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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mysterious military X-37B space plane lands after nearly two years in orbit

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By Ken Kremer via Universe Today, 18 October 2014

Recovery crew members process the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle at Vandenberg Air Force Base after completing 674 days in space. A total of three X-37B missions have been completed, totaling 1,367 days on orbit. Photo: Boeing See cool landing video below

The US Air Force’s unmanned, X-37B military space plane made an autonomous runway landing on Friday, Oct. 17, at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., concluding an orbital test flight nearly two years in duration on a record breaking mission whose goals are shrouded in secrecy.

The Boeing-built X-37B, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), successfully de-orbited and safely touched down on Vandenberg Air Force Base at 9:24 a.m. PDT, concluding a 674-day experimental test mission for the U.S. Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.

This was the third flight of an X-37B OTV vehicle on a mission known as OTV-3.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fascinating study shows human intention can help heal cancer patients

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By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 18th October 2014

As a result of multiple experiments that have taken place over the past few decades, many scientists all over the world have concluded that human consciousness is directly correlated with our physical material world in some way. Although not completely understood, the connection exists. One great example of this is the fact that human intention was found to be directly correlated with the autonomic nervous system in cancer patients.

The autonomic nervous system is a part of the nervous system that regulates involuntary functions in the body, which include the activity of the heart muscle, swallowing, muscles in the intestinal tract and more. It has two parts, one of them being what’s called the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates the heart rate and the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down the heart rate and relaxes the sphincter muscles, among other things.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Antarctica UFO base? Hollow Earth? - Remote Viewing with Edward Riordan

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Edward Riordan was given a remote viewing target and he was not aware of where or what it was until he started getting the information coming through within the remote viewing session. Before getting into the actual session he explains some of the results.

He says that he saw a strange set of cave like structures in Antarctica and goes on to explain that it seemed may be connected to the Hollow Earth theory. I quote from the video, 'What I did perceive in this first session was a combination of something mad made and something biological. The something biological was not a typical biological, it was something under the control of this man made... there was a networking involved. Networking was a big deal and a lot of energetics.'

This first video is about an hour in length and was posted on Edward Riordan's YouTube channel on October the 8th, 2014. Note this is a three part series and all three videos are below.

You may also be interested to know that this may relate to Clif High's webbot language / forecast around the UFO nazi Antarctica base.

Quick message from Laron

Over the next week I am going to be unavailable most of the time with relation to maintaining the site here and responding to all of those who contact me, but I have a few posts scheduled to appear over the coming days.

I know a lot of you check the site multiple times a day, so I don't want anyone wasting their time wondering if there are any new posts, but then there could be new comments of course which I know lots of you also keep an eye on using the recent comment section on the left side of the page. (of course, this is not available to you mobile users out there)

Note that I have updated the menu on the left side of to include a few more sources of information which I believe are very reliable and accurate in connection to consciousness development and info around our existence outside of the Earth experience here. I have added info about Tom Campbell, Michael Newton and a section dedicated to any past life regression based sessions I post, and those that others have sent into me which I have posted and will continue to post in the future. I still have a couple of more people to add when I get the chance. (Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce)

For those who have not done so already, I highly recommend you grab and read the book 'My big TOE', written by Thomas Campbell. You can find more information about that within the new page and link I have setup in the menu here, and a whole lot of text from me explaining why this trilogy is so important.

For those regulars, don't forget we have our weekly distant healing group session coming up in about three and a half hours time. And for anyone new to this, feel free to join us, but let us all know please. The time of this is within the session's info, and you don't need to be there for the exact time, you can set your intentions of being part of this particular sessions and still take part outside of that time, as explained within the sessions info.

Here are a couple of photos taken recently of where I will be for this particular session. (this is the same place I have shown pictures of in recent weeks) The second one is a photo I took of a Dolphin which was part of a pod passing by the beach.

Strange light shapes follow trains in Russia

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This video shows a couple of supposedly real events that were filmed of shapes made out of light following and passing behind trains in Russia.

One clip shows the light coming into view from the left and hovering in the air as it follows afterwards. The other shows a structured rectangle type shape following the train and moving back and forth behind it along the track. (Four minutes, September 17th, 2014)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gravity’s magic: New seafloor map shows Earth’s uncharted depths

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By Elizabeth Howell via Universe Today, October 15th 2014

An October 2014 gravity map of the Earth’s oceans using data from the European Space Agency’s CryoSat mission and the CNES-NASA Jason-1 satellite. Findings include “continental connections” between South American and Africa, and evidence of seafloor spreading in the Gulf of Mexico that took place 150 million years ago. The red dots are volcanoes. Credit: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Volcanoes! Seafloor spreading! Hidden ridges and mountains! These are the wonders being revealed in new maps of Earth’s sea floor. And no, it didn’t require a deep-sea dive to get there. Instead we got this information from a clever use of gravity (combining the data of two satellites making measurements from orbit.)

The data has caught the attention of Google, which plans to use this data for its upcoming ocean maps release. Scientists also say the information will tell us more about the 80% of the ocean floor that is either unexamined or obscured by thick sand.

Rapid Earth geomagnetic reversal possibility: Confirmed - Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers

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Within this four and a half minute video (15th Oct), Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers discusses the ongoing weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and how the poles are getting ready to flip.

State of Earth's magnetic field from the Swarm mission (3 separate satellites)

Ben explains that NASA reported back in 2003 that the poles have already began shifting and the speed of which this is occurring is becoming faster and faster. Ben does estimate that the full revseral is likely only decades away unless the speed changes and increases, then the full reversal would occur much sooner.

Suspicious0bservers asks the question, "Could a reversal truly take place within our lifetimes?", and answers it, "absolutely". As Ben goes through this short video talking about this, he references various research to support what he is saying and hence his conclusions of why he thinks all this is the case.

New Clif High webbot Wujo - 16 October 2014: Consciousness, Senses, Mind, Vitamins, Ebola, Immune System, Vitamin C

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It's been a while since Clif High released a webbot based Wujo. Here is his latest one. The main subjects he covers are the following: You and your four senses, consciousness, body, mind, brain, enzymes, immune system, vitamins, ebola, diseases, immune response and vitamin C. (an hour and 11 minutes in length)


You can find Clif High's Youtube channel here,
Note that Clif High is currently running subscription based weekly IDIR (reports) over on his site which get released there. He also maintains a twitter feed now which he uses on a regular basis.The webbot's homepage is here,

I have embedded Clif High's webbot based feed on twitter below to show you what he has posted recently.

NASA investigating deep-space hibernation technology

By Matt Williams via Universe Today, 16 October 2014

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Manned missions to deep space present numerous challenges. In addition to the sheer amount of food, water and air necessary to keep a crew alive for months (or years) at a time, there’s also the question of keeping them busy for the entirety of a long-duration flight. Exercise is certainly an option, but the necessary equipment will take up space and be a drain on power.

In addition, they’ll need room to move around, places to sleep, eat, work, and relax during their down time. Otherwise, they will be at risk of succumbing to feelings of claustrophobia, anxiety, insomnia, and depression – among other things.

NASA has been looking at a few options and one proposed solution is to put these crews into an induced state of hypothermia resulting in torpor – a kind of hibernation. Rather than being awake for months or years on end, astronauts could enter a state of deep sleep at the beginning of their mission and then wake up near the end. This way, they would arrive refreshed and ready to work, rather than haggard and maybe even insane.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola, Health & Remote Group Healing - Weekend of the 18th of October, 2014

When we take a peek at what is standing out as being important to the average person in the world, or at least the media over the past week, Ebola comes to mind. To me, this whole situation is the perfect example of how fear can be pushed onto the populace on a world wide scale.  

Is it important how it started to spread, where it came from and who may have been originally involved? Is it important if the cases being reported right now in the USA, and in other countries, are real or simply an attempt at creating more fear as of this moment? 

Image by Pascal

There is information out there, focused on Ebola, which paints a very grim picture. Then there is also information showing that the spread of it won't be as bad as what is being predicted. 

Fear in general can lower the health of the energy system which runs your physical body. Fear is going to distract you and keep you at a state which is not helpful, not productive, and it will get in the way of your intuition and connection to the other side. From a place of fear, we can become stuck with the growth of our consciousness and spirit while residing in a physical body here.

Just imagine the impact that fear has on a global scale, and how this can influence so many areas of life vibrationally speaking, including the shift in consciousness which is getting into full swing at the moment, I believe.

So, how do you just step away from fear? It's not that easy to just suddenly have a change of heart & mind, and stop worrying, as life doesn't work like that. It takes time, it takes personal/mental and spiritual growth including being in the now with mindfulness. It takes an understanding of how the system of life most likely functions, and reaching a knowing(understanding) that there is simply nothing to fear. It really is a state of being once you have obtained and reached the point of no longer having 'fear'. (I am not referring to the flight/fight response here)

The reasons we get sick is complex, and it would be lengthy for me to jump into that now. But staying healthy is simple in my eyes. If we have a positive mindset and no fear, on top of the following (but not limited to),

- a healthy diet (organic, raw foods or vegan/vegetarian, eating less, staying away from alcohol & drugs which lower our immunity greatly)
- healthy mind (meditation... being in the now without our thoughts jumping in)
- healthy home/work environment (mindful of electromagnetic radiation including wifi, using crystals in the home to combat that and enhance our health, use of Feng shui, removing chemical based items [aluminium based deodorant, air fresheners], not using microwaves, removing fluoride from our life, etc)
- healthy relationships and interactions with all (understanding the ego through such methods as dreams & meditation, knowing when others and ourselves react through ego and not creating more karma and unhealthy patterns from bad decisions/reactions/responses/actions)
- a healthy energy system (through regular energy healing [which helps the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health], resolving past life connected health issues and breaking current patterns which are causing health problems, performing energy work, meditation, grounding and connecting to nature, carrying crystals around on the body)
- doing what makes us happy and /or finding out our life purpose so we are on the right track/path (working in a healthy job/role- as what we do for so many hours a day is part of who we are and impacts our health greatly)

... we are very unlikely to get sick, no matter what we run into. But most importantly, we need to keep that fear out of our minds and keep a very positive attitude. 

A raw pizza by Jeff Hills

A combination of the above elements together not only keeps us healthy, but goes towards raising our vibration and proceeding forward with our consciousness development. We each can have the ability to manifest our own future, if we put the effort in and reach that belief / realisation.

So what I am saying here doesn't mean you shouldn't be practically prepared for the future and ignore what is transpiring in the world. For example, following the information coming out of the webbot right now may be useful for planning ahead, and/or having some immunity boosting option available on hand such as liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C, may be wise. But, don't let that information you personally come across create fear and get you down!

For those taking part in our remote healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via the Contact / About  link through the Menu at the top of the page. You can also find current and past session links via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu.

(For the regular participants, there is no new information below)

Ebola scare and Ferguson, MO (Strangely Related Topics) - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 15 October 2014

Q. Since Ebola seems to be blowing up right now and you've said that there will be a vaccine that is not helpful but harmful: Are the outbreaks that are occurring in the US right now real and getting worse or are they fake and being used as a scare tactic to get people to use the vaccine when it comes out? Either way, I fear people are scared enough already that when that vaccine does come out there will be a staggering amount of people lining up for it.
A. I do see in Africa there is a real issue and valid concern for Ebola.  When I visualize it, Africa looks to be the "experimental" place.  It is far enough away from major leading countries, that it feels confined and able to be contained (not perfectly, but close).  I see some testing of medications / immunization derivatives have been used in Africa, which had adverse effects and allowed the Ebola to leave its primary location and spread slightly to other parts of Africa (people were injected as "case studies" with these drugs, and these drugs weren't ready for the human population).  It looks like what has spread in Africa isn't a genuine Ebola, but a manufactured (or artificial) form- something about the transmission and effects on the body feel like a "robotic" interference causing a reaction versus a viral reaction (the image I have is of little microscopic nanobots entering the body through bodily fluids- mucus, saliva, blood, etc).  What is being seen as an epidemic feels controlled rather than random.

I then focus on other location (like the US) where cases are being seen.  I can't get a valid confirmation that these are real cases or there is a real threat from a genuine disease.  It feels mysterious, or like an illusion- then my mind tells me it is like a magic trick and we are the audience.  I cannot get a visual or pick up on any energy of a person or family in distress here in the states.  The more I focus on it, I get the show Sleepy Hollow coming to me- the alleged victims are faceless and nameless as if they are not real.

Knock Knock... A Plague Crisis... Circumstances... Alien Intervention or Invasion... - Valiant

By guest contributor Valiant

'Promise of Light' by Valiant
Retouched by Laron. Original here

So Here it is, The Pieces all coming together…
The Chaos of the Changes…
Brought on both by Big Brother, and the Higher Powers…
Make No Mistake, the plague crisis…i.e: Ebola,
Is no accident…A last resort, the planned culling
To maintain control over the population…
How far will it go?  How far will you let it go?
While the Planet agonizes,
People seem to be coming apart at the seams…

The Personality shifts aren’t all pleasant sadly enough…
Too many people are falling down the Path
Of Bitterness, Jealousy, Impatience, or Self Pity…
Rather than letting their Inner Light shine…
More are miserable because things are not going
As they wanted them to…
I’m sorry but no Power ever promised everyone
Would be given a golden ticket, a pocket…or bank
Account full of cash, and all their queries answered
With Higher Gifts bestowed to end their suffering.
If you bought into any of that you were being
Misled by propaganda…by Big Brother.
This was a time of tests…For everyone to reach inside
Themselves and solve things with their Inner Light,
Their wisdom, control and faith…Those are the true
Gifts that would and will save people.
Please see that…

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A few comments left from some of you within the past five months on

I just spontaneously decided to go through the last five months of comments on the site here and share a few (16 in total) that have stood out and got my attention. You could say they are my favorites, but that is not completely accurate, they are just ones that I have agreed with and which I personally found wise, insightful and/or constructive to the conversation going on at the time.

Each comment links back to the original article so you may catch a bit of info which you might have missed at some point in the past.

Note that I do value your input and so do many others that read the comment section. I may not always have the time to personally join in on all conversations taking place, but I do read everything.

I decided to put in round brackets (after the date) to show what I thought to be the most pertinent top three comments below.

Photo by worldoflard

Rustam, October 3rd 2014
In response to a comment by me on the article 'Interstellar - Official Trailer 3': "Laron, I hear what your are saying... But personal mind exists exactly for this purpose - analyze and understand everything about it's environment. It's an instrument, and it needs solid foundation to function properly. And to do so it needs to understand what is going on in the environment. See patterns and, yes, agendas. And the trick actually is to embrace both parts of the "coin" because all are parts of Creation. Not to succumb to fear but acknowledge that certain situations and possibilities exist. For a reason. It adds to awareness."

A Man Called Da-da, September 27th, 2014
In response to Stargazer's article 'Forgiveness': "What most people don't realize is that you also can go back in time in your mind and re-imagine ALL those hurtful times in the past where you needed to, "overlook" something, forgive it and let it go. Time is holographic."

Ivan, September 26th 2014
In response to Valiant's article, 'Knock knock... The Autumn Equinox... Shades of things to come...': "thousands of years have past for everything to get ready for this shift, even that is nothing for time does not exist in truth. one month more or less should not affect you so. just be calm, keep yourself positive and know it will be all ok as it should be. dont linger on dates and prediction. its like trying to capture one particular drop from a raging river. it cannot be done so. instead, know that you can swim and go with the flow ;) years are good time frames but never hold tightly to anything more narrow than that. stay well Rustam and all others. all are one within the timelessness of the Source and will be as it should be - just fine :)"

Slow Life

This three and a half minute video which was made by Daniel Stoupin, shows the slow movement of marine animals under high magnification. While normally corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, their motion can be detected at different time scales and require time lapses to be seen. They are part of the formation of coral reefs and play crucial roles in the biosphere, yet we know almost nothing about their daily lives.

It took Daniel 150,000 photos to put together this video. Why so many? He says, "Because macro photography involves shallow depth of field. To extend it, I used focus stacking. Each frame of the video is actually a stack that consists of 3-12 shots where in-focus areas are merged. Just the intro and last scene are regular real-time footage. One frame required about 10 minutes of processing time (raw conversion + stacking). Unfortunately, the success rate was very low due to copious technical challenges and I spent almost 9 long months just to learn how to make these kinds of videos and understand how to work with these delicate creatures."