions will run high across the board in all aspects
Of life…Be careful out there.

Big Change in Time: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian

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This is a new channeled message from Semjase via my friend Maryann Rada. The focus of it is on changes in time. It's ten minutes in length. Maryann's Homepage can be found here,

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Google reveals what's important to New Zealanders

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Google recently revealed the most popular search results for Kiwi's so far, over this year. You may be thinking, so what's the big deal? 

When I look at the results, I perceive them in relation to the shift in consciousness and what is becoming important to this land of people as the year 2014 has passed. New Zealand, which is where I was born, currently has a population of around four and a half million people which are made up mostly of European descent with the indigenous Māori being the the largest minority, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders.

New Zealand is very independent and is not so heavily influenced by world powers like other countries are, which you may consider to be included within 'The West' label. I think we can gain a lot of insight into feedback and information around the thoughts and actions of New Zealanders.

Overall top New Zealand Google searches:

1. Fifa World Cup
2. Robin Williams
3. Commonwealth Games
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. iPhone 6
6. Jennifer Lawrence
7. Charlotte Dawson
8. Flappy Bird
9. Spark
10. Ebola

As we can see, sport is still very important to people. I look at sport as a major distraction, as people become so fixated and distracted from what is really important while spending so much time and energy following it. It is said that for the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, up to one and a half million people were forced to relocate and abandon their residences. Very few received adequate relocation assistance or compensation for having to do this. (source) This was just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the negative impacts on the people of Brazil in relation to hosting the Fifa World Cup.

How to listen to your soul & improve your manifesting ability

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By Danielle Fagan via Collective Evolution, 12 December 2014

Every single day, whether you are aware of it or not, you are consciously creating your experience. You are in the process of creating that which you desire over and over again. In order to become a conscious creator, you need to know where you are and where you are going. Let’s call those points “A” and “B.” Whenever we travel to new destinations most of us have a map that tells us where we are and how to get to our selected destination.

Navigating life is a little trickier. As humans, we have a built in GPS system known as our emotions. They help guide us to our next highest choice and eventually to our selected destination.

Our society is a little obsessed with destinations. We love to know what we’re going to buy next or where we’re going to go but if you imagine yourself on a map and your goal is your “B” point, how the heck are you going to get there if you don’t know your “A?”

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Here’s what is actually happening to your body during a hangover

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By Jeff Roberts via Collective Evolution, 13 December 2014

We’ve all been there. The parched mouth. The throbbing headache. The degradation of basic cognitive abilities. The sulking in one’s own self pity. Yes, it’s the all feared hangover.

Considering the painful aftermath of binge drinking, it’s surprising to note that one out of six adults in the US binge drinks 4 times per month, consuming at least 8 drinks per binge. Perhaps this is partly due to the heavy promotion of alcohol in mainstream commercialism, which was reported to have spent $8 billion on advertising between 2002-2009.

But what’s hardly talked about in those clever marketing campaigns is the aforementioned aftermath of a ‘good’ night out, which finds many mercilessly clinging to their porcelain friend in the early hours of the morning.

NOAA and BGS update World Magnetic Model (WMM)

Via The Watchers, 16 December 2014

NOAA officials announced yesterday the World Magnetic Model (WMM), a representation of Earth’s large-scale magnetic field and an indispensable complement to GPS devices used by NATO, the United States and United Kingdom militaries, as well as civil applications ranging from mineral exploration to smartphone apps, has been updated.

Changes in the Earth's outer core trigger unpredictable changes in its magnetic field, an invisible force that extends from Earth's interior to where it meets a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun. For example, over the past few decades the North magnetic pole has been drifting toward Siberia at an irregular speed. This migration can adversely affect the accuracy of navigation if not compensated for by an updated WMM.

“We know the Earth’s magnetic field is constantly changing,” said Stephen Volz, Ph.D., assistant NOAA administrator for NOAA’s Satellite and Information Service. “But thanks to the environmental intelligence gathered from a wide array of platforms, including satellite observations, we can make vital updates to the World Magnetic Model and ensure the most accurate navigation for commercial applications.”

Sydney Siege at the Lindt Cafe - Focus Sessions

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This psychic reading from Lyn below my introduction, is in relation to the lone gunman that took 17 people hostage at a Lindt Cafe, not far from where I am located here in Sydney.

During the siege, it was revealed via the hostages with social media, and shared with radio stations which didn't reveal this information at the time, that the gunman said there were two bombs planted in the city and one in the Cafe. It was reported that he wanted to speak with the Prime minister live on radio, which was one of his important demands. Another demand was that he be sent in an actual IS flag, as it seems he took in the wrong one. He also wanted the media to publicly ask his other two so called accomplices, to disarm their bombs in Sydney city. All this information was kept from the public, so not to cause fear, and also because there was no actual proof that what he was saying was real.

Around 2:14 AM, roughly 16-17 hours into the event, it was reported that the manager of the Cafe decided to try and grab the sawed-off shotgun that the gunman had on him, as he was falling asleep. Something went wrong there and in the resulting minutes, the manager was killed and the tactical teams moved in. Sky News reported that a police sniper shouted 'hostage down, window two' shortly before police / armed forces entered. The gunman and two hostages died, including the manager, during those last moments of the siege. Fifteen hostages escaped in the end.

Short video showing the moment the armed teams moved in

There was no bomb found, after bomb sniffer dogs were sent in and also a bomb disposal robot. So it was very likely he made up the story around the additional bombs in the city and the two others who he said were involved. My understanding based on two sources, is that the Australian SAS were on site by that time, and could have been involved at the end when the tactical teams went in. This group is said to be one of the best special forces teams in the world.

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 16 December 2014

Q. Hi Lynn. Sorry to bother you with yet another question. But could you please look into this "Sydney Siege" that occurred yesterday (15th Dec) in Sydney, Australia. Apparently an Islamist took hostages at a cafe and now he and 2 of the hostages are dead. Was this whole thing a false flag? Or was it just the action of a crazed man? There's just something that seems really off to me about this incident. Thanks for all that you do, Lynn. Love and light.
A. The first thing I see is someone (a normal guy) and he is dressing up in a costume like he is getting ready to do a show.  There are people helping to primp him (referring to the gunman), and I see them strategically placing microphones under his clothes.  This was premeditated, and people were "pumping him up" before the performance as I see he was really nervous and having a hard time pulling it together.

(Man Haron Monis, the gunman who took 17 people hostage - Laron)

Q. Who helped him and what did Man Haron Monis get for all this? 
A.  This looks complicated, like a layer within and layer, so let me explain... I see caucasian looking men (American?, British?) dressed up in muslim clothes (feels like a costume) approaching Man Haron Monis.  Man Haron Monis is somewhat imbalanced, and very much believes in the muslim culture (the religion and belief system resonates with him).  Man Haron Monis isn't an activist, but yet still stands out and many people knew who he was.  So, we have men pretending they are muslim (and they aren't) getting a man to dress up like a muslim and act out (which isn't him either).

I see these caucasian men paid Man Haron Monis a great deal of money to create this hostage situation BUT there were conditions to the agreement.  Man Haron Monis was given money, prepped (so they could maiting contact and know what was going on) BUT once he entered the cafe, he was on his own.  It was up to him to pull this off and escape, and he wouldn't be protected after he went on his own.

Akashic Record Reading - Dr. Douglas James Cottrell

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By AngelicView via, 16 December 2014

I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and this guy was on, Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, and he was described as the “Canadian Edgar Cayce”. This got my attention, of course, because I love Edgar Cayce. Apparently this guy goes into a deep meditative trance very similar to what Edgar Cayce did and brings back information from the Akashic Records.

I cannot post Coast to Coast shows here because every time I did in the past, the channel gets taken down right after I post. I know, right?! So I decided to take notes on what he said so I could pass it all on to you. I hadn’t heard of this guy before, so I Googled his name and came up with many quite positive things said about him. Having said that, though, I think you should probably take what he says with a grain of salt. It really is mostly “doom and gloom” type of stuff and things that many prophets before him have said. I want you to know that even though I find this kind of thing interesting, it’s not something I lay awake at night and worry about.

A QHHT Christmas Story Part 3 & 4

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By Candace Craw-Goldman via New Earth Journey, 13 December 2014

In Part 3 of this Quantum Healing Hynopsis Christmas Story, the client Jay was describing himself as a well-dressed, bearded, dark-haired man with dreadlocks observing the Christ Child in the manger with his Mother Mary sitting nearby. (Here are Part One and Part Two for those just joining this story.)

Me: So you are standing there in front of the manger, and Mary is there.  Are you holding anything in your arms?

Jay: Water.

Me: How are you holding water?

Jay: Looks like a big old donkey bladder or a canteen made out of natural bladder that’s been stitched. I feel like I’m presenting the water.

Me: You are presenting the water? In what way?

THE INVITATION (or, That Long, Persistent Ringing in the North)

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By Da-da via Triumph of a man called DADA, 15 December 2014

It's not in your ears, Timmy.

Time for a secret: that ringing in your ears might not be what you think it is. Da-da's been dragging his feet on writing about this, as it was to be the core of a book he was writing, but the info is simply too important and timely not to share right now. Da-da has lots of other books he can write, anyway. 

Not sure if a lot of folks are complaining about this, but Da-da has seen an increase in the amount of spam associated with ridding oneself of tinnitus, that persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears. There's just one problem with that: for a lot of you, it's not a medical condition at all: IT'S AN INVITATION. 

How art evolves consciousness - Alex Grey at TEDx

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Video Description (21 Minutes): "Visionary artist Alex Grey began his career as a medical illustrator at Harvard Medical School, but is best known for paintings that present the physical and subtle anatomy of an individual in the context of cosmic, biological and technological evolution. His work has been featured in Time and Newsweek, on the Discovery Channel, and as album art for TOOL, the Beastie Boys and Nirvana."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We are built to be kind - Dacher Keltne

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Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology and founding faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California in the USA, speaks about human nature and research which is group has conducted, within this four and a half minute video below. Based upon history, Dacher Keltner explains that human nature is often shown as selfish and power hungry, yet Dacher challenges that notion and seeks to better understand why we evolved pro-social emotions like empathy, compassion and gratitude

The phrase 'survival of the fittest' was born from the Darwinian theory of natural selection, Dacher adds nuance to this concept by delving deeper into Darwin's idea that sympathy is one of the strongest human instincts — sometimes stronger than self-interest.