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Monday, February 15, 2016

Unspun News for the 15th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160215

SPRUNG - “Senior Iraqi security sources lashed out at the US and its regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, and said that Washington is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in his country.”

“Confirmed: Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria. Turkey is prepared to close the Bosporus and attack Russian ships in the Mediterranean.”

BBC blown wide open ….. “ If Major Yaser Abdulrahim looks like he's never wore his FSA uniform out into the field, that's because he hasn't. He is not a member of the FSA at all, and is instead a commander of the Fatah Halab, an umbrella group for Al Qaeda affiliates armed and funded by both the US and Saudi Arabia. “

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Unspun News for the 14th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160214

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to recapture the whole of Syria and keep "fighting terrorism" while also negotiating an end to the war, as international pressure mounts for a ceasefire.“  Assad’s “The buck stops here” moment?

From Nubi … "Thank you Russia! Thank you Hezbollah! Thank you Iran!" shouts the man, as he passes us in the busy square.  Nearby, a photograph of Bashar al-Assad beams down from the front of the town hall, and banners in support of the Syrian President hang outside the main mosque.  This is Nubl, a mostly Shia, pro-government town in Syria, so close to the border with Turkey…. “

ERIC ZUESSE - “The continuation of NATO, after its counterpart the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991, is an insanity that’s driving the world inexorably toward World War III.”  Sadly, his logic is excellent …..

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Unspun News for the 13th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160213

“World powers on Friday agreed to a plan for a "cessation of hostilities" in Syria, to begin next week, which would allow humanitarian aid to reach besieged civilians but would not stop military action against extremist groups in the region.” …” ... U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted the deal amounted to "commitments on paper" only.“

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Russia, North Korea, Terrorism… Fear as Currency of Western Tyranny” … “But how could such tyranny pertain in notional democracies, you may ask? Fear. Fear is the currency of tyranny. And servile news organizations – more accurately perception-management services – condition public acceptance of these fears. Fears that in a more rational perspective would be dismissed as outrageous fabrications.”  Yes, this IS the world in which you live…...

“The announcement of the leadership of the Syrian Kurds that they would open their first foreign office in Moscow is telling: their choice of Russia over Washington or Western Europe signals that Russia is allying with the Kurds in the Middle East, which will certainly undermine US and Turkish policy in the region, according to the Israeli media.”

In the USA & Remote Group Healing for the Weekend of the 13th of February, 2016

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Firstly I want to let you all know that I just arrived in the USA and will be here for up to three months. I will be based in Virginia from early next week. I will be trying to catch up with some of the readers out there of, while I have the opportunity.

Secondly, in addition to the standard intention of sending healing to those participating in this session, please consider sending healing to Theresa, who recently had a serious back operation and requires some help as her recovery isn't going as well as expected. For those that do not know Theresa, she is a regular over on's Facebook Group.

I have a really busy schedule this week, so content is lacking on the site here and a little bit on the Facebook Page I maintain for the site (I keep forgetting we have a twitter account too!), but Martin is posting some interesting things on there when he gets a chance. Bernie continues to post the daily Unspun articles which I know many of you greatly appreciate.

This session will be unique as a bunch of's regular weekly group healing participants will be joining me in person here in Texas, where I am currently based.

I conducted a couple of QHHT sessions this week and some very interesting information came out which I may share sometime on the site. More info on what that was can be found on my Facebook page.

A photo I took of a piece of New Zealand green stone (a type of  nephrite jade) that was given to me as a gift last Christmas.

For those taking part in our remote group healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there with us, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via the Contact & About link through the Menu. You can find current and past sessions via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu, as well as links to feedback focused articles discussing some of the work this group gets up to outside of our primary healing intentions.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Unspun News for the 12th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160212

MIKE WHITNEY - “Finally, in less than five months, loyalist forces aided by heavy Russian air cover, have shifted the balance of power in Syria, forced thousands of terrorist insurgents to flee their strongholds in the west, cleared the way for the return of millions of refugees and displaced civilians, and sabotaged the malign plan to reshape the country so it better serves Washington’s geopolitical interests.”

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Saudi invasion of Syria: The Bluff That Could Ignite World War III”

“Financial markets the world over are increasingly chaotic; either retreating or plunging. Our view remains that there’s a gigantic market crash in the coming future -- one that has possibly started now.  Our reason for expecting a market crash is simple: Bubbles always burst.” 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Unspun News for the 11th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160211

“Immigrant Crisis: Facts, Myth or Plot?“  This is an EXCELLENT analysis of the factors surrounding the European  ‘immigrant crisis’.  It is long, and the English is not perfect - but it is WELL worth reading and absorbing.  ESSENTIAL BRAIN FODDER.

“The Fantasy World of Central Bank Interest Rates Has Set the Stage for the Second Wave of the Global Financial Crisis;   Starting from February, deposits made with the Bank of Japan began to accrue negative interest. The interest rate at the Central Bank of Japan now stands at minus 0.1%. This is no longer seen as shocking. The central banks in developed countries began backing into the negative zone for passive operations several years ago.“

“'Internet of Things' an Absolute Goldmine for Big Brother, Admits Top US Spy;  DNI James Clappers acknowledges "intelligence services might use the [web-connected home devices] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment."  Shades of 1984 indeed ……..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scientists Discover People Who Are Awake Can Influence Dreams Of Sleeping People Using Telepathy

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By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 8 February 2016

Dream telepathy suggests that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming. This isn’t a new concept, scientific interest in telepathy dates back to the fathers of the psychoanalytic movement. Freud, for example, looked at the implications of telepathy on psychoanalytic thought. He also considered dream telepathy, or the telepathic influence of thought on dreaming, on multiple occasions. Carl Jung believed in the telepathic hypothesis without question, and even developed a theoretical system to explain “paranormal” events of this nature. (2)
It seems that all great minds encourage the study of various types of non-physical phenomena.
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla
According to Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. and professor of psychology at Saybrook University in California:
A wealth of anecdotal and clinical material exist which supports the possibility of telepathic effects occurring in dreams (Krippner, 1974). However, an experimental approach to the topic did not become possible until psycho physiological laboratory technology became available. It was discovered that sleeping research participants awakened from periods of rapid eye movement (REM) activity were frequently able to recall dream episodes. As a result, it was possible to request a “telepathic receiver” to attempt dreaming about a target stimulus that was being focused on in a distant location from a “telepathic sender.” (source)

Unspun News for the 10th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160210

PCR - “Privatization Is the Atlanticist Strategy to Attack Russia”
Comment on the above by The Saker:-
“...The combined wealth of knowledge and experience of Hudson and Roberts is simply unparalleled and their record clearly shows that they both are friends of the Russian people.  I honestly believe that to ignore their warning would be absolutely irresponsible.”

“British firms are at the forefront of a lethal mercenary trade with hundreds of private firms, employing thousands in a billion dollar private army industry. A new report (…) reveals how the vast industry of private military and security companies (PMSCs) has mushroomed to become a trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cyber Safety and Security In An Era Of Constant Social Media Surveillance

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By Katherine via Collective Evolution, 8 February 2016

Our generation is the first to have grown up with social media technology. Many individuals are accustomed to sharing everything about their days – from photos of food and family members to political opinions – on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. All this data adds up over time, and the accumulated information allows both government and corporate entities to construct a highly detailed picture of what makes you, you.
Unless you’re completely removed from the grid (and for those reading this article, the chances of that are slim), your life is an open book in this brave new world of total information. While a large portion of this data is public record, people also voluntarily post vast amounts of data about themselves to the Internet under the presumption that it will remain within their circle of ‘friends’ or followers.

Chinese new year predictions for year of Fire Monkey, 2016

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Looks like it's my year.

By Raphael Simons via Astroblog, 7 February 2016

2016 is the year of Fire Monkey. As with all signs, Monkey comes every 12 years, each under a different one of the 5 elements to complete its cycle of 60 years. There is a Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey, and Wood Monkey.

The Fire Monkey is particularly active and smart. For the world this means 2016 is going to be a particularly active year with lots of fluctuations in the markets and lots of political drama, especially in the west.
In fengshui, south directions are not considered lucky this year. Avoid sitting with your back to the south at important events this year unless you wear or use the color green.

The following are predictions for each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. To get complete, detailed predictions, of course, you want your entire Chinese horoscope drawn up and read. But what follows gives a pretty good idea, especially if you were born in a year or day of one of the following signs.

Rat is in harmony with Monkey. Monkey is in a creative relationship with Rat. It supports and helps Rat. This is a good year for improving your home, learning new things, and cultivating whatever supports your health and well being. This is also a good year for initiating a new project, starting a new job, moving to a new location, or starting a new adventure in life.

Ox is in a time that is good for making plans, tending to works in progress, and saving money. Monkey encourages Ox to be courageous and use planning ability to advantage. This is a good year for you if you are an artist or work in a talent related profession. Be careful to avoid fights. This is not a good time for lawsuits, or legal entanglements. If you are married, or are in an intimate partnership, Monkey warns that it is to your advantage to be supportive of your spouse to prevent any unnecessary trouble or misfortune. 

Unspun News for the 9th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160209
“Today, Feb 8th, the Moon is new. According to the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, this marks the beginning of a new year--the "Year of the Monkey."  Happy Chinese New Year!”

“US Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump says he is open to harsh measures to deal with the threat from Islamic State, including going beyond the controversial interrogation tactic known as waterboarding.“  America the beautiful….. Any further questions?

“The fertility regulator known as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) have allowed scientists to create a DNA-altering technique in embryos.   As a result, researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London will conduct further experiments into creating genetically modifying people.“  I should have stayed in bed today…..

“Saudi Arabia to Deploy Ground Forces in Syria: Middle East Turmoil Greater Than Ever“   “US Defense Secretary Ash Carter lost no time to welcome the Saudi offer to participate in any ground operations in Syria launched by the US-led coalition.“  All neatly on track then…..

Monday, February 8, 2016

Does Language Influence How You See The World?

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By April McCarthy via Prevent Disease, 5 February 2016

The language you are introduced to affects the structure of your brain, influences how you see the world and who you are. But what if you speak two languages?

Can learning a language rewire your brain?
As our species evolved parts of our brain expanded, resulting in more computing power for language. It's what makes us hard-wired for communication. What is perhaps more surprising is how language can shape our brains throughout our lives.
Most of the evidence for this comes from studies of people who are bilingual. Being bilingual offers widespread benefits across a range of complex cognitive tasks and it comes from distinct areas of the brain.

Brain scan studies show that switching between two languages triggers different patterns of brain activity compared with speaking in one language, particularly in the prefrontal cortex. That part of the brain, at the very front of our skulls, is involved in organising and acting on information, including using working memory, reasoning and planning. Other studies show that bilinguals are faster at getting to grips with a new language.
Quadrilinguist Arturo Hernandez, director of the Laboratory for the Neural Bases of Bilingualism at the University of Houston in Texas, says these differences could reflect differences in the architecture of bilingual brains. In other words, learning another language could change how your brain is wired. "It would make sense, if you have had this very different linguistic experience, to see some sort of stable, long-lasting effect," Hernandez says.

Physicists Examine Consciousness & Conclude The Universe Is ‘Spiritual, Immaterial & Mental’

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By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 7 February 2016

When we look at the weird and wacky world of quantum physics, it can be hard to make sense of some of the things scientists have bee observing over the years
“We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (Radin, Dean. Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality. New York, Paraview Pocket Books, 2006)
One thing is for certain, ‘consciousness,’ or, factors association with consciousness (observation, measurement, thinking, intention) have a direct correlation with what we perceive to be our physical material world.
Max Plack, a physicist who originated quantum theory, regarded consciousness as “fundamental,” and matter as “derivative from consciousness.” He said that “we cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” 
Eugene Wigner, a physicist and mathematician told the world that “it was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.”
R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University said that:
“A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” (“The Mental Universe” ; Nature 436:29,2005)
Recently, Australian scientists recreated an experiment that proves reality doesn’t really exist until we are measuring it, observing it, or ‘looking’ at it, at least to on the scale of quantum mechanics. (source)

Unspun News for the 8th February 2016

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UNSPUNEWS - 160208

THE SAKER - with another excellent guest analysis on the subject of Syria and Turkey - on The Saker Blog - by Ghassan Kadi.   Well worth a read - it confirms the general thrust of previously posted analyses of the Syrian resurgence.”

“The film about nuclear war with Russia recently shown on the BBC, which is considered to be a serious and not an entertainment channel, suggests that such a war is no longer unthinkable but a real possibility.”  Yes - we noticed …..

“Posttraumatic stress disorder wasn't recognized by psychiatrists until 1980. But soldiers who lived thousands of years ago can give us a deeper understanding of psychological trauma.”  Very interesting read.  Would we even have wars, was it not for PTSD??  Brain-fodder here ...