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Friday, August 28, 2015

Knock Knock… The Star Elder… Watch the Skies… For Truth and Lies…

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By guest contributor Valiant

'Buckrim' by Valiant

 “Olympus he renownces, then descends,
 And makes a friendship with the fiends;
 Bids Charon be no more a slave,
 He Argos rigg'd with stars shall have,
 And triple Cerberus from below
 Must leash'd t' himself with him a hunting go.”
 …from “Cupid Far Gone”…
 …poem by Richard Lovelace…

 Life has been a Journey to teach us, test us…
 And if we’ve lived and learned
 Then we are capable of making the right changes,
 With the right choices…
 The Pulse fortifies this, In time you’ll see.
 But if we haven’t learned and the blinders stay on…
 Worlds will crumble, history will repeat itself…
 In other words, the greatest power
 Is in our hearts and minds and hands…
 Not in some magic pill that grants wishes.

 To be broken and bitter is to have not
 Learned anything…
 We must all be a guiding light to
 Each other and for those who have not
 Found their way…
 Because there is a very real darkness
 Growing, evident in the chaos in
 The world around us and the horrible
 Things that continue to spread…

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dissolving Karma - Focus Sessions

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Lynn has done a reading on Karma which I have re-posted below. You can find a specific technique to use, with regards to releasing karma, here. This technique was provided by the grid consciousnesses, via Lai, in one of the QHHT sessions I conducted with him.

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 26 August 2015

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please tell us what are the most effective ways to dissolve any bad karma from our past lives?  I heard that there are several categories of bad karma (eg. light, medium, heavy, serious), could you tell us how these types work and how to dissolve each type if any?

A. The first thing I get is that you would need to analyze your life and experiences and see what patterns or feelings you have that tend to make you feel you are holding a lower vibration (or holding you back and not letting you be your best self).  Do you repeat unhealthy relationships?  Do you have an illness?  Do you have any vices?  These things don't necessarily mean you are holding onto some type of karma (could be a past life lesson you haven't worked out), but will help you to determine if you either have a lesson (or experience) to learn from, or if you have some kind of karma following you that you need to resolve (which in a way is a lesson on its' own).  I see that karma isn't a vibration, but work through vibrations (you attract the action with the vibration like fate, and karma works through that action).  Some are more intense than others, depending on how many cycles you have repeated and haven't resolved the issue.

Rare footage of John Lennon describing his UFO experience

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By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 25 August 2015

Below is a video of John Lennon describing an apparent UFO sighting that he witnessed on the 23rd of August, 1974 at approximately 9pm in New York City.  He is not the first ‘famous’ person to describe this type of thing, and he won’t be the last.

If the masses started to accept UFOs, it would profoundly affect their attitudes toward life, politics, everything. It would threaten the status quo. Whenever people come to realize that there are larger considerations than their own lives, they are ripe to make radical changes on a personal level, which would eventually lead to a political revolution in society as a whole.” – John Lennon (source)

A UFO sighting is not uncommon these days, as thousands of sightings are reported every year by a number of credible witnesses. In fact, the issue is so serious that it’s had the attention of governments and government agencies for decades. Not many people realize that several governments have openly admitted to the reality of this phenomenon. In the United States, John Podesta, Councillor to Barack Obama, has expressed his concern of the government itself not being able to “secure the disclosure of UFO files.” You can read more about that story here.

Unspun News for the 27th August 2015

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UNSPUNEWS - 150827

“The [US] State Department has refused to confirm or deny reports PM Tony Abbott pushed Washington for the recent request to join air strikes in Syria.  Fairfax Media is reporting senior government sources said Mr Abbott's office was the driving force behind the request, rather than the US.”  Ponder that for a while….

“Israel’s Choice of Envoy Sends a Message to the UN” … “He is a vocal opponent of a two-state solution and has repeatedly called for the annexation of the West Bank.”  Message received?

“‘Scapegoating’ China: Is US Fed to blame for market crisis or is Beijing ‘exporting pain’?“ … “This is not about China. This problem is made in America. It’s all about the Fed. The Fed inflated this bubble and now they’re threatening to prick it.” 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is it really Love?

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By Bev Goodman,'s contributing writer

A common concern among many who awaken or ascend is that their loved ones are not on the same page as them: What will happen to my children, my partner / husband / wife family? They don't get it. It causes me so much pain. How can I move forward? Then again how can I not?

In a spiritual context love is unconditional. This means, I love someone or something without the expectation of anything in return, not even a 'thank you' (if you take it in its truest form). However, in spite of us knowing this most of the time we fail to exercise love 'truly' in this form. Rather, we experience love through the mind of the ego. When we do, our ego immediately rounds up its old favorite roommate, 'fear.'

'Guilt' is always sharing space with fear. Always. Then it becomes a three some as 'responsibility' moves in.

So, in actual fact our practice of love has no idea what the essence of love truly is. Because fear/guilt/responsibility is in direct opposition to unconditional love.

Garbage patches across the oceans - visualization experiment

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Via The Watchers, 23 August 2015

The experts estimated about 70% of litter that ends up in the world's oceans, sinks to the bottom. The rest of the marine debris remains floating under the ocean surface and is carried around by the ocean currents. The floating debris mainly contains undegradable tiny plastic particles that can mix with larger items, such as fishing gear or shoes, and concentrates in parts of the ocean, gradually forming the so-called garbage patches, or marine trash vortices.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is the largest collection of marine debris in the world. It spans waters from the West Coast of North America to Japan. Two other areas of high trash concentration are the garbage patches in the Atlantic and Indian ocean.

Greg Shirah and Horace Mitchell have published their garbage patch visualization experiment results online on August 10, 2015, in the NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio. Their animations were also presented on the SIGGRAPH 2015 conference.

Unspun News for the 26th August 2015

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UNSPUNEWS - 150826

“Polio Vaccines Laced with Sterilizing Hormone Discovered in Kenya – WHO is Controlling Population?“  Gosh, I wonder who?

“A former adviser to Gordon Brown has urged people to stock up on canned goods and bottled water as stock markets around the world slide.“  Weeelllll - what’s to lose?

“A profound and significant change has just occurred in the Levant – the Russian army has begun to engage against terrorism in Syria.”

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Valiant on Dr. Simon Atkins' Skyaia Show | Government Experiments and Multi-Dimensional Risk

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Only hours ago, Valiant (aka ‘Bill’), was a guest speaker, for the second time, on Dr. Simon Atkins’ Skyaia Show. (Valiant’s first appearance is here) A few of’s regulars took part via the chat room, as we listened and provided a few questions here and there, for Simon to ask Valiant as the show progressed.

As well as the recorded show below, you can also find a list of topics that were discussed, which I noted down during the hour and twenty minutes.

Artwork by Valiant

  • Global economic instability, as predicted by Simon and how we should keep our eyes on China going forward
  • A few symptoms that Simon and Valiant have been feeling in connection to the incoming energies
  • Valiant talks about how his messages — which he has shared publically — come through
  • A strong focus of the show is on how Government hides important information from the populace
  • Valiant mentions a friend of his in the U.S. DOD and a few things he has found out through this person
  • Valiant talks about what aliens look like and why we don’t see them publically. He also touches on his experiences with meeting the Andromedans
  • Simon discusses his out of body experiences and how some aliens are light beings which manifest in physical form
  • Valiant brings up his experiences around his abduction, and there is mention of the ‘God Being’, including his understanding of what is being done with aspects of control over the populace
  • Astronauts and their experiences with training in relation to secrets they have to hold
  • Time speeding up & Parallel universes (multiverse theory)
  • A prediction by Simon about the UK being likely to experience electrical breakdowns because of incoming solar energy
  • Area 51, neural magnetic frequency weapons, kinetic weaponry and how other dimensions are effected, cyber warfare, chemtrails, crop circles are a few other subjects brought up

You can find Dr. Simon Atkins on Twitter and the Skyaia Books here. Simon's YouTube Channel can be found here.

You can find Valiant's latest message here (Aug 21), and the link to Valiant's artwork, which was mentioned in the above show, here.

Space elevator patent to revolutionize the future of space travel

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Via The Watchers, 21 August 2015

Thoth Technology Inc., a private Canadian company, has earned a patent on a 20 kilometer (12 miles) high space elevator structure that has the potential to revolutionize the future of space travel.

Thoth Technology company specializes in miniature light-weight gadgets for outer space, however they have now earned a US patent for an elevator structure, the design of which will make the Dubai's 3 000 feet high Bourj Khalifa seem tiny in comparison.

The goal of the project is to design a more efficient way to launch astronauts into space: "The technology offers an exciting new way to access space using completely reusable hardware and saving more than 30% of the fuel of a conventional rocket," Thoth company stated.​

Unspun News for the 25th August 2015

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UNSPUNEWS - 150825

“South Korea says it will not stop blasting high-decibel propaganda messages into North Korea until Pyongyang offers a "clear apology" over a series of alleged provocations.”  Nyah nyah - my provocation’s bigger than your provocation…..  Can you believe this???

“Misinformation Hides Real Dimension of Greek “Bailout” …. Nutshell:  Greece has been trashed.  “The bailout is not really about a growth plan for Greece, but a plan to make sure the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) get paid, and the euro area does not break up.”

“We decry Al-Assad when he bombs rebels in Syria, but praise allied forces bombing rebels (sorry, I mean terrorists) in Syria. And when the US funds the war in Syria – they are of course funding rebels, not terrorists. But the mainstream media view is so confusing and convoluted that one cannot trust any reportage.”  Ain’t THAT the truth….

What is going on with the World Markets and Stock Markets today?

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By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 24 August 2015

Q. At opening today the markets dropped even more than last week... What is happening?
A. I get that the passive aggressive weather attacks, and China ramping up their military and gold reserves has moved to the next phase of a transition of power.  This hit the pinnacle point with the recent explosion in the ship yard of China... And now the momentum is rolling to evoke change in the financial system.

China has been accumulating a large amount of gold for a long time now.  They are hoping to position themselves to be in control of the next world currency because they have the tangible assets to back it up.  Many countries don't like the tactics the US uses to maintain power (especially the ability to just print more money), and would like to see something more "fair and solid" in place.  China sees this opportunity and is trying to emerge as the new superpower.

 China finally reached a point that they are able to do this (I hear something about their "resume being complete now") and put things in motion.  China started by manipulating their own market, realizing there would be a trickle down effect to other countries.  China realizes that we must hit a low before change will take place, and we can rebuild with something real.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A graphical comparison of earthquake energy release - US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

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Posted two days ago, within this short two minute video, scientists from the US NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center use an animation to graphically compare the energy released from major earthquakes of the past. They say that this helps them to better understand earthquakes so that improvements can be made with forecasting tsunami's.

The circles represent the relative energy release, while the color shows the tsunami potential. Starting from the 5.8 earthquake that struck in Virginia, back in 2011, the list grows all the way to the 9.5 quake that struck Valdivia in Chile, way back in 1960.

The Martian

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When it comes to movies with a space theme, I tend to get excited — even if they may have a few flaws or inconsistencies. I love the atmosphere and environment which is depicted through the creative minds of all those involved with such a film's conception. The story for me is not as important, neither is the plot. The musical score can further immerse me into the film. When the story and the plot meets the quality of an amazing space based atmosphere created on the screen, then that is a special thing. I found that Interstellar did just this.

Below is a preview for director Ridley Scott’s new film, The Martian. This movie is based upon Andy Weir’s book of the same name. The story goes like this: during a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon)  is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

Unspun News for the 24th August 2015

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UNSPUNEWS - 150824

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Washington’s Extraordinary ‘Welcome’ for China’s President Xi“

“Is The Fed Engineering A Stockmarket Crash in September?“ … “For most of the time we seem to live in two alternative realities. But with regard to a pending financial “event” – the alternative and mainstream voices are starting to merge.”  And the merger is yes-wards….

JAMES PETRAS - “The Age of Imperial Wars”.  “Can we really have peace with Iran if we cannot control our own government as it dances to the Israelis tune?”  Yup - the old tail-and-dog thing again…..