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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Separation of Gaia

Here is an interesting article by Inelia Benz through her newsletter. You can find more information about Inelia on her website here,

A whirlpool in the middle of the Bruarfoss waterfalls and river in West Iceland - Moyan Brenn

* * *

In 2011 a separation occurred in the human collective. Those who wanted to have a fear free, empowered, aware, awake reality of physical incarnation, and those who didn’t. Gaia has actively been pushing for a physical separation that is done through time, three generations, and is trauma free and gentle. We, the human collective, however, have been pushing for a fast and furious separation.

Various people, and environments I find myself in, have mentioned WWIII, and other doomsday scenarios.  I am presently in various conversations via email, txt, physical and at, about this topic.

It appears, very strongly, that a fast physical separation of realities is being chosen by our collective. How this comes about, well, that’s what we are playing with at the moment. What we are deciding on.

Most of the people on Earth will interpret and manifest the choice depending on what is real to them. What choices they see as real.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A short message & Remote Group Healing - Weekend of the 20th of September, 2014

I will be away from the internet for a few days, so I won't be able to post the attendance of those who email me in relation to joining us for this weekends session, until I get back. This also means I wont be posting on the site until I return.

A lot of information I have been running into lately, and past forecasts and predictions, are showing that this month is very important in connection to the ongoing shift in consciousness with the many situations and events going on in the world. As we all can see, things are happening, just like we were expecting, and it is like certain things are now allowed and are free to occur.

Each and every one of us handle our lives in our unique ways and you may hear advice from others to meditate or rest, or possibly to do something else because of these very increased energetic times, but not all of us are able to do each of these things because of our individual situations around time constraints, responsibilities, our abilities, and so on. Knowledge is therefore one of our best solutions, as if we are aware of what is going on, we are then mentally prepared about why certain things happen.

I will be nearby this location here in NZ, during this weekends session

It can take time for someone new who stumbles upon such information to really get a handle upon what exactly is going on, but sometimes all it takes is just one article or one piece of information presented in any fashion to guide us if that resonates with the individual, within that moment in time.

I have some time constraints today and I must finish this here. I feel that all is where it is meant to be right now, including you, and therefore there is nothing to be concerned about. Being in the moment right now is the best place to be, and being in each moment as it comes along within our individual futures up ahead.

For those taking part in our remote healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via the Contact / About  link through the Menu at the top of the page. You can also find current and past session links via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu.

(For the regular participants, there is no new information below)

Knock knock...The Autumn Equinox, Changes... Strangeness... A secret to share...

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By guest contributor Valiant

'Urania' by Valiant

September has definitely been a strange month
So far…not as though anything is normal any more…
I was told the Time corrections, re-alignments…
Would be strange, even hard at times…
But I didn’t expect this…

My entire internal clock seems off…
Almost as though it has to be re-programmed…
Or in other terms being prepared for a
New system…awakenings…

The hardest part has been the pet deaths…
Weekly now, I keep getting stories of pets
Suddenly falling ill, dying…Our pets, our friends pets…
And other peoples…
There is a strong sense of a cleansing
Beginning…making room for something
Big, bold, and strong coming…
And you know what they say…
How animals feel these things first…

Sometime between the Autumn Equinox
And end of September…Something big…
I believe the pet deaths are an omen
Trying to tell us something…
Now if only to figure out what…hmm…

The days are all folding into one another,
Time is changing…So many times now
I’ve felt a sense of confusion, dizziness…
A loss of connection to the time/hour…to
What day it is, to what a day means…

The Sacred Male - Focus Sessions

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By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 17 September 2014

Q. Hi Lynn - this is off topic for this reading but I was wondering whether you could do a reading on the 'sacred masculine' vs the 'shadow masculine'. I feel like in this society, to be a man means possessing qualities that tend to be associated with the 'shadow masculine' - meaning being aggressive, a bully, domineering, controlling and power-hungry, rather than the 'sacred masculine' which is to be a protector, a provider and ultimately a 'hero'. Do you see changes in this society coming where the 'shadow masculine' will evolve into the 'sacred masculine'? And is the 'shadow masculine' that drives many men (and women) behind much of the negativity that exists on this planet (including wars, rape, corruption and greed)?
A.  I see that in the more primitive societies people had more defined roles.  Men hunted and protected, and women had children, gathered and nurtured.  Women may want to do what the man did (and vice versa), but that wasn't an option (unless absolutely necessary in times of famine or war), so it kept women and men clearly focused.  Survival depended on the men and women doing what needed done in order to survive.

As society changed, so did the clarity of the roles. There were opportunities and choices that people never had before.  I see the change occurred first (and much more aggressively) with the women, and the men shortly followed.  Men went to war, women joined the workforce.  New identities formed, and how men and women defined themselves changed, and I see it radically changing over the past 100 years in comparison to the years previous.

TV "programming" and marketing told people how they should look and what they should want and deserve.  Women started to lose the prideful feeling of being at home and slowly wanted to become more involved in the working world in order to have and feel the way they were told to feel.  The prideful feelings the generations of the past had regarding their important roles became viewed as submissive.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do we plan our lives before we are born?

This is an area I know a lot about and this is a well written short article by Nikkie Gray on the topic.

By Nikkie Gray via Collective Evolution, 16 September 2014

The theory that we plan our lives was something I had never heard of before 2011. Up until that point, I could not have even imagined such a thing. Even after hearing about it 3 years ago, it took me quite a long time to let this concept into my paradigm. How I stumbled upon it wasn’t even through my avid research of the afterlife and reincarnation. It came to me through a vision I had. Before the vision, I believed in reincarnation. The idea of it had always fascinated me and I felt strongly that I did have past lives; I just didn’t know what those lives entailed. After three years of intense research and listening to many people from all different backgrounds and beliefs speak about it from all around the world, I knew it was something that needed to be shared and discussed.

The Cycle Of Reincarnation & The Pre-Birth Plan

Many people feel that reincarnation can’t exist because they don’t remember their past and my answer to the world is we do remember. We don’t have the details but we have certain key hints as to who we are. The type of music we like, the people we are most attracted to, the types of food we like, the clothing we wear, certain periods of history that we identify with. These are indications this is where we have been before and so our present incarnation or our present lifetime is a composite of all the fruits of what we were before.” Carey Williams – Co-Author: Reincarnation: A New Horizon (Ancient Mysteries – Reincarnation Documentary Hosted by Leonard Nimoy)

Through my research, the cycle of life to death to re-birth has been pretty much the same from all the sources I studied and let me tell you, there were many. It all starts with the Pre-Birth Plan. You establish this plan with a council. Some people call this council the elders or the wise ones. Pretty much, they are very old beings who know their stuff so to speak. You meet with them along with your spirit guides. You discuss the life ahead of you and are given the choice of a few different lives to pick from in the current time period you are incarnating into. To give you an example: I was given the choice of being an artist or a Samurai in Japan. You choose everything, including your parents. Once your choices have been given to you and you pick one, the tedious task starts of planning all the things you wish to experience in the upcoming life. 

A short update on the energies - Aisha North, 17 September 2014

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Image by JB Banks

By Aisha North via, 17 September 2014

By now, the incoming energies will begin to register in many of you, as they herald the flux that will accompany next week’s portal of the Equinox. Yes, this is indeed another one of those numerous occasions when mankind get the chance to take another step up on this seemingly endless ladder of ascension. For we are well aware that for many, this process may seem to be endless, and that is indeed understandable. After all, this what you knew from the very beginning would constitute your life’s work this time around, and so, it is not by accident that you have been guided through this process in increments, seemingly minuscule at some times, while at others you truly commit yourselves to a true quantum leap. And this time, we can indeed guarantee you it will not be one of those infinitesimally small steps ahead, no this time, it will indeed be a mighty push in the back that will propel you all forwards in a giant leap. And so, whatever happens in the upcoming days, know that it will all be in order to prepare you all in the best possible way the better for you to be able to receive these bountiful gifts of energetic emissaries already heralding their arrival.

And so we say again remember to listen well to what your physical body may request in the time ahead, but also to the singsong of these incoming frequencies, for they are already starting to vibrate through your very being. And the better you are able to tune into these beforehand, the more approachable you will seem to be. And so, whatever it may be that needs to be done for you in order to speed up your forward momentum, the easier this process will become if you once again allow this light to interact with your being in a relaxed fashion.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness

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Via GAIA Portal, 17 September 2014

Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness.

Such elements have continually been seeded into corrupted Gaia energy grid structures during the past millennium, and, at a highly elevated rate, during the past seven months, and will continue at accelerated pace for the remainder of this calendar year.

Dissolution of old paradigm grid structures must occur prior to attainment of full awareness, necessary for ascension.

hu-manity overall consciousness advancement has slowed during the past months, however, this is soon to change, and rapid acceleration is expected shortly.

Large waterspout phenomenon observed near Tarragona, Spain

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Via The Watchers, 16 September 2014

A large waterspout phenomenon was observed and filmed close to the shore of the Catalan city of Tarragona on Sunday, September 14.

According to The Local - Spain, visitors to El Torn de l'Hospitalet de l'Infant nudist beach and the surrounding area were stunned to see the rotating column of air connecting the sea and low-hanging storm clouds just meters offshore. "It swirled close to the shore in a spectacular vortex of wind and water."

Waterspouts are a rare phenomenon in Spain forming only when especially strong winds are blowing.

The Earth Guardians and a Higher Self - A QHHT session with Tai Ashley-Jones

Tai Ashley-Jones, a holistic healthcare practitioner, qualified also in QHHT, artist and teacher of metaphysics based in Essex, England (Tai's website), sent in some information a while back which she thinks supports some of the info which has come through Lai's QHHT based sessions which I have conducted. She gave me permission to share this with all of you and I have finally gotten around to preparing it and presenting it here.

This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session showed her that she is existing simultaneously to her experience here now on Earth, and that she is part of a group of others with a role of protecting and looking after the Earth at this time. Her experience provided her with detailed information around what groups of conscious beings existing outside our physical experience here do, to help heal the planet after such situations as nuclear weapons being set off. There is mention of a grid system that connects all of us together, which is somewhat similar to the navigational based grid system that came up within Lai's QHHT sessions. Tai also gets some understanding about her higher self and how far away vibrationally speaking, her higher self is, as well as info about ET's in relation to them being just another vehicle to have an experience in, and a whole lot more.

Back on the 31st of October, 2008, Tai Ashley-Jones had an extraordinary vivid experience during an operation. Some may call such an experience a near death experience, but Tai explained that she was never near death during the time this occurred. Tai wanted to recall and understand more about that experience and decided to have a QHHT session for this purpose. Steven Jones, a QHHT practitioner conducted the session below on the 17th of November, 2008.

* * *

Steve talked me through the relaxation off the cloud to a space where I am opening a door…. Then he talked me through the whole day leading up to going to the hospital for the operation …

S.        Can you see yourself lying on the bed there in the theatre waiting for the procedure?
A.       Yes

S.        How are you feeling at the moment?
A.        Fine.  Just interested in the proceedings.

S.        So are your eyes open now then.
A.        Most of the time I close them as there is a bright light above me which hurts my eyes so I just shut them.

S.        So you have reached the time when they will inject the anesthetic in your hand and you will be aware of the sensation of the anesthetic moving through your bloodstream and I want your subconscious mind to be aware of what is now happening to you.  Everything that happened from this point on was recorded in your mind by your mind, your spirit and your subconscious.  Every little detail of what happened from here on in throughout the procedure to when you are returned to your room in the hospital… everything that you experienced throughout the night-time whilst you remained in the hospital was recorded and you are now going to access that memory.  You are going to remember every little detail of what happened to you. Although your body was asleep and your conscious mind was out of action, there was a part of you that remained totally aware and recorded every thing that happened to you.  As we proceed now it is that part of you that is going to speak, that Subconscious part of you that remained totally aware of what happened to you throughout  the procedure.  You have certain memories now of that time which are only the ‘sketches’ you are now going to remember the full pictures of what that was, .. the full colour movie…  You know where those memories are and you know how to re-experience it all.

So as you become aware that the body is going down.. Tell me what happens…. As the nurse tells you to start counting…

A.        The light starts jumping around.. it gets distorted… I am trying to focus on it and keep it steady it gets very surreal… 9…. very surreal…. 8… jumping around…. It’s just like … totally black….

S.        As this happens your eyes sees things happening in the room… as you reach the counting down from 10..9..8.. there is a part of you that detaches… there is a part of you that is released from your body.. the part of you that is the life force the spirit… detaches from your physical body and comes out of .. your physical body… you no longer feel the heaviness of your physical body… that magical life force that is the real you.. detaches… you can feel it floating up.. up.. up .. out of your body.  You are no longer attached to the heaviness of your physical body.. it feels wonderful safe and secure as you know that everyone is looking after your body as the procedure begins.  You have now risen up out of your body..  What can you see?
A.        I can see our  Planet. .. Earth .. I am a long, long way away.

S.        What does this feel like?  Are you scared?
A.        No.

S.        Do you realise what is happening?
A.        Mmmm….. No.

S.        Are you just floating?
A.        No I am not floating.. I am just static looking at the Planet.

S.        What does it look like to you?
A.        It is beautiful.

S.        Is it like pictures that you have seen before of the Planet?
A.        Yes.  Really beautiful..

S.        What does your body feel like now?
A.        I can’t feel a body… I just … AM … there..

S.        Are you aware of what is going on?
A.        I am aware that I am waiting for somebody… some.. thing…

Microchips and the New World Order

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By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 16 September 2014

Q. Regarding the New World Order - especially the part where they want to microchip every living human on this planet! This microchip will not only be use for surveillance and tagging, but also to manipulate people mentally, emotionally and physically from a distance through a chip embedded under the skin.  This is to control the masses and billions of people. They call this the mark of the BEAST OR THE DEVILS number namely 666! OR THE NUMBER OF THE ANTICHRIST!  In my church they told us if we ever take the mark of the BEAST we will go to hell!! So if the new world order forces humans to take this number or else be killed? My question is..............if you accept this microchip what repercussions will this have on your sole or after-life? WHAT WILL THE IMPACT BE ................AFTER DEATH ?????? Or are these stories only to control the masses or people? THANKING YOU SO MUCH!!
A. I don't see taking a microchip as a tool for sending you to hell (unless you call incarnating back to earth to learn and experience more because your personal space/freedoms were invaded and intercepted from their own growth).  I see having a microchip most always stunts spiritual growth by limiting ability.  The chip itself I see gives a pulse or a frequency of a lower vibration, keeping your own personal vibration down and making it very hard to spiritually advance or explore anything outside the physical plane in which we physically currently.

If you do not take it (the chip), you will continue to live and grow on your current life path.  If you do chose to take it, you will physically grow, but I see your spiritual growth halted, cloudy or stunted.  For some it is their life path to have to make that choice (to take it or not)- and I hear that "many of the hardest choices create the best results." The difficult path most often leads to the greatest accomplishment..  Meaning, do you go with your gut or go with the norm?  I see people that chose to take this chip being caught in an incarnation loop here on earth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A short update on the energies - Aisha North, 15 September 2014

For those new to what is going on, I am posting these updates from Aisha because of their direct connection to the shift. The timing of this information matches up to important stages of the shift in relation to what I am aware of and this info can act as guidance for some.

Photo by lmkemper

By Aisha North via, 15 September 2014

As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

In other words, make sure to prepare yourselves for this incoming light by consciously going through your entire list of fixations, and we do mean that in a very broad way. For what needs to be fixed should be looked at in this upcoming period, and when we say fix, it is intended to cover the entire gamut from severance of old ties, finalisation and closure, and all the way to fixing up solid anchorage to the new. And so, what may seem to be a long list of contradictions will eventually clarify your situation more and more as you begin to survey the scene that lies before you. Are you entirely free from any old inhibitors, or have some of them started to resurface again? And if they have, have you realised the reason for it, or has your mind started to play out the same old tales of disbelief and diminishment?

Astrophoto: Spectacular view of the Rosette Nebula

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By Nancy Atkinson via Universe Today, 12 September 2014

The Rosette Nebula, taken on September 9, 2014. A 5 hour exposure, using an Epsilon 180 ED telescope, with filters of 3nm Astrodon combining Hydrogen-alpha, Oxygen and Sulfur II. Credit and copyright: César Cantú.

Wow! Here’s a gorgeous view of the Rosette Nebula from astrophotographer César Cantú. The Rosette Nebula is a star-forming region about 5,000 light years from Earth, located in the constellation Monoceros. Winds from the young, hot, blue stars cleared the central hole. The central cluster of stars is also known as NGC 2244.

The image compiles about 5 hours of observing time and César used hydrogen-alpha, oxygen and sulfur filters.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chemical found in Colgate Total toothpaste linked to Cancer

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By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 13 September 2014

A chemical found in one of North America’s most popular toothpastes, Colgate Total, has been linked to cancer and other harmful health ailments.

It’s called triclosan, it’s also used  in antiperspirants/deodorants, cleansers, and hand sanitizers as a preservative and an anti-bacterial agent. In addition to cosmetics and Colgate toothpaste, triclosan is  used as an antibacterial agent in laundry detergent, facial tissues, and antiseptics for wounds, as well as a preservative to resist bacteria, fungus, mildew and odors in other household products that are sometimes advertized as “anti-bacterial.” These products include garbage bags, toys, linens, mattresses, toilet fixtures, clothing, furniture fabric, and more.

A recent study published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology found that the chemical encourages cancer-cell growth. Various studies over the past few years have clearly outlined the health dangers associated with this chemical.(1)

Don’t forget, the government and corporations used to tell us that asbestos, PCB’s and DDT were all deemed safe and effective, yet all of these chemicals have since been banned.

Triclosan can also pass through the skin and interfere with hormone function (endocrine disruption). (2)(3) It doesn’t stop there, a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives from 2008 shows how scientists detected triclosan in the urine of nearly 75 percent of those tested (2,517 people age six or older). (4)

The Canadian Medical Association has even called for a ban on products that contain Triclosan. (5)

Colgate says that the chemical is safe, in doing so they cited the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA)  process that led to its approval in the first place. But according to Bloomberg:

A closer look at that application process, however, reveals that some of the scientific findings Colgate put forward to establish triclosan’s safety in toothpaste weren’t black and white — and weren’t, until this year, available to the public.” (source)

Time is beckoning, meet us again: Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

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Here is a new message from Asket, via Maryann Rada. (21 minutes) The message talks about our situation now and in the future in relation to the times we are going through and provides some guidance for the listener.

"Philosophies do little but get in the way and religion does more damage to your ability to understand, than mere silence." - Asket

Video Description: "When we relinquish our ideas of self, of reality, of what we know reality to be, we allow a greater reality to come into focus... one that is alive with potential and long-lost friendships forged over the temporal waves of other existences. Asket greets us here with an invitation to get into closer contact with her and other off-worlders in service to the League of Light, and to cast aside our erroneous beliefs to make open the path toward a greater experience of Self.

Many people have been asking for a closer interaction with Asket, and this video serves as her response to you, with great love.