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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why This Man Stopped Watching Porn Gives Us All Something To Consider

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By Elina St-Onge via Collective Evolution, 27 June 2016

What we feed our minds shapes our perceptions. And our perceptions shape our reality.

I have come to realize this not only by observing how the media and entertainment industry influence humanity as a whole, but also through examination of my own consciousness. Thoughts and beliefs in relation to gender identity and “beauty” standards that I never had throughout my childhood were implanted in my brain once I began paying attention to trends in school and the TV industry that propagated them. If the media has such an impact on how we perceive ourselves and the world (although I do believe we still have the power to choose whether or not we will adopt/release such perceptions), can porn affect how we perceive and experience sexuality? It certainly can.

Popular Posts On's Facebook Page (June)

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It’s interesting to look at what’s important to people. Below I list the top ten posts on’s Facebook Page for this month.

I find that a lot of people on Facebook have a very short attention span — on average I mean; this applies to social networking in general. What I also find is that people can ‘like’ anything, very fast, without even realising what it is on a deeper level, such as investigating an actual page on Facebook, as a lot of these pages relate to websites, which is the situation with the transients Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

I can pick up energy easily and the energy of 'Facebook' just doesn’t resonate with me based on where I am at now — so it’s becoming an ongoing battle for me with regards to interacting and keeping a presence on there. 

Let’s get to those popular posts for this month!

The passing of time, caught in a single photo | Stephen Wilkes, TED Talk

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This really is an amazing and creative technique that Stephen Wilkes has come up with (It's not 'time lapse'). Below I will share a few photos from Wilkes, as well as the TED Talk.

TED Description: (13 minutes) "Photographer Stephen Wilkes crafts stunning compositions of landscapes as they transition from day to night, exploring the space-time continuum within a two-dimensional still photograph. Journey with him to iconic locations like the Tournelle Bridge in Paris, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and a life-giving watering hole in heart of the Serengeti in this tour of his art and process."

Monday, June 27, 2016

Watergate & Pentagon Papers Lawyer Shares Inside Information About UFOs

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By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 25 June 2016

Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help.  But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. — Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister (source)

It’s funny how some statements made by people with a ‘good reputation’ are often perceived as ‘credible’ right away, but when these statements are on a controversial subject, like UFOs, they are still greeted with harsh skepticism. It seems that something has to be presented in the mainstream before it’s considered credible, like this picture of Hillary Clinton and Laurence Rockefeller talking about the implications of contact with intelligent extraterrestrials. A small group of people and the corporations they run control virtually all of our media. Therefore, you don’t know about what is not presented, and what is presented is often skewed, misleading, and not true. But this isn’t the case every single time.

What makes something ‘credible?’ It depends on a lot of factors. When it comes to the topic of UFOs, what we have are hundreds, if not thousands of people with distinct backgrounds, ranging from employment within defence and space agencies, military personnel of all ranks, to politicians and more who have all ‘testified’ to the existence of UFOs or intelligent extraterrestrials via experience in their given fields.

An entertainment icon on living a life of meaning | Norman Lear, TED Talk

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TED Description: (20 minutes) "In the 1970s (and decades following), TV producer Norman Lear touched the lives of millions with culture-altering sitcoms like "All in the Family," "The Jeffersons" and "Good Times," pushing the boundaries of the era and giving a primetime voice to underrepresented Americans. In an intimate, smart conversation with Eric Hirshberg, he shares with humility and humor how his early relationship with "the foolishness of the human condition" shaped his life and creative vision."

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Remote Viewing the Antikythera Mechanism: A Solution to an Engima | Daz Smith

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As well as being a photographer, website developer and graphic designer, Daz Smith has been remote viewing for over 19 years. He has worked with Courtney Brown at the Farsight Institute and also helped on missing person cases for U.S. based Police forces. Daz has provided permission to share this article of his, which really goes to show how useful, and accurate remote viewing can be. 

By Daz Smith via RemoteViewed, 22 June 2016

More than a hundred years ago an extraordinary mechanism was found by sponge divers at the bottom of the sea near the island of Antikythera. It astonished the whole international community of experts on the ancient world. Was it an astrolabe? Was it an ornery or an astronomical clock? Or something else?
For decades, scientific investigation failed to yield much light and relied more on imagination than the facts. However research over the last half century has begun to reveal its secrets1.
In 2012 Alexis Champion from IRIS Intuitiontasked myself and other viewers on a client related Remote viewing project against the mechanism. The client wanted a description of the mechanism and wanted to know its use. We of course worked BLIND on the project knowing only; 120904374 – The target is an object.
I do not know who the client was.
As a viewer on this I did two remote viewing sessions (attached below).
My initial session picked-up on an intricate man made with multiple parts.
  • It comprised of interlocking parts within a composed shape where looks and function were both as important.
  • It’s very tactile, I want to touch and play with this.
  • It also felt worked by hand ornate and creative/designed.
  • I also sensed that it was contained within a box and that it was very old.
  • It was also very involved with males and some kind of simplistic ritual behaviour.

This Amazing German Cave Contains Special Art That Was Not Made By Humans

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By Katharine J. Tobal via Collective Evolution, 24 June 2016

Germany’s finest and earliest Stone Age cave art, attributed to be the some of the most ancient pieces of art created by humans, probably turns out to be a hoax as a new study suggests.

These ancient cave markings present at the 75m-long Mäanderhöhle cave were studied by an archeologist for several years, and his research suggests that these 14,000 to 16,000 year-old markings were created by humans. This research further rendered that these patterns were actually markings of a man, a woman, and a phallus.

This 75m-long cave houses a multitude of caverns. Out of them, one cavern was seen pocketed with spherical mineral deposits, also known as cave clouds, which follow the genesis pattern of other mineral deposits like stalactites and stalagmites.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Unspun (Bernie) Update & Remote Group Healing for the Weekend of the 25th of June, 2016

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On Tuesday Bernie had an open heart triple bypass surgery. The cardiac surgeon, who is meant to be the best in Australia, said there would be a 30% chance of success because of the condition of the heart.
The surgery went well. I received an update about nine hours ago that Bernie is doing fine. There are a few issues which medication is meant to help with. He is expected to be in recovery until the middle of next month — I expect Unspun won’t be back until after that date, for people wondering.

Those who participated with the healing session last weekend, and/or provided some quick prayers or positive thoughts, did help a lot with this result. He could do with some additional healing for his recovery, so again if you feel it is appropriate, send some healing his way for this session in addition to the healing sent to all those taking part and any other secondary intentions you may have.
In addition to the feedback posted in the comments of last week’s session, I heard from one of Bernie’s friends who was meditating earlier in the week and could see a couple of dozen souls around him providing healing and support. 

Thanks everyone for joining in with us, as I feel we have made a noticeable difference — I have been concerned, as I intuitively felt over this week that this needed our focus and was a serious situation. He may not be out of the woods yet, but the situation is looking positive.

For those taking part in our remote group healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there with us, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via  the Contact & About link through the Menu. You can find current and past sessions via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu, as well as links to feedback focused articles discussing some of the work this group gets up to outside of our primary healing intentions.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Your words may predict your future mental health | Mariano Sigman, TED Talk

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TED Description: (12 minutes) "Can the way you speak and write today predict your future mental state, even the onset of psychosis? In this fascinating talk, neuroscientist Mariano Sigman reflects on ancient Greece and the origins of introspection to investigate how our words hint at our inner lives and details a word-mapping algorithm that could predict the development of schizophrenia. "We may be seeing in the future a very different form of mental health," Sigman says, "based on objective, quantitative and automated analysis of the words we write, of the words we say.""

How Important Is Our Relationship With Silence?

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By Sandrine Ceurstemont via Prevent Disease, 21 June 2016

If you live in a modern city, finding a quiet spot is a challenge. The buzz of traffic, planes, sirens and the racket of construction are probably the backing track of your daily life. And you’ll get no respite by sitting at your computer even with headphones on: browsing the internet, you’ll be interrupted by ads on autoplay or telltale beeps announcing a new message. Most people seem to adapt to the cacophony, but are we paying a price?

In Pursuit of Silencea documentary film directed by Patrick Shen making its UK premiere last week at Sheffield Doc/Fest, explores our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives.
It begins boldly with 4 minutes of "silence" as an ode to John Cage’s seminal piece of "silent" music, which featured an orchestra turning pages and clearing throats, but not actually playing. Luckily the beautifully shot, calm scenes aren’t boring to watch and, accompanied by some of the quiet sounds at these locations, they challenge the idea that anywhere is completely silent.
Even if there were no humans, the environment wouldn’t be quiet. On land, in the air and in the sea, the natural world is awash with sound. But some types of sound can be disruptive.

Orlando Shooting, G4S and a Casting Call for Crisis Actors | Psychic Lynn from Focus Sessions

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Orlando skyline at night (Wikipedia: CC BY-SA 3.0)

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 21 June 2016

Q I have to ask....The Orlando Shooting. Real? Fake? False Flag? Did anyone actually die? I have heard reports that a survivor at the nightclub is saying that the exits were blocked. Also, it is said that the shooter worked forG4S.... the private company bringing in all of the refugee illegals. Transcripts from police radios were allegedly wiped clean.  Is any of that true?  

I hate to be such a skeptic with these, but I have been burned in the past just blindly believing these without verifying and looking for the truth.  As always, I appreciate your insights...
A. I get this was a combo of real people and also planted crisis actors.  There were a handful of people that did get injured and also lost their life, but the majority were actors.  They knew after Sandy Hook and other events they had to have a true loss of life because the internet is too powerful and holes would get poked in the story. Everything gets analyzed online, so there had to be some true injuries.  

I get that the LGBT community was attacked on purpose because the underlying thing of a false flag is to evoke an emotion to pass an agenda.  People that are processing emotion are more vulnerable to act to create change.  Races have been attacked, children have been attacked, cultures have been stereotyped and now a new group has been hit to draw people out. The goal is to continue to divide us rather than allow us to unite and become strong.

Ultimately, I see this as an elaborate plan to try to get the gun control agenda passed.  The government is working on a way to tax guns and / or ammo.  There is a huge revenue earning plan in the works under the guise of protecting the people.  It is also a way to separate the rich from the poor in regards to who can afford to legally own guns and protect themselves.  The unintended consequence I see further creates a divide between the (what I hear) "have and have-nots."

With regard to G4S, that didn't come through.  I get there is a federal group (some off branch of the CIA) that backed this.  I also heard that this group is also affiliated with a Super PACK that is funding Hillary.  I hear if you trace the money to the source you will have your answer.

Redefining Success | Sadhguru

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In this six minute talk Sadhguru explains what he thinks success is for all of us, as we travel through life — which can be rather challenging at times.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Journey From Marine to Actor | Adam Driver, TED Talk

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It's fascinating to see the real life person from time to time, after we observe and connect to the character in a movie. In this case, Adam Driver played Kylo Ren in the latest Star Wars film. But before that,he was a Marine in the US military.

In this eighteen minute TED Talk below, he tells the story of how and why he became a Marine, the complex transition from soldier to civilian — and Arts in the Armed Forces, his nonprofit that brings theater to the military. Because, as he says: "Self-expression is just as valuable a tool as a rifle on your shoulder." Followed by a spirited performance of Marco Ramirez's "I am not Batman" by Jesse J. Perez and Matt Johnson. (Adult language)

Pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean | Greenpeace

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Acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi performs one of his compositions on a floating platform against the backdrop of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway. Why? He is adding his own voice to that of over eight million people around the world who are demanding protection for the Arctic.