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Friday, March 6, 2015

Unspun News for the 6th of March, 2015

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By's contributing news service, Unspun

“Dissecting the Media - The Words They Use, The Minds They Sway”  Compulsory reading!!!!  An EXCELLENT analysis.  “Do you see now how serious this is? So much has been said about mainstream media before, yet I've never come upon anyone that did a thorough analysis of their mind-control tactics.“  Here, it is stripped bare. A really SERIOUS ‘need-to-know’.

ALAN HART - putting Netanyahu into correct perspective: “What Netanyahu really wants, as do more than a few of his deluded allies in the Republican party and all the neo-cons, is war, an American war, on Iran.”
And - STEPHEN LENDMAN - “Netanyahu’s Ugly Israel“ … “Their Machiavellian extremism threatens world peace and stability. Netanyahu is the tip of the iceberg. “

“New documents from the cache of files leaked by Edward Snowden show that New Zealand's intelligence agency has been collecting in bulk the cell phone, email, and internet files of people across the Pacific Island nations and handing that data over to the U.S. National Security Agency”

Knock Knock... Lost Journey, Lost History... The Power of Three...

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By guest contributor Valiant

'Tigers of Tranquility' by Valiant

And March begins…
What we’ve experienced so far is only a taste,
Shades of things to come…
If you thought people were crazy before…
Just wait…
The violence and insanity will only escalate,
As will the intensity of the weather…
All that snow…not that winters over by far…
But next will come the flooding…
What should have come before, will now…
Remember what I warned about
The Mississippi …Shall widen unto a sea…
Eventually…over time…engulfing 4 states…
Earthquakes…The Ring of Fire…
Watch California and Alaska this year…
Watch the animals…you may want to relocate.

And now as time passes…
More pieces of the puzzle come together…

March from the astrological perspective & Remote Group Healing - Weekend of the 7th of March, 2015

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Things are said to be speeding up in March from an Astrological perspective. Kari Samuels says that we will find ourselves moving through fears, becoming more confident, and stretching ourselves in unimaginable ways.

Here is a quote from Astrologer Tania Gabrielle from

"⇢ On March 5 a powerful Abundance Activation occurs as the FULL Moon triggers a highly fortunate Grand Trine while touching on every planet in the heavens!
⇢ A sacred “Finger of God” is formed by the Sun, Neptune and Pluto with the “finger” pointing directly at Jupiter – bringer of joy, abundance and fortunate expansion.
⇢ Pluto and Uranus meet for the 7 grand culmination and release of an intense three-year period.
⇢ Coinciding with the first day of Spring on March 20 (Autumn below the equator) is an incredible Total Solar Eclipse in the final 29th degree of Pisces…
The result? March is an invitation to step into true fulfillment – an invitation you can’t refuse…"

Lee Harris says, "Faster is going to be part of the pattern of your life this month and so for some of you it could cause you to question, “Am I a little bit overwhelmed? Is too much happening at once?”"

If the CERN's plans go ahead, the Large Hadron Collider team will be working on re-creating the big bang.

March might just be an interesting month for a lot of us. 

For those taking part in our remote group healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there with us, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via the Contact & About link through the Menu. You can also find current and past session links via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu.

What is the closest Galaxy to the Milky Way?

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By Matt Williams via Universe Today, 4 March 2015

Illustration of the Canis Dwarf Dwarf Galaxy and its associated tidal (shown in red) in relation to our Milky Way. Credit: R. Ibata (Strasbourg Observatory, ULP) et al./2MASS/NASA

Scientists have known for some time that the Milky Way Galaxy is not alone in the Universe. In addition to our galaxy being part of the Local Group — a collection of 54 galaxies and dwarf galaxies — we are also part of the larger formation known as the Virgo Supercluster. So you could say the Milky Way has a lot of neighbors.

Of these, most people consider the Andromeda Galaxy to our closest galactic cohabitant. But in truth, Andromeda is the closest spiral galaxy, and not the closest galaxy by a long shot. This distinction falls to a formation that is actually within the Milky Way itself, a dwarf galaxy that goes by the name of the Canis Major Dwarf Galax (aka. the Canis Major Overdensity).

This stellar formation is about 42,000 light years from the galactic center, and a mere 25,000 light years from our Solar System. This puts it closer to us than the center of our own galaxy, which is 30,000 light years away from the Solar System.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Humanity is turning into a 'different kind of animal,' Stanford historian says

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Via The Watchers, 4 March 2015

Stanford classics Professor Ian Morris says that in the 21st century our cultural evolution is feeding back into our biological evolution. The result may be technologically enhanced "post-humans" as far removed from us as we are from Neanderthals.

The blurring of the boundaries between humanity and technology will shape the future of civilization, a Stanford scholar says.

Stanford's Ian Morris also points out that societies dedicated to democracy, openness and gender equality have generally prospered, while those that rejected those values have suffered.

Celebrating Childhood - A poem by Adunis, translated by Khaled Mattawa

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Even the wind wants
to become a cart
pulled by butterflies.

I remember madness
leaning for the first time
on the mind’s pillow.
I was talking to my body then
and my body was an idea
I wrote in red.

Red is the sun’s most beautiful throne
and all the other colors
worship on red rugs.

Unspun News for the 5th of March, 2015

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By's contributing news service, Unspun

NB - For the next week, Unspuns may be irregular and/or abbreviated due to social commitments. 150311 should herald a return to normal service!

PEPE ESCOBAR - “BRICS is worse than the plague as far as the ‘Masters of the Universe’ that really control the current - rigged - world system are concerned. True, the BRICS are facing multiple problems. Brazil at the moment is totally paralyzed; a long, complex, self-defeating process, now coupled with intimations of regime change by local ‘Empire of Chaos’ minions. It will take time, but Brazil will rebound.”

“Beyond the ninth circle of hell: what changes are waiting for the Ukrainian society after the war“  The wrecking of a society - and not to mention the future generations affected by the PTSD…. Unto the which generation?  And all for what, courtesy of whom?

“More than 6,000 killed in 'merciless devastation' in Ukraine, says UN“  Gosh, they’ve noticed!!!!

Open group discussion - Spheres, Cabal, Reptilian's, Avian species and ET battles....

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From ET battles in space, shielded ships, Avian species, reptilian ET's to the cabal, these articles below are an interesting read.

The Event Chronicle put together David Wilcock's comments within the first link back on the 2nd of March, and Lyn over at Focus Sessions has since done two readings on the general situation that David Wilcock was discussing.

I wanted to get a little discussion going here for anyone wishing to provide their opinions on this and who might want to include any links to other sources that may match up with the situation being explained. I can think of a number of references that partly tie into this, but I don't have the time to put it all together so I am leaving this open to everyone to participate. Feel free to comment.

Here are the links links in question.

David Wilcock: 100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years

Fireballs, Downed UFOs, What is going on in the sky?

Giant Spheres in the Solar System

Tom Campbell: Fireside chat with MBT

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Tom Campbell, who I have spoken about before on, runs regular 'Fireside Chats', where he discusses many topics in relation to his book based trilogy, 'My Big TOE' (theory of everything). He is asked questions by members of his My Big TOE forum, which he responds to within these videos.

These YouTube based recordings of the Fireside chats run about an hour each time, roughly. These can be interested for listeners because of the range of topics which are brought up each time. But, from time to time there are repeated questions so Tom covers topics he has covered elsewhere, whether in his Big TOE or recorded talks and workshops.

Here is the latest one which was posted on Tom's YouTube channel on the 4th of March.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Dust Devil on Mars - NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Image Credit: HiRISEMROLPL (U. Arizona)NASA (Full res - Laron)

Explanation: "It was late in the northern martian spring when the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spied this local denizen. Tracking across the flat, dust-covered Amazonis Planitia in 2012, the core of this whirling dust devil is about 140 meters in diameter. Lofting dust into the thin martian atmosphere, its plume reaches about 20 kilometers above the surface.

Common to this region of Mars, dust devils occur as the surface is heated by the Sun, generating warm, rising air currents that begin to rotate. Tangential wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour are reported for dust devils in other HiRISE images." - NASA

Unspun News for the 4th of March, 2015

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By's contributing news service, Unspun

“A group of Iraqi popular forces known as Al-Hashad Al-Shabi shot down the US Army helicopter that was carrying weapons for the ISIL in the western parts of Al-Baqdadi region in Al-Anbar province on Thursday.”  “He underscored that he had documents and photos showing that the US Apache helicopters airdropped foodstuff and weapons for the ISIL.“  Looks like a big Ooopsie here ….. If verifiable.

LOTS here that was under the radar.  Hmmmm - the world felt more comfy when it WAS under the radar…..  “Turkey has issued a unilateral NOTAM reserving large swathe of the Aegean, including large part of the Hellenic FIR for military exercises with live fire from 01/03/2015 to 31/12/2015. This effectively cut the Aegean in half,...”  For the rest of this year.  LOOK at the timeline here…..

“As Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoyed no less than 28 standing ovations during his 47-minute speech before the United States Congress on Tuesday morning, the resounding applause did not include the clapping hands of nearly sixty lawmakers who did not attend the controversial address.“

“The Entire Case for Sanctions Against Russia Is Pure Lies“  Step-by-step proof….

Dark energy camera takes accidental gigantic, magnificent picture of Comet Lovejoy

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By Nancy Atkinson via Universe Today, 27 February 2015

Comet 2014 Q2 (Lovejoy), on December 27, 2014, as seen by the Dark Energy Survey. Credit: Fermilab’s Marty Murphy, Nikolay Kuropatkin, Huan Lin and Brian Yanny. (full resolution here - Laron)

Oops! In a happy accident, Comet Lovejoy just happened to be in the field of view of the 570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera, the world’s most powerful digital camera. One member of the observing team said it was a “shock” to see Comet Lovejoy pop up on the display in the control room.

“It reminds us that before we can look out beyond our Galaxy to the far reaches of the Universe, we need to watch out for celestial objects that are much closer to home!” wrote the team on the Dark Energy Detectives blog.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Silent Knights

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By contributing writer, Bev Goodman

I often wonder why so many light workers believe we need to protect ourselves with mental visualization before we go out.  And, why they think this will ward off the chaos and keep us immune. Its uber puzzling because the actual idea that 'we need to protect ourselves' is a concept based in fear, which is ego, and the very opposite for which we are aiming. It's a belief in fear that the people out there have the ability to break down our vibrations. Fear we can become unbalanced diluting all we have achieved.

Harboring this belief, in fact, gives our personal power away. It graciously hands it over to the masses. Ironically, to those who embody the lower energies. Some may even go so far as to say that this idea of creating a protective armor has an air of combativeness to it.

I have come to know there is zero need for this ritual, because there is an alternative. One where we can hold onto our power and which requires nothing more than what we are already doing, which is raising our vibrations. The only difference being that we need to keep the focus on us or should I say 'you.'

By exclusively targeting raising 'your' vibrations and holding only this concept, your focus is for 'you' to ascend and not to concern yourselves with how high you are vibrating, and whether it's high enough to protect you. Once you start to follow through with this, it will be natural for you to ask your 'soul' to lead your life. To take control; to help you raise your vibrations to the highest energy your human body can accommodate at any given time.

The Mystery of Consciousness - Interview with Dr. Michael Clarage

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(11 minutes) Video Description: "Perhaps the greatest mystery of human experience is consciousness itself. Today, the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology provide astounding insights into the electrical and chemical processes of the brain. Consequently, institutional science proposes with confidence that the brain alone creates conscious experience.

Yet despite all that science has learned, the very source and essence of consciousness remains a puzzle. Thunderbolts colleague Dr. Michael Clarage shares with us his thoughts on the enduring mysteries of consciousness."